Friday, 18 December 2009

I slipped on the ice and 'broke' the computer today...

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...But thankfully it turned out to be okay.  Well, thankfully for me anyway, but I guess you guys might not be so thankful since you'll now have to listen to me droning on about another four days of my boring life!

November 25th 2009

It was Allan's 8th birthday - I can't believe how fast the years have flown!  We didn't get to see him, of course, having dropped his presents off the previous weekend. Instead Mum and I went for another boring walk up and down the road in order to get some exercise.

Mum had a "creeping feeling" running up and down her legs, which she convinced herself must be "caused by thrombosis" and an aching foot which she was sure she "must have broken somehow".  Both have since mysteriously got better on their own though so I think both problems were most likely caused by sleeping on the floor.  My knees and hips kept clicking all day too - again, probably caused by not having a proper bed.

Someone dropped me a hint about a great e-Bay auction... an unused G1 MLP sticker album for £1.99 including P&P.  Not too bad, eh?  And amazingly I was the only bidder!  The description and photo were awful though, so it was a bit of a gamble, but I figured it was worth taking a risk for once.

And while I was on e-Bay, I finally bought myself a copy of the second Call of the Wild DVD.  It was released months ago, and I've been putting off buying it for a long time because Mum is always using e-Bay and would laugh at me for wasting my money, but she'd told me she wasn't going pony hunting this Christmas and I know she's out of money for buying anything for herself, so I decided to take the plunge.  I got it for under a fiver including shipping too, so don't feel too bad about it.

In the evening, David drove me to Woodberry - I got upset to see all the twinkling Christmas lights in Ealing Broadway and remember how we can't have so much as a tree this year because of the clutter and the fact that I'd be in danger of kicking it over on top of myself during the night.

When we got there, I discovered that the ponies I had taken over there to "save" from the heat in the back room in such a hurry - even though I really didn't want to be parted with them - were boiling hot anyway.  Basically, being winter again, the central heating had been turned on and it would seem that they were right above our boiler and just through the wall from the neighbours' hot water tank.  Of course, I moved them straight away but now Tall Tales has developed pony cancer as well.  What's the point of it all?

It also depressed me to see just how filthy my nice 'new' cream carpet is - the colour was totally different underneath the boxes.   And my wall was cracking behind the ponies where it's obviously far too hot - so much for Sickton insulating my room!

Mum was fuming when I told her about the ponies.  "I hope you kicked up stink, and showed David that you mean business!  I would have been kicking the wall down - bl**dy Mark and Sarah!"  (Mark and Sarah being our neighbours, by the way)  What good would it have done to kick the wall?  Make yet another dent in what should have been the nice room I've waited eighteen years for?  "Yes, why not?  The wardrobe's going there anyway!" came Mum's reply. o_0

November 26th 2009
Went to Tesco just before it shut - in fact, the doors were already closed but the security guard kindly let us in anyway.

I finally wrote to Trevor Devall and sent in a couple of (admittedly ridiculous) questions for Gary Chalk.  I have yet to listen to the episode and see if Trevor used either of them, but I'm so embarrassed that I kind of hope he didn't. >.<  I wish I could have come up with something original...

Caroline told me that she was going to Vancouver again for the weekend - not sure if you're reading this, but I am still so jealous!  And still waiting for photos.

I'm still concerned about all this swine flu.  Apparently, there has been a very low uptake on the jab in this country, and they destroy all the stuff that isn't used at one of the special 'swine flu party clinics where only the sick and elderly are invited' (as I have named them!) since they can't keep it as long as other vaccines.  Fair enough.  BUT if one of the old cronies then decides that they WANT a vaccine, they will be provided with one, meaning someone else won't get the chance. >.<

There were over 30 deaths just in this country that week - it's worrying when I am still sleeping on the floor and have all these bad congestion problems.

November 27th 2009

David "didn't have time" to do anything towards moving house all week.  He didn't even ring the builders to see if they could come the next day.  Mum and I knew that this job would take over... so why didn't he make more effort to get us out of here BEFORE he started work?!

We had tomato soup for dinner... and once again, Mum gave me way too much and it spilled all over the carpet. (At least I'd put it down so that it didn't burn my thumb this time!)  Then she told me that it was my own fault as I "want to use a baby's plate".  I most certainly do not want to use the plastic snail plate that I have been using since I was seven, but in this house normal things like kitchenware are banned, so I don't have an ordinary plate to use!

In the evening, I went to Woodberry via David's office where he had to pick up a file.  He works in the most peculiar place - it's like an unused storage depot with three or four rooms knocked into one.  One of his co-workers had Cute Curtsey and Willow Wisp next to his desk (presumably they belong to his daughter?) which I thought was sweet.

