Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Blogging + Loud TV = Bad Grammar

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But I'm over a month behind with my blogging now, so I guess I ought to write a new entry, despite the loud TV that David insists on having switched on right next to my ear. So I'm really sorry if this doesn't make any sense!

September 25th 2009

I dashed in the bathroom in the hopes of getting out somewhere, but apparently fifteen minutes is a ridiculous amount of time to take getting washed and dressed in the morning, and Mum decided to go for her walk up and down the street just before I came out, moaning about having re-gained the 1lb that she had lost the week before.

I looked down the stairs and saw David glaring up at me. "She's gone." he said, accusingly. Well, what was I supposed to do about it?!

He refused to go in the bathroom himself until after she got back from her walk, making it look as though I hadn't spent any less time in the bathroom whatsoever, hence I was the "timewaster", blocking him from getting in there for his two hour session. Or maybe he was just enjoying acting as my security guard... He just stood in the lounge doorway and stared at me most of the time that Mum was out of the house. o_0 I just never seem to get a second to myself in this place.

Mum was in a terrible mood when she got back and started ranting at me about how I should move to Woodberry even without the oven liner. "We always said you'd come back here for food anyway." But how the heck am I supposed to get back to Grottsville three times a day when I won't travel alone in this area, even if I did have money for public transport. "GO AND EAT OVER THERE THEN!" Mum ended up snapping at me. "I don't want to eat with you anyway - you eat fattening things." WTH? In this house, we make our own breakfast (mine being wholegrain cereal and a banana, hers two slices of bread and butter and a boiled egg), Mum gets dinner for both of us (dinner varies, but we rarely eat fattening things - usually baked, boiled or mashed potatoes with either vegetables or occasionally something from the Quorn range [vegetarian sausages etc.] or a tin of spaghetti/ravioli) and then I get tea for us (usually just a slice of bread and butter each). How do I make her eat fattening things? Dinner is the only thing that ever varies, and SHE prepares that - I just eat whatever's put on my plate. And I consider I have quite a healthy breakfast. Bread and butter is not a very healthy - or appetising - tea, I admit, but I don't have the money for anything nice like jam or cottage cheese.

Later in the day David took me to Woodberry where I downloaded the first eleven episodes of Trevor Devall's Voiceprint podcasts and watched a further three episodes of Sonic the Hedgehog in a desperate attempt to find which 'additional voices' some of my favourite actors played. I still can't hear Cathy Weseluck or Shane Meier on there though...

I walked around the corner to go pony hunting in the three charity shops, but there were no MLPs to be seen. One of the shops was closed anyway. And then, on the way back down the street, a bloke popped out of the doorway of the closed charity shop and, staring at me the whole time as he approached, kind of hissed in my ear as he walked past, "Hello Gorgeous..." FOR GOODNESS SAKE! Am I not safe from these idiots anywhere? I just ignored him, but it really freaked me as it's the first time it's happened while I've been out on my own, and I could feel his eyes burning into my back the whole way up the street. And then David didn't hear me banging on the door from the loft when I got back and I was left waiting on the doorstep for about five minutes!

When he finally did let me in, he proudly presented me with a leaflet that had been pushed through the door (which I had picked up myself, read and discarded on the stairs) advertising tutors...for under 19s. Well, that's going to be a lot of use by the time we get out of here! >.<

After I got back to Grottsville, I told Mum about the incident with the "hello gorgeous" freak, and she told me off for "being rude to him". What should I have done then? Replied with a "Hiya, handsome!" and skipped off hand in hand to his apartment?! I was always taught to ignore creeps like that (well, unless they actually attacked in which case defend yourself, obviously). Opinions, please?

In the evening, I listened to the first episode of Voiceprint (Sam Vincent's episode), and couldn't help but laugh a couple of times. So Mum felt the need to snap at me again, "They might not be such great fun as you think, you know?" Um, who said I thought they were 'fun'? I can still enjoy funny anecdotes about things that have happened in the studio or laugh at the amount of crazy voices these people can come out with at the drop of a hat, can't I?

September 26th 2009

We went to Denham car boot sale again (my parents always get a fixation with getting to some car boots towards the end of the season every year). I didn't have so much luck this time around, though. I was definitely attracted to a box full of stuffed toys, although I had no idea why... Then I found a Tassles bubble bath bottle on the same stall... So I returned to the box and found a fakie and BBE Baby Lickety Split at the very bottom of the box! Tassles is near mint, but Lickety is a very rusty faded little thing. Still, you can't go wrong at 50p for the pair. And I was pleased to find Lickety, simply because she was never officially sold in this country. I don't know why the woman insisted on telling me how she'd had "loads of ponies that she'd sold at a previous sale" , and Lickety "had only been left behind because she had been in the bath for too long" though! Grr... I also found a Cotton Candy pomander (with only a couple of very small chips) for 50p. She's much darker than my boxed one, so I shall be keeping both... However, I've decided to part with my other two Cotton Candy pomanders (also in the lighter shade) if anyone's interested?

Even my car boot sale trip was ruined by the stupid male population though, when an idiotic teenage boy decided it would be good fun to get my attention... by THROWING A HARD BOILED SWEET AT THE BACK OF MY HEAD! The thing bounced off of my head just above my left ear, and it really HURT. I was also just turning my head to speak to Mum and if it had hit me a fraction of a second later it would have gone right in my eye! o_0 David got him by the shirt and told him off, and I was so scared the creep was going to punch him. Luckily the boy just apologised and moved on, not before insulting me by saying I was "as ugly as my father", though. Yeah, right - great card to play after so obviously trying to get my attention, mate. I wish men would just keep away from me both online and in the real world. I'm getting really sick of this now.

My anti-men mood was only made worse when I battled into Myspace on dial-up to see if I could write a blog (which I couldn't, of course), and received no less than 26 friend requests from guys looking for a date. What is wrong with everyone lately?

I had an awful headache from walking around in the sun and wanted to go to floor-bed early, but David and the neighbours had other ideas, watching Match of the Day and playing loud music all night respectively. I'm so sick of living here with rowdy neighbours and no bedroom of my own.

We have a similar situation today. I desperately want to get up early tomorrow, but David won't let me go to sleep because he's watching "Master Mind" on TV. Well, I think I'll go and change into my nightclothes now anyway, and hope he'll politely move out of my sleeping space!

Thanks for reading! And I promise I'll really try to write new entries more regularly from now least until I can catch up with this blog!

Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark xxx

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Virtual Talking!

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My throat is so full of muck caused by all these allergies that I can hardly speak in real life, so I think it's time to do some more virtual talking to make up for it!

September 23rd 2009
We got up at 7.30, hoping to get some of our shopping jobs done as soon as the shops opened at 9am.  David had other ideas, and emerged from the bathroom at 9.15.  A shouting match ensued, as Mum didn't want to go to the shops any length of time after they had opened (increased swine flu risks), and David snapped "Well, if you had gone and changed straight after I came out, we could have got somewhere!"  This was at 9.19, FOUR MINUTES LATER!  Idiot.

His next suggestion?  "Let's go to Canvey Island!"  Well, I have been wanting to get back to Canvey Island ever since we didn't get out of the car to photograph those old coin operated horse rides for fear of catching swine flu on my birthday.  But I expect the arcades have all closed down for the year again now, not to mention it seemed rather stupid to set off for the seaside at 9.30am.

