Sunday, 20 September 2009

Does this look any better?

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I'm continuing with the blogging goodness and trying to add some codes manually now, even though it's near impossible to re-code from LJ when I can't even see what I'm typing on Myspace!
September 9th 2009

Another boring day. I went through another two boxes of ponies and found further mouse and insect evidence. It's truly heartbreaking to think of my most-loved possessions being treated this way.

I also uncovered my old Care Bears collection, and found I had eleven duplicates (seven of the poseable figurines, and four of the little tiny models), so I put those up for sale. None are in very good condition, though, with scratched noses and frizzy curls.

The irritating dating-obsessed men from Myspace made a return - perhaps it's caused by phases of the moon or something, as they certainly seem to come in waves! First was a 28-year-old Londoner called Oliver, who wrote:
"Nice photo, fancy getting together for a coffee sometime miss.?
tell me stuff..
But they're messing with the wrong girl because Desirée Skylark has a new and improved message which will automatically end up in the inbox of any idiot who writes this kind of nonsense to her... As below:

As x-posted a dozen times a day in response to this sort of message or friend request:
I only accept people I know, and certainly no retarded perverts with nothing better to do than find more women to harass via the internet. Yes, there's a real girl behind the "hott pic" and sorry, but she's not the kind of girl who stoops to your level. Anyone who wanted to become a genuine friend and actually bothered to read my profile before requesting would know that.
I have no interest in inane dating; if I was looking for a man, I'd join a dating site. Hence, why I'm on Myspace for 'friends and networking' only.
Probably pointless as I figure most of these guys can't read anyways, but it makes me feel a whole lot better!

Later on in the day, we made a trip to Mortlake cemetery (well, I didn't actually know where we were going until we got there, my parents being the communicative type that they are) to look for the grave of one of Mum's relatives. But when we found the plot, this was all there was to be seen there:
An empty space - wonderful, huh?
I had been promised we could pop into TKMaxx on the way back, but my parents forgot and I didn't like to bring up the subject while they were in their current bad moods.

David even decided it was too late to go to Woodberry to sort anything out, so we just came straight back to Grottsville, where he went to sleep on the landing all evening, "feeling terrible". It even got too late to go for our promised ice cream at McDonalds.
Yet more Woodberry arguments ensued when he finally did come downstairs, although he refuses to speak sensibly about our finances, still believing that he will magically find a job within the next month. But he can't even get an interview!

I had an awful cough and painful right ear, obviously brought on from sleeping on the floor. I just can't go on living like this... But I don't even know what's happening about moving to Woodberry now.

September 10th 2009

David was still reluctant to discuss our finances, but finally admitted that yes, we could end up losing both houses. So why didn't he tell us any of this before now, and continue to lie about my education and Mum's holidays, which we quite obviously can't afford?
Then he went to the very expensive estate agent across the road from here who raised his hopes by telling him that we may be able to pay the mortage on Woodberry by letting this dump. But this house needs so much money spent on it just to get it into a state where anyone actually COULD live in it... Just because we exist with leaking ceilings, no freezer or washing machine, broken floorboards and cracked walls, doesn't mean that anyone renting this place would. I don't even think it would be legal to let this place while it's in this state. And I know for a fact we wouldn't get as much money for letting it as the before-mentioned expensive estate agent claims we could.
Rob Williams finally sent us an e-mail. But, stuck on dial-up, we couldn't even read it here in Grottsville and had to go all the way to Woodberry just to open the message.
Basically, Williams now says that Sickton will NOT being paying to repair the fireplace they broke (despite saying in writing before now that he would), and he himself will NOT give us the certificates we need to sign the work off unless we promise not to take them to court! Is that even legal? I know the laws of this country are stupid, but that just takes the biscuit. He's done wrong, and knows we might be considering taking him to court, so he will withold the certificates we have PAID for until we promise not to sue him?! I don't know how much more of this I can take, to be honest.

We went to Brent Cross TRU to buy Kizzy's birthday gift - a Peppa Pig horse and carriage set. It's ridiculously small for the price. I hate how everything these days is based on brand names rather then the quality of the item in question. There is no way they could sell four cheaply made little pieces of plastic (two pig figurines, a horse and carriage) if it didn't have the 'Peppa Pig' name on the box. >.<

To cheer myself up following the stress of the previous few days, I decided to treat myself to a couple of pony items, too. I've made enough money from sales lately to justify it anyway. So I got the Ponyville Ice Cream Shake Diner with Scootaloo (It was actually cheaper there than in Argos anyway as it turned out!), and... Well, I was quite surprised to find...


I'm going to be honest, I thought I'd hate these things, but Pinkie Pie is growing on me (slowly)... Sweetie-Belle just looks deformed though, and I don't think I'll be buying any more of these unless I can pick them up cheaply at car boot sale and charity shops etc. The size of their heads scares me just a little - I don't know how My Little Pony's came to this... I know styles change in 27 years, but is it even about ponies any more? No, of course not. Hasbro already told us that ponies are 'little girls', didn't they? Although I'm not sure I ever saw a little girl with quite such a large head! o_0 Still, I will say she's cute. She's just not a My Little Pony in my eyes.
We had our promised ice cream at McDonalds on the way back to Grottsville. The limited edition McFlurry is Aero at the moment (either chocolate or mint chocolate). I had the chocolate one, and David chose mint. They both look identical so when the woman handed them to us at drive-thru, she told us to "sniff them" to find out which was which. But, still uncertain, I tested a little of the one I guessed was mine...
I was wrong. It was definitely mint. And ugh, it was HORRID! It tasted like toothpaste, and made me feel thoroughly sick. Admittedly, I hate mint-flavoured things anyway, but the flavouring of that ice cream is particularly revolting and fake. My advice - stick with the plain chocolate version... Well, unless Sensodyne and Colgate make you feel peckish, of course!
Well, I shall leave it there. I think while Myspace continues to hate dial-up I just need to do a couple of short blogs each day in order to catch up. Adding in all the little paragraph tags is driving me crazy enough as it is without making my blogs any longer than they already are!
Best wishes,
Desi-crazy-lark xxx

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Copying and pasting straight from LJ, so I hope this works...

