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I didn't think I was going to be able to write a blog tonight (the computer was EVER so slow after Mum spent three hours doing family history research), but I turned it off for a few minutes and it seems to be working a little better now.  So, ever onwards!  Time for the final catch up blog!

July 29th 2009
Went to Woodberry and then to Allied Carpets (to postpone my carpet).  Fascinating summer, yes?

More clearing up in the back room - I uncovered my old toy dinosaur collection.  I think I'm going to sell most of them and just keep a couple that hold special memories for me.  I was upset because my favourite (a pink flocked one - I don't think it was a real species, it's more of a cartoony kind of thing - that my grandad bought for me) has been eaten by the carpet beetles.  He was covered in cocoons, and underneath each of them was a bald patch showing the white plastic figure underneath.  He's also lost an eye which I don't remember being missing when I packed them all away the last time I ever played with them...but then, they were just stickers, so I can't say for sure.

I photographed a ton of stuff to sell (including a bunch of the dinos) but can't upload the pics due to this stupid slow machine!  I also threw out a load of stuff but still the place looks no better...

Ah, and the bit you were all waiting for.  Williams' final response to our message regarding the failed inspection:
Dear Mr Alder
In reply to your email (i phoned the building inspector to cancell visit bacause i was not available)
1. I have all the copies of certificates the building inspector wants listed below
FD20 Certificate
Part P Certificate
Gas and cylinder Certificate
2a. In regards to the door stops i put the same ones on at *CENSORED - local address* and they were passed by ealing councill.
2b. Not sure what concern it is of the building inspector they have never previously looked at roofs and also it has never leaked so it cant be that bad.
2c. Downpipe shoe can be easily rectified.
2d. Drains test as above.
2e. The skylihgts are the same ones that was fitted on 4 other CFP jobs and ealing councill were happy to sign them off.
As regards to completing the works i am unable to as a result of other jobs that i have, unfortunately your house should have bee finished last year and i know the delayed works is not down to Proven Developments but because of the relationship you had with CFP Architects and you choosing colours. You are aware that there is still some oustanding monies owing to Proven Developments and you would have taken a long time to pay bearing in mind all the problems with floor levells and fireplaces. This being so you still have the money pay another builder to rectify works. I am away on holidays tonight for 2 weeks so any comunication between us will have to wait till i return, i will provide you with the certificates at a later date.
Rob Williams
Right, I bolded the important bits.

Firstly, "bacause i was not available" - nice of him to consider if WE would be available for the meeting!

The door stops "were passed by ealing councill" at another property?  Perhaps this was before the new rules, or perhaps he's lying to us.  Either way, what's the point of telling us about this?  The inspector has not passed them in our house, so I don't really care about anywhere else!

"Not sure what concern it is of the building inspector" - Again, what a cheek that man has!  Who cares about the reason, the point is that the problems need to be resolved!

"You are aware that there is still some oustanding monies owing to Proven Developments" - WTH?!?!?!  HE OWES US MONEY!  So we don't have the cash to get all their mistakes corrected.  Nor is our choosing colours anything to do with the delays as the house STILL isn't really ready for painting!  I'm just so sick of this whole business...

"bearing in mind all the problems with floor levells" - Um, what problems?  Is he telepathic?  Mum doesn't like the level of the extension and thinks there should be a step/slope down into it like there used to be before all this awful work began, but we've never said anything about it to Williams or the Sickton brigade, so it certainly wouldn't have affected their payment!  If they'd had any extra money to come in the first place, that is...

So he's p****d off on another holiday, most likely using the money we overpaid him, and  "i will provide you with the certificates at a later date" - WHAT LATER DATE?  HASN'T THIS GONE ON LONG ENOUGH ALREADY!

I'm so sick of his whole bad attitude - if only David would have got rid of him before it got to this stage.  I've been sleeping on the floor for six months now, and my allergies are so bad that I can hardly breathe as I sit here typing this.  When am I going to escape this awful place?  And to be honest, I really don't know how I'm going to cope living opposite that dreadful Sickton family without ending up screaming abuse at them.  I just hate them so much...horrid as I may sound, I wish something bad would happen to the lot of them.  Not necessarily to wipe them off the planet, just to make them move far away from that area.  They certainly deserve it after all they've put us (and a lot of their other clients) through anyways...

July 30th 2009

Didn't leave the house.  We spent the entire day finishing clearing up in the back room, and I got in a dreadful state with my congestion problems, just from emptying a box of stationery stuff which turned out to have a load of carpet beetle larvae at the bottom (eating one of those feathery pens!)

And that's just about all I've written in my offline diary for the 30th!

July 31st 2009

Didn't leave the house again - summer 2009 just got better!  Mum didn't even feel like doing anything around the house so although my breathing was a little easier, I felt like it was a totally wasted day.  I went through a few old VHS tapes and chucked out eight of them, but that was about all I did towards the clearing up effort.