And that was when we realised that David wasn't even talking about CANVEY Island - he'd totally forgotten he'd promised to take me back there.  He was talking about HAYLING Island for the car boot sale there...which starts at about 7am.  What the heck would be the point of leaving this house at 9.30 then?!

Eventually, Mum agreed to go to Lakeland Plastics and buy the oven liner she insists I have before I can move into Woodberry (basically, it's supposed to stop grease building up in the bottom of the oven, by catching said grease on a sheet which you can simply run under the tap).

But the place became "too crowded" while we stood there, so she walked out of the shop, and the oven liner was placed back on the shelf.

Next door to Lakeland Plastics is TKMaxx, which seemed a lot less busy, so we popped in there to look for more of the denim leggings I love so much.  No such luck.  We did see one pair on clearance, but they were in size six!  David sneered at me, "Well, they're only 'small', not 'extra small'.  You should lose some weight!" Nice.  I don't consider UK size 10 (I think that's size 8 to you guys in America and Canada?) to be particularly big.  It's taken me years to finally be semi-comfortable with my body, and not feel hugely fat, and then David keeps on making nasty remarks like that. >.<

The Paradise Estate accessories that I ordered from Ringlets (two fans, one swivel chair and the TV) arrived, so I took them over to Woodberry and put them inside my Pardise Estate that evening.  I also got a chance on the internet to delete all the creepy old men who continue to write to me as though I'm actually interested in dating them or something, which I was pretty pleased about, as I was worried their messages were going to end up filling my inbox and blocking out the important messages that my favourite actors have taken the time to write to me which I am saving for posterity!

Still, there's a bright side to everything, and the extra shiny bright side of all these creeps writing to me is that we can all have a laugh at them now!

From the downright annoyingly boring and pathetic Ali Miah...
hello sexy how r u looking gr8
I have one bit of advice for you, darling.  Try a bit of originality and at least make your message LOOK personalised next time, okay?!

...who became the absolutely absurd Ali Miah when he responded to my x-posted 'GET A LIFE' message almost immediately...

thats cool! can't we be friends than!

Oh yeah, I've heard all that before, too.

...And we finish with the best of the lot, the rude and rather offensive Kosamotu m Kolawele, who sent me what was practically a marriage proposal and was also on the receiving end of my 'GET A LIFE' message...

hello Skylar,
               how are you doing,got your mail and saw that you were scared of nature,you don't need to be scared, i think you know this is where to find friend,i would love to know you better, even as a friend or more,if you use yahoo msn you can add me as,hope to hear from you soon.

A) My name is Desirée SkylarK.  Note the 'K' on the end of Skylar.
B) Glad you got my mail, that was the intention.
C) "Scared of nature"?  Um, excuse me?  I am not scared of anything.  I just think you're a *BEEP* idiot who should *BEEP* off.  I'm not the fool you seem to think I am, and I don't accept marriage proposals from people I don't even know!  Some girls know better than to mix with your kind.
D) No, this is not "where to find friend".  And certainly not "more", as I already mentioned in the message I send to idiots such as yourself.  I will NOT be adding you on Yahoo, and if you want to send me your address after receiving a message like the one I sent you, I shall paste it publicly on my blog for some crank such as yourself to spam you to his dear little heart's content.  Thank you, goodbye!

With the irritating men deleted, I went straight over to Trevor Devall's website.  For those who don't know, Trevor Devall is a very talented voice actor in the Vancouver area who has been putting together a brilliant podcast called 'Voiceprint' where he interviews other local VAs for all of us fans and wannabe voice actors.  He started Voiceprint over two years ago, and I have been waiting for a broadband connection ever since so as to download the podcasts.  (I can only get the first six or seven minutes of each one on dial-up )  I downloaded Tabitha St.Germain's as a test, and - guess what? - it worked!  And now I have it saved on my USB drive, I can listen to it as often as I like.  Yay!  I actually listened to the whole thing that night after I got back to Grottsville.  The podcasts are hilarious and well-worth listening to, even if you're not particularly into the anime or voice acting world in my opinion.  Check out for more information.

Too bad I have to download them via David's computer, as I came to face to face with a load of file names I just DID NOT want to see on his hard drive.  Ugh.  That man disgusts me with his nasty downloading habits. >.<

September 24th 2009

Got up early again, gulped down my breakfast and gave myself indigestion...but it worked, and we actually got out of the house in the morning for once!

We went to Hounslow to look for trousers at TKMaxx there.  No such luck as far as the Parisian denim leggings went, but I did find some nice denim-style leggings which are really comfortable (probably moreso than the others actually)...although I'm not sure how long they'll last.

And Mum managed to find some of my favourite coconut body lotion in Superdrug (which we had been unable to get in Ealing Broadway)!  I have her very well-trained now.

After Hounslow, we moved on to West Ealing, but not before stopping at Carpet Town and Matalan on the way.  We couldn't see any carpets in the colours we want at Carpet Town though.  Matalan has some pretty nice clothes at decent prices, but no point buying them while I have no wardrobe.  I only buy clothes I really, really NEED.  And right now that's a pair of trousers!  Oh, did I already mention that?

They had the 25th anniversary Tenderheart Care Bear there for £9.99, too.  I remember a lot of people wanting him when he first came out, but wasn't sure if there was still any interest.  There were a lot of them there though, so they might still have them if anyone's interested.  Just let me know.

When we got to West Ealing, David went to Holland and Barrett to buy lentil and vegetable casserole (the reason we were there) while Mum and I walked around the charity shops.  No ponies to be seen though, and Oxfam had closed down!  Pretty sad, as I've had some good finds there over the years, most recently Foamy the Baby Sea Pony's float which I believe I bragged about on here, and have since sold on to a collector in Australia.

When we got back to Grottsville, I found a nasty surprise waiting for me - a letter from the orthodontist.  Apparently, they sent us a third appointment (which we never received) and because we didn't postpone it, I have been struck off of their list again.  And it's not like I don't WANT to go.  My front teeth are really starting to hurt, since these wisdom teeth have moved them all even further out of position.  But I've been waiting to move house and have a proper bed before I went in for a big operation and got sent back to sleep on the floor.  I guess I should have gone anyway...

Now no doubt I'll have to pay for treatment since I shall be signing back onto the list as an over-16-year-old.  Well, Mum says that "she thinks I'll find that the NHS is free for my entire life" with a smug look like our National Health Service is something to gloat about, but that's not what I was told.  They claim that they already made a concession for me once before.  Oh, dear.

Well, I think I ought to cut off there, before I get into any more depressing topics.  Hope I didn't bore you all to sleep!

Thanks for your ongoing support, my dear readers!

Desirée Skylark  xxx

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Headache, Toothache, Backache... Heartache.

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I have every kind of ache imaginable in other words!   But this blog will not cover the aches and pains of the present...  First we must get through the aches and pains of the past...  In the aches and pains-y world of Desirée Skylark's life!

September 21st 2009

Mum woke up in a far better mood than that of the previous few days, although I have no idea why, and agreed to come shopping with me in Ealing Broadway.  David almost messed that up too though by asking her, as she went to change her clothes to go out, "Are you going on your walk now?"