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(Sorry about the lack of paragraphs when I posted this last night – I forgot that LJ requires you to add them manually, especially with Mum’s rushing me to get to floor-bed.)
Well, I don't believe this. Myspace blogging has already quit working on dial-up again (the facility only came back for ONE DAY this time!), so I decided to attempt writing my blog over on Livejournal - rather ironic as I don't even use LJ anymore - and see if I can paste the HTML code over to Myspace... Well, I sure hope I can if I've put another hour's work into the stupid thing!
September 7th 2009
Mum was "too tired" to go to Kew Archives as she had planned "because of dragging around Chiswick car boot sale the day before" . Personally I'm more inclined to think she was too scared of contracting swine flu to go anywhere. But still, she was "through with bootsales" - I guess it sounded more dramatic or something!
Actually, she seemed to be in a bad mood in general. I passed comment on a message one of my good friends wrote, kindly enquiring about my life and what was happening about moving house and my education. "TELL THEM THE TRUTH THIS TIME - WE CAN'T AFFORD YOUR EDUCATION!" Mum yelled at me. Well, it might help if someone told ME the truth! I feel like Chris Tarrant on 'Who Wants To Be a Millionaire' - "final answer?" Because if that is indeed your final answer, Mum, what is the point of struggling through all of this? Because without education, I will never achieve any of my goals anyway.
Then she started ranting at me on the topic that was really behind all of this. 'Emma' at Woodberry's door the day before. I was about 99% certain at this point that it wasn't Emma anyway, since the voice had sounded as thought it belonged to a very posh little boy. But Mum would have none of it. Emma must have let Allan out of the car to knock on the door for them, and we had ignored them.
"YOU wanted to go to Boston, and now I'M going to be in trouble with Emma - I know you don't care, but I don't want to hurt her feelings."
Um, but SHE was the one who decided to go to Boston! Not to mention the way she was desperately hunting for her best black shoes... I had actually believed she must have made arrangements to meet Emma and was stunned when we didn't 'accidentally' run into her at the festival.
Then there's my 23-year-old - and very fragile - Paradise Estate, which doesn't fit on top of the shelves and is still on my bedroom floor at Woodberry until I can figure out where to put it. Would it really be wise to let four young children in there before I've thought of somewhere to put it out of reach of sticky fingers?! Tell me, would I have got compensation had the roof been smashed or if one of the tiny pony-sized wine bottles had disappeared down a small child's throat? (Not to mention what would have happened to the plastic-consuming child in question!)
The new roofing company actually did show up and say there's "damage to the valley where the two angles of our roof" meet. (We have a weird shaped roof at the back where the previous inhabitants tacked on a strangely-shaped extension. They went off to get a quote, but their tone didn't sound good at all. And we SHOULDN'T be living here now, hence we shouldn't be paying for all these repairs as this house literally falls apart around us!
We didn't leave the house at all today. David decided to go to Woodberry to "paint shelves" (and play online with his fast broadband connection) in the late evening...when we all should have been at Toys 'R' Us looking for gifts for Kizzy's 4th birthday.
However, I'm pretty glad we didn't go out that evening because, on the way to Woodberry, David discovered he had a flat tyre and had to wait an hour for the breakdown service to arrive and replace the tyre.
Upon arrival, they informed David that the tyre had been slashed several times with a knife - one of the slashes was two inches long! And this must have happened in our front garden here in broad daylight! This place is terrible, and all the thugs seem to target this house based on the fact it's run down and scruffy. We need to get out of here before they do something to the actual house. The violence is coming nearer, but my parents don't seem to see the danger...
September 8th 2009
David drove to a tyre shop in South Harrow, as he didn't want to deal with the shop across the road from us. He thinks that "they're the ones who slashed his tyre, in order to get more custom"! I can't believe his theories, they're getting more and more ridiculous by the day. Just admit it, this is a rough area and we now have crazy knife-wielding gangs of thugs in our own front garden too.
Emma hadn't written since the Boston Festival, so Mum was getting more and more convinced that the voice at the door had belonged to either her or one of the kids...and kept picking on me about it.
"I wanted to go to the door to her, but you stopped me!" What? As soon as I panicked and said Emma was at the door, Mum started creeping around and whispering because she didn't want to see Emma while she was wearing her scruffy shoes! >.<
I reminded Mum about this, at which point she started ranting uncontrollably; "That's it! All the lies you've written on your blog have come true - I'm through with you!" What? Have I ever told lies on my blog? Well, I guess it's not fair to ask you guys as you don't have to live here, and since my life is somewhat crazy you probably do think that I tell lies - or at least exaggerate about things - but I promise I have never told a lie on my blog. I'm always referring to this as an online diary to find out when things happened etc., and my parents know that, as they often ask me to do so. Mum herself has never even bothered to READ my blog, she's just going on Emma's word that I lie on here. So that angered me for starters.
Of course, I should have learned my lesson a long time ago, and just shut up, but I couldn't help but point out this fact, too. I also pointed out how Emma wasn't the only one not to have written for a few days; one of my Myspace friends has also gone AWOL (you know who you are, I'm sure!) and not opened a message I sent to them on September 5th - in fact, they've not been on Myspace since August 30th. Anyways, I pointed out that I had my own friends to worry about, and it may nturn out that Emma was not the posh little boy at Woodberry's front door at all, and she wasn't writing for another reason. I also couldn't help but remind Mum how she and Emma had decided to pick on the very person I am so stressed about right now not so long ago.
Mum, obviously knowing she was indeed guilty, snapped that, "They're not your friends because you don't see them all the time. People you don't see every day shouldn't be so important!" Well, in that case, you haven't seen Emma since March, so... But more importantly, just because I haven't ever met someone in 'real life' due to the fact we live 5000 miles apart, that gives YOU the right to make assumptions and tell lies about them and gossip about our friendship? Um, I don't think so!
"Maybe you should find some people in real life if you want friends!" And where do you propose I do that? Should I 'find some people' in Grottsville? Perhaps the carpet beetles would like to be my friends?!
She then went back to her original argument about how I had stopped her going to the door to the posh young boy, Emma. I reminded her that she had also said that she didn't want to meet up with them in Boston Manor Park since she couldn't afford to pay for all of them to have ice creams and roundabout rides. This infuriated her further.
"OF COURSE I want to see the kids - I'd LOVE to see the kids, and I’ve told Emma that. YOU'RE the one stopping me seeing them with all your TOYS!" Well, excuse me? Why did you lie say you were going elsewhere so you couldn't meet them at Boston then? Oh, I remember another reason you gave me now. You didn't want them to get a laugh when they saw just how far from being finished the house was! So you were saying you didn't want to see them at Woodberry, even if YOU hadn't told me to take my "toys" over there, on the false promise that I could move over there a few weeks back.
Then David made one of his rare appearances and actually agreed to discuss the house situation with us. During this conversation, he revealed that even when we do move, we'll have £350,000 left to pay on the mortgage. What the heck is he thinking of? He has no job and is never likely to work again, Mum will never get a job now. So I take it I'm supposed to pay off their bills? But how, when I've been provided with no education or way of getting a job myself?! So we could end up losing both of the houses anyway.
But don't worry, he has a plan!
If he can't get a job within the next month, he's going to cash in his insurance premiums which will pay off about £100,000 of our debts. But in order to do this, he has to declare that he will never work again...ever. So there would still be £250,000 to pay on the mortgage. I just can't see this working out now.
By this point, I was going mad, sobbing and feeling hopeless, especially having not having left the house for over 48 hours again. It's so hot and stuffy in this house. "Oh, God, help me!" I cried. "I hate this stupid house!" I quite gently rattled one of the stair railings in despair, angry at the house...and it came off in my hand! "Very clever!" David yelled at me. It was actually pretty comical, to be honest. There I was, holding a long wooden pole with David glaring at me with his hands on his hips. Well, it can't have been very well attached, can it?
No, it wasn't at all. I discovered I could just pop it back into place as easily as it had been removed! Very clever, indeed!!! :P It was so light weight, too. Goodness knows what our stair railings are made from - I think they must be hollow or something!
I started re-listing my MLPs to replace the Excel list I lost a while back. I really didn't want to unpack them all again while we were still in Grottsville, but I've been slowly forgetting all their details and there was no way I could put it off any longer.
Definitely not. I found mouse droppings in Sprinkles' tail! Meaning we MUST have had mice here in the last eighteen months... Perhaps we even still have them. Nice thought, especially since we're all sleeping on the floor. Ugh.
I still can't imagine parting with my duplicates, and yet I have no space for them. I think I'm going to have to face up to the fact, and let some of them go. Don't worry, all my 'special' ponies from friends like Bonnie and Caroline shall be staying. Those mean far too much for me to ever get rid of them. :)
In the evening, David and I went to Tesco. Still no Alien Ponies to be seen. We got Mum a Prima magazine, but all she could do when I gave it to her was complain that it wasn't her favourite Good Housekeeping (even though she's got the current issue of GH!)
Oh, and it came with free mascara, which is "absolutely useless" to her. Never mind though, whoever can she give it to for Christmas? She had a big elaborate conversation with herself about it - well, she was actually talking to the audience (aka me), of course. But don't worry, she remembered that Emma wears mascara so she can have it, can't she? (Meanwhile I'm not allowed near a shop and will have to make my mascara last way past it's best again)
Anyways, Mum is moaning at me to get to floor-bed, so I will have to leave this blog there.
Now I only hope this works...
Desirée Skylark xxx

