Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Falling further and further behind...

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I really do need to push myself to write more blogs.  I'm just so crazily out of date now that it's not even funny! >.<

October 6th 2009

Rob Jacobs returned... but only to collect his tools.  He didn't finish off our path or give us the promised guarantee.  Mum and I were astounded that David had let him get away again, but David just made excuses for him.  Why is it that none of Sickton's friends can ever do anything wrong?

The builders knocked off of work early so David went to the post office and weighed the stickers I hoped to sell to the Trading Post member...  But then she decided that she wanted them de-boxed anyway, so weighing the box was a waste of time really!

Then, for the first time in ages I got to go for a walk out in the open - Pitshanger Park to be precise.  I had been promised Boston Manor Park while we did the washing at the launderette in Northfields, but it would have been dark by the time we got there.  It was just so nice to get out in the fresh air for once, though.  Poor Mum didn't come because she wasn't feeling well, and thought she'd hold us up or something (since it was already so late).  I felt really sad seeing all the birds with her not there to enjoy them.  We so rarely get to see birds here in Grottsville, so seeing a pair of jays fly down from a tree was a novelty.  There's way too many ring neck parakeets in this area now though - they're taking over from all our native birds.

A little yorkshire terrier ran right past me growling loudly which freaked me out somewhat, but then I realised it was growling at another dog and all was well again!

But still, even after a 45 minute brisk walk I had only done 5200 steps.  How does anyone get 10,000 steps on a daily basis?!

Then I went to Woodberry that night and watched a few more Sonic the Hedgehog episodes on Youtube.  I can definitely hear Kathleen Barr in there, as Momma Robotnik among other characters, but no sign of Shane Meier whatsoever...

And furthermore, when I went into Youtube I came up with all kinds of horrible videos that David had been watching.  This is why I hate shared computers.  I'm sorry, but I really don't want to see a load of semi-dressed women come up on my "recommended videos", any more than he probably wants to see 1990s animation!  And then I accidentally clicked and went into one of the "previously watched" videos.  Ick.  Needless to say, I switched it off as fast as I could.  All I can say is she was French and wrapped in a bath towel.  Not my kind of thing at all... >.<

October 7th 2009

I didn't leave the house.  Can't you just tell that this is going to be a boring entry?

I told Mum about the French models on Youtube and, unlike me, she was unable to keep her mouth shut.  David doesn't even deny it any more.  He acts like we're in the wrong for not liking it.  Somehow I didn't feel he'd be too keen to let me use his computer in the near future!

The builders attempted to fix the leaking roof light... and found a nail jutting out in a very obvious place.  I suspect sabotage.  They took a photograph, but it's not really clear enough to even bother showing here.

I couldn't sing due to my awful allergies caused by sleeping on the floor, so I was pretty bored that afternoon, and decided to attempt making a MLP adoptable from a photograph I took a while back.  Too bad I didn't realise I should use a JPG file, and saved it as a PNG.  Just look at all those awful fuzzy lines.  I'm hopeless when it comes to MS Paint.

Still, as far as tracing the image and cropping/re-sizing the image goes, I don't think I did too badly for a first attempt.  I've certainly improved since then, though!

David rang from Woodberry, and Mum told him about my allergies etc.  His answer?  "She should have come over here with me."

"And what about her dinner?" Mum asked.  (I don't think my parents will ever stop talking about me like a pet or small child! "She could have walked to Ealing and got a bus back to Grottsville." David replied.

Well, A) I'm avoiding public transport like the plague until this swine flu thing is over.  No way can I take flu while I've still got all these congestion problems.  And B) As he knows very well, I will not walk alone in this area, so how would I get from the bus to this house?!  Idiot.

October 8th 2009

The builders showed up but didn't do any work because "the wall wasn't dry".  The wall in question was the one by the archway into the extension which they had moved and re-plastered earlier that week.  Um, but why did that stop them doing any work elsewhere in the house?

But David happily let them leave, and stayed at Woodberry all day himself, "painting shelves".  Yeah, right.  More like watching French models on Youtube.

He finally came back at 5pm, then got chips for us, and offered me a walk in the park.  But by this time, it was pitch black outside.  "Well, it's open all the time, you know?"  Well, sure.  But it's also open to all the yobs and druggies, as was proved by our visit earlier that week when we had seen them filtering in and starting to arrive and gathering around a bench even before it was properly dark.

So David offered me Toys 'R' Us instead - AFTER IT HAD ALREADY CLOSED. (This was much later)  I pointed this simple fact out to him, and he said we could "walk around the closed shop and watch the footballers on the pitch by the car park".  Uh, well, doesn't he think that they might just have stopped playing by 11.30pm as well?  The more that man speaks, the more stupid he sounds.

As you may well have guessed by now, I didn't leave the house again that day.  What a horribly boring existence.

The storage depot rang out of the blue and offered to move all the stuff out of the room and back again free of charge.  But they still refused to tell us the deadline for filing an insurance claim.  Mum doesn't want all of that antique furniture moved more than absolutely necessary, and I can't say I blame her really.

I shall end with another of David's stupid remarks.  "Did you like my teacakes?" came a voice from the kitchen.  "What teacakes?" Mum and I asked in unison.  Basically, some of David's teacakes had gone missing so he automatically thought we had eaten them.  Well, Mum doesn't even like teacakes, and I would never eat something that hadn't been bought specifically for me.  "Oh, well, it must be the mice then!" David said sarcastically, obviously not believing us.  How I laughed when the missing teacakes eventually showed up in David's Weetabix box, where they had fallen.  Surprise, surprise.  There were no mice (or human) teacake thieves after all!

Now please, dear readers!  Drop me a line and tell me to stop being so lazy and start writing daily!  Otherwise I'm never going to catch up with this darn thing! >.<

Thanks everyone!
Desirée Skylark  xxx

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