I watched Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus - oh, what an exciting life I lead! - and must say that Lalainia Lindbjerg's Brietta does sound very much like Clover from My Little Pony Tales.  Kelly Sheridan said she thought Lalainia had played Clover, so I wonder if she was right about Patch having been voice by Brigitta Dau and not Venus Terzo after all?

And finally, Emma wrote Mum a message offering her a dog, which one of her friends had "rescued" from a fellow common council estate inhabitant.

Have a question how do you feel about Newfoundland / alasation cross dog 5 months, micro chipped, fully vac until July next year, male lovely so clam ????? he's your's if you want him he's been saved by Justine's husband - he saw him being beaten over the head and brought him off the bloke to get him away to somewhere safe but they can't keep him cause of the cat- still not over Boyce!"

 (Boyce was Justine's old dog who she got rid of because he nipped her husband when he tried to interfere with a fight between Boyce and their cat, hence poor old Boyce was "a danger to children". )

I can't imagine what she was thinking of.  She knows that Mum won't even let me have guinea pigs because she wants to be free to go on holiday and we have nobody to babysit any pets while we go away, and she also knows that we are living in what can only be called a slum.  How the heck could we have a previously-abused huge great Newfoundland/Alsatian sleeping on the floor with us?!  There's not even enough floor space for a dog as it stands right now.

So I think it was a bit cruel to say it to Mum knowing how much she wants another dog, and how guilty it would make her feel that she wasn't taking on the needy creature.

November 28th 2009
Didn't leave the house all day.  I'm sick of this lack of independence as I am fast approaching twenty years old.  Well, okay, I still have seventeen months until that, but you get my meaning.

David went to Woodberry but only one builder showed up and seems to have spent his day doing next to nothing.  He gave us two out of three receipts, but we still have nothing for the snagging as he "needs to get someone else to look at it first".

Oh, and Emma's animal-related nonsense continued.
"I don't know the whole story but the dog was tied to a bed and if he made a noise the man hit him, Rick saw him being hit and asked what he'd done saying he'd been looking for a dog like Marley so the man said you can have him if you want he's nothing but trouble, so rick did a deal, i think there must have been a lot more to it than that but i didn't go in to details - Justine would keep him but she plans to go back to work and doesn't want to leave him all though the day plus her last dog Boyce used to bully the cat (Mac) and Mac is so scared of dogs now and Marley who i met last night is 3 times the size of Boyce so Mac won't come in and Justine say's she has to put Mac first.
The problem Justine has got is Rick got him off this bloke thought work - and if she takes him to PDSA, RSPCA, Battersea or the likes he's mirco chipped and when they see his poor head they will have to explain why and it will come back at work on Rick. Rick is just pleased he got him out of there.

We are thinking of re homing the cats - they are more work than they are worth don't get me wrong they are nice cats but Nick and i haven't bonded with them the kids only like Lucy, they are covered in fleas no matter now much we treat them, we don't really have the money for them they need to be done and i'm scared that when they start to go out they will come home and i'll have a huge vet's bill from where another cat has got them! i said to the kids today how would they feel about getting rid of them expe`cting tears etc and nothing they said yeah ok!"

I am just astounded.  Whoever mistreated that poor dog should be reported, no question about it.  While do-gooders continue to just buy individual animals off of [Insert rude name here] said un-named 'rude name' people will continue to buy more animals and abuse them instead.  He NEEDS to be reported for what he did.

And as for those poor, poor cats...!  Fair enough, they do need to get out of that house with the kids pulling them around, but Emma should have considered her financial situation before taking them on.  And if she's really so broke as to not be able to afford two kittens, how does she propose to keep the latest child?!  The fact is, you can't just take animals on a whim and play a game of pass the parcel with them once you get bored.  They are living breathing creatures, and deserve to be treated with some respect.  And she's not even doing the semi-responsible thing of sending them to a (non-euthanising) re-homing centre where they will be assessed and sent to the best home for them.  She just intends on passing them on to the next friend or relative until the novelty wears off for them too.  And how long before they end up with someone who won't even bother to pass them on and so the poor things will be drowned or meet some other horrific fate just because their latest owner couldn't be bothered with feeding them anymore?

And to sound almost proud that your kids don't care about getting rid of their pets?  Wow.  Just wow.  How can anyone feel good about bringing up their kids to think that way?  I honestly don't know if I will be able to hold my tongue when we see them on Boxing Day.

Well, time for me to get some sleep.  Arrivederci!

Desirée Skylark  xxx

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