She started moaning that he "didn't want her to go out" and sulking, saying that she wasn't going where she wasn't wanted.  Thankfully, after a while I managed to persuade her to come anyway and we had a really nice time together for once.  I showed her some of the stuff I buy on the rare occasion that I'm allowed a shopping trip on my own, and she thought it was hilarious that I was embarrassed by such silly things as deodrant or body lotion...  Although she still can't quite grasp what body lotion is.  She thinks you put it IN the bath with you, like bubble bath or something.  But oh well, it's progress between us, eh?  Then she surprised me further in Primark (where I finally got some new underwear) by pointing out some cheap mango-scented body scrub - 50p!  I bought a couple of bottles, and it smells yummy!  Not quite the large jojoba beads I'm used to in Ted Baker's expensive body scrub, but still really nice, and seems to have worked wonders on my skin.

Mum really didn't have a clue what it was she'd found though - she thought it was hand cream, and asked why it had "all those little bits in it"  She did also find a really nice cocoa butter hand cream for 99p, and some coconut facial wipes in an even cheaper multi-pack than the Nivea wipes I had before...and they seem to work just as well, if not better than the Nivea ones.  They're really gentle on the skin, and I swear my face feels a lot softer than before.

Mum still can't quite understand "wasting money on beauty products", but she seemed really eager to learn more about the stuff I like (and genuinely interested by the hand creams), and I think I can teach her in time.  I should have got her talking on hair removal and make-up while I was at it, but thought that was quite enough training in feminine things for one day!

We walked around the charity shops, and I was annoyed to see what was obviously the end of a big pony display in the Fara Kids' one.  Only a G3 book, Round 'n' Round and two scruffy little fakies remained though, all priced at a crazy £3 each!  I can't help but wonder what ponies had actually SOLD at that price.  There must have been some really gullible buyers or some really fantastic treasures there, that's all I can say! o_0

Lastly, we went to TKMaxx, where I saw this beautiful dress.  It was a strapless dress but not too revealing; kind of hot pink up the top and a lovely plaid design from the waist down (it was knee length).  Sound horrible when I describe it, doesn't it?  But it was lovely in reality.  I do wish I'd bought it now, but I have nowhere to keep my clothes, and there's no way I'd have been able to wear it until I can get rid of the acne and insect bites on my back, and get my legs into a nicer shape. >.<

I did find this little cutie hiding at the back of a shelf reduced to £2.93.

I love TKMaxx! (And, more specifically, their prices!)  Note the Canadian packaging - they have such a crazy mixture of stuff in there.

When we returned to Grottsville, David went to the internet cafe for two hours, much to Mum's horror, as he was mixing with possible swine flu carriers, of course!  But the most ironic thing about it all?  He was looking up... SWINE FLU!  He came back proudly announcing how the US and this country were giving away 10% of our vaccine to poorer countries, as if it were breaking news, even though we had already read about it the day before (See yesterday's blog entry).  Too bad he doesn't speak to us more often, then he wouldn't have to spend money at the internet cafe mixing with people who might have the virus he's reading about so intensely!

Later on, with me fidgeting with anxiety, sitting on the floor re-listing the last of my MLP duplicates, and David gawping at TV, Mum started to get depressed.  Suddenly, she made me jump by shouting, "Right!  Let's be positive!" (She's random like that at times ).  Nobody answered her.  We're a very uncommunicative family, you know?  So she continued, "One depressive, one bald head... I've got no chance!"  I couldn't help but laugh.  That just about summed our entire lives up in one line!

Mum's friend Jill very kindly sent me a couple of ponies she found at a car boot sale, Crystal Lace and Star Dasher.  I feel really bad about it to be honest, as I've never done anything to help her out in return.  And on dial-up, I can't even find nice thank you e-cards to send to her.   Anyways, once again, if you're reading this, Jill, THANK YOU!

September 22nd 2009

Good things never last, and Mum was back in her usual mood by the following morning.  She woke me up ever so early just to tell me that SHE was going out for her walk (leaving me locked up here again) because "there was no point going anywhere like Ikea because we weren't moving".  I just don't know how much more of this I can take.

As it happened, I didn't leave the house all day, and although I don't remember much about individual days this far on, I guess I was pretty depressed as I haven't made many notes for the 22nd whatsoever.

Apparently, I spent almost the entire day making (another) playlist of all the Barbie movies on Youtube, which I doubt I'll ever get to watch since we're still here with a dial-up connection.  And I'm so desperate to hear some of the voices in those movies.  Ever since Kelly Sheridan gave some different opinions of which actor played which pony in Pony Tales based on her memories I have been desperate to listen to Lalainia Lindbjerg and see if she could indeed be Clover.  Then Brigitta Dau probably did play Patch.  The more I listen to Patch, I notice are large 'patches' (excuse the pun) where she doesn't sound anything like Venus Terzo, and although I know Venus is a very good VA and could feasibly have done a totally different voice, I can't help but wonder...  And as I know she's already numerous supporting characters in the show (Dazzle, several of the main character's mothers, and possibly Meadowlark?), perhaps it's possible that my entire cast list was wrong all the way along.  I wish we had more Canadian dubbed animation shown on TV here in the UK...

David his upstairs all day, making sure not to speak about Woodberry.  How will we ever make progress like this?  And the longer we delay, the more stuff is getting damaged here in Grottsville (including my voice and my back, but that's another matter!)  Specifically, I'm speaking about my much-loved clay model of "The Black Pony of Darkness" - the enemy in my old MLP fanfiction series - who I made when I was probably ten or eleven years old.  He's been standing on top of a stack of videos and must have got knocked down at some point.  Now he's lost an ear and one of his legs is falling off.  Well, I guess the ponies did always say that they'd defeat him one day!  But that wasn't quite the victory I had in mind...

Well, I shall stop there, and cross my fingers that I will still have Myspace blogging powers 24 hours from now.

Speak to you all soon!

Desirée Skylark  xxx

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

The time bomb is ticking...

Current mood:  stressed

...How long until it explodes and Myspace blogging is out of my reach once more?  Well, I'd better stop worrying about the constant ticking in the back of my brain, and start writing instead!

September 19th 2009

My back and arms were killing me from sleeping on the floor for yet another night, when Mum came into the room ranting and raving, waking me up with a bang.

"I have no interest in going to clothes shops!" she moaned, making it clear that I would have no chance to go and look for any trousers for another day.  "As of today, I have turned over a new leaf, and will not be thinking about colours."  Wall colours for Woodberry, that is, in case you hadn't guessed.  Basically letting me know that she intended on delaying moving house even longer so that I can't go clothes shopping alone either.

After a few minutes, she stood puffing and blowing and looking totally exhausted by her outburst.  But, working on adrenaline, she announced that she was going for a walk in Grottsville in her indoor rags (she doesn't care about clothes, you see?) - on her own.  And this would "make her too tired to do anything else".

"Don't go out without me - I have no key!" she announced as she left, leaving me stranded in this house.

By the time she got back, she wouldn't leave the house because everywhere would be full of "swine flu carrying people" but she was pleased that she'd been for her walk, because "HER life is HER holidays, meaning HER blood pressure.  So SHE must walk."  Well, I'm glad to see her finally inspired to do something for herself, but why can't we all work together on getting Woodberry finished so that I can also get some exercise?  Or at least let me move in there as it is now like you said I could, Mum!