Friday, 18 September 2009

Blogging Time!

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On the rare occasion that Myspace blogging actually works on a dial-up connection these days, I must take my opportunity to tell you a little about some of the things that have happened in the past few weeks.

September 3rd 2009

I awoke with an itchy ear.  Imagine my absolute horror when I discovered something had crawled inside my ear and died in there during the night...yes, a carpet beetle.  Nice, huh?  Then my parents wonder why I'm so desperate to get out of here.  And not only is it plain disgusting to find a dead insect in your ear in the first place, it left me with a weird pulsing sensation and a mild earache for the rest of the day.  I actually thought I was going deaf at one point.  It's just horrible here.

Some men were supposed to be coming to look at the roof (re: the leaking bathroom ceiling), so we didn't feel we could really go out - or at least nowhere too far away - which made things even worse.

Mum was obviously stressed out, with my ear being another worry to add to her list.  She kept muttering to herself and looking nervous...

Suddenly, the mobile phone fell off of the sofa behind a box of her junk on the floor.  I don't know what caused it to fall down; probably she moved her foot or something.  Anyways, she turned round and started shouting at ME! (I was sitting quietly on the floor trying to sort out my online sales with slow dial-up)

"SHUT UP!  If your ear hurts, GO TO A DOCTOR!  If your teeth stick out, DON'T MISS YOUR APPOINTMENTS!"
Um...  But I wasn't talking, my ear didn't really 'hurt' as such, and I'm still sleeping on the floor as far as orthodontic surgery is concerned anyway.

The roofing men were supposed to have come in the morning, but as the hours passed, there was absolutely no sign of them...

When David finally came out of the bathroom, we decided to take a chance on the fact the roofers weren't going to show up and organise the rest of the day, or "What's left of the morning!", as David put it, giving me a look.  Well, excuse me, but I was in the bathroom for 30 minutes, and you were in there for TWO HOURS!  And we couldn't have gone out earlier due to the the roofers anyway.

We went to the bathroom shop where we bought the basin and cupboard unit in the peach bathroom which we've now discovered the builders messed up by drilling holes for pipes which should have been hidden in a secret compartment at the back of the cupboard.

The bloke who works there kindly offered to replace the shelves free of charge.  He repeated himself tp David about three times, obviously looking for a response, and my rude father didn't even thank him.   Then he had us sit down at the desk near the front of the shop and told us what appeared to be his life story... although, I'm ashamed to say, I couldn't understand much of what he said through his Indian accent.  Well, apart from the occasional "bloody this" or "bloody that" which was spoken in a very common English accent in the middle of every other sentence!  Mum and I struggled to stifle our giggles, to be perfectly honest.

The roofing men never showed up, as it happened, and promised to come the next day instead.  How do we always end up with these dreadfully lazy builders?!

In the evening, we went to Woodberry to sort out the order of the rest of the tiles (cats in the downstairs toilet, and British wildlife up in the loft shower room).  I think they look really nice, but Mum reckons the cats don't go well with the duck egg coloured walls we've chosen in that room.  She says the duck egg flowery wallpaper makes the room look too overcrowded.  I can't see the problem myself, but...

I managed to re-home three of my little Pikachu figurines from my old Pokémon collection to Angelberries, who very kindly sent the Paypal payment as a 'gift' so that I didn't have to pay any fees.  More and more people seem to be dodging the fees that way now...  My only worry is what would happen if a dodgy seller doesn't send out the goods, as then you wouldn't have a leg to stand on with Paypal as far as refunds go.

I need to get to the shops before the swine flu gets really bad again...  I've saved up some money so as to get myself some clothes that actually don't have huge holes in them, but I just never seem to have the chance to get to any shops!

September 4th 2009
Surprise, surprise!  The roofing men didn't show up again!  We really do have a knack for picking up totally incompetent people, don't we?  So we had to book a different company to come on Monday morning, and hope that the weather didn't get too bad over the weekend.

We went to Woodberry, and were unfortunate enough to see Sickton's 'wife', Wig Woman, cycling past.  So Mum shouted "B****!!!" and made a rude gesture at her.  I dashed indoors to avoid the trouble, knowing I wouldn't be able to help shouting at old hag myself...  After all, I don't want a criminal record if I'm ever to get out of this country!

Anyways, Mum came in proudly proclaiming how Wig Woman "almost fell off her bike" and how she'd "have liked to have rushed out into the road and pushed her".  Then she turned on me, asking "Where were you, you dirty washout?!  We need to make her life a misery because she ruined Auntie Eva's house!" Um... How about the fact that not moving sooner has probably ruined my LIFE (education-wise alone, without missing out on free orthodontic treatment etc.), let alone the house!

