Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Blogging + Loud TV = Bad Grammar

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But I'm over a month behind with my blogging now, so I guess I ought to write a new entry, despite the loud TV that David insists on having switched on right next to my ear. So I'm really sorry if this doesn't make any sense!

September 25th 2009

I dashed in the bathroom in the hopes of getting out somewhere, but apparently fifteen minutes is a ridiculous amount of time to take getting washed and dressed in the morning, and Mum decided to go for her walk up and down the street just before I came out, moaning about having re-gained the 1lb that she had lost the week before.

I looked down the stairs and saw David glaring up at me. "She's gone." he said, accusingly. Well, what was I supposed to do about it?!

He refused to go in the bathroom himself until after she got back from her walk, making it look as though I hadn't spent any less time in the bathroom whatsoever, hence I was the "timewaster", blocking him from getting in there for his two hour session. Or maybe he was just enjoying acting as my security guard... He just stood in the lounge doorway and stared at me most of the time that Mum was out of the house. o_0 I just never seem to get a second to myself in this place.

Mum was in a terrible mood when she got back and started ranting at me about how I should move to Woodberry even without the oven liner. "We always said you'd come back here for food anyway." But how the heck am I supposed to get back to Grottsville three times a day when I won't travel alone in this area, even if I did have money for public transport. "GO AND EAT OVER THERE THEN!" Mum ended up snapping at me. "I don't want to eat with you anyway - you eat fattening things." WTH? In this house, we make our own breakfast (mine being wholegrain cereal and a banana, hers two slices of bread and butter and a boiled egg), Mum gets dinner for both of us (dinner varies, but we rarely eat fattening things - usually baked, boiled or mashed potatoes with either vegetables or occasionally something from the Quorn range [vegetarian sausages etc.] or a tin of spaghetti/ravioli) and then I get tea for us (usually just a slice of bread and butter each). How do I make her eat fattening things? Dinner is the only thing that ever varies, and SHE prepares that - I just eat whatever's put on my plate. And I consider I have quite a healthy breakfast. Bread and butter is not a very healthy - or appetising - tea, I admit, but I don't have the money for anything nice like jam or cottage cheese.

Later in the day David took me to Woodberry where I downloaded the first eleven episodes of Trevor Devall's Voiceprint podcasts and watched a further three episodes of Sonic the Hedgehog in a desperate attempt to find which 'additional voices' some of my favourite actors played. I still can't hear Cathy Weseluck or Shane Meier on there though...

I walked around the corner to go pony hunting in the three charity shops, but there were no MLPs to be seen. One of the shops was closed anyway. And then, on the way back down the street, a bloke popped out of the doorway of the closed charity shop and, staring at me the whole time as he approached, kind of hissed in my ear as he walked past, "Hello Gorgeous..." FOR GOODNESS SAKE! Am I not safe from these idiots anywhere? I just ignored him, but it really freaked me as it's the first time it's happened while I've been out on my own, and I could feel his eyes burning into my back the whole way up the street. And then David didn't hear me banging on the door from the loft when I got back and I was left waiting on the doorstep for about five minutes!

When he finally did let me in, he proudly presented me with a leaflet that had been pushed through the door (which I had picked up myself, read and discarded on the stairs) advertising tutors...for under 19s. Well, that's going to be a lot of use by the time we get out of here! >.<

After I got back to Grottsville, I told Mum about the incident with the "hello gorgeous" freak, and she told me off for "being rude to him". What should I have done then? Replied with a "Hiya, handsome!" and skipped off hand in hand to his apartment?! I was always taught to ignore creeps like that (well, unless they actually attacked in which case defend yourself, obviously). Opinions, please?

In the evening, I listened to the first episode of Voiceprint (Sam Vincent's episode), and couldn't help but laugh a couple of times. So Mum felt the need to snap at me again, "They might not be such great fun as you think, you know?" Um, who said I thought they were 'fun'? I can still enjoy funny anecdotes about things that have happened in the studio or laugh at the amount of crazy voices these people can come out with at the drop of a hat, can't I?

September 26th 2009

We went to Denham car boot sale again (my parents always get a fixation with getting to some car boots towards the end of the season every year). I didn't have so much luck this time around, though. I was definitely attracted to a box full of stuffed toys, although I had no idea why... Then I found a Tassles bubble bath bottle on the same stall... So I returned to the box and found a fakie and BBE Baby Lickety Split at the very bottom of the box! Tassles is near mint, but Lickety is a very rusty faded little thing. Still, you can't go wrong at 50p for the pair. And I was pleased to find Lickety, simply because she was never officially sold in this country. I don't know why the woman insisted on telling me how she'd had "loads of ponies that she'd sold at a previous sale" , and Lickety "had only been left behind because she had been in the bath for too long" though! Grr... I also found a Cotton Candy pomander (with only a couple of very small chips) for 50p. She's much darker than my boxed one, so I shall be keeping both... However, I've decided to part with my other two Cotton Candy pomanders (also in the lighter shade) if anyone's interested?

Even my car boot sale trip was ruined by the stupid male population though, when an idiotic teenage boy decided it would be good fun to get my attention... by THROWING A HARD BOILED SWEET AT THE BACK OF MY HEAD! The thing bounced off of my head just above my left ear, and it really HURT. I was also just turning my head to speak to Mum and if it had hit me a fraction of a second later it would have gone right in my eye! o_0 David got him by the shirt and told him off, and I was so scared the creep was going to punch him. Luckily the boy just apologised and moved on, not before insulting me by saying I was "as ugly as my father", though. Yeah, right - great card to play after so obviously trying to get my attention, mate. I wish men would just keep away from me both online and in the real world. I'm getting really sick of this now.

My anti-men mood was only made worse when I battled into Myspace on dial-up to see if I could write a blog (which I couldn't, of course), and received no less than 26 friend requests from guys looking for a date. What is wrong with everyone lately?

I had an awful headache from walking around in the sun and wanted to go to floor-bed early, but David and the neighbours had other ideas, watching Match of the Day and playing loud music all night respectively. I'm so sick of living here with rowdy neighbours and no bedroom of my own.

We have a similar situation today. I desperately want to get up early tomorrow, but David won't let me go to sleep because he's watching "Master Mind" on TV. Well, I think I'll go and change into my nightclothes now anyway, and hope he'll politely move out of my sleeping space!

Thanks for reading! And I promise I'll really try to write new entries more regularly from now least until I can catch up with this blog!

Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark xxx

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