Even after her walk, she wouldn't stop moaning.  I guess she 'got up off of the floor the wrong side' that morning?!   She spent the entire day bragging about her walk, knowing that I'm helpless and stuck indoors unless David takes me.  "I have independence now," she gloated.  Well, if you call walking up and down a street full of gangs independence, I feel sorry for you.

Then she started ranting at me to "shut up about things like education" (which I hadn't said a word to her about all day) as she has "real worries" like Emma's latest pregnancy.  Well, I'm sorry.  I know I'm going to sound like a total stuck-up b*tch now, just as Mum and Emma love to say I sound like, but the doctor TOLD Emma not to have any more kids, so I think it's totally irresponsible for her to have allowed this to happen.  So why is her pregnancy any more of a "real worry" than the fact I have no education or way of looking after myself financially rather than my parents having to keep paying to feed me?  I mean, selling a few things here and there is all well and good for clothing myself etc., but there's no way I could get my own apartment or pay any bills.  And I refuse to listen to those *certain people* who say I'm "lucky not to have been forced to go to school".  Really?  How's that?  I guess I can get married and sponge off of my husband and his family?  Too bad I don't have any interest in men, or in tying myself down in England. >.<

I reminded Mum about how my kind friend in Canada had offered to help me by letting me stay with her and study at a theatre school over there.  It was such a sweet idea of hers, even though I could never have gone financially...and at the time I was still hoping to go to college this year and get a 'sensible' education.  "Well, remember that I shouldn't be such an inconvenience to you now; if only I'd had the money, I could be in Canada now, actually DOING something, rather than just sitting here, listening to you moaning about me moaning...even when I'm not moaning at all!"
"Pah, doing what?  Studying drama is NOT education!" Mum laughed.  Well, I suppose that all depends on how you look at things.  Okay, so I probably never could make it in the performing world, but if only I could, it'd be as useful education as any.

Mum continued, disapprovingly, "Too much television and nothing else, that's what it is.  There are a lot of telly addicts out there but they don't all want to BE on telly."

Good coming from someone who "doesn't understand" my dream, right?  I object to her comments, though.  I am NOT a telly addict, in any sense of the word.  I hardly ever even watch television.  I watch the occasional wildlife documentary (but Mum herself likes those), record TV commercials when I figure a new MLP advert is due, and tune in to certain animated shows when I have a chance in order to listen to the voice acting.  I can appreciate voice acting as an art, and am amazed by the wide range of voices that some of these people can produce, while still acting as well as if they were speaking in their normal every day voice.  Okay, I'll admit it.  I would love to be able to do what they do, and Vancouver is one of the only places in the world where you can get that kind of work.  But that doesn't make me a "telly addict".  That's like saying a teacher spent too much time at school as a child, or a vet never thought of anything but animals.  Mum says she would have liked to work for a travel agency, because she loves travelling and seeing places.  Does that make her a "travel addict"?  No.  However, surely anyone would agree that it would be nice to get paid to do something you ENJOY rather than sitting in an office, bored half to death, five days a week.

As for "being on telly", said in such a distainful way, as though I'm a show-off who would love nothing more than to be a movie star and have my every move reported in newspapers all over the world, I am not that way inclined at all.  Another reason I love voice acting.  Most of the time, people don't SEE you, and wouldn't even recognise you in the street.  Of course, there are exceptions, but for the most part you remain at least partly anonymous.  The last thing I would want is to be "famous" with paparazzi chasing me around and taking my photograph as an ice cream dripped down the front of my t-shirt, or as I walked out of a public lavatory!  And who wants a fifteen or sixteen hour day waiting on set for your scene, worrying about smudged lipstick or that strand of hair that slipped out of place?  Far better to record your part in a quiet little studio, and then be free to continue with your day-to-day life as though nothing had happened.

Ah, and the secret of the 'druggie' who keeps returning to the bush in our front garden was revealed.  He is not collecting drugs after all.  Instead he is a cranky idiot, who leaves rubbish in our garden and then collects it later on.  For instance, that day he left a Vodka bottle in our bush, and picked and sniffed some daisies that are growing out there.

Then he stared at the house for a long time, before going and inspecting the car.  I wonder if he was the one behind the slashed tyre?  We have to get out of here.  So why am I the only one who understands that?

September 20th 2009

My Nivea facial cleansing wipes ran out.  I thought I was being so clever thinking ahead and buying four packs back in May.  "Oh, they'll last until September!  We're sure to be moved by then!" I thought.  Yeah, right.  So I had to start using the bottle of Nivea eye make-up remover that I got way back last November to remove my mascara and any basic dirt.  But obviously it's not so good as a proper facial cleanser, it ends up costing a lot more (I got the wipes in big multi-buy packs) and dries out my skin.

Mum was still in a fowl mood, snapping at David that she doesn't want to be lumped in with me any more.  "I have a life now, so there'll be no more 'the pair of us', now it's 'the pair of YOU'!" (in reference to David's constant "What do the pair of you want to do today?" comments)  Her "life" is walking up and down this road, of course. o_0

"It'd be nice if you'd at least work with 'the pair of us' to move house so that I can have my own life, too." I pointed out.  "As it stands, I have no way of getting out without you two.  So it's nasty to keep gloating about your exercise while I'm locked up in here."
"You shouldn't have a life with us at your age anyway!  We gave you a life - it's up to you what you do with it!" Mum replied.  But that's the whole point.  I WANT to make my own way in the world, but I can't do anything from this dump!  Why can't they just understand that?

Realising that I wouldn't get out any other way, I asked to join her for her walk up and down the road, even though I'm terrified walking around in this area.  But I wasn't allowed to go with her anyway, as I "would cry and whinge all the way and stop her walking".  WTH?  I object.  She's the one whinging, not ME!

Despite it now being "the pair of US" (David and I), I was not supposed to go out with him either, because "he doesn't invite ME!"  Well, she won't let ME go out with HER, so why should everyone invite HER to go out with THEM?

We heard on the news that Britain and America are pledging to give 10% of our swine flu vaccine to Third World countries that can't afford it.  Well, that's all very kind of us, but when we already don't have enough vaccine for our own people?  And here in the UK, the first batches are being given to completely the wrong groups, in my honest opinion.  The virus is targetting young healthy individuals.  So how come the older people and those with terminal illnesses are getting the first vaccines?

Emma wrote... and announced that on top of deciding to have a fifth child, she's added TWO KITTENS, Lucy and Libby, to their already overcrowded home.  I swear she's gone totally mad.  They've got next to no money, so how the heck are they going to afford to keep them?!  "Oh, but it's all right, money is not a problem," she says, "They came with food and litter for a whole month!"
Apparently, they came from a friend of hers.  Their background story is that Emma's friend had a dog...then had a baby who was allergic to the dog.  So the poor dog had to go.  So, the woman was so upset that her husband went out and got two kittens... which the baby was also allergic to.  So they had to go to...  And Emma took them.  Probably not very wise with all those young children.  I can't help but feel sorry for the poor cats.  And how long until they defend themselves by scratching one of the kids and get kicked out of this home, too?

David went to Woodberry for five hours...  He was "rubbing down his bedroom wall" apparently.  Then in the next breath he was "looking at education for me on the internet".  But the wall looks no different, and he can't tell me anything about any sites he looked at as regards education.  So goodness knows what he was really doing.