Then the next disaster - we discovered that the basin in the toilet under the stairs is badly scratched.  We're talking all the enamel scuffed off with silver metal showing through scratched.  It must either be the Polish builders or the wonderful Mr Jacobs who laid the front path.  The basin is also stained with coffee where the builders have been washing their mugs there because they can't get to the kitchen sink.

Oh, and then David announced that the Polish builders have been in there to collect some tools without our permission (using the key David happily handed over to them) while we weren't there...  SINCE I MOVED £250 WORTH OF PONIES OVER THERE ON THE FALSE PROMISE THAT I COULD MOVE THERE MYSELF!  I am disgusted.  Actually, disgusted isn't a good enough word.  I am appalled.  I am...  Ugh, just why the heck did he give them the key, AND make me take my valuables over there?  And they still have the key so they can walk in whenever they feel like it.

Meanwhile, David insisted on going back to Woodberry to collect his laptop later on - HE wouldn't leave his stuff there overnight, and yet he can't see why I don't want my ponies over there unsupervised!

He went to Tesco ever so late, meaning I didn't get any tea until after midnight.  Then Mum snapped at me for staying up so late!  Uh...?

I can't sleep here anyway - I'm always fearing another carpet beetle crawling in my ear, and it's just SO COLD!  You wouldn't believe the temperature in here.  Even during the day we're hugging hot water bottles and still shivering.  I'm really dreading yet another winter in this dump...

September 5th 2009

Woke up at 6am, but didn't dare wake anybody up for the big car boot sale at Denham after the lecture about going to floor-bed so late the night before, and also for reasons of "delaying Woodberry" which I'm always told I'm doing if we go anywhere non-Woodberry-related, despite the fact nothing gets done even if we stay indoors all day.

When I did get up, Mum started snapping at me (again!) about how I should have gone to floor-bed earlier the night before, so as to wake up for - you guessed it! - Denham.

David came out of the bathroom at 11am, so we decided to go to an 'afternoon car boot sale' at Gerrards Cross.  But when we got there (having driven past the huge and probably previously pony-filled Denham on the way) we found it was tiny (about twenty tables), cost £1 per person just for admission, and had obviously been open since early that morning as the tables were half empty and everyone was packing up to leave.  So we turned around and came straight back.

David wanted to go to Denham (it was now 1.30 - six hours after the place opened!)...  The only problem was that "There's always three of us now!"  Basically, he wants Mum to start staying in Grottsville again.  Well, I don't think that's very fair when she wants to start walking and work on her fitness levels.  And that's certainly not the only problem.  What's the point of walking around a car boot that opened six hours earlier when all the bargains are gone?!

Later, I went in the library and tried to do some more clearing out.  I stumbled across a box of MLP videos, including a good copy of one to replace mine which I had just discovered didn't work!  I also found a recording I must have made of "The 100 Best TV Adverts" a few years ago, and it ran into a movie David must have recorded, 'The President's Man'.  I have to be truthful here, as the girl with very little TV access, I've never seen the movie before, but it stars Chuck Norris and, according to IMDb at least, Brigitta Dau (who supposedly voiced Clover in My Little Pony Tales) had a small role in it.  She's not credited though, so it must be a very small role, if she was in it at all.  I just wondered if anyone had any clue as to whether she had a speaking role or not?  Even a couple of lines, as after the Starlight/Sweetheart-Willow Johnson/Maggie Blue O'Hara mix-up, I'm really looking to confirm that Brigitta actually did play Clover in Pony Tales!

Whilst looking through the videos, I noticed that 'Finley the Fire Engine' is currently airing on CBBC.  Now, ever since Allan showed me a couple of episodes on one of his DVDs, I have been curious about this show.  I could have sworn the characters in his DVD had English accents, but IMDb listed a lot of familiar names of Canadian VAs I know from other shows, and I was interested to hear more...

Well, when I finally did get to see the show, I got a nasty shock.  We have dubbed the show over here in the UK, for God only knows what reason.  It's not even particularly well-dubbed as animation goes, so why did they even bother?!  The best bit is they've even left the credits pretty much as they were except for the actual cast list - they've even left the Canadian casting agency and voice director up there, just adding in afterwards the UK details, and the name of the studio on the Isle of Man.  I tried looking on Youtube for the original version, but all I dug up were the UK dubs...  Anyone know where I might find the original Canadian version?  I am very curious indeed now! 

Annoyed, I decided to set my mind to something useful...  Specifically, uploading sales photos to Facebook.  But, even once I managed to upload them, I realised I couldn't see my descriptions on Photobucket to x-post them.  And obviously I don't want to cause confusion by changing a price or something!  Stupid dial-up!

September 6th 2009
Having missed out on Denham the day before, my parents agreed to go to the boot sale in Chiswick.  So I got up at 5am, and was ready by 5.30.  David, on the other hand, didn't vacate the bathroom until 7.10am, and even then Mum had to change her clothes (I got dressed straight into my going-out clothes).

Then David snapped, "Well, WHY did you get up at 5am?!"  Well, the boot sale opened at 7am, and I know how long YOU spend in the bathroom each morning...might that be a good place to start? >.<

Well, there were a lot of stalls still setting up when we arrived actually, so it wasn't as bad as I thought.  I think it had started out as a very cloudy day and only brightened up later on so a lot of people arrived late.

We walked around several times and managed to pick up a Hopscotch with trimmed hair, a G1 MLP book and a brand new G3 wall clock.  There were also a few G3s there, but I decided to leave them for someone else to find.

Image deleted by Tinypic before I had the sense to re-upload all my photos to my Photobucket album and update all the links.  I apologise for any inconvenience caused!

I'm only keeping the clock for my own collection, so if anyone wants the other items, drop me a message.

Oh, but where did that other little thing come from, I hear you ask?  Well, I haven't finished the story yet, have I?!

Mum had told Emma she wasn't going to Boston Manor Park for the festival there as she had somewhere else to go.  She wasn't going anywhere else, though.  I think she just knew that we couldn't afford ice creams and roundabouts for all the kids.  But then, for some weird reason, she decided to go.

I wasn't keen to see Emma and her family due to still looking like a scruffy old tramp, I just so desperately want to get my hair trimmed so that people can't laugh at my straggly rats' tails anymore.  So, to please me, I guess, Mum made a big "I don't want to see Emma either" fuss, whilst dashing about trying to find her best black shoes...  "OH, GOD!  I CAN'T FIND MY BLACK SHOES...  Even if I wanted them!"
All right for some - I don't even have any shoes that don't have big holes in the soles!

So, without her black shoes, Mum ran the length of the park to the festival, "in case Emma saw her in this state" and we couldn't stay for long for the same reason.  Anyways, to cut a long story short, the festival was probably bigger this year than last, but it's turned into more of a craft fair now, and the mobile farm and our other favourite stalls from last year didn't even show up.  However, I did find that Bow Tie badge you saw in the photo above on one of the tables.  It is also for sale, if anyone is interested.

