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Skiving builders, a lucky find and our own limited edition McFlurry!

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October 9th 2009

David went to Woodberry again to supervise the builders, while Mum and I went for a horrible and very boring walk up and down this grotty road.  When we returned, I watched the neighbours' cats chasing a rat up our alley (they came back minus rat but looking very pleased with themselves so I presume they caught the poor thing), while Mum spoke to David on the phone.

He explained that the builders had left early, but he would be spending another day over there "painting his shelves".  He also said that he had "told the builders they weren't working tomorrow" (so that we could go to a car boot sale as promised).  Yeah, right.  I don't believe he'd have actually had the nerve to tell the builders anything, so I'm more inclined to think that by coincidence THEY told HIM they weren't working.  They obviously kept packing up work at the first opportunity.

Mum thought so too, and asked if David thought they had escaped to another job, since he had happily paid them in advance and they had no reason to work for us now.  But David insisted this was not the case.  "No, they haven't left and gone to another job, they're just... not here."  Very convincing, eh?

David came back too late to go anywhere - it was raining though, so I guess I couldn't have gone for another walk anyway.  He did go to the post office and get my parcels weighed, though, and I did manage to sell the stickers, so it wasn't a total waste of a day.

In the evening, I went to Woodberry and watched three more episodes of Sonic the Hedgehog on Youtube... I still can't hear any trace of Shane, though.  Or half of the other actors from the cast list for that matter, but I know I don't always recognise a lot of those voices...  Does anyone have a clue what characters he might have played in the show?  Come on, guys!  There must be an avid AOSTH fan out there somewhere with a detailed voice cast for the show!

I was so busy listening to the show that I totally forgot to delete all the irritating men who were building up in my Myspace inbox.  Oh, well.  They would have to wait until another day!

October 10th 2009

I got up extremely early for the car boot sale but the weather did not look good at all.  Still, a promise is a promise, and I'm always up for a bit of treasure hunting, so I attempted to wake David by shouting up the stairs at the top of my voice.

Fifteen minutes later, I was convinced that he was dead.  Not one sound could be heard from the bathroom.  So I climbed upstairs and started hammering on the door, continuing to shout.  The only response I got came in the form of a few faint snores.  About ten minutes later I gave up and, with an aching fist and a sore throat, began to make my way back down the stairs.

Five minutes later, David emerged from the bathroom to "wake us up".  Excuse me?!  I've just spent the last half an hour trying to wake YOU up!  Of course, by this time it was as late as ever, and the weather showed no signs of improving, so I almost decided not to bother.  But Mum dragged herself off of the floor and convinced me to get up, too.

The boot sale was small and it was still threatening to rain so I didn't hold out much hope.  But this was what we had labelled as our "last boot sale of the year".  So I tried to just enjoy the thrill of the hunt regardless.

And sure enough, even the stalls that were there seemed to be mainly 'market' stalls selling new goods.   Presumably all of the 'ordinary sellers' had been put off by the weather.

But as we continued to walk along the aisles, we found a few more ordinary sellers who had braved the bad weather.  And it seems the usual toy dealer buyers had been put off too as the few typical 'boot sale' stalls that were there were PACKED with 80s/90s toys.  I actually left some pretty nice plush Care Bears, Nosy Bears, Fluppy Dogs, Puppy Surprise, Polly Pocket, Wuzzles and Popples etc. just because I didn't have enough money to bring them back and risk nobody online wanting them anyway.

But you don't want to know about the stuff that I left, do you? You want to know what I actually bought. Well, here we go...

(Sorry, I know they look scruffy, but these were the pics I took straight after we got back from the car boot sale.  I'll have to post some more recent photos showing them all after their baths at a later date!)

Can you spot the gems?

Well, let's start with the one non-pony item - plush Wuzzles Koalakeet, who set me back 50p.  I'll probably be looking for a new home for him... if my mum agrees to let him go!

Mum spotted the TAF mug. It's very dirty inside, but I was still pleased to find it especially since it goes with a bowl that Mum gave me one Christmas years ago, and I have tried to win it on e-Bay numerous times to no avail. And at 20p you can't go wrong! The cassettes were in a horrendous state when I found them, with the tape all wrapped around everything else in the box (!), but I managed to wind them back up again and bought them for 5p each.  Miraculously, they both work pretty well, although one is a little quiet at the beginning.