When he got back, he went to the launderette.  But the washing machine didn't spin and the laundry was still dripping wet when he collected it.  Why can't we just use our OWN washing machine at Woodberry?!  It'd be a whole lot cheaper, too!

We went for ice cream at McDonalds that evening.  But that was as far as I got.  Pretty exciting for my first trip in two days, huh?

And on that boring note, I have to go and pack up some more parcels to sell.  So I shall leave you all alone at last!  Thank you so much for reading about another two days of my boring life.

Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

Monday, 12 October 2009

Yay! Myspace blogging has returned at last!

Current mood:  sad

Too bad I just went to all the bother of coding this blog manually on I have to do it all over again!

Well, I finally decided to sit down and do some more catch-up blogging.  Someday perhaps I'll actually get up to date with all of this!
September 17th 2009

Despite feeling ill, Mum decided she was going to go for a walk up and down the road to get her blood pressure down before her next appointment at the doctors' surgery (they won't let her have her medication if her blood pressure is too high).  I think it was really just a good excuse not to go out with David - and me - though, as she kept putting it off all day and ended up not going at all.
Finally, she agreed to go to Woodberry to look at colours.  We took all the computer stuff over there so that I could use the broadband connection for a while...  But I didn't like to spend time turning it on (being David's computer, he has to sign in with all his passwords etc.), because I knew Mum would blame me for not getting anything done, so I didn't get a chance to go online.
Then we drove to Laura Ashley, and Mum and I sat outside while David got two more wallpaper samples...which Mum immediately decided were no good anyway.
I'm just so sick of all the Woodberry-related arguments.  I get so stressed out and there's not even another room to go to in this house, so I just have to sit there while they fight over the top of me.  Elisabeth spoke to me on MSN for three hours during the evening though, so that calmed my nerves a little.  Thanks, Liz!
We had no bread for tea, so waited patiently for David to go to Tesco.  Then, when he finally got back from the shop, he decided to use the kitchen to prepare a VERY stinky chicken.  All right, I admit it, being vegetarian, the smell of meat is not the most appetising for me anyway, but this chicken smelled particularly bad.  David buys bargain stuff, so perhaps it was out of date.  It really smelled like vomit, and Mum and I were on the verge of throwing up ourselves.  David's answer? "It's only a plain one."  Like that was any consolation!

September 18th 2009
The roofers (to fix our leaking bathroom) were due at 8.30, and my parents didn't vacate the bathroom until 8.15... at which time I saw that their van was already parked across the street.  So I had to dash in the bathroom, and didn't have a chance to clear my all the phlegm settled on my chest.  I don't know how much more of this sleeping on the floor I can take with my allergies the way that they are.
Then I had to get my breakfast, with the stupid roofing men walking up and down the alley, looking through the kitchen windows and observing me standing there in rags.  It was horrible.  And as if that wasn't bad enough, I found a dead woodlouse...ON MY BREAKFAST TRAY!  Needless to say, I wasn't very hungry by the time I actually got to eat.
Later on, I was just having another attempt at identifying my Teeny Weeny Families so as to be able to sell them when Emma rang up, to tell us the cause of all her illness the weekend before.  She had a kidney infection...  And she's pregnant - again.  I know I should be pleased for her, but she was warned after all the trouble she had when she was pregnant with Gabriella not to have any more for health reasons.  And how can they possibly have a fifth child in a two bedroom house?!
"Desirée's shaking her head." Mum said to Emma down the phone...I have no clue why she told her that, except to make me even less popular with my sister.  "Well, she doesn't have to have it!" Emma retorted.  That's not really the point, is it?  She's being totally irresponsible by having another child when she was so ill last time, especially with all the swine flu (which targets pregnant women) around this winter.  And I can only think of two reasons why she would want to have another child:
A) Her friend just had a fifth kid, and she couldn't stand to be outdone by anybody.
B) Her father-in-law - and employer - was starting to kick up stink about paying her
maternity leave for Gabriella (Well, Ella is 18 months old now!), and she doesn't want to return to work.
Oh, well.  I guess it really isn't any of my business, but I am worried about her healthwise...both physically and mentally!
Went to Woodberry to measure a bathroom cabinet (fascinating) and followed it up with a walk in one of the local parks, which was lovely.  Although I felt uncomfortable walking around in my leggings with such huge holes in them.  "Stay in the car then." Mum said.  That's not the answer!  I NEED exercise just as much as you.  But I also need some decent clothes that don't have huge holes in them

We met a lovely little dog who came up to say hello, and had a good chat with his owner.  The people (and dogs) over there are just so different to the residents of Grottsville.
Then Mum and I sat outside the bathroom furniture shop while David ordered a new cupboard shelf to replace the one that the builders messed up (by cutting holes in it, when the pipes should have gone in the back compartment).  We were stuck in the car some time, as the bloke who worked there decided to give him yet another lecture about his life! >.<

The lounge carpet here in Grottsville was stinking.  Right next to the place where I have to eat, too.  I don't know the cause, but the stench was unbearable.  It was where Mum's hot water bottle supposedly leaked a few days earlier, but this smell was more like decaying wood, and I can't imagine the floorboards were still wet all that time later.
Well, I have to go now.  I've had no less than EIGHT friend requests from ignorant men while I sat and wrote this blog...  And all because I dared to sign in and check the last dates I blogged about.  Oh, please!  Just leave me alone, guys!  All I want is a quiet life...with NO MEN!  Mind you, I'm also getting sick of the band who have written to me eight times now and are writing more and more personal messages about how they "hope I'll add them this time."  Look, if I wanted to add you, you would have been added after one of your previous seven requests.  If I know you guys personally, and have somehow forgotten you, please do let me know.  But I don't tend to just add random bands.  On dial-up, I can't even HEAR their music, let alone know if I like it or not!
Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Some day I shall catch up with this b-ore-log! :P

Current mood:sneezy

Time for another slow LJ copy and paste blog, I think!

September 15th 2009

I woke up with a bad right ear again, and could hardly hear for the best part of the morning. My ear hasn't been right since that carpet beetle decided it would make a good place to die though, so I figured it was just caused by that. However, I later found a small piece of brown tape had got in there. WTH? I think my ear has transformed into Mary Poppins' magic carpet bag!

But don't worry, I had a matching pair of bad ears. Although the other one just had a problem on the outside - a big red inflamed insect bite on the lobe. Ouch! I may as well have had my ears pierced... but I guess it wouldn't be wise to have it done while I'm still sleeping on the floor with all these strange occurences!

That afternoon, my parents decided it was a good idea to go out... without having a clue where we were going. So we got in the car and drove for about twenty minutes. Mum wanted to go to Woodberry, but wouldn't "stoop to David's level by asking him to take her there" and David just "wanted to go to the park". I pointed out that it was pouring with rain. "You have an umbrella, don't you?" he said. He NEVER wants to go walking - I must admit that it did look as though he was simply using getting some exercise as an excuse to avoid doing anything at Woodberry again.

Mum flipped at this point and asked to be brought back to that meant I had to go back too, of course. "I'm doing the sensible thing and walking up and down this road alone every morning from tomorrow so that I don't have to be beholden to you." she cried, triumphantly. Good for you, but how can I get out now that I've been told that I can't move to Woodberry alone after all, and WHEN are you two going to get your heads together and sort the place out at last?

