Saturday, 19 December 2009

Frozen solid like a block of ice...

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...but if you think I'll give up my blog, no dice! ~ Galaxy from My Little Pony & Friends.

Okay, so those weren't the exact lyrics, but it was something along those lines and I thought it fitted the current temperature of this house just perfectly.  I am dreading sleeping on this floor tonight... I actually dreamed that I was walking through deep snow towards an igloo last night, with my blanket wrapped around my shoulders like a shawl.  Yes, seriously - it's that cold as to make your brain have weird semi-concious thoughts about temperature all night long!

November 29th 2009

I woke up with such horrendous pain in my hips that I could hardly drag myself up the stairs to the bathroom.  Not to mention my aching arm.  And then when I tried to clear my throat of all the usual muck that comes with sleeping on the floor with allergy-causing carpet beetles, I started coughing up blood which freaked me somewhat.  I think I probably just burst a vessel in my nose by blowing so hard to try and clear it the night before, as I haven't had anything like it since, but it was very scary at the time, especially for someone with haemophobia.

Later on we went to Woodberry so that I could at least have somewhere soft to sit in the car on the way there.  My hips were in so much pain from sitting on the floor all morning that I didn't even notice when I sat on a big file that David had dumped on my seat.  I did think "this seat feels harder than usual" and fortunately realised what I had done before I crushed it!

I spent the time while I was over there sitting on my coat on the bed frame in my bedroom (surprisingly, even that was more comfortable than the floor here in Grottsville) while I downloaded a couple more Barbie movies and watched a few episodes of Krypto the Superdog.  Yep, you all think I'm totally crazy now, don't you?  But the voice acting in that series is exceptional - I love Sam Vincent and Trevor Devall!  And the rest of them too, of course...  I didn't even recognise Kelly Sheridan as Mammoth Mutt.  And Tabitha is fantastic as ever.  Actually, even non-animation fans have got to enjoy Krypto - the superhero spin-offs are hilarious.

November 30th 2009

Just one builder showed up for work at Woodberry, and as the morning went on, he proclaimed himself "ill".  He was going hot and cold and showing all the signs of flu... and later began walking with a limp. (Not sure what connection that has to his other ailments.  But of course, he does know that we are scared of catching swine flu... or am I just being cynical?!)  Anyways, due to all of his mixed illnesses, he went home early.  David thought it was fine though, as it "might just be ordinary flu".  Well, that's a fat lot of good to us!  I don't want ANY flu while I feel like this and don't even have a bed to sleep in!

David promised to take us to Borders for their closing down sale in the evening, then came in too late for us to get there. >.<

I was still upset about being stuck in this house for another Christmas, so David decided to utter another of his very rare - but always ridiculous - suggestions.  "We can still have Christmas at Woodberry.  We can put the tree in my room - I'll get a carpet - and have all the things on the shelves."

A) How can he have a carpet when the builders still haven't even given him a price for sealing the gable cupboard in his room (which will create a lot of dust).

B) Why would we want the tree over there when we are existing in this dump?

"What things are you going to put on the shelves?" Mum asked.  "Presents!" David replied.  "What presents?  All we have for Desirée is one small bag of Lush stuff and we have nothing from anyone else or for each other." Mum pointed out.  David paused for a moment, obviously thinking on the spot, then answered, "I'm hoping to get other stuff!"  "Oh, are you really?!  Surely you're not going Christmas shopping in December?!  I'll be upset if you do!"  But not to worry, David didn't want to hurt Mum's feelings.  "I'll let you know that I'm going!" he said, defensively.  Um, I think Mum was talking about a little thing called swine flu which spreads through crowded places like wildfire, whether you tell her you're going out with all the crazed Christmas shoppers or not!

Ah, but all is well anyway.  David reckons his "swine flu jab must have worked because of the heat that kept running through his arm for days".

Emma decided to re-home the kittens with Justine's aunt (Justine being the friend whose husband bought the abused dog, Marley).  I just can't stand the way those people behave.  A pet is for life and you shouldn't bring one into your home without thinking it through and taking your responsibilities very seriously.  Enough said.