It was only on our way back that David announced to me that he had arranged to meet a glazier about the scratched windows at Woodberry later in the afternoon, so I demanded I was taken to the house so as to move Paradise Estate out of the way from under the window and up onto my bed away from big glaziers' feet!

The darn thing actually takes up over half of the bed - I feel like such an idiot for ever having thought it would fit on the top of the shelving unit now.  I wish I could think of somewhere else to put it, but it's just so enormous!

Anyways, my parents were up in the loft discussing windows when there was a knock on the door.  "Hello!" , a voice called, then repeated "Helloo-oo!"  It sounded like a young boy...

Of course, my initial thought was that it was Emma (or at least Allan), so I dashed upstairs to warn my parents to shut up.  So there we were, all of us whispering and hoping 'she' couldn't hear us.  Then David started creeping downstairs and looked out of the window...  But there was nobody to be seen...  Well, nobody apart from a woman with a little girl sitting in a car opposite, and they didn't bat an eyelid when we left the house, so I can't imagine it was them.

David also realised when we left that he had left the key in the surely Emma would have just let herself in?  Perhaps it was just some kind passer-by to tell us that we had left our key in the door?

Either way, Mum was mortified, and started snapping at ME for because I was "the one who wanted to go to the Boston Festival".   Um...  But she was the one who mysteriously decided to go at the last minute!

When we got back to Grottsville, I stepped out of the car to see the Polish girl who lives next door smiling at me as she walked past.  I think I just about fainted - she never smiles at anyone.  Add that shock to the fact that I never come into contact with people anyway, and I'm surprised that I even managed to return the smile, especially after all Mum's ranting all the way back from Woodberry.  It's a pity our Polish neighbours speak so little English - I figure they'd be a lot nicer than our Irish neighbours on the other side.

David went back to Woodberry alone to see the glazier, and discovered that it will cost £520 to replace the windows that Williams' labourer scratched.  And since David is such a weed when it comes to confronting anyone, how much do you bet he's intending on paying out the money himself, and "getting it back later" (not)?  We just can't afford to keep paying for their mistakes when we have so little money...

Anyways, I think that is all for those four days, thank goodness!  I've spent about two hours writing this blog (admittedly, I've been listening to music the whole time, too...well, that's my excuse for my bad grammar anyway!) - I hope the other catch-up blogs don't take as long!

I will be back tomorrow... So long as Myspace doesn't quit working on me again.  Hope you can come back and join me then!

Lots of love to you all,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

Friday, 11 September 2009

Oh, blast.

Current mood:  happy

Well, David just let me use his computer (and broadband connection) here at Woodberry, but I didn't know in advance that I was going to have a chance to use the internet so I didn't bring my blogging notes or headphones so I can't really do any of my jobs.

Still, I thought I'd let you all know why I disappeared off the blogging scene for a while; my stupid dial-up connection is refusing to let me submit blogs again.  I shall be back as soon as it lets me start again though - I have so much to say about the last few days!

I think I'll go and do some work on my Myspace profile now - my summer theme  suddenly looks rather out of date...

Hugs hugs to everyone who has continued to support me and readmy blogs throughout sll my problems!

Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Bring me uploads in your smile, bring me broadband all the while... :P

Current mood:  hopeful

I am so SICK of dial-up!  I just cannot upload these photos, and yet I don't want to delete them from my hard drive until they're online...and so the computer is all clogged up with rubbish.  Ugh.

Also, sorry I didn't get a blog written last night.  I was too hungry to think straight, and yet there was no food in the house! 

August 31st 2009
David went off to Woodberry all day again to supervise Rob Jacobs, so I missed out on my favourite Bank Holiday car boot sale in Epsom.  Perhaps Jacobs would like to give me compensation for the Rapunzel and Ladybird Pony I probably missed out on due to his wanting to work over the weekend and "get us out of the way".  Oh, but it's our fault that we don't want to leave Sickton's friend with £250 worth of my pony collection that David had me take over there, isn't it?!

As it was, Jacobs discovered there weren't enough tiles to finish the path anyway, and left early.  And if he was only going to do half a day's work anyway, why couldn't he have come LATER so that I could have gone to the boot sale?!  Even though Jacobs left early, David stayed at Woodberry using his super-duper fast broadband connection to do precisely nothing.  God knows what he finds to look at on the internet all day - never anything useful, that's for sure.

Anyways, Mum and I didn't leave the house, so we spent the last day of the summer in the hot front bedroom, still attempting to clear stuff out of the cupboards.  It took almost all day just to GET to the cupboards and even then we couldn't fit the stepladder in so that all four legs were on the floor.  I still climbed up and cleared the cupboard though, so as to feel as though I'd achieved something with my day.

It was mainly old books and a couple of Mum's old games.  There was a horrible rude book which I would have put straight in the bin, but Mum said we couldn't because "David would know it was there".  When's that ever stopped her throwing anything out before?  I almost wonder if it was HER book.  I'm wondering if I'm the only one in this family with a totally clean mind...

We found a couple of videos entitled 'Jacqui's Bits'...thankfully these were not rude at all.  In fact, they contained wildlife documentaries and the entire series of "Torchy the Battery Boy", her favourite show from when she was a kid, which I must have recorded for her when it was repeated in the late 90s.

Annoyingly, the show had obviously been taped over one of MY old recordings, and after Torchy ended the tape ran into a recording of Tiny TCC with trailers for "The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog"...  I guess that was when I used to watch the show.  I wonder if we taped over any actual episodes?!

I'm still waiting for my chance to move to Woodberry, having been told to take my stuff over there.  But Mum declared, "I don't want anyone using my kitchen until we can all move in together", so I guess that means my chances are pretty slim, as I can't live without food, can I?

One last thing to note; I sell many things online these days and always give people the choice of airmail or surface mail, making it clear that surface mail is much cheaper but can take a long time.  Most people take surface mail because of the price difference, but I'm finding more and more people are getting stressed out when their parcel hasn't shown up, usually after just 1-2 weeks.  I feel guilty or something, as though I haven't explained the shipping methods properly, so I just wanted to write a line on here.  Airmail from the UK to the states normally takes about a 7-10 days in my experience, but Royal Mail actually states on their site that surface mail takes 'from 56 days'.  I have been lucky and had parcels turn up after just a week or two, and the longest any of my parcels has taken was two and half months, but it's rarely less than four weeks.  I wish these packages would just reach their respective buyers and put us all out of our misery.  I get so stressed that something's going to go missing...

September 1st 2009

Ever hopeful of being allowed to move to Woodberry, I decided to start sorting through my MLP video tapes (which will be used as 'steps' for the back rows of ponies on my shelves), playing through them to try to avoid any of the old tape sticking, and making sure they all work before selling off all my duplicates.  This is one clearing up job I actually do enjoy!  Although I wish there had been more Pony Tales episodes released on VHS...  There's only so many times I can stand to watch the same few episodes from the My Little Pony & Friends series in various compilations!

