Thursday, 17 December 2009

Another disaster involving Woodberry occurred today...

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...And now it's really looking as though we won't be able to move house.  I am thoroughly depressed but perhaps a bit of blogging will help to take my mind off things.

November 17th 2009

Mum and I looked through the other people's Christmas presents and sorted out some junk for everyone, mainly unwanted gifts from last year.  Aah, the sweet genorous feeling that comes with the holiday season!

The roofing men came to fix our leaking roof here in Grottsville, although I'm not sure how much work they actually did.  They spent about forty minutes in the back garden smoking (and dropping their dog ends all over our patio), then put a ladder up at the front of the house - causing me to move away from the window as the horrible shifty-looking builder kept looking into our lounge - climbed up on the roof for about ten minutes, made a few hammering noises... and left.  And I went dizzy standing up for those ten minutes.  I think it's just severe stress levels, but it scares me when that happens.

David suddenly rang Mum to tell him that she had "deceived him about my education".  Um... that's kind of random, isn't it?  And how can she have deceived him.  He knew we had no school books and that there were so secondary school age TV shows, so how did he think I was being educated, especially since Mum left school herself at 14?  Perhaps if he'd shown more interest in me he would have known that I wasn't being educated.

He took me to Woodberry at 8pm to use the broadband internet connection... then he kept the computer himself until 9.15, and Mum was cross that I didn't leave until 10pm.  She was "pleased she hadn't gone - she didn't think I'd be that long!"  What?!  She didn't think I'D be that long?  David spent more time online than me!

David spent the evening laughing at the most revolting comedy.  Don't ask me what it was, but it was full of bad actors with very common English accents.  David was particularly taken with a part that featured a man eating some delicacy and swallowing his tooth along with it... which he then proceeded to cough up and hold out in his hand.  It made me feel totally sick, and David kept playing and re-playing the same scene.  "Why do you have to keep playing it again and again?" I said as David laughed at the fifth showing.  "Well, I don't get to see it again and again, do I?" David sneered, complaining that I was making too much noise and playing the scene yet again.  Needless to say, I had one of those horrible nightmares about losing all your teeth that night!

The builders rang and asked when they could start work again.  But now that David is at work he can't get there to supervise them.  They could have come at the weekend, but David had arranged for a bloke to come and set up a broadband connection in THIS house that saturday.  Where's his sense of priority, and how long are we going to be stuck in this dump anyway?!

November 18th 2009

I was locked up all day again.  It's like a prison in this house, being unable to go out when you want.  And it's horrid to not even have so much as a bed or a chair to sit on.

David met the builders at Woodberry and agreed to see them the following day when he was supposed to go and have his swine flu jab.  So he would have to take an unpaid day off work (since it was no longer for medical reasons).  We always said we wouldn't supervise the builders and he said there would be no need.  But his whole mood changed at this point, just because he had forgotten his swine flu jab when he agreed to see them.  "Stuff you, if you won't get off your *sses, I'll leave your stuff over there with them!"  I only agreed to take my stuff over there because you said that you would always be there to supervise them, so there's no need to be nasty towards me now!

I had an awful headache and congestion problems, obviously caused by these blasted allergies, but apparently David is a record and his needle is well and truly stuck.  "GO TO A DOCTOR!"  How about getting out of this house and away from these carpet beetles?!  He also told me to "take my breakfast to Woodberry" the next day so that I could supervise the builders.  He doesn't seem to understand that I need an hour in the bathroom to clear all this muck out of my throat before I eat anything at all. >.<

Mum was "definitely not moving to Woodberry" again anyway.  "Your allergies are a nuisance," she said.  "I'm quite happy to just stay here."  Good for her.  But they should have thought about that when they had a kid miles away from a school, never sent it to school anyway and then left it with no way of getting further education.  It might have been good to consider if you were going to be able to provide the kid with a bed before you brought it into the world, too.

I spent the whole day trying to figure out how I could get out of here, but the whole thing is just a huge vicious circle.  I have no money, and that will never change while I have no job.  But I can't get a well-paid job without an education, and I can't afford an education without money!  As for emigrating, there's no way I can get to Canada without a decent qualification which in turn means education and money.  *Sighs*

That's why I would have loved the chance to study in Vancouver.  I mentioned this to Mum, and she blew up on me.  "It would have only been a temporary solution, and couldn't be considered 'getting out' - and a theatre degree is not a proper qualification for a proper job anyway!"  Well, okay, perhaps acting is not a stable office job, and it is indeed highly unlikely I'd ever make it full time.  But it would have been good to get to study something I enjoyed and just give it a go.  Also, it would at least have given me a taste of living abroad and allowed me to see if I could adapt.  I mean, even if I was a multi-millionaire with the best job in the world, I wouldn't just book my flights and leave without checking out the place beforehand.

I recorded some instrumental musical tunes (which I had downloaded while I was at Woodberry) to cassette but I can't sing with all these congestion problems.  Mum calls it a "physical inability to sing", but I object.  I can hit the notes, even without ever taken a singing lesson and being totally unable to read music so doing it all by ear.  My problem comes with breathing, mainly caused by these stupid allergies.

November 19th 2009

David went to Woodberry, and supposedly waited for the builders to show up before telling them that they couldn't work that day.  No wonder they're fed up with him!  They didn't bring the receipts with them anyway - apparently they are "getting another bloke to sign them after he has typed up a copy for himself".

Freddie's tile arrived, but is nowhere near the correct glaze for the fireplace so the restoration work seems totally hopeless too.

David went to work as normal and just came back to get his swine flu jab in the early afternoon.  He was made to sit in the waiting room for ten minutes but fortunately didn't have any bad reactions.  They said that Mum and I wouldn't get our jabs until well into next year.  So much for this country being well prepared!

While he was back here, he weighed a couple of books I was trying to sell.  The total cost of the books was £3.50, but shipping to the US would have cost almost £12!  So there's another lost sale, simply based on Royal Mail's ridiculous prices.

I didn't leave the house for the second day running.  It's truly awful, especially with my allergies getting worse and worse the longer I'm cooped up in here.  I tried to make some recordings, but my breathing is horrendous - I sent one of the recordings to a couple of people and both of them picked up on my rattly throat.

Meanwhile, Mum was still ranting about my allergies being a nuisance, since she could stay in this house if not for them...  Huh!  Believe me, they're far more of a nuisance to those who actually have to endure them.

November 20th 2009
Didn't leave the house AGAIN!  Basically, David's job had taken over just as Mum and I predicted and he was always too tired to be bothered with taking us out in the evenings.

I was re-watching (or should I say re-listening to, since I can't have the TV picture on while Mum has to sit opposite it?) the second season of Intelligence when David announced that he wanted to watch Children in Need.  Why?  We're practically living in poverty ourselves - too bad I'm not under eighteen, perhaps they'd donate some money towards getting me to a place with a bed?!

I had such an awful backache from sleeping on the floor that I could hardly walk and didn't feel up to having a bath.  And yet I knew that if I didn't soak in Lush prodcuts before I saw Emma on Sunday, she would say that I stank.  Well, it's not surprising when I live and sleep on this filthy floor, is it?

Ooh, and last but certainly not least, Janyse won the Contemporary Christian category at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards with her song, 'This Day Is Mine' (I think it's still my profile song actually?)  Congratulations, Janyse!  A very well-deserved award indeed!

Anyways, it's 1.15am Mum is snoring on the sofa (while David is still out at work!) so I guess I ought to get to floor-bed.  Still, we're getting near to catching up now.

Same time tomorrow, right?  Well, hopefully a bit earlier actually!

Desirée Skylark  xxx

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