Sunday, 20 September 2009

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I'm continuing with the blogging goodness and trying to add some codes manually now, even though it's near impossible to re-code from LJ when I can't even see what I'm typing on Myspace!
September 9th 2009

Another boring day. I went through another two boxes of ponies and found further mouse and insect evidence. It's truly heartbreaking to think of my most-loved possessions being treated this way.

I also uncovered my old Care Bears collection, and found I had eleven duplicates (seven of the poseable figurines, and four of the little tiny models), so I put those up for sale. None are in very good condition, though, with scratched noses and frizzy curls.

The irritating dating-obsessed men from Myspace made a return - perhaps it's caused by phases of the moon or something, as they certainly seem to come in waves! First was a 28-year-old Londoner called Oliver, who wrote:
"Nice photo, fancy getting together for a coffee sometime miss.?
tell me stuff..
But they're messing with the wrong girl because Desirée Skylark has a new and improved message which will automatically end up in the inbox of any idiot who writes this kind of nonsense to her... As below:

As x-posted a dozen times a day in response to this sort of message or friend request:
I only accept people I know, and certainly no retarded perverts with nothing better to do than find more women to harass via the internet. Yes, there's a real girl behind the "hott pic" and sorry, but she's not the kind of girl who stoops to your level. Anyone who wanted to become a genuine friend and actually bothered to read my profile before requesting would know that.
I have no interest in inane dating; if I was looking for a man, I'd join a dating site. Hence, why I'm on Myspace for 'friends and networking' only.
Probably pointless as I figure most of these guys can't read anyways, but it makes me feel a whole lot better!

Later on in the day, we made a trip to Mortlake cemetery (well, I didn't actually know where we were going until we got there, my parents being the communicative type that they are) to look for the grave of one of Mum's relatives. But when we found the plot, this was all there was to be seen there:
An empty space - wonderful, huh?
I had been promised we could pop into TKMaxx on the way back, but my parents forgot and I didn't like to bring up the subject while they were in their current bad moods.

David even decided it was too late to go to Woodberry to sort anything out, so we just came straight back to Grottsville, where he went to sleep on the landing all evening, "feeling terrible". It even got too late to go for our promised ice cream at McDonalds.
Yet more Woodberry arguments ensued when he finally did come downstairs, although he refuses to speak sensibly about our finances, still believing that he will magically find a job within the next month. But he can't even get an interview!

I had an awful cough and painful right ear, obviously brought on from sleeping on the floor. I just can't go on living like this... But I don't even know what's happening about moving to Woodberry now.

September 10th 2009

David was still reluctant to discuss our finances, but finally admitted that yes, we could end up losing both houses. So why didn't he tell us any of this before now, and continue to lie about my education and Mum's holidays, which we quite obviously can't afford?
Then he went to the very expensive estate agent across the road from here who raised his hopes by telling him that we may be able to pay the mortage on Woodberry by letting this dump. But this house needs so much money spent on it just to get it into a state where anyone actually COULD live in it... Just because we exist with leaking ceilings, no freezer or washing machine, broken floorboards and cracked walls, doesn't mean that anyone renting this place would. I don't even think it would be legal to let this place while it's in this state. And I know for a fact we wouldn't get as much money for letting it as the before-mentioned expensive estate agent claims we could.
Rob Williams finally sent us an e-mail. But, stuck on dial-up, we couldn't even read it here in Grottsville and had to go all the way to Woodberry just to open the message.
Basically, Williams now says that Sickton will NOT being paying to repair the fireplace they broke (despite saying in writing before now that he would), and he himself will NOT give us the certificates we need to sign the work off unless we promise not to take them to court! Is that even legal? I know the laws of this country are stupid, but that just takes the biscuit. He's done wrong, and knows we might be considering taking him to court, so he will withold the certificates we have PAID for until we promise not to sue him?! I don't know how much more of this I can take, to be honest.

We went to Brent Cross TRU to buy Kizzy's birthday gift - a Peppa Pig horse and carriage set. It's ridiculously small for the price. I hate how everything these days is based on brand names rather then the quality of the item in question. There is no way they could sell four cheaply made little pieces of plastic (two pig figurines, a horse and carriage) if it didn't have the 'Peppa Pig' name on the box. >.<

To cheer myself up following the stress of the previous few days, I decided to treat myself to a couple of pony items, too. I've made enough money from sales lately to justify it anyway. So I got the Ponyville Ice Cream Shake Diner with Scootaloo (It was actually cheaper there than in Argos anyway as it turned out!), and... Well, I was quite surprised to find...


I'm going to be honest, I thought I'd hate these things, but Pinkie Pie is growing on me (slowly)... Sweetie-Belle just looks deformed though, and I don't think I'll be buying any more of these unless I can pick them up cheaply at car boot sale and charity shops etc. The size of their heads scares me just a little - I don't know how My Little Pony's came to this... I know styles change in 27 years, but is it even about ponies any more? No, of course not. Hasbro already told us that ponies are 'little girls', didn't they? Although I'm not sure I ever saw a little girl with quite such a large head! o_0 Still, I will say she's cute. She's just not a My Little Pony in my eyes.
We had our promised ice cream at McDonalds on the way back to Grottsville. The limited edition McFlurry is Aero at the moment (either chocolate or mint chocolate). I had the chocolate one, and David chose mint. They both look identical so when the woman handed them to us at drive-thru, she told us to "sniff them" to find out which was which. But, still uncertain, I tested a little of the one I guessed was mine...
I was wrong. It was definitely mint. And ugh, it was HORRID! It tasted like toothpaste, and made me feel thoroughly sick. Admittedly, I hate mint-flavoured things anyway, but the flavouring of that ice cream is particularly revolting and fake. My advice - stick with the plain chocolate version... Well, unless Sensodyne and Colgate make you feel peckish, of course!
Well, I shall leave it there. I think while Myspace continues to hate dial-up I just need to do a couple of short blogs each day in order to catch up. Adding in all the little paragraph tags is driving me crazy enough as it is without making my blogs any longer than they already are!
Best wishes,
Desi-crazy-lark xxx

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