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Time for another slow LJ copy and paste blog, I think!

September 15th 2009

I woke up with a bad right ear again, and could hardly hear for the best part of the morning. My ear hasn't been right since that carpet beetle decided it would make a good place to die though, so I figured it was just caused by that. However, I later found a small piece of brown tape had got in there. WTH? I think my ear has transformed into Mary Poppins' magic carpet bag!

But don't worry, I had a matching pair of bad ears. Although the other one just had a problem on the outside - a big red inflamed insect bite on the lobe. Ouch! I may as well have had my ears pierced... but I guess it wouldn't be wise to have it done while I'm still sleeping on the floor with all these strange occurences!

That afternoon, my parents decided it was a good idea to go out... without having a clue where we were going. So we got in the car and drove for about twenty minutes. Mum wanted to go to Woodberry, but wouldn't "stoop to David's level by asking him to take her there" and David just "wanted to go to the park". I pointed out that it was pouring with rain. "You have an umbrella, don't you?" he said. He NEVER wants to go walking - I must admit that it did look as though he was simply using getting some exercise as an excuse to avoid doing anything at Woodberry again.

Mum flipped at this point and asked to be brought back to Grottsville...so that meant I had to go back too, of course. "I'm doing the sensible thing and walking up and down this road alone every morning from tomorrow so that I don't have to be beholden to you." she cried, triumphantly. Good for you, but how can I get out now that I've been told that I can't move to Woodberry alone after all, and WHEN are you two going to get your heads together and sort the place out at last?

I said something similar to Mum, to which she replied, "Well, HE'S been delaying looking at colours, so now I've decided that I'M not going to do anything towards that house ever again!" Very constructive thinking from both of them, wouldn't you say?

David went to see the Polish builders who are finally back from their holiday and so were finally ready to start work again. Being the communicative soul that he is, he told us absolutely nothing about the meeting, but he did say that while he was there he noticed that one of the rooflights out in the extension was leaking. And Williams is holding on to all our guarantees, of course, until we promise not to take him to court, so we can't even get the darn thing repaired!

Meanwhile, our bathroom ceiling back here in Grottsville was continuing to leak badly, too... So we had to keep going and emptying various buckets and pans of dirty rain water all evening. You couldn't make it up really, could you?

And then, on top of everything else, Mum's hot water bottle decided to leak. There had been a mysterious wet patch on the carpet where she sleeps that morning, and then she herself got a soaking on the sofa later that day, proving the hot water bottle was indeed the culprit.

David took the bottle from Mum and placed it in the bin, knowing that she can't sleep without it. "You can have Desirée's - she's never cold!" he said. Nice of him to say - actually it IS very cold down on the floor and even I have recently had to have a hot water bottle each night, especially as I'm near the drafty doorway.

Oh, and my MLP cards arrived, safe and sound. Pretty surprising actually, as the seller had simply wrapped them in a couple of carrier bags covered with a black sack. o_0 Inside the plastic bags, the cards were wrapped in the original paper bags in which they would have been delivered to stores back in the 80s. Now I'm not sure how to sell the duplicates. I highly doubt that people will want twelve of the same card, and yet it's kind of sad to split them up after all these years. Oh, well. I will still sell them individually, I suppose. I can't be silly and sentimental about these things, especially when I went and blew so much money on them.

And here's a picture of the three different designs for those who are interested...

They're quite cute, really. And it's amazing to think that these things could survive for so many years in a store room somewhere. I love the old MLP greetings cards, and the old artwork/silly poems inside. I totally forgot to mention that when we were clearing out the front bedroom upstairs, we came across all the cards I must have got for my 6th birthday. No idea why we kept them as almost every other year we binned most of my cards. Well, amongst them we found a 1985 MLP card which Emma had sent to me. I don't know where she found it (since it must have been twelve years old even when she gave it to me!), and don't even remember receiving it. In fact, if someone had shown me a blank copy and said, "Your sister sent you one of these when you were little", I'd have gone right ahead and called them a liar. It was a nice little surprise to find it, though!

September 16th 2009
Aww, even typing that date reminded me of my Grandad, as it would have been his 83rd birthday if he was still with us. I miss him so much. <3

Mum and I got up early, hoping to get out somewhere, but David had other ideas. He didn't even go in the bathroom until 9.30am, and even then he was muttering under his breath, "Neither will be any good, but I'll take both anyway." Speaking of his books, of course. Who else takes TWO BOOKS in the bathroom with them?