And even then, just by moving the heavy crate of VHS tapes, I ended up damaging some of my G3 books in front of the crate, which ideally would have already moved had we been moving into the house in a normal fashion.

I told Mum about this when I got the crate downstairs and she snapped at me, saying "You understood perfectly - you were only ever going to sleep over there!  YOU said you didn't feel comfortable staying over there on your own anyway!"  I never said I wasn't comfortable sleeping there alone, just that I didn't fancy sleeping opposite Sickton, but that stands whether I move there alone or with my parents.

David spent all day at Woodberry "painting his shelves" and entertaining Jacobs again(although I thought the man had no more work to do?), and didn't come back in time to go to the launderette or, more importantly, ship the MLP umbrella I sold last weekend.  Again, if I was living over there, I could walk to Ealing Broadway post office.  It's a long walk, but possible.  But from here, where I will not leave the house alone, there's no way to ship anything without David's help.

In the evening, we went to Brent Cross TRU to look for a birthday gift for Kizzy who will be four on September 12th, which also gave me an opportunity to look at the MLPs.  No alien ponies to be seen though...  They did have some of the new style Ponyville ponies, and a few new Newborn Cuties.  They also had two Ponyville Ice Cream Shake Diners, but I couldn't afford one as I'm saving my little bit of pony money to buy an alien pony when I finally do see them.

Then to Asda in Park Royal, where they had old-style Ponyville singles in a tray with pictures of the new-style ponies...which seemed a little odd to say the least.  Oh, well!

We had ice cream at McDonalds on the way back - they still have Cornetto McFlurries.  WTH?  Oh well, I like Dairy Milk anyway.  We enjoyed more ratty entertainment as our little rodent friends played tag together as well.

Mum started another argument just before bed, yelling at David, who was busily looking through more of his old yellowed newspapers, "I'm going to hang on here (Grottsville) as long as I can.  What have I got to gain from moving there (Woodberry)? I'll be there with the open plan house and Sickton opposite and you'll take as long as you like emptying this place while I'm in discomfort."  So it sounds like Plan B (Mum AND I moving over there) is out of the window, too.  So when are we going to move?!

September 2nd 2009
I was awoken by yet more arguments.  I can't remember everything so here are just a few highlights.

Mum "would like to get a can of red paint to the path, as it's just a pointless trimming to a house she doesn't even like.  Why waste money on trimmings?"  In fact, the only thing she wants to spend money on as far as Woodberry is concerned is "getting a porch and a satellite dish as those were the two things Sickton said he hated and he would have to look at every day of his life."  (Well, I can't disagree with that one!  Anything to make that creep's life miserable is very welcome in my opinion!)

"As soon as it's financially possible, she's selling or letting the house, and she doesn't care where we go.  As long as she can get holidays before she's old, that's all that matters now." (How ridiculous when she knows she herself wouldn't leave her possessions to go on holiday if we were in another area like this one!)

As for David?  "If ya want to go out, why don't ya walk around the block?"  Well, why SHOULD we walk around with all the drug addicts and other unsavoury people?  While he's paying £100 a week to hire a car, and spending all his time in an area where there are decent places to walk with nearby parks and shops.

Again, he reminded us that it was "not Jacobs fault that we wouldn't go out at the weekend and leave him with my possessions".  After all, "Ponies don't mean much to 'er now anyway - she said that!"  Excuse me?  When did I say that?  I said it was sad to have all these valuables rotting away in boxes in a humid back room because I'm not allowed to move and keep, display and appreciate them properly.  And anyway, even if they didn't mean a lot to me, is that any reason to leave £250 worth of stuff near any of Sickton's pals' dirty little thieving hands?

I'd just realised that I missed yet ANOTHER orthodontic appointment, since Mum keeps ahold of the letters and never remembers the dates any more (accidentally on purpose, considering I'm still not sleeping in a bed and she doesn't want me to have surgery anyway?), so David starts yelling again,  "Oi can't belay-ve the pair of ya!"  Well, he could always check the calendar, of course.

Already upset about another year passing by with no education, I started yelling at him, and Mum stood up for me, pointing out how David had done a fiddle to get free education for his brother, Mark, who ended up with our inheritance as well as his own, but won't help me whatsoever.  "Mark's idj-a-coi-shun was two 'ape-nies o' nuffink!" he snapped, getting more and more common as he got nastier towards us.  "Anywoi, ya don't git grants now, do ya - ya get student loans!"
Just then, Jacobs rang and announced he was coming to Perivale station to collect his money so David dashed off to get money from the cash dispenser at Tesco.  Jacobs was also on the fiddle, not declaring the work he'd done over Bank Holiday weekend for tax reasons.  But David still had to pay full price, and thought that was perfectly acceptable.  Well, I'm sorry, but if someone announces that you've got to go and meet them at a station and pay them entirely in cash at short notice like that, you should at least ask for a discount, in my opinion.

We went to Woodberry to organise the order of the kitchen was then that we discovered they don't fit, thanks to Williams' incompetent builders moving power sockets the wrong way.  Great.  So now they have to be moved again, risking the kitchen units once more!

Also, it was raining and the new path was ridiculously slippery - even though nobody else's paths in the street (most of which are tiled in the same way) seem to gather water at all, so I hate to think what Jacobs has done wrong.

Oh, and finally, we received a message from Emma Renton, the supposed landscape gardener.  She's finally let us know what she owes us...or rather, what WE owe HER!  Remember the ridiculously tiny 'garden design' she drew for us?

Well, she's actually had the cheek to charge us for it.  No less than £250, in fact!  And so the ridiculous fees go on, meaning she doesn't owe us a penny back and in fact we owe her money.  I can't believe it.  Why wouldn't David just sack the lot of them as soon as Mum and I realised just how awful they all were?

I walked up to the three charity shops around the corner from Woodberry - there were next to no toys at all in the charity shop where I usually find MLPs, for some reason.  Perhaps kids have cleared the place out over the summer holidays.  In the second shop, I saw a load of Beanie Babies, including a Britannia, for £1 each.  It makes me so sad to think those things once sold for hundreds of pounds.  I almost felt bad leaving her there, but considering I have five of them which I can't even sell for the £5 they originally cost me, I don't think I needed to add another to my collection!  The final shop, which is normally closed, is absolutely packed.  It's turned into one of these crazy little junk shops where you can't find anything.  They even have a sign in the doorway which reads, "Shop is rather full.  Please mind your step."   I can't actually figure out how far I'm allowed to walk in there before I reach the 'back room' since there are so many unsorted black bags everywhere.  There was a Cotton Candy Cafe in a carrier bag on the back of a sofa, but I couldn't see any actual ponies.  I think I really need to keep an eye on that shop though, just in case other people pull some ponies to the surface! o_0

We came back to Grottsville for dinner, then hurt David crying out in the bathroom.  The ceiling was leaking - badly.  But Mum and I were not able to move our stuff as his newspapers are everywhere, and he can't throw those away, so there's nowhere else for us to put it.  So we just had to cover it all the best we could with black bags, and thankfully nothing was ruined.  This house really is falling apart, though.  Surely even they can see we need to get out of here?  I woke up with the most painful insect bite on my arm that morning - in fact, it's still red and inflamed now, although very slowly going down.

