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Okay, I admit it.  I'm running out of ideas for titles, so the latest is some lyrics from the latest Barbie movie I've been watching. >.<  Yes, sounds silly, I know, but they are actually pretty good movies considering their main purpose is to sell toys, and most of the voice actors are fantastic.  I am really growing to love Alessandro Juliani's voice.  I should watch Death Note some time...

November 9th 2009

David started work, and travelled by bus (due to the fact that he had to pick up the company car) and left us feeling miserable, housebound and terrified of him catching swine flu and bringing it back to us.  David claimed there was "only one school kid on the bus" but I find that hard to believe.

Just as we had predicted, David had no time to ring anybody so no progress was made towards moving house whatsoever.

In the evening, we went to Brent Cross TRU to return the Ben 10 car.  I was very tempted to buy another 'Alien G3.5 pony' or two, but decided against it in the end when the Christmas staff kept on pestering me and asking if I needed any help.  They should realise that they're coming across as overpowering and actually losing sales for TRU.  For God's sake, I politely told you that I was just looking and you ask me again less than a minute later?!

Then we drove through Kilburn to put a letter through the lawyer's door (I didn't even like being in the car in that area - I felt like someone was going to shoot me at any minute!) then to Woodberry to check my ponies and pick up the hoover.

David suddenly very calmly announced that his last employers still owe him £10,000 in tax and he has to chase them for it.  God help us.  We know how useless he is at chasing anyone.  And he doesn't even seem particularly bothered about them getting away with it.

Mum read a news story that under 21s at college or university may qualify for a swine flu jab, and David blew up at me.  "Why didn't you enrol at a college and just never go?"  WTH?  Why would I have even thought to enrol at a college if I had no intention of going?  I was waiting to move house so that I could enrol properly, thank you very much.  That man speaks so much nonsense at times!

November 10th 2009
David had moved the hire car in front of the lounge window the previous night so as to get the new company car into the garden, and in so doing had blocked out the little bit of light that we do get in this horrid dark cave of a house.  Nice.  Thank you for being so considerate (not).

I was stuck in all day, and didn't even get to go to Woodberry to check my ponies.  And David went to Tesco without even offering me the chance to go with him.  And we couldn't have any tea until 12.15am when he came back from the supermarket and had finished in the kitchen getting his own.

  Mum cheered me up by presenting me with my belated 18th birthday gift.

It's a really beautiful guinea pig necklace.  It made me kind of sad since I can't have guinea pigs any more, but it's still a nice unusual piece of jewellery and in fact the only jewellery I have that I would label as too expensive for every day.

David attempted to ring his old employers but found that he had left it so long that the company had folded, so presumably he has to pay the £10,000 himself.  Why does he never sort anything out?  We've lost so much money through his laziness.

He didn't do anything towards the Woodberry effort again either.  And we desperately needed to move to a house with beds with him out and about with all the flu carriers on a daily basis.  His answer?  "Go and sleep on the 'wooden bed' (the fitted bed in Emma's old bedroom), then you can have a doctor in if you get swine flu."  Great.  I'll go and sleep on a bed below a ceiling he has always said leaks (the reason I've never had a bedroom, don't you know?) surrounded by so many stacks of rubbish that a doctor couldn't even get to the bed, and we can stay here forever.  Never mind the fact that my allergies would be no better up there anyway, since we have just as many carpet beetles in that room as downstairs.

November 11th 2009
Mum went to see her useless dentist regarding the tooth with the 'flying crown', fully expecting her not to do anything about it, as her dentist only ever gives out antibiotics or refers her elsewhere.  So David and I left her there and went to Woodberry to let a the roofing bloke in to fix the leaking rooflight.

I walked up to the charity shops around the corner while David waited for the bloke to arrive.  There were no ponies to be found, and my poor Morning Glory keyring lost one of her eye jewels somewhere along the way.  I felt really guilty afterwards, even if she is only a plastic pony!  Needless to say, she has now retired, and loves to give me a disapproving look with her one twinkling eye from the top of the bookcase at the end of the lounge.
We locked the roofing bloke out in the garden (having given him a key to the alley so that he could get around the back), then went back to Ealing Broadway to collect Mum from the dentist.  The dentist had surprised her by removing a large chunk of the tooth... but she has to have the roots removed by a surgeon in January.  Ouch!

Despite her mouth full of cotton wool, we still walked through the parks (via the Fara Kids' Charity Shop, but again, no ponies whatsoever) to Woodberry, where I photographed some ponies and downloaded some more stuff from Youtube.

Then David picked us up after work and took us back to Grottsville, forcing us to listen to the very loud car radio all about unemployed young people and teenagers' education/work options etc.  How insensitive can you get?