The doorbell rang at 11am; it was the postman with my MLP comics. Wearing such awfully ripped leggings, there was no way I could go to the door, so I called David...who was still in the bathroom "What am I supposed to do about it?" He shouted at me... Um, well, he'd already been in there for an hour and a half, so perhaps he could go to the door for me?!

As it turned out, the seller had listed the wrong issue numbers, but it worked to my advantage as there was an extra issue I didn't already have in my collection. So a total of nine new comics, three upgrades and one absolutely un-necessary duplicate. Still four issues I can sell and re-gain a little of the money I spent, though. I'm so glad to have that first ever issue featuring the Pony Tales characters, and another issue of the My Little Pony & Friends comic from that era, too. Lancer has orange and yellow hair in these issues, though. I am not impressed! >.<

I was also a bit saddened by one of the messages in the MLP & Friends issue (dated 1994), sent in by an 8-year-old girl. "You might think I'm silly because my little sister has grown out of you and she is always saying I should." Compare that to the 14-year-old MLP collector in one of the 1986 issues, and you realise just how quickly the 'grown-up toddler' phenomenon took ahold of kids everywhere. Enjoy your childhood, please! You only get to be young once and being an adult is no fun at all!

'The 4400' episode, 'Trial By Fire' was on TV so I decided to tape it just because I could. Mum decided to use this as a good excuse not to go out even after David did vacate the bathroom, "because we couldn't trust the timer". For goodness sake, Shane's only got about two lines in it anyway, so I wasn't really bothered. It was just a case of taping it IF we were in at the time.

It was actually just a good excuse for her though, since she doesn't want to do a thing towards moving house really. After all, she's "not moving there anyway if we lose the court case" anyway. So she doesn't intend on moving until the court case has taken place... And David hasn't organised said court case yet...or even found a decent lawyer for that matter!

Noticing how I can hardly breathe with my awful allergies caused by the insects here in Grottsville, Mum said to David, "For God's sake, let her move there until I let it as she obviously doesn't mind coming face to face with Sickton." Of course I don't want to come into contact with that horrible man and his even more horrible family! But in my case, exisiting in this place is actually making me ill. And what's the point of moving out of here temporarily, only to have to come back when she decides to let the place and kick me out? No way can I afford to pay rent on Woodberry (or any other accomodation in that area, for that matter). Even if I got a job, it would just be some badly-paid part-time job at a little shop somewhere, due to my lack of education. Which leads me nicely into Mum's next topic.

"It's too late for her education anyway, so why should I have to move there?" Okay, maybe it IS too late for my education, but you don't have to come out and say it just when I'm feeling all depressed and sick with allergies here in Grottsville. Life just feels so pointless.

Well, at least I managed to sell four 80s poseable Care Bears - duplicates from my own collection - for £7.00 which was a nice little cheer-up as I've not been doing well with my sales at all lately (high postage prices seem to be putting everyone off). The buyer even used a 'gift' transaction so I didn't get charged any nasty Paypal fees either.

We phoned the company who supplied the gate that Emma Renton, the supposed landscape gardener, bought and charged us £850 for. It turns out that, not only is it far too small, but it only cost £650! I can't help but wonder how much all these crooks have got out of us overall by overcharging for their terrible work.

David and I went to Woodberry in the evening so that I could use the broadband connection for a couple of hours. He came back to Grottsville to close the curtains for Mum (who had refused to go to Woodberry as it was "pointless and boring") and I attempted to make some recordings while he was gone. No such luck. Sickton promised to sound proof my bedroom walls, but he didn't, of course. So I have a paper-thin wall between myself and the neighbours... who complained loudly, banging on the wall and making an awful racket because I dared to turn on some music for a karaoke recording. Not to mention the trains rattling past at the bottom of the garden every five minutes, which also make my radiator rattles and creak for some reason. I really can't see myself doing much professional-sounding voice acting over there even if we do ever move!

Not to worry though. The circus clown was back in town to make me laugh and get me to snap out of my depression. A circus clown by the name of Digesh Patel of Myspace. Yes, some people just never learn! This time he wrote:

hi, how ru? can we chat online? what is your yahoo id? can we be friend?
For goodness sake, no, I DO NOT WANT TO BE YOUR FRIEND! Hence, my original message entitled "GET A LIFE". Now, please, GET LOST!

Now I really must go as Mum is moaning about being overtired and she can't go to floor-bed until I clear out of her space. Hope you enjoyed another of my long-winded boring tales, folks! Congratulations if you made it this far! Please feel free to help yourselves to a virtual chocolate chip cookie.

Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark xxx

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