And now I present to you, her royal highness, Princess Rinse 'n' Spit!

Her tail has been chopped, but otherwise she looks really nice. Probably a bit pricy at £1 especially as I already have the white one (she'll most likely be looking for a new home too... I just need to check her condition against my old girl), but I just couldn't stand to leave her there among the common fakie rabble!

Then came the real find...well, to my mind at least. I must admit, I actually walked straight past them, my mind set on another box where I'd seen some Popples and Wuzzles, when my mum called me back to look at a box my dad had spotted behind an armchair... A big box of ponies! G1 ponies!

They cost £1 each, so I didn't buy them all, as the woman who was selling them wouldn't do a good deal on the lot (we did ask!). So I left a Peachy, Lemon Drop, Posey, two Speedys, Sky Rocket, Baby Brother Bright Bouquet, Baby Quackers, Floater, Little Giggles and a few others. I kind of wish I'd bought Quackers now though, as she was a lot better than mine. Oh, well. We did manage to knock £1.50 off of the total... So I got all twelve ponies for £10.50.  Not too bad, I'd say!

So which ponies did I buy?

Magic Star and Star Gleamer!
Magic Star had a bad rust problem which I didn't notice until I got her back here, but she has cleaned up nicely.  Star Gleamer had some pony make-up nail varnish on her hooves, which came straight off, and is otherwise gorgeous.

Baby Paws and Little Lullabye (Tabby)!

Baby Paws probably has a slight tail trim and Little Lullabye's curls are a bit, um, 'uncurly' (!), but she's still far better than my poor childhood Lullabye!

Tug (Salty) and Wig Wam!
Both are in excellent shape after a bath. Tug even has a little of his original curl!

Barnacle and Daddy Apple Delight
This is the most unfaded gorgeous Barnacle I have ever seen, and he has some lovely original curls, too. They just need some tidying. And Daddy Apple Delight is Spanish! And in pretty good condition for a Spanish pony, if I must say so myself. His hair is so soft!

Chocolate Chip (Coco Berry) and Surfing Days (Tropical Breeze)
I literally almost fainted when I saw these two. The photo doesn't do them justice, but their hair is just so PINK! And Chocolate Chip has THE most gorgeous original curls in her mane that I have ever seen.

Baby Tippy Toes

But even those two couldn't come up to the standards of this baby. She honestly looks like she just fell off the card. I can't see a single flaw with her except for a tiny factory flaw air bubble at the front of her leotard.

Oh, but who's that blue pony at the back of the first picture, you say? Well...



Well, no car booting season would be complete without a Mountain Boy find, eh?

He has a lovely pink tail, too. His mane's rather more cream-coloured with a hint of pink, but who cares? Any Mountain Boy is a good Mountain Boy, right? 

Some of these ponies may also be going up for sale in the future, but I need to look at my own collection and figure out which are upgrades first. (I have a feeling that most of them will be actually, since the condition of most of my collection is rather pathetic)

I was so excited as I left the car boot sale - it's been ages since I found a big lot of G1 ponies like that.  I was terrified that one of them would jump out of the bag and get lost on the way back to the car!

Once we got back to Grottsville, I began digging out my own collection from their boxes in the back room (something I really didn't want to do since I spent so much time washing them and packing them all up nicely to go straight on their shelves at Woodberry) to figure out which of the new arrivals were upgrades etc.

Then I made a dreadful discovery.

I knew the boxes were too hot in the back room, another reason I was pressing to move house.  But I didn't realise quite how bad the situation was.  I pulled my Tornado out... and discovered two small pony cancer spots.  Yes, it could just be age, but I figure the heat at least contributed to the process.

Fortunately, my Thailand Tornado wasn't damaged, but I was still heartbroken.  I've had both of those boys for around ten years now, and I hate to think they've been harmed due to the conditions I've kept them in.  They deserve to be with someone who can look after them.

Anyways, my parents made me feel even worse by yelling at me how it was all my fault for moving the ponies into the back room.  Well, what was I supposed to do?  Leave them in the library where they were being damaged by carpet beetles and mice?!