I received a form to fill in if I wished to get postal votes from now on (thanks to that idiot from the council enforcing putting my name up on the electoral roll).  Well, stuff it.  I just chucked it out.  This country's on a downward spiral, and I see no way that the best government in the world could save us.  Let them mess it up on their own, I say.  Better yet, it was sent to MRS Desirée Alder.  I guess it was just a missprint, but what an insult!  I shall remain MISS for the rest of my life if I can possibly help it, thank you very much for nothing.

Grace spoke to me on MSN (which I had spent several hours upgrading with dial up a couple of days previously) and David took the opportunity to sneak into the bathroom, meaning that I couldn't go and get changed for bed.  "He's going to yell at me for calling him out now," I moaned.  "Well, I don't blame him really." Mum said.  Well, sorry, but perhaps he should have got us into a better situation before he started work, so that he wasn't sleeping on the BATHROOM FLOOR.  Then we could all go to bed (yes, a proper bed!  Wouldn't that be a novelty?!) when we chose.  And I might be more inclined to go to bed earlier if I had a reason to get up early in the mornings (ie college) and wasn't sleeping on a floor with the very beetles that cause my allergies crawling all over me.

But then it would appear that Mum didn't support moving house herself.  "I vote we don't move there after an uncomfortable afternoon on the floor and her wanting to go back."  Um...
A) You wouldn't BE on the floor if we were living there and had furniture in the house.
B) Why does me wanting to go back to use the broadband connection one afternoon affect you moving over there?
C) You know that if we don't move there, you and David will argue forever about where else to move and so we'll end up staying here.  And I don't see how any of us can survive here much longer...

November 12th 2009

David had complained about "another cereal box full of rubbish" that had been dumped in the garden the previous day, and got to throw it out over the road.  I had thought that it looked like a pizza box myself, but that's not the point...
On the morning of the 12th, I looked out of the window and saw a toy chef looking back at me.  Mum couldn't stand to see him out in the wet leaves and went and fetched him indoors.  We did a bit of research in toy catalogues and found out that he was part of a TRU game called "Poppa's Pizza Topple".  When Mum went back in the garden she discovered a lot of the other accessories for the game too - all kinds of plastic pizza toppings and a dice.  All were in really nice condition too, except that they appeared to be covered in some kind of cooking fat. o_0

I now realised that the box David had thrown away was the game box, so I'm guessing he threw out the pizza base and a few more of the toppings but the game was actually complete.  It's a real pity as the chef cleaned up nicely (there was no point keeping the accessories without the game board) and it would have made a nice game to give to Emma's kids to keep them quiet for a while one afternoon that we went over there.  David denies getting rid of the box though, and says it was a "Shreddies box full of newspapers".  Okay... so where did the chef come from, and why did I think I saw a drawing of a pizza on the Shreddies box?

My first pony parcel arrived - the two G1s.  May I present to you...

Baby Splashes and Nectar!
I was so excited to get these two girls from Aqua.Sunlight on the Arena.  Not many more ponies to go to complete my US collection (excluding Mail Orders) now.

Later on, I was just browsing the internet when Mum made the most random comment.  "God, you have such long eyelashes.  I don't notice until you look down at the computer, but they look like those fake ones that they wear."  Well, excuse me, these are my own eyelashes!  I guess she figured out I was wearing mascara (the dreaded make-up which nobody should ever waste their money on) and thought she'd make me feel awkward by just saying enough?  Or perhaps she really thinks I am wearing fake lashes?!  I know I have got naturally long eyelashes - they're just blonde and don't show up too well - then when I wear mascara it kind of emphasises them and maybe does make them look fake.  She's not said anything since though, so whatever she thinks, at least she's not holding it against me anymore.

David went on a site visit in South London, mixing with yet more possible swine flu carriers.  Mum pointed out that another peak was coming up, and all he could say was "I know, I know!" in an exasperated tone.  Well, perhaps he should have got us out of here before he started work?  He had enough time to sort out all these stupid builders.

That night I went to Tesco, and David spent ages reading newspapers and looking for strawberry trifles he knew he wouldn't find, since a member of staff had told him they'd been discontinued the previous time we were there, again showing his told lack of concern for the swine flu virus while I am sleeping on the floor with all these congestion problems.

By the time we got back, Mum had settled herself down on the floor and was lying on top of my computer and tape recorder because I hadn't been there to move them out of the way.  She claimed that she "wanted to clear up so that I wouldn't climb over her" but she knows that the computer has to go on the sofa, so she must have known that I would have to climb over her anyway. >.<

I was extremely tired myself, but my allergies are just so awful.  I start sneezing as soon as I so much as sit on this floor.  I need to get out of here, but I just don't see any way that I can escape now that David's got a job and doesn't even have time to make any phone calls or try to move forward with Woodberry.

Sorry to end on a depressing note.  But that's another four days of my extremely fascinating life!  Now I must settle myself down on the floor of allergy-land and try to get some sleep.  Thanks for reading, everyone!

Desirée Skylark  xxx

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