Um...  Well, I guess that's just about it for those three days.  I'll try to keep blogging every evening from now on...unless I get too hungry again, of course!

Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Why Ruin a Perfectly Good Bank Holiday Weekend?

Current mood:  uncomfortable

August 29th 2009

We had plenty of plans for the Bank Holiday Weekend, as usual, and with the UK swine flu figures having dropped, Mum had even promised to let us go to my annual August Bank Holiday car boot sale in Epsom.

But at 7am on Saturday, David received a phone call from Rob Jacobs, Sickton's tiler, who declared that after all these months, he wanted to proceed with our front path - all over the Bank Holiday weekend.  In fact, he said that he "needed to get our front path out of the way as he has other jobs".  Nice, since we've been waiting almost a year for them to do OUR job.  But, of course, David jumped and dashed over to Woodberry to open the door for Jacobs.  After all, "how else would we ever get the job done"?  How about at a convenient time for US?!

David said that it was "our fault that our weekend was messed up for not trusting Jacobs with an open front door and free access to our property".  Well, I'm sorry, but after everything that has been either broken or stolen by Sickton's men in the past, why should I trust this bloke with my Paradise Estate and MLP plushies, which DAVID told me to take over there on the false promise that I could move over there myself?!

Oh, and on a related note, my parents received a court summons due to David not paying the council tax over at Woodberry.  It turns out that he has written them a message to say that nobody was living there up until the end of August (which they haven't registered) anyway, meaning that I COULDN'T have moved over there even if Mum had allowed it.  So why did they lie to me?

Spent another eight hours loading a ten minutes video.  I wish I could just use broadband over at Woodberry once in a while...

August 30th 2009
I had agreed to meet Sebby6 at Woodberry in order to sell a G2 MLP wastepaper bin to her.  But, of course, Jacobs wanted David over there from 7am again, leaving me stranded (and terribly stressed) in Grottsville all day long.  David took the bin with him, but I didn't see why HE should get to see any of my pony pals, and especially when I had promised her that I would be there.

Mum and I spent a lot of time clearing up in the front bedroom again while David was out, and found a load of Mum's old stuff under piles of heavy videos in one of the cupboards.  And we can't even reach it because of all the newspapers stacked up in front of the cupboard.  It's crazy that David can continue to collect junk in that quantity and not even see the problem now.  At least I'm trying to sell a lot of my stuff; he's just very slowly reading through each magazine and putting most of them back in bags to keep - "just for now", of course.

Fortunately, Jacobs left early, so David was able to drop me over at Woodberry after all.  I was shocked to see a big unfriendly wooden cross right across the gateway (to stop people walking on the path), so the only way in was to climb over the front wall - great first impression for any visitor, huh?

Sebby was on her way out to dinner anyway, so it was okay as it happened as we just talked out in the street for a few minutes, but I still feel awkward about it.  It just seems that this family are born to be unfriendly!

Sebby, if you're reading this, you are of course welcome back at any time once the house is completed.  It's just been so crazy these past few months, but WHY the tiler had to choose a Bank Holiday weekend to do the work is beyond me!  It was really nice to see you again - I love having the company of normal human beings once in a while!

I was able to watch two episodes of Sonic the Hedgehog while I was over at the house - what a difference a broadband connection makes!  Too bad I can't go and live over there.

After Sebby had gone, I attempted to make a recording of myself singing Les Miserables' "On My Own" by using a karaoke video on Youtube.  Oh, the difference in my voice when I'm singing along with just the music rather than trying to mirror and cover the original singer's voice was amazing!  Even Mum was almost in tears when she listened to the recording and said I sounded really nice, which is an achievement in my eyes.  If only I had more time to practise, and could afford some proper classes, I just know that I could do it.  Now I'm itching to try again, as I messed up the timing at the end so I shall not embarrass myself by posting it here, but I know I can improve with just a little time...and I bet those videos will have been taken down by the time I move house.

In the evening, I was sitting on the floor and saw something dark run across the floor - it was a Devils Coachhorse beetle.  I guess it came indoors and has been happily snacking on all the woodlice in this house.  Mum and I battled for about twenty minutes to catch it and release it in the front garden.  I dread to think how many others may be lurking under the piles of junk in this room...I don't mind insects, but I remember being bitten really badly by one of those things when I was little, and it's not something I want to experience again any time soon.

Mind you, that's nothing compared to what happened today...but you'll have to wait for another blog for that one.  I used to love insects but I must say I'm getting a little bit fed up with them being so close in this dump.

Mum earned five Swagbucks on - our highest daily total so far.  Mind you, I had intended on using the $5 Amazon gift voucher towards finally buying the second Call of the Wild DVD...and then I found one on e-Bay for 91p plus shipping (cheaper than Amazon, I believe!)  Oh, well...

Anyways, that's a quick round-up of last saturday and sunday, I guess.  I intend on continuing writing about a couple of days each night until I can finally get this blog up to date again.  I hope that you will be able to return and join me for the next installment!

Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

I don't know what's wrong with me.

Current mood:  stressed

No, don't worry, I will try my hardest not to turn this into another miserable blog.  I just wanted to apologise for not writing a blog for four days again; I just haven't felt up to doing much the last few evenings.  My allergies are back and worse than ever, and I'm just so run down with stress.  Oh, well.  You don't want to hear about that, do you?  So I shall move on with blogging about the last few days - equally boring, but hopefully not quite so depressing.

August 27th 2009

David and I went to Woodberry, while Mum stayed in Grottsville as she "couldn't face seeing the house again".  We took two sacks of my MLP plushies with us; having freshly de-insectified them, I decided it was their only chance of avoiding further damage.

So, having tipped them all out in the middle of my bedroom floor, the plushie mountain looked like this:
Rather worrying, considering I still have three crates of other MLP plushies, and two black bags of duplicates and hand-made pony plushies. >.<

And here they are on the shelves (which hadn't even been designated for plushies, so God knows where my other ponies are going now).  The big Nanco Rainbow Dash is sitting on my bed frame, despite the lack of a mattress.
Next disaster - despite having given up such a lot of my bedroom for ridiculously deep shelves, Paradise Estate still doesn't fit at the top, as I had hoped.  I don't understand as I measured (as did David) and I believed it was going to go up there.  Call me stupid, but I'm not good at visualising the sizes of things until I see them with my own eyes.  But the patio overhangs by eight inches!  So now I have no idea where my precious Paradise Estate is going anyway.

