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(Sorry about the lack of paragraphs when I posted this last night – I forgot that LJ requires you to add them manually, especially with Mum’s rushing me to get to floor-bed.)
Well, I don't believe this. Myspace blogging has already quit working on dial-up again (the facility only came back for ONE DAY this time!), so I decided to attempt writing my blog over on Livejournal - rather ironic as I don't even use LJ anymore - and see if I can paste the HTML code over to Myspace... Well, I sure hope I can if I've put another hour's work into the stupid thing!
September 7th 2009
Mum was "too tired" to go to Kew Archives as she had planned "because of dragging around Chiswick car boot sale the day before" . Personally I'm more inclined to think she was too scared of contracting swine flu to go anywhere. But still, she was "through with bootsales" - I guess it sounded more dramatic or something!
Actually, she seemed to be in a bad mood in general. I passed comment on a message one of my good friends wrote, kindly enquiring about my life and what was happening about moving house and my education. "TELL THEM THE TRUTH THIS TIME - WE CAN'T AFFORD YOUR EDUCATION!" Mum yelled at me. Well, it might help if someone told ME the truth! I feel like Chris Tarrant on 'Who Wants To Be a Millionaire' - "final answer?" Because if that is indeed your final answer, Mum, what is the point of struggling through all of this? Because without education, I will never achieve any of my goals anyway.
Then she started ranting at me on the topic that was really behind all of this. 'Emma' at Woodberry's door the day before. I was about 99% certain at this point that it wasn't Emma anyway, since the voice had sounded as thought it belonged to a very posh little boy. But Mum would have none of it. Emma must have let Allan out of the car to knock on the door for them, and we had ignored them.
"YOU wanted to go to Boston, and now I'M going to be in trouble with Emma - I know you don't care, but I don't want to hurt her feelings."
Um, but SHE was the one who decided to go to Boston! Not to mention the way she was desperately hunting for her best black shoes... I had actually believed she must have made arrangements to meet Emma and was stunned when we didn't 'accidentally' run into her at the festival.
Then there's my 23-year-old - and very fragile - Paradise Estate, which doesn't fit on top of the shelves and is still on my bedroom floor at Woodberry until I can figure out where to put it. Would it really be wise to let four young children in there before I've thought of somewhere to put it out of reach of sticky fingers?! Tell me, would I have got compensation had the roof been smashed or if one of the tiny pony-sized wine bottles had disappeared down a small child's throat? (Not to mention what would have happened to the plastic-consuming child in question!)
The new roofing company actually did show up and say there's "damage to the valley where the two angles of our roof" meet. (We have a weird shaped roof at the back where the previous inhabitants tacked on a strangely-shaped extension. They went off to get a quote, but their tone didn't sound good at all. And we SHOULDN'T be living here now, hence we shouldn't be paying for all these repairs as this house literally falls apart around us!
We didn't leave the house at all today. David decided to go to Woodberry to "paint shelves" (and play online with his fast broadband connection) in the late evening...when we all should have been at Toys 'R' Us looking for gifts for Kizzy's 4th birthday.
However, I'm pretty glad we didn't go out that evening because, on the way to Woodberry, David discovered he had a flat tyre and had to wait an hour for the breakdown service to arrive and replace the tyre.
Upon arrival, they informed David that the tyre had been slashed several times with a knife - one of the slashes was two inches long! And this must have happened in our front garden here in broad daylight! This place is terrible, and all the thugs seem to target this house based on the fact it's run down and scruffy. We need to get out of here before they do something to the actual house. The violence is coming nearer, but my parents don't seem to see the danger...
September 8th 2009
David drove to a tyre shop in South Harrow, as he didn't want to deal with the shop across the road from us. He thinks that "they're the ones who slashed his tyre, in order to get more custom"! I can't believe his theories, they're getting more and more ridiculous by the day. Just admit it, this is a rough area and we now have crazy knife-wielding gangs of thugs in our own front garden too.
Emma hadn't written since the Boston Festival, so Mum was getting more and more convinced that the voice at the door had belonged to either her or one of the kids...and kept picking on me about it.
"I wanted to go to the door to her, but you stopped me!" What? As soon as I panicked and said Emma was at the door, Mum started creeping around and whispering because she didn't want to see Emma while she was wearing her scruffy shoes! >.<
I reminded Mum about this, at which point she started ranting uncontrollably; "That's it! All the lies you've written on your blog have come true - I'm through with you!" What? Have I ever told lies on my blog? Well, I guess it's not fair to ask you guys as you don't have to live here, and since my life is somewhat crazy you probably do think that I tell lies - or at least exaggerate about things - but I promise I have never told a lie on my blog. I'm always referring to this as an online diary to find out when things happened etc., and my parents know that, as they often ask me to do so. Mum herself has never even bothered to READ my blog, she's just going on Emma's word that I lie on here. So that angered me for starters.