David and I went to Tesco late that night and discovered that the strawberry trifles that Mum and I love so much ARE still available, just on a different shelf.  Well, that says a lot for the knowledge (or honesty?) of the member of staff who told us an elaborate story about how they had been discontinued because people "didn't want strawberry trifles any more, and bought the desserts on that shelf instead".  Does he get a bonus for selling chocolate mousse?!

Oh, and finally, having almost totally forgotten, my MLP sticker album arrived.  There are a couple of loose stickers which are threatening to fall out and get lost but all in all I think it was pretty good for £1.99.

And look, there are even stickers depicting Truly and Lofty in there!  Rather handy for someone who's trying to collect any and all merchandise relating to those two ponies and didn't even know this book existed before seeing that one e-Bay auction, wouldn't you say?

December 1st 2009
Mum and I went for a walk up and down the road to post a couple of Christmas cards.  We're only returning the ones that people send to us this year - now we can see who our real friends are!

I was reported to an administrator on the MLP Trading Post for being uncommunicative with someone who bought some MLP stickers from me.  But as far as I know I have answered each and every one of her messages...?  Well, apart from the one she wrote to me saying words to the effect of "Okay, thanks." in response to her last crazy enquiry about why her package was taking so long.  What was I supposed to answer to that - "Thanks for your thanks regarding my message telling you that if you ask me for surface mail shipping, you can expect your parcel to take a lot longer than it would via airmail."?  It really stressed me though, as I would never dream of scamming anyone... I have a receipt to prove it was sent if she'd like me to send her a copy!  But no, she doesn't want that. >.<  She hasn't let me know if they've arrived - I guess I ought to write and ask her or I'll be accused of being uncommunicative again... But I'm guessing I would have heard from her again if she hadn't received them, and I'm almost scared to open up the can of worms all over again!

In the evening, David finally drove us to Borders for their "Up to 50% off closing down sale".  But it was crazily crowded in the shop, and we couldn't go inside and risk catching swine flu, of course, so we had to drive straight back with David complaining all the way about how Mum and I had stopped him getting any more books for himself.

I was particularly depressed about Christmas.  I didn't even have an advent calendar, and I do love opening my advent calendar(s?  The more the better!) every year and guessing what the pictures inside will be each day.  It's kind of become an annual tradition now.

December 2nd 2009
David went to the storage depot and brought the advent calendars back - after all, it was "only December 2nd".   I picked out a couple of cute ones that we must have bought in the January sales a couple of years back, probably when Mum was still struggling to give one to each of Emma's many children every year.

Mum hoovered the lounge and discovered that carpet beetles had eaten holes in the seat of her antique chair.  She was devestated.  Sure, we could get it re-upholestered, but her mum paid to have that done for her about twenty years ago and she's kept it nice for all these years, not allowing anyone but her Harrods teddy bear (who has also been eaten - but I think I mentioned that in a blog sometime ago) to sit on it, only for it to get ruined now.  And if we could have got out of this stupid house, it would still be okay.

We drove to Woodberry at about 10pm, and saw merrily Sickton strolling up the road towards his house.  Mum yelled at him again, and I swear he wavered and glanced briefly at the car.  What the heck was he doing out at that time of night anyway?  We see him practically every time we drive up that road.  I'm starting to wonder if he has three or four clones of himself who take it in turns to walk up and down on patrol outside his house at all hours!  Nah, I suppose some people just have a social life - nice for them, when they've stopped the likes of myself moving from Grottsville.  And who on Earth would want to socialise with Sickton anyway?

Of course, thanks to that creep, we had to return to Grottsville to sleep on the hard cold floor.  David had kindly done some online research and found a solution!  A piece of foam 6' long and 2cm thick.  They "only" cost £10 and will apparently keep us warm and protect our backs.  "The army use them, so they must be good - and you will be able to use them for a long time."  Um, excuse me?  How long are you intending on staying here?!  Foam is considered a delicacy by the very beetles that cause my allergies, so it's not exactly going to help my breathing!  And where do you intend on putting these things?  We don't HAVE 6' of carpet to roll them out on.  I have to sleep with my knees practically tucked under my chin since I'm surrounded by so much rubbish, and I know Mum has even less space and I used to sleep up this end of the room until David drooled on that patch of carpet as well as the communal bed.

Anyways, I think that's it.  At least I've finally got onto this month - can't be long before I catch up now!

Love you all!
Desirée Skylark  xxx

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