Saturday, 5 September 2009

Bring me uploads in your smile, bring me broadband all the while... :P

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I am so SICK of dial-up!  I just cannot upload these photos, and yet I don't want to delete them from my hard drive until they're online...and so the computer is all clogged up with rubbish.  Ugh.

Also, sorry I didn't get a blog written last night.  I was too hungry to think straight, and yet there was no food in the house! 

August 31st 2009
David went off to Woodberry all day again to supervise Rob Jacobs, so I missed out on my favourite Bank Holiday car boot sale in Epsom.  Perhaps Jacobs would like to give me compensation for the Rapunzel and Ladybird Pony I probably missed out on due to his wanting to work over the weekend and "get us out of the way".  Oh, but it's our fault that we don't want to leave Sickton's friend with £250 worth of my pony collection that David had me take over there, isn't it?!

As it was, Jacobs discovered there weren't enough tiles to finish the path anyway, and left early.  And if he was only going to do half a day's work anyway, why couldn't he have come LATER so that I could have gone to the boot sale?!  Even though Jacobs left early, David stayed at Woodberry using his super-duper fast broadband connection to do precisely nothing.  God knows what he finds to look at on the internet all day - never anything useful, that's for sure.

Anyways, Mum and I didn't leave the house, so we spent the last day of the summer in the hot front bedroom, still attempting to clear stuff out of the cupboards.  It took almost all day just to GET to the cupboards and even then we couldn't fit the stepladder in so that all four legs were on the floor.  I still climbed up and cleared the cupboard though, so as to feel as though I'd achieved something with my day.

It was mainly old books and a couple of Mum's old games.  There was a horrible rude book which I would have put straight in the bin, but Mum said we couldn't because "David would know it was there".  When's that ever stopped her throwing anything out before?  I almost wonder if it was HER book.  I'm wondering if I'm the only one in this family with a totally clean mind...

We found a couple of videos entitled 'Jacqui's Bits'...thankfully these were not rude at all.  In fact, they contained wildlife documentaries and the entire series of "Torchy the Battery Boy", her favourite show from when she was a kid, which I must have recorded for her when it was repeated in the late 90s.

Annoyingly, the show had obviously been taped over one of MY old recordings, and after Torchy ended the tape ran into a recording of Tiny TCC with trailers for "The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog"...  I guess that was when I used to watch the show.  I wonder if we taped over any actual episodes?!

I'm still waiting for my chance to move to Woodberry, having been told to take my stuff over there.  But Mum declared, "I don't want anyone using my kitchen until we can all move in together", so I guess that means my chances are pretty slim, as I can't live without food, can I?

One last thing to note; I sell many things online these days and always give people the choice of airmail or surface mail, making it clear that surface mail is much cheaper but can take a long time.  Most people take surface mail because of the price difference, but I'm finding more and more people are getting stressed out when their parcel hasn't shown up, usually after just 1-2 weeks.  I feel guilty or something, as though I haven't explained the shipping methods properly, so I just wanted to write a line on here.  Airmail from the UK to the states normally takes about a 7-10 days in my experience, but Royal Mail actually states on their site that surface mail takes 'from 56 days'.  I have been lucky and had parcels turn up after just a week or two, and the longest any of my parcels has taken was two and half months, but it's rarely less than four weeks.  I wish these packages would just reach their respective buyers and put us all out of our misery.  I get so stressed that something's going to go missing...

September 1st 2009

Ever hopeful of being allowed to move to Woodberry, I decided to start sorting through my MLP video tapes (which will be used as 'steps' for the back rows of ponies on my shelves), playing through them to try to avoid any of the old tape sticking, and making sure they all work before selling off all my duplicates.  This is one clearing up job I actually do enjoy!  Although I wish there had been more Pony Tales episodes released on VHS...  There's only so many times I can stand to watch the same few episodes from the My Little Pony & Friends series in various compilations!

And even then, just by moving the heavy crate of VHS tapes, I ended up damaging some of my G3 books in front of the crate, which ideally would have already moved had we been moving into the house in a normal fashion.

I told Mum about this when I got the crate downstairs and she snapped at me, saying "You understood perfectly - you were only ever going to sleep over there!  YOU said you didn't feel comfortable staying over there on your own anyway!"  I never said I wasn't comfortable sleeping there alone, just that I didn't fancy sleeping opposite Sickton, but that stands whether I move there alone or with my parents.

David spent all day at Woodberry "painting his shelves" and entertaining Jacobs again(although I thought the man had no more work to do?), and didn't come back in time to go to the launderette or, more importantly, ship the MLP umbrella I sold last weekend.  Again, if I was living over there, I could walk to Ealing Broadway post office.  It's a long walk, but possible.  But from here, where I will not leave the house alone, there's no way to ship anything without David's help.

In the evening, we went to Brent Cross TRU to look for a birthday gift for Kizzy who will be four on September 12th, which also gave me an opportunity to look at the MLPs.  No alien ponies to be seen though...  They did have some of the new style Ponyville ponies, and a few new Newborn Cuties.  They also had two Ponyville Ice Cream Shake Diners, but I couldn't afford one as I'm saving my little bit of pony money to buy an alien pony when I finally do see them.

Then to Asda in Park Royal, where they had old-style Ponyville singles in a tray with pictures of the new-style ponies...which seemed a little odd to say the least.  Oh, well!

We had ice cream at McDonalds on the way back - they still have Cornetto McFlurries.  WTH?  Oh well, I like Dairy Milk anyway.  We enjoyed more ratty entertainment as our little rodent friends played tag together as well.