Of course, I should have learned my lesson a long time ago, and just shut up, but I couldn't help but point out this fact, too. I also pointed out how Emma wasn't the only one not to have written for a few days; one of my Myspace friends has also gone AWOL (you know who you are, I'm sure!) and not opened a message I sent to them on September 5th - in fact, they've not been on Myspace since August 30th. Anyways, I pointed out that I had my own friends to worry about, and it may nturn out that Emma was not the posh little boy at Woodberry's front door at all, and she wasn't writing for another reason. I also couldn't help but remind Mum how she and Emma had decided to pick on the very person I am so stressed about right now not so long ago.
Mum, obviously knowing she was indeed guilty, snapped that, "They're not your friends because you don't see them all the time. People you don't see every day shouldn't be so important!" Well, in that case, you haven't seen Emma since March, so... But more importantly, just because I haven't ever met someone in 'real life' due to the fact we live 5000 miles apart, that gives YOU the right to make assumptions and tell lies about them and gossip about our friendship? Um, I don't think so!
"Maybe you should find some people in real life if you want friends!" And where do you propose I do that? Should I 'find some people' in Grottsville? Perhaps the carpet beetles would like to be my friends?!
She then went back to her original argument about how I had stopped her going to the door to the posh young boy, Emma. I reminded her that she had also said that she didn't want to meet up with them in Boston Manor Park since she couldn't afford to pay for all of them to have ice creams and roundabout rides. This infuriated her further.
"OF COURSE I want to see the kids - I'd LOVE to see the kids, and I’ve told Emma that. YOU'RE the one stopping me seeing them with all your TOYS!" Well, excuse me? Why did you lie say you were going elsewhere so you couldn't meet them at Boston then? Oh, I remember another reason you gave me now. You didn't want them to get a laugh when they saw just how far from being finished the house was! So you were saying you didn't want to see them at Woodberry, even if YOU hadn't told me to take my "toys" over there, on the false promise that I could move over there a few weeks back.
Then David made one of his rare appearances and actually agreed to discuss the house situation with us. During this conversation, he revealed that even when we do move, we'll have £350,000 left to pay on the mortgage. What the heck is he thinking of? He has no job and is never likely to work again, Mum will never get a job now. So I take it I'm supposed to pay off their bills? But how, when I've been provided with no education or way of getting a job myself?! So we could end up losing both of the houses anyway.
But don't worry, he has a plan!
If he can't get a job within the next month, he's going to cash in his insurance premiums which will pay off about £100,000 of our debts. But in order to do this, he has to declare that he will never work again...ever. So there would still be £250,000 to pay on the mortgage. I just can't see this working out now.
By this point, I was going mad, sobbing and feeling hopeless, especially having not having left the house for over 48 hours again. It's so hot and stuffy in this house. "Oh, God, help me!" I cried. "I hate this stupid house!" I quite gently rattled one of the stair railings in despair, angry at the house...and it came off in my hand! "Very clever!" David yelled at me. It was actually pretty comical, to be honest. There I was, holding a long wooden pole with David glaring at me with his hands on his hips. Well, it can't have been very well attached, can it?
No, it wasn't at all. I discovered I could just pop it back into place as easily as it had been removed! Very clever, indeed!!! :P It was so light weight, too. Goodness knows what our stair railings are made from - I think they must be hollow or something!
I started re-listing my MLPs to replace the Excel list I lost a while back. I really didn't want to unpack them all again while we were still in Grottsville, but I've been slowly forgetting all their details and there was no way I could put it off any longer.
Definitely not. I found mouse droppings in Sprinkles' tail! Meaning we MUST have had mice here in the last eighteen months... Perhaps we even still have them. Nice thought, especially since we're all sleeping on the floor. Ugh.
I still can't imagine parting with my duplicates, and yet I have no space for them. I think I'm going to have to face up to the fact, and let some of them go. Don't worry, all my 'special' ponies from friends like Bonnie and Caroline shall be staying. Those mean far too much for me to ever get rid of them. :)
In the evening, David and I went to Tesco. Still no Alien Ponies to be seen. We got Mum a Prima magazine, but all she could do when I gave it to her was complain that it wasn't her favourite Good Housekeeping (even though she's got the current issue of GH!)
Oh, and it came with free mascara, which is "absolutely useless" to her. Never mind though, whoever can she give it to for Christmas? She had a big elaborate conversation with herself about it - well, she was actually talking to the audience (aka me), of course. But don't worry, she remembered that Emma wears mascara so she can have it, can't she? (Meanwhile I'm not allowed near a shop and will have to make my mascara last way past it's best again)
Anyways, Mum is moaning at me to get to floor-bed, so I will have to leave this blog there.
Now I only hope this works...
Desirée Skylark xxx

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