I said something similar to Mum, to which she replied, "Well, HE'S been delaying looking at colours, so now I've decided that I'M not going to do anything towards that house ever again!" Very constructive thinking from both of them, wouldn't you say?

David went to see the Polish builders who are finally back from their holiday and so were finally ready to start work again. Being the communicative soul that he is, he told us absolutely nothing about the meeting, but he did say that while he was there he noticed that one of the rooflights out in the extension was leaking. And Williams is holding on to all our guarantees, of course, until we promise not to take him to court, so we can't even get the darn thing repaired!

Meanwhile, our bathroom ceiling back here in Grottsville was continuing to leak badly, too... So we had to keep going and emptying various buckets and pans of dirty rain water all evening. You couldn't make it up really, could you?

And then, on top of everything else, Mum's hot water bottle decided to leak. There had been a mysterious wet patch on the carpet where she sleeps that morning, and then she herself got a soaking on the sofa later that day, proving the hot water bottle was indeed the culprit.

David took the bottle from Mum and placed it in the bin, knowing that she can't sleep without it. "You can have Desirée's - she's never cold!" he said. Nice of him to say - actually it IS very cold down on the floor and even I have recently had to have a hot water bottle each night, especially as I'm near the drafty doorway.

Oh, and my MLP cards arrived, safe and sound. Pretty surprising actually, as the seller had simply wrapped them in a couple of carrier bags covered with a black sack. o_0 Inside the plastic bags, the cards were wrapped in the original paper bags in which they would have been delivered to stores back in the 80s. Now I'm not sure how to sell the duplicates. I highly doubt that people will want twelve of the same card, and yet it's kind of sad to split them up after all these years. Oh, well. I will still sell them individually, I suppose. I can't be silly and sentimental about these things, especially when I went and blew so much money on them.

And here's a picture of the three different designs for those who are interested...

They're quite cute, really. And it's amazing to think that these things could survive for so many years in a store room somewhere. I love the old MLP greetings cards, and the old artwork/silly poems inside. I totally forgot to mention that when we were clearing out the front bedroom upstairs, we came across all the cards I must have got for my 6th birthday. No idea why we kept them as almost every other year we binned most of my cards. Well, amongst them we found a 1985 MLP card which Emma had sent to me. I don't know where she found it (since it must have been twelve years old even when she gave it to me!), and don't even remember receiving it. In fact, if someone had shown me a blank copy and said, "Your sister sent you one of these when you were little", I'd have gone right ahead and called them a liar. It was a nice little surprise to find it, though!

September 16th 2009
Aww, even typing that date reminded me of my Grandad, as it would have been his 83rd birthday if he was still with us. I miss him so much. <3

Mum and I got up early, hoping to get out somewhere, but David had other ideas. He didn't even go in the bathroom until 9.30am, and even then he was muttering under his breath, "Neither will be any good, but I'll take both anyway." Speaking of his books, of course. Who else takes TWO BOOKS in the bathroom with them?

The doorbell rang at 11am; it was the postman with my MLP comics. Wearing such awfully ripped leggings, there was no way I could go to the door, so I called David...who was still in the bathroom "What am I supposed to do about it?" He shouted at me... Um, well, he'd already been in there for an hour and a half, so perhaps he could go to the door for me?!

As it turned out, the seller had listed the wrong issue numbers, but it worked to my advantage as there was an extra issue I didn't already have in my collection. So a total of nine new comics, three upgrades and one absolutely un-necessary duplicate. Still four issues I can sell and re-gain a little of the money I spent, though. I'm so glad to have that first ever issue featuring the Pony Tales characters, and another issue of the My Little Pony & Friends comic from that era, too. Lancer has orange and yellow hair in these issues, though. I am not impressed! >.<

I was also a bit saddened by one of the messages in the MLP & Friends issue (dated 1994), sent in by an 8-year-old girl. "You might think I'm silly because my little sister has grown out of you and she is always saying I should." Compare that to the 14-year-old MLP collector in one of the 1986 issues, and you realise just how quickly the 'grown-up toddler' phenomenon took ahold of kids everywhere. Enjoy your childhood, please! You only get to be young once and being an adult is no fun at all!

'The 4400' episode, 'Trial By Fire' was on TV so I decided to tape it just because I could. Mum decided to use this as a good excuse not to go out even after David did vacate the bathroom, "because we couldn't trust the timer". For goodness sake, Shane's only got about two lines in it anyway, so I wasn't really bothered. It was just a case of taping it IF we were in at the time.

It was actually just a good excuse for her though, since she doesn't want to do a thing towards moving house really. After all, she's "not moving there anyway if we lose the court case" anyway. So she doesn't intend on moving until the court case has taken place... And David hasn't organised said court case yet...or even found a decent lawyer for that matter!

Noticing how I can hardly breathe with my awful allergies caused by the insects here in Grottsville, Mum said to David, "For God's sake, let her move there until I let it as she obviously doesn't mind coming face to face with Sickton." Of course I don't want to come into contact with that horrible man and his even more horrible family! But in my case, exisiting in this place is actually making me ill. And what's the point of moving out of here temporarily, only to have to come back when she decides to let the place and kick me out? No way can I afford to pay rent on Woodberry (or any other accomodation in that area, for that matter). Even if I got a job, it would just be some badly-paid part-time job at a little shop somewhere, due to my lack of education. Which leads me nicely into Mum's next topic.

"It's too late for her education anyway, so why should I have to move there?" Okay, maybe it IS too late for my education, but you don't have to come out and say it just when I'm feeling all depressed and sick with allergies here in Grottsville. Life just feels so pointless.

Well, at least I managed to sell four 80s poseable Care Bears - duplicates from my own collection - for £7.00 which was a nice little cheer-up as I've not been doing well with my sales at all lately (high postage prices seem to be putting everyone off). The buyer even used a 'gift' transaction so I didn't get charged any nasty Paypal fees either.

We phoned the company who supplied the gate that Emma Renton, the supposed landscape gardener, bought and charged us £850 for. It turns out that, not only is it far too small, but it only cost £650! I can't help but wonder how much all these crooks have got out of us overall by overcharging for their terrible work.

David and I went to Woodberry in the evening so that I could use the broadband connection for a couple of hours. He came back to Grottsville to close the curtains for Mum (who had refused to go to Woodberry as it was "pointless and boring") and I attempted to make some recordings while he was gone. No such luck. Sickton promised to sound proof my bedroom walls, but he didn't, of course. So I have a paper-thin wall between myself and the neighbours... who complained loudly, banging on the wall and making an awful racket because I dared to turn on some music for a karaoke recording. Not to mention the trains rattling past at the bottom of the garden every five minutes, which also make my radiator rattles and creak for some reason. I really can't see myself doing much professional-sounding voice acting over there even if we do ever move!

Not to worry though. The circus clown was back in town to make me laugh and get me to snap out of my depression. A circus clown by the name of Digesh Patel of Myspace. Yes, some people just never learn! This time he wrote:

hi, how ru? can we chat online? what is your yahoo id? can we be friend?
For goodness sake, no, I DO NOT WANT TO BE YOUR FRIEND! Hence, my original message entitled "GET A LIFE". Now, please, GET LOST!