I tried to hide my sadness, as I knew David would start shouting at me that it was my fault, and set to work putting the plushies on their shelves, as shown above.  Then I was stuck there for ages while David played around on the internet using his fast broadband connection upstairs.  Nice for him, I'm sure.

I asked him what he proposed to do about the drawers under my bed, since I'd need some drawers if I were to move in there alone, and that darn Argos glue was just not working.  He told me that he had no intention of even trying to help me to assemble them again, and would "ask the builders to look at it when they came back".

Upon arrival back in Grottsville, I told Mum about the Paradise Estate and, unlike me, she was unable to remain silent about it for long.  I went up to the bathroom and when I returned found my parents shouting at each other again.  And some of the things David said regarding that large pony estate are just ridiculous.  First he snapped that I must be stupid - "How did she expect it to fit?!" as if he already knew that he wouldn't.  Then in the next breath he claims, "She's the one who measured it!"; in other words, blaming ME for the fact it doesn't fit, as if he DIDN'T know previously that it wouldn't.  Well, that's all very well, except that we BOTH measured it, and I gave him the right measurements.  Idiot.

He went to Tesco and brought back a magazine for Mum - Prima.  He cancelled all of her magazine subscriptions some time ago (but kept up buying his own mags).  Anyhow, Mum starts yelling about how she "doesn't like Prima, and wants Good Housekeeping instead".  Well, I can see where she's coming from, as she did far prefer Good Housekeeping and was really upset when David cancelled it, whereas she willingly gave up Prima.  Also, Prima came with a free copy of 'Best' magazine this month, full of David's favourite female celebs, so I wouldn't mind betting that he hoped to get his own grimy little hands on it by buying it for Mum.  However, coming from someone who never has a magazine to read, I'd be grateful to have anything.  Oh, well.

David even sent me to 'bed' (floor) crying, by shouting at me about how it's my own fault I didn't get education, since I "wouldn't go to school".  I pointed out that I was perfectly well home educated up until I was eleven anyway, and there are no secondary schools in the area...hence, why we were moving all those years ago.  "Yes, there is a perfectly good school - just round the corner!" he sneered.  I pointed out that there is only a primary school with a very bad reputation around the corner.  "So are you saying that I should have stayed at primary school until I was sixteen?" I questioned.  "No, why would you leave at sixteen?"  He looked genuinely puzzled, and stomped off back upstairs to look through some more newspaper pictures of semi-dressed women.

Ooh, and finally, I joined this site, Swagbucks.  A friend recommended it, as an authentic site where you can earn points for simply searching the web.  Okay, not real cash, but you can trade the points in for gift vouchers for sites such as Amazon, and every little helps, eh?  I haven't gathered enough points to get a voucher yet, so I can't vouch for the site myself, but I haven't received any spam mail so far, so I think it's worth a shot.  If you do choose to sign up, I'd really appreciate it if you could do so through this link - - as I can also gain some extra points then.  Thank you!

August 28th 2009
Another nightmare-ish day.  Firstly, we found we were not properly insured at Woodberry as David had let his payments lapse, so we can't get the terribly scratched windows replaced.  Of course, David claims this is Mum's fault for "putting his mail in a pile and burying the letter under the next day's mail!"  So where is she supposed to put the mail considering he never looks at it?

This computer is so very slow ever since Mr Butler looked at it.  I can't even load e-Bay or attempt to edit my Youtube playlists now.  I tried to load a ten minute video and it took EIGHT HOURS.  Now I think that's crazy even by dial-up standards!

Williams still hasn't responded about the certificates we need to get the house signed off by the council.  Emma Renton finally did respond and said she couldn't meet up with us until next Wednesday (today) - so much for "having a garden by last Christmas".

David spent yet another entire day sitting in the front bedroom sorting through his collection of photographs of women, leaving Mum and I locked up indoors.

Well, we did go to McDonalds for ice cream in the evening, but you can hardly call that a healthy outing in the fresh air!  Quite the opposite, in fact.  I need to get exercise, not keep eating junk food, nice as Dairy Milk McFlurries may be!

In fact, the highlight of my day was probably the last episode of 'Intelligence', which actually aired at 2am on saturday morning.  I wanted to have my usual Friday night bath beforehand, and David decided he wanted to go in the bathroom.  I told him he had 45 minutes before I wanted to get in there.  So when did he decide to go in there?  Precisely 45 minutes later!

Apparently, he'd "been waiting and waiting" and "nobody had told him that he had 45 minutes" .  Well, both Mum and I DID tell him, and I swear he acknowledged my call.  Perhaps he was talking to the radio.  Actually, maybe if he didn't always have such a loud radio in the room with him, he'd hear his own family occasionally! >.<  Anyways, by the time I got in the bathroom, I was in a real rush, and feel I kind of wasted the last of my expensive Lush lavender bubble bar in my "quick dip" tub.  In my hurry, I also ended up cutting my finger on a razor (don't ask!) and it's still hurting even now.  I fear it'll scar, and all because David wouldn't go in the bathroom 45 minutes earlier.  And it turned out the clock in the bathroom was fast anyway, and I came downstairs about half an hour earlier than I needed to.

Well, I soon forgot my bad finger.  Intelligence = best crime drama series ever.  I'm pleased I finally got to see the infamous shooting (hope I'm not spoiling it for anyone, I think any 'Intelligence' fans have either seen it or heard of the ending by now anyway).  The last ten-minute segment of the show was brilliantly written; even already knowing the ending, I was sitting on the edge of my seat.  I just love how they kept you guessing what was going to happen right up until the very end, too.  And the way they got Jimmy back out of the least it was all totally believable, unlike so many dramas these days.  The dialogue in Mary's answer phone message was pretty good, too.  It made me chuckle, but perhaps I just have a dark sense of humour from living in the 'real world' too long.  All so very ironic, but again, so true to the way things tend to happen in real life.

Or perhaps I just have too much time to waste thinking about a TV show - I must admit, it was so well acted compared to a lot of the dramas on BBC I've become accustomed to over the last few years that I can almost think of the characters as real people - I can't help but wonder what would have happened to Mary, Ronnie or Sweet (or if indeed, the unborn baby would have been okay) had Jimmy been allowed to survive for a third season.  It's a tragedy, a pure and simple tragedy.

Anyways, I must get to sleep now.  I'm so very tired, but I don't want to lie back down on the floor with my allergies giving me grief and while those pesky insects keep choosing me for a tasty night-time snack!  I'll try to write another blog tomorrow - I always feel better for getting things out of my system by writing on here...I just need to push myself to do so more often!

Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx