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Well, although it was very refreshing to take a break and make fun of a few pathetic Myspace losers, I'm falling further behind all the time.  So now I'm going to dash and see how much I can get written before I have to go to Tesco!

October 15th 2009

Mum and I went for another boring walk up and down the road.  While I am terrified of all the yobs we walk past each time, Mum was scared of a group of four dogs.  Terribly sad, considering she used to love dogs so much.  Also, I see these particular dogs walking up and down the road all the time and they've never struck me as ferocious beasts who would maul you to death as good as look at you!  Just an ordinary dalmatian, alsatian, and a couple of small mongrels.  But still she made us cross the road to avoid them.

My allergies were worse than ever - I couldn't even attempt to sing to cheer myself up because my voice cracked every time I even spoke, let alone trying to hit the correct notes to perform a song.

Stress probably contributes too.  I always lose my voice when I'm badly stressed, and each day brings new things to worry about.

Looking through Sickton's letters, we discovered that the letter in which he had agreed to pay for the fireplace restoration had the words "With Prejudice" at the top which, we had learned from the lawyer, meant we can't hold it up against him in court.  What a stupid, stupid law.  I really think this whole world is set up so that criminals can get away with murder while their victims can do nothing to get justice.  Sickton and Williams have written this at the top of each and every letter since the trouble began, so presumably they knew what they were doing... probably from an earlier court case.  Why does that not surprise me?

The builders didn't show up until 1pm... and they left before 4pm, so they had started messing us around too.  David just lets everyone walk all over him.

In the evening, he settled down in front of the TV (meaning we had to sit in front of it too) and laughed loudly for hours on end.  How can he go into his own little dream world while our own lives just drift away?

Eventually, he agreed to take us to McDonalds for ice cream.  We didn't even particularly fancy ice cream, but it was our only way to get out of the house.  An expensive and fattening way, but our only way. 

October 16th 2009
The builders turned up late again.  They removed the shelf from the bathroom cupboard that Williams' men messed up by cutting un-necessary holes for pipes when there was a compartment for those at the back.  It's left the cupboard with large chips and it desperate need of re-painting.  David claims he will fix it, but how many times have I heard that before?

Then the builders announced that they wouldn't sign the receipts unless we paid them an extra 20% for the work they'd done.  Why on Earth did David continue to pay them in cash so that they could get off with not paying tax without getting them to sign the receipts first?

I went to Youtube to attempt to download some MLP commercials on this slow dial-up connection so that I could re-record some of them to my MLP song tapes... and discovered that a load of them had been deleted.  Darn.  I collect all the pony commercials and was so pleased when I found out I could download FLV files.  Too bad I didn't have a fast enough internet connection to do it beforehand.

Then came dinner - tomato soup.  Of course, in this family, we don't have proper chinaware and I eat off of a plastic plate until we move house.  Try eating tomato soup in a mashed potato 'volcano' off of a small plastic plate on the floor.  To cut a long story short, the 'volcano' collapsed and I burnt my finger on very hot soup.  Ouch!

While on Youtube, I noticed that someone was already in the process of uploading the new MLP movie, Twinkle Wish Adventure.  We had to wait until the 26th for it to be released here in the UK.  I watched a couple of previews, and couldn't help puzzling over who played Flitter Flutter's voice.  But I refused to cheat and look at the credits!  That would spoil all the fun, you see?  For those of you who know the truth, feel free to laugh - I thought it was Ellen Kennedy at the time.

October 17th 2009
We finally got the storage depot to disclose their insurance deadline - November 15th.  So we had to get the furniture out of there by then.  And how could we move it to Woodberry when the work had still not been completed?

David also received some details about the job he had been offered - he would have to work 7.30 'til 5 with just half hour for lunch.  And they witheld the right to have him work extra hours with no overtime if they were working with tight deadlines.  He would only have two weeks' holiday per year and couldn't even start paying in for a pension scheme for two years - a bit late by then, eh?  However, he would get a company car, so wouldn't have to hire one... but the amount of tax he'd have to pay on it would mean there wouldn't be much of a saving anyway.

Mum's lucozade must have fallen over, so when she opened the bottle, it fizzed everywhere; all over the kitchen countertops, our postcard collection which was on said countertops waiting for a new box, Mum's precious musical doorbell from her parents' house, and my socks...  Okay, so the latter was not highly important in the scheme of things, but still a pain when I had no clean socks to wear!

One of the new neighbours' "wives" (all right, we don't actually know their his wives, but there's definitely a lot of women living there who he seems unnaturally close to) turned her car around in OUR garden, so Mum shouted at her.  Um, who was it who said she'd like to stay here now that our "nasty neighbours were gone".  She'd shouted at the new lot twice already, so I think she must agree that they're not much better!

The wall cupboard that Mum ordered arrived - it's a dear little thing, white with a heart on the door... but it's chipped.  And it was the last one in stock so we can't change it.  Can't something just go right for once?

We went to Woodberry that afternoon - but Mum was in a fowl mood and not in the mood to look at colours.  But never mind, David decided to spend the whole time on his computer "sorting out his tax" anyway.  We'll never get out of here!

While he did that, we walked around looking at all kinds of things that the builders had done that David hadn't even noticed - such as the before-mentioned chipped cupboard in the bathroom (we didn't actually see it until that day), the fact that they had got paint all over our kitchen units... and dumped a half-eaten Snickers chocolate bar in one of our drawers.  Are they trying to attract mice?

On the way back to the car, Mum saw Sickton again and swore at him... while David walked on muttering about how he had done nothing wrong.  Is it any wonder that I had an awful headache (migraine?) all day.  But Mum scared me by telling me that it must be a brain tumour. o_0

David slept all evening and went to Tesco twenty minutes before it closed, leaving me with no time to get changed.  "Aren't you coming?  You don't look that bad." He said.  I'm sorry, but I refuse to leave this house in rags.  My 'going out' clothes aren't much better, but at least I feel comfortable wearing them.

On top of everything else I had an awfully sore underarm.  I was obviously in desperate need of new razor blades but there was no way that I could get out to buy them.  Mum was terribly upset that I wanted to go shopping alone anyway.  "I thought you liked going out with me, and weren't going to have any more secrets.  We got enough stuff in Ealing!" she said, sounding exasperated.  Yes, I know, but I do get so embarrassed by anything even slightly feminine with her.  She seems to think it's all just an unnecessary expense.

I couldn't even get to sleep that night with all the awfully loud Diwali fireworks outside.  Why doesn't someone tell them to shut up?   I thought there was a cut off time for fireworks?  There certainly used to be in this area.  So somebody should be there to enforce it!

Anyways, off to Tesco now!  I'll be back with another blog tomorrow.

Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

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