Now I really must go as Mum is moaning about being overtired and she can't go to floor-bed until I clear out of her space. Hope you enjoyed another of my long-winded boring tales, folks! Congratulations if you made it this far! Please feel free to help yourselves to a virtual chocolate chip cookie.

Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark xxx

Monday, 5 October 2009

Another "White Text" Blog... I hope the coding works this time!

Current mood:  depressed

Well, I haven't been to Woodberry for a couple of days again, so I've decided to battle with the old-fashioned way, writing on LJ and pasting over to Myspace... I just hope that I can get the coding right this time!

September 13th 2009

We went to Emma's house for Kizzy's 4th birthday. (Well, her actual birthday was the day before but still...) She seemed to like her presents, despite the fact we couldn't afford to get her much this year. She particularly liked a Piglet jigsaw we picked up at a car boot sale a while ago. But the pieces all got lost pretty fast.

We each had a delicious slice of her Tinkerbelle birthday cake, and spent a long time making sand pictures and sequin pictures left over in a couple of old kits from when I was little. Abigale was working really nicely on her cat sand picture, but Kizzy mixed up all the colours, which was a bit of a shame and I felt pretty guilty for not being able to clear it back into the individual bags fast enough when both of them were working on seperate pictures.

Abigale then cheered me up no end by pointing out that her rabbit sequin picture resembled me because I have "rabbit teeth". Nice. Not that it's her fault, and she did apologise when she realised she had upset me. It just enforces how horrible my teeth do look. Adults can be kind and tactful, but kids are just so honest.

Emma looked really ill and kept falling asleep all the time we were there. The only time we've ever seen her this ill was when she was pregnant with Gabriella and severely anaemic. In fact, Mum was joking with her that maybe she was pregnant again...

Gabriella was asleep upstairs most of the day, which was sad as she seemed to really like me this time, and kept coming and sitting on my lap every time I sat on the floor. It also meant that we couldn't go upstairs to the kids' bedroom for fear of waking her up. Abigale was upset that I didn't get to spend more time searching for her ponies which she claims Allan has hidden. I did manage to find a couple of her fakies though, which pleased her greatly. She keeps all her ponies and accessories in a big zip-up bag at the end of her bed now, but all four of the MLPs (well, three of hers, I bought Triple Treat for Kizzy) were lost.

Allan was also upset as the girls kind of take all my attention so he didn't get any time to play with me or show me his computer games. As soon as I sat down in front of his X-Box it was time to go.

We had a terrible journey back to Grottsville with David swerving all over the road, and going up on the pavement at one point. It wasn't his fault for being a bad driver though, it was "our fault for talking".

After we got back to Grottsville, Mum saw that weird man walk past our house again. As he walked by, he put his hand in the bush behind our front wall, pulled a blue packet out of the bush and put it in a pocket under his jacket all in one smooth movement. I was upstairs and David was out in the kitchen, although David saw the bloke as he walked away.

So, despite suspecting he was a druggie, David went and sat out in the car and watched the weird bloke's movements as he went down the sideroad the other side of our neighbours' house, then looped round and walked back on the other side of the road.

The Irish family next door must have managed to sell/let their house as our new neighbours moved in. The new bloke introduced himself as Hussain and he seems to have a large family but I'm not sure how many people are living there now, or who they all are. Mum was so happy to be rid of the unfriendly Irish lot, and started proclaiming about how she didn't want to leave Grottsville, especially "now that we had nice neighbours". For goodness sake, he only introduced himself because we happened to run into him as we got out of the car. He never spoke to us again.

Having responded to the latest batch of idiotic men on Myspace with my "Get a life!" message (see previous blogs), I was shocked to find that one, a man by the name of Digesh Patel, responded with the following message...

"hi, how r u?
where r u from within london?
would you like to be my frd?"
Um, excuse me?! Thick-skinned much? I already told you to get a life, why would I want to be your 'frd'? Needless to say, I didn't respond! >.<

I spent another load of money on e-Bay on a batch of 13 MLP comics. I did feel guilty spending more money on my collections, but it all came out of the money I've made from recent sales, and there were a few duplicates which I will be selling on to try and get some of the money back. My main reason for buying them were the two Pony Tales issues which I didn't already have, including issue 204, the first ever issue to feature those ponies.

September 14th 2009

I re-listed the final box of duplicate MLPs on my Excel pony list. I'm glad that job is done, but it's made me aware of just how many duplicates I have (fifteen large boxes!) and I don't see how I can possibly keep them all.

Having cleared the boxes into the back room, I could finally get to the cupboard at the back of the library and found my crate of old Teeny Weeny Families which I intend on selling. But I was horrified to realise I don't remember which pieces go with which set AT ALL, not to mention that half the smaller accessories appear to be missing. I know those things really are tiny, but I was always ever so careful and packed all the little pieces into an airtight tin every time I finished playing with them.

I was terribly depressed and going mad with anxiety attacks again. I don't think I can stand much more of this drifting through life and nothing ever happening. I just want to move house and sort out my education and horribly crooked teeth.

Anyways, Mum was sick of me trying to talk to her, and kept blocking me out, doing sums on her calculator to figure out how to afford her holidays. Eventually, she called David down from the bathroom and told me to "moan at him instead". But I wasn't even moaning. I was just trying to have a conversation with her to calm my nerves.

So David arrived, and Mum told him to "deal with her - she 's moaning about her teeth again". David glared at me. "I've been telling you to go to a dentist for months!" I pointed out that I was sleeping on the floor, and couldn't have surgery, hence my putting off my orthodontic appointment. And yes, David, I do need to go to a dentist too. But you never made me an appointment at a time that was convenient for you to drive me there. And there's no way I can get to the clinic without being driven in your car. "Well, you wouldn't have been sleeping on the floor by that time, would you?" Um, yes, I would actually. The first general anaesthetic is for removing eight teeth right at the START of the treatment (the appointment after my next one, in fact). So of course I'd have still been on the floor. In fact, I'd be coming up for the major surgery now.

We rang up a different lawyer as regards the Sickton palava, and were told our best bet would probably be small claims court, as there wouldn't be as many fees. David thinks this is okay as the "£5000 maximum claim would cover it anyway". But it wouldn't come anywhere near what we're owed. And this comes from the supposed estimator.

With stress levels high, Mum and I started arguing again later that day. "I don't know why you don't just leave, as you obviously want to." Mum said. Well, I have nowhere to go. That's a start...

We received a letter from the local library saying that David borrowed some books and didn't take them back on time again. He blames us again, saying that we "buried them on the ex-communal bed" when we tried to get to our stuff that was being eaten by carpet beetles. But never mind, the fine is "only" for about £20.

"So why don't you sort out Woodberry so that you have somewhere to do your paperwork?" Mum asked. David sneered at her. "I can't do anything about that house until..." He paused, trying to think of a good excuse, then continued, "...UNTIL WE CAN GET SOME FURNITURE IN THERE!"
Despite my anxiety attacks, which are partly caused by being locked up here in Grottsville all day every day, I was not offered the chance to leave this awful place. David even went to Tesco too late for me to tag along. I hate it here.

Well, once again, I think I'll have to leave it at just two days' worth of blogging, as I'm feeling really tired and depressed again now. Thank you so much to anyone who bothered to read this blog! It helps such a lot to get my feelings out once in a while. <3

Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark xxx

Friday, 2 October 2009

Don't tempt fate...