Taped another episode of "Mysterious Ways", as Tabitha St.Germain was a guest star in it.  According to IMDb, she plays a character called 'Dr. Kensington', so I was pretty shocked when the doctor turned out to be quite a bit blonder and more plump than Tabitha...  She was in the episode though - she's the woman at the antique store (I've forgotten her name - Mum was chattering at me all the way through it, and I haven't had a chance to watch it again properly yet) if anyone's interested.  She was only in one scene but it was still nice to see her on TV again.  I wish she had done more non-voice over acting...

Mum and I decided to try and clear the landing so that we could start pulling stuff out of the bedrooms and clearing out up there...but the work ground to a halt when we discovered the two large boxes that we've been tripping over for the last ten years or so were not filled with my old jigsaws as we had thought, but instead with neatly folded yellowing pages from 1996 newspapers (mainly Page 3, of course - must be the 'sport' that David buys so many papers exclusively to read), and TV mags/adult magazines.  Well, we all know who THOSE belong to.  They must be the ones David sorted out to keep when he took a fortnight off work to "decorate my bedroom" back in 2002.  So we had to wait for him to come back from Woodberry in the evening and get rid of them.

He claimed to be taking them to the why was he packing them so carefully into the car (still in their files), and why did he turn towards the self storage unit when he drove off with them the next morning?!

I started pulling my ponies out of the library and checking them for insects, box by box.  I've found a few carpet beetles but no actual damage so far (although these are admittedly the ones I packed away most recently).  I'm moving them into the space we cleared in the back room, so I suppose they'll get heat damaged now as well before we're able to move house.

August 1st 2009

Sat up half the night to watch 'Intelligence' - it is a great show and well worth keeping myself awake for until 3am, but I'm always so tired when I get up on Saturday!

Mum and I sat outside Laura Ashley while David bought some paint...then I fell asleep in the car.  In fact, I didn't wake up until we were halfway through Ealing Broadway on the way to Woodberry!  More boring colour discussions at Woodberry - not really worth mentioning, to be truthful.

Then to Richmond to get the paint we couldn't get at the local branch of Laura Ashley.  I desperately wanted to go in some of the clothes shops which have great sales on now that we're nearing the end of the summer season (and I'm still waiting to get my summer clothes!) but of course, we were on instruction not to go in any shops in case we caught swine flu.

THEN David spent ages walking around a very crowded Waitrose picking out £10 worth of buns for himself - which he wouldn't have bought otherwise - so as to 'save' £1.20 parking the car in the Waitrose car park!  I was so mad - I'm Miss Goody Two Shoes and stay away from the shops I want to go in because I don't want to catch swine flu while I'm still sleeping on the floor, then I get dragged around a crowded supermarket anyway!

August 2nd 2009 (Yes, today!)

Finally - I've actually caught up with my blogging!

Cleared out some more VHS tapes and, whilst looking through them, found my old 'Monster Rancher' recordings.  I was so proud of myself back around 2000 when the show first aired, when I was only just starting to listen to the voices in cartoons and attempting to identify them...  It was the first show where I actually recognised a voice - "Holly is Starlight from My Little Pony Tales", I thought.  I checked the credits along with my MLP Tales VHS and, sure enough, Maggie O'Hara was in both.  So she must be Starlight, right?  At least that was what I assumed.

I switched on the tape, really more interested in hearing Janyse as Mocchi, and a couple of my other favourite VAs.  Then Holly spoke...

And it's quite obviously Sweetheart's voice!

I cannot imagine how I ever thought she was Starlight.  I feel so, so embarrassed, especially after a couple of my good friends have told me Starlight sounded more like Willow Johnson to their ears.  I've never heard Willow except in a couple of lines in the three episodes of Inu Yasha I've seen (and I actually didn't think she sounded much like Sweetheart on there), so I was just taking IMDb at their word - big mistake, I guess.

So the My Little Pony Tales cast (for the main characters anyway) is now:

Starlight ~ Willow Johnson
Sweetheart ~ Maggie Blue O'Hara
Melody ~ Kelly Sheridan
Bright Eyes ~ Laura Harris (need to confirm)
Patch ~ Venus Terzo
Clover ~ Brigitta Dau (need to confirm)
Bon Bon ~ Chiara Zanni
Lancer ~ Shane Meier
Teddy ~ Tony Sampson
Ace ~ Brad Swaile

I just realised I've never actually knowingly heard Brigitta Dau in anything apart from MLP, and I've only heard a couple of lines of who I believe to be Laura Harris in "Stay Tuned", but my recording in so rough I can't really tell if it's her or not anyway...  So I really do need to confirm those two.  No more taking people on the likes of IMDb and Wikipedia at their word - I need to check these things for myself!

Sorry, can you tell I'm a little bit mortified by my mistake right now?!

Well, on that note, I shall leave you all.  My Sales Photos seem to have finally uploaded to Photobucket so I need to caption them all before I can go to floor-bed for another night of wonderful allergies!

Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

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