I pointed out how I had my carpet laid at Woodberry in the hopes that I could move over there alone and take my ponies with me to get them out of this house, even though I knew my carpet would get ruined with plaster dust etc.  Instead of that, the carpet was ruined and the ponies and I are still here!  "At least I was trying to do the sensible thing and get them out of here." I said.

"Sensible?!" Mum spoke at David, her only audience, even though he wasn't really listening.  "For a CHILD with ALLERGIES, she is very, very stupid for laying her carpet when she KNEW there was more building work to do." 

Objection!  (x3 in fact )

1) At 18 years old, I am not a child, even if you would like to think of me that way.
2) I'm allergic to carpet beetles, not plaster dust, so I don't see that laying my carpet makes any difference in that sense.
3) I did not know there was a lot more building work to do.  It was only since the carpet went down that you announced that you wanted the archways into the extension closed up.  I thought there was just a cupboard or two that needed insulating and a lot of decorating work etc.

Well, after the argument, David and I took off to Woodberry with 221 ponies... and left them there with nobody to watch over them whatsoever.  Not nice.  I was so terrified that something would happen to them all, and I hated being parted from them.  I just liked being able to lift the box lids and see their little faces every day, and I can't do that when they're 'living' six miles down the road!  But at least I got to look through them all and survey the damage.  Out of 221 ponies, I recorded the following injuries.

The carpet beetles had got to So Soft Ribbon and Cherries Jubilee.  Fortunately not too badly, but they certainly have some thin flocking where they didn't have before.

Macau Peachy and Sweet Stuff have developed small cancer spots.  Peachy might have already had them though (I found her at a toy fair about nine years ago, and I can't really remember her condition back then), but I'm really upset about Sweet Stuff as it took me ages to find a nice blue one with no pony cancer.

But the one that upset me most was white Tootsie.  One of her legs has got slightly bent from bad packing (she kind of straddled another pony o_0)  I tried so hard to pack them well, but I did think it was only temporary, and probably wasn't so careful as I should have been.

Still, I guess it could have been worse.

On the subject of MLPs, I spotted a new commercial on Pop for the 'Sleep & Twinkle So Soft Star Song'.  Part of the reason that Mum stayed behind while we went to Woodberry was so that she could attempt to tape it for me... then she couldn't get the remote controls to work anyway, and missed it three times!  I managed to catch it myself at 9.30pm after we came back, and Mum enjoyed having a nice long internet session while we were out of the way, so it worked out okay in the end.

October 11th 2009
It would have been Splodge's 7th birthday - I can't believe he would have been that old!  I hate anniversaries - I just want to cut some cucumber and throw a party for my little fuzzball, but there's not much point trying to feed a box of ashes.

David woke me up at 6.30am to go to Hounslow Heath car boot sale, but I decided not to go because I didn't want to be blamed for stopping any progress on Woodberry.

But Mum kept putting off going to Woodberry all day anyway (too scared that she wouldn't like the new widened openings in the extension), so I just spent the whole day in front of the TV looking out for any other new MLP commercials.  I didn't see any, but since there are three different ones in the US at the moment, I figured it was worth looking out.

Mum finally agreed to go over there in the evening - when we took a further two boxes of MLPs over there - and actually decided that she liked the new openings and wanted to press on with looking at the colours.  But, of course, the weekend was over and there wouldn't be another chance for six days.

We actually had to travel backwards and forwards three times, since we could only get one box of ponies in the car at a time with Mum.  And the second time we forgot to take any black bags to cover my plushies with... so that was the third trip.  I didn't want any further dusty work done with all my plushies exposed on the shelves.

We went to McDonalds for ice cream on the way back...  Nice McFlurry, but they gave us Dairy Milk chocolate pieces instead of the Aero pieces we ordered.  But we still got chocolate sauce.  Interesting mix - must be a real limited edition, just for us! >.<

And then when I finally got back here, I spoke to Grace on MSN.  It was really nice to hear from her again after such a long time.  If you're reading this, we should speak more often - I haven't forgotten your adoptable, by the way.  I think I'll just have to abandon the darn shading!

Anyways, that's another three days of my life.  Ever onwards!  Hopefully, I'll get back on here to write again tomorrow - although I want to watch the TV the next two evenings (a very rare occurence for me!) so I'm not sure if I'll get a chance.

Love you all!

Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

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