Current mood:  cheerful

So last time I was here at Woodberry I updated my status on here to say that I would be writing a blog.  Too bad I'm still not used to David's keyboard and ended up deleting the whole thing before I could submit it.   So now I have to start all over again!

September 11th 2009

I'm so behind with these blogs now that I don't really remember individual dates and am working entirely from the notes I made.  Still, I think this is all pretty accurate.

The leggings I wear for every day inside the house were going into such large holes that I didn't even want to stand up in them.  I had hoped to make them last until I was able to move to Woodberry so that I could buy some decent trousers and have somewhere to hang them (all my clothes are just screwed up in front of the bathroom cupboard as I have nowhere else to put them, so there's not much point buying nice clothes in Grottsville), but this obviously wasn't to be, especially as my one 'decent' pair for wearing outdoors had also gone into holes.

Mum snapped at me that she was "sick of my moaning about trousers" and that I must "go and get some more in the same style".  But at £7 for two pairs, I really didn't want to waste the money on something I don't even like or feel comfortable wearing.  I just want to be living in a house where I can walk out of my own front door and go shopping alone if nobody else wants to come with me.

Later, I turned the TV on in order to check through some more videos I found in a box in the library, and happened to see that Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy was on Cartoon Network.  I thought I may as well leave it on until the end and listen to Janyse and a couple of other voice actors I admire who star in that show.  However, Mum, who was still in a bad mood, had other ideas.

She started rather loudly impersonating Matt Hill as Ed, and muttering "pathetic" under her breath.  "Well, I'd like to see you do better." I said.  "I wouldn't want to!" She retorted, snootily.  Honestly, I don't know why she has to make fun of my interest in voice acting.  I know she sees it as a strange interest, but I just like to appreciate the art, and she should respect that.  It's not like I'm doing something harmful like taking drugs or rolling in drunk at 2am each morning!

In the afternoon, we went to Woodberry via the three charity shops around the corner from here (no ponies though) - I was given a chance to use the internet via David's fast broadband connection, but, with no prior warning, I hadn't brought any of my blogging notes or headphones etc.  I wish my family would just plan ahead once in a while!

The main reason we went to Woodberry was to e-mail a lawyer regarding Sickton and his minions.  However, they e-mailed us back almost immediately and said they "won't take on a building case on such a large scale".  So it's looking more and more likely that we can't do anything on a 'no win, no fee' basis, and we don't have the money to risk taking them to court and losing the case (as we may well do with the stupid English laws) so I'm not sure where we go from here.

By the evening, I decided to TAPE the troublesome leggings together.  They were too bad to stitch, and they're made of the kind of material tht would fall apart if you so much as looked at them with a needle in your hand anyway.  I dug through my piles of 'reject' leggings just before bed and found three pairs which had far fewer, smaller holes in them though, which was good, as at least they'd last me a little longer.  Thank goodness I never throw anything away!

September 12th 2009

It was a nice sunny day,so we decided to go to Denham car boot sale.  It's quite a good sale, but it opens at 8am, at which time it cost £2 each just to get in!  By 9.30am, when the admission price is reduced to £1, I'm pretty sure all the toy dealers have already zipped round and snapped up any pony bargains, so I never hold out too much hope for finding anything.

Not only that, but we hit a huge traffic jam on the way.  No idea what caused it.  Well, actually that's a lie.  I expect it was caused by idiots like the driver of the car in front of us.  He kept letting more and more cars into our lane ahead of us and seemed to have practically parked in the middle of the road.  Everyone in the cars behind us were honking their horns and shouting abuse at him, and he just continued to sit there.  Meanwhile, David remained calm.

After a while, the bloke in the car in front began to jiggle about in his seat, obviously dancing to the music on his radio.  That was the last straw for me.  I opened the car door, ready to shout at him.  "Don't you dare!" David yelled at ME!  Well, for goodness sake, we'd been stuck there long enough!

Thankfully, just opening the car door seemed to alert the idiot in front to the disapproval of everyone (well, everyone except David!) behind him and he finally moved on his way, allowing us to move on ourselves.

We finally got into the field at 10am.  Mum and I jumped out of the car and started walking around the sale alone to try and save a bit of time.  For some reason, we didn't get charged at the gate at all!  Just as well really, since when we met up with David after he had parked the car, he told us that he had paid £2 to get in!  He "hadn't complained because he thought we might not have been charged".  What?!  At this point he had no way of knowing if we had been charged or not.  Why is he so happy to give all of our money away?  No wonder we're broke!

He seemed to have a change of mind after that though, and got some pretty good deals by haggling.  Here's everything we brought home with us that day:
The Twinkle Twirl gumball machine should have cost £1 but David got it down to 50p.  I was pretty pleased to find it as I don't believe it was ever sold in the UK - I certainly didn't have one in my collection!

We bought Night Star, Petite Petunia and Whistle Wishes for £2.50 from a toy dealer who was originally charging £1 each for her ponies.  So another 50p saved there!  These girls will be up for sale if anyone wants to give them a nice new home.

Mum found the Favourite Stories book - another £1 item that we haggled down to 50p.  This is also for sale if anyone's interested.

The other two books should have cost 20p each but we got the pair for 30p.  Again, both are for sale.

But my final finds were the ones I was particularly excited about... HIGHLIGHTS AND SWEETHEART!  Okay, so I already have both of them, but these are definitely upgrades.  We bought them from a girl of about my age who I guess had owned them since childhood.  Her mother told us she wanted 50p for them.  David asked me for a £1 coin.  I didn't have one, which I told him.  "You don't understand!" he hissed at me, going through my purse and finding that, sure enough, I didn't have a £1 coin.  David later told me that he wasn't sure if the woman wanted 50p for each pony or 50p for the pair (it turned out the latter was the case).   He ended up handing over 60p - of MY money! - which the woman accepted without even looking at the coins, so I'm pretty sure she didn't even know he gave her too much.  He said he "didn't care because he was too embarrassed by all the trouble I'd caused".   Well, anyway, I don't really mind about the extra 10p, especially when you consider what I found in Highlights' mane...
Her original hairtie!  I was so excited to find a G1 item I didn't already have in my collection and especially an item from the early 90s, my favourite MLP era!  And I'm told the hairtie could be worth $15 alone. (Not that I'll sell it, but it's still nice to know...)

On our way out, we experienced more idiots causing traffic jams.  This time David WAS angry.  Why?  At least we weren't in a rush to get anywhere this time!

Mum's kind e-friend Jill informed us that she had also found two ponies which she would send along later that week.  If you're reading this, Jill, thank you so much!  I really do appreciate all the ponies you've sent to me.

I also made another MLP purchase that day - a lot of 132 original 1980s MLP birthday cards.  There are three different designs - an Applejack one for a 4-year-old and two ordinary cards featuring Ribbon and Heart Throb.  I intend on keeping a set for myself and selling the rest, hopefully at a profit.  But I'm rather nervous that I won't be able to re-home so many of the darn things!

I did make another couple of notes for the 12th, but they're rather boring so I think I'll skip over them and leave this blog there.  Hopefully I'll be able to catch up with my blogging if I come to Woodberry a few more times to use the broadband connection.  It just feels so nice to be able to write again.  But what would a blog be without its readers.  So thank you for sticking with us, my friends!  I love you all!

Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx