Thursday, 10 December 2009

A strange silhouette at the door...

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A weird drunk man just came to our door, holding a cigarette in one hand and a beer can in the other, and slurring his words loudly.  It made me feel all nervous to be here again, so I figured I'd write a blog to calm myself down.

October 24th 2009
It was the day of the annual Ponycon, but it was held in Sheffield this year and I couldn't go for financial reasons.  I was pretty sad as it's the first time I haven't attended since I heard about it soon after the first one was held in 2004, but Destroy a Fakie always upsets me so I guess there's an upside to everything.

We went to Woodberry and I spent time with my ponies, re-photographing some of them on a black background which appears to make them show up better than the pale green tablecloth I had them all standing on before.

Meanwhile, David stood in the doorway observing the shelves my ponies haven't even had the chance to stand on yet and making yet another nasty remark - "These shelves will be good for books once you're gone."  Nice to feel wanted, isn't it?  He said it was a joke, but I don't find it very funny when I've waited all this time for a room of my own... and for an education to enable me and my ponies to vacate your precious shelves.

Then we drove to PC World to try and buy a new mouse for David's computer, but the car park was absolutely packed so Mum and I refused to go in for fear of catching swine flu.  "It's not very busy - I don't know what's wrong with the pair of you!" David spluttered, angrily, before driving us back to Grottsville.

The builders rang and announced that they were coming back on Monday (the 26th)... the day that we were supposed to be picking up my MLP Twinkle Wish Adventure DVD from HMV.  So I may as well have ordered it online, especially considering it had cost £5.99 rather than the £3.99 it said on the website. >.<

I managed to re-home a couple of Keypers for £16, which pleased me... but I lost over a £1 on the Paypal fee!  Ugh.

October 25th 2009

We totally forgot that the hour went back and were up incredibly early - if only we'd remembered just how early it was, we could have taken advantage and gone to a car boot sale!

David took me back to Woodberry.  Mum wouldn't come with us because she "wasn't invited".  I had left ponies all over the floor waiting to be photographed and had to clear up and put them back in their boxes before the builders came in to create more dust.  I noticed a lot of fibres on top of some of the ponies and realised my So Soft Ponies had been standing on top of them.  So I guess the carpet beetles must have been nibbling them all, even if I can't see much actual damage.

Once I had finished photographing all the ponies in the box, I called David (who had been using the internet up in the loft) to let him know I was ready for my internet turn whenever he had finished.  Then I heard a crash.  I called and asked if he was all right, but he didn't answer so I just presumed he'd knocked down the piece of wood that was holding one of Mum's wallpaper samples against the wall.  After a couple of minutes, I went to investigate.

I found David looking very sorry for himself sitting at the top of the stairs, cradling the computer.  "I dropped it..." he said, "...and I hurt my bum."  Of course, he blamed the before-mentioned piece of wood that Mum had placed at the top of the stairs for "tripping him up" but since it hadn't moved an inch I'm guessing he just slipped on the stairs.  It seems he had sat down hard about three stairs down and the computer had bounced down another three stairs.

Fortunately, it still worked, and I was able to download another five episodes of Sonic the Hedgehog.  Then I discovered the member who uploaded all the AOSTH episodes hadn't got to the end of the series anyway. >.<

Later, the builder rang to say they "couldn't make it tomorrow" (he'd "been lying down all day") but David had already agreed to see both a cleaner and fencer while the builders were there (or not, as the case may be), so I still couldn't go and collect my DVD.

October 26th 2009
I slept until 7.45am.  Mum blamed it on "too much computer" and "not getting to bed early enough".  Probably right.  But I don't sleep properly on the floor anyway and I think that even if I were to lie down at 8pm, I'd still be trying to grab snatches of sleep until noon or so the following day unless someone woke me up before then.

David wouldn't come out of the bathroom anyway, even though he had promised that we could go and collect the DVD and then walk through the parks to Woodberry where we would meet him so that he could drive us back here.  "You're not coming, are you?" He said to Mum when he finally came downstairs.

Of course, after he said that, Mum refused to go because she "wasn't wanted" and by the time she calmed down it was too late.

"You still have time to get ready." David said.  "She's changed, isn't she?" He looked at me, still wearing my Grottsville rags.  I'm sorry, but I refuse to leave the house in a baggy t-shirt when the sleeve is actually falling off.  And it angers me that David can't even tell the difference between my clothes when he makes such a study of women in general.

Anyways, as it happened, David picked the DVD up on his way to Woodberry, then stayed there until 4pm waiting for the cleaner (who had been due at 10am).  She never arrived, of course.

The fencing bloke was "not impressed" with Emma Renton's work.  He said there was no need for the hideous metal plates on the side fence, or the wooden supports on the bottom fence.  And the gate certainly wasn't properly measured - Surprise, surprise, it's NOT normal to have a gate with a four inch gap either side, after all.  Does anyone find it funny that when we Googled Emma Renton we came up with these positive reviews ~

Okay, weird enough that she would receive nine positive reviews, but notice how the top review is from a R (Rob?) Williams and that six others were left anonymously on the same day.  Sure, could be coincidence, but you can't help but wonder...

When David got back with my DVD, I immediately noticed the case was badly dented.  If only I had been there, I could have swapped it for a better one, but oh well.  I'd waited so long to get it, and at least it's only the back of the case that is damaged.

Anyways, on to my thoughts on the actual movie.  I can't STAND the animation - yes, the G3.5s themselves are kind of cute (although not very MLPish) but there's no feeling or effort put into the backgrounds any more.  They're just so plain and unrealistic.  I mean, all the G3 backgrounds have been bad in comparison to the G1 TV shows, but this is an outrage even by their standards!

Who on Earth is Courtney Worthington?  Excuse me if I sound really dumb, but I Googled her name and can't find anything about her.  Not that I dislike her particularly, but I didn't think she sounded anything like Kelly Sheridan if that was supposed to be Cheerilee singing "Somewhere Super New".

I do like that there were some non-core seven ponies in this movie.  Hopefully this means there's still a chance of other ponies being brought back into the line in future.  And, as many people have already pointed out, there were even a few ponies who looked like boys in a couple of crowd scenes.

And... the mystery voice of Flitter Flutter (or simply 'Mayor' as she was credited) was... Tracey Moore.  I can't believe I didn't get that - it was so simple.  As soon as I heard her voice as the narrator I realised how stupid I'd been not to think of her before.  She's also credited as the 'Announcer' and 'Scooter Doo' though, and I can't figure out for the life of me what characters they're talking about.  Okay, the announcer I guess is the pony who looks like Sea Spray?  Although I thought that sounded like Tabitha St. Germain. >.<  But I can't think of a single other speaking character who could have been named Scooter Doo...  Admittedly, it's been a while since I watched it now.  I'll have to have another look through the movie and see if I can figure it out.

David promised to take us to TRU that night to check the price of the Ben 10 car we had been ordered to buy for Allan's 8th birthday.  But then David's brother Mark showed up on the door step shortly before we should have been leaving.

"You're not going, are you?" Mum said in a shocked voice.  "Yes, I am." David said arrogantly.

As it happened, Mark did leave just in time for us to get to TRU, but when we got in the