Mum started another argument just before bed, yelling at David, who was busily looking through more of his old yellowed newspapers, "I'm going to hang on here (Grottsville) as long as I can.  What have I got to gain from moving there (Woodberry)? I'll be there with the open plan house and Sickton opposite and you'll take as long as you like emptying this place while I'm in discomfort."  So it sounds like Plan B (Mum AND I moving over there) is out of the window, too.  So when are we going to move?!

September 2nd 2009
I was awoken by yet more arguments.  I can't remember everything so here are just a few highlights.

Mum "would like to get a can of red paint to the path, as it's just a pointless trimming to a house she doesn't even like.  Why waste money on trimmings?"  In fact, the only thing she wants to spend money on as far as Woodberry is concerned is "getting a porch and a satellite dish as those were the two things Sickton said he hated and he would have to look at every day of his life."  (Well, I can't disagree with that one!  Anything to make that creep's life miserable is very welcome in my opinion!)

"As soon as it's financially possible, she's selling or letting the house, and she doesn't care where we go.  As long as she can get holidays before she's old, that's all that matters now." (How ridiculous when she knows she herself wouldn't leave her possessions to go on holiday if we were in another area like this one!)

As for David?  "If ya want to go out, why don't ya walk around the block?"  Well, why SHOULD we walk around with all the drug addicts and other unsavoury people?  While he's paying £100 a week to hire a car, and spending all his time in an area where there are decent places to walk with nearby parks and shops.

Again, he reminded us that it was "not Jacobs fault that we wouldn't go out at the weekend and leave him with my possessions".  After all, "Ponies don't mean much to 'er now anyway - she said that!"  Excuse me?  When did I say that?  I said it was sad to have all these valuables rotting away in boxes in a humid back room because I'm not allowed to move and keep, display and appreciate them properly.  And anyway, even if they didn't mean a lot to me, is that any reason to leave £250 worth of stuff near any of Sickton's pals' dirty little thieving hands?

I'd just realised that I missed yet ANOTHER orthodontic appointment, since Mum keeps ahold of the letters and never remembers the dates any more (accidentally on purpose, considering I'm still not sleeping in a bed and she doesn't want me to have surgery anyway?), so David starts yelling again,  "Oi can't belay-ve the pair of ya!"  Well, he could always check the calendar, of course.

Already upset about another year passing by with no education, I started yelling at him, and Mum stood up for me, pointing out how David had done a fiddle to get free education for his brother, Mark, who ended up with our inheritance as well as his own, but won't help me whatsoever.  "Mark's idj-a-coi-shun was two 'ape-nies o' nuffink!" he snapped, getting more and more common as he got nastier towards us.  "Anywoi, ya don't git grants now, do ya - ya get student loans!"
Just then, Jacobs rang and announced he was coming to Perivale station to collect his money so David dashed off to get money from the cash dispenser at Tesco.  Jacobs was also on the fiddle, not declaring the work he'd done over Bank Holiday weekend for tax reasons.  But David still had to pay full price, and thought that was perfectly acceptable.  Well, I'm sorry, but if someone announces that you've got to go and meet them at a station and pay them entirely in cash at short notice like that, you should at least ask for a discount, in my opinion.

We went to Woodberry to organise the order of the kitchen was then that we discovered they don't fit, thanks to Williams' incompetent builders moving power sockets the wrong way.  Great.  So now they have to be moved again, risking the kitchen units once more!

Also, it was raining and the new path was ridiculously slippery - even though nobody else's paths in the street (most of which are tiled in the same way) seem to gather water at all, so I hate to think what Jacobs has done wrong.

Oh, and finally, we received a message from Emma Renton, the supposed landscape gardener.  She's finally let us know what she owes us...or rather, what WE owe HER!  Remember the ridiculously tiny 'garden design' she drew for us?

Well, she's actually had the cheek to charge us for it.  No less than £250, in fact!  And so the ridiculous fees go on, meaning she doesn't owe us a penny back and in fact we owe her money.  I can't believe it.  Why wouldn't David just sack the lot of them as soon as Mum and I realised just how awful they all were?

I walked up to the three charity shops around the corner from Woodberry - there were next to no toys at all in the charity shop where I usually find MLPs, for some reason.  Perhaps kids have cleared the place out over the summer holidays.  In the second shop, I saw a load of Beanie Babies, including a Britannia, for £1 each.  It makes me so sad to think those things once sold for hundreds of pounds.  I almost felt bad leaving her there, but considering I have five of them which I can't even sell for the £5 they originally cost me, I don't think I needed to add another to my collection!  The final shop, which is normally closed, is absolutely packed.  It's turned into one of these crazy little junk shops where you can't find anything.  They even have a sign in the doorway which reads, "Shop is rather full.  Please mind your step."   I can't actually figure out how far I'm allowed to walk in there before I reach the 'back room' since there are so many unsorted black bags everywhere.  There was a Cotton Candy Cafe in a carrier bag on the back of a sofa, but I couldn't see any actual ponies.  I think I really need to keep an eye on that shop though, just in case other people pull some ponies to the surface! o_0

We came back to Grottsville for dinner, then hurt David crying out in the bathroom.  The ceiling was leaking - badly.  But Mum and I were not able to move our stuff as his newspapers are everywhere, and he can't throw those away, so there's nowhere else for us to put it.  So we just had to cover it all the best we could with black bags, and thankfully nothing was ruined.  This house really is falling apart, though.  Surely even they can see we need to get out of here?  I woke up with the most painful insect bite on my arm that morning - in fact, it's still red and inflamed now, although very slowly going down.

Um...  Well, I guess that's just about it for those three days.  I'll try to keep blogging every evening from now on...unless I get too hungry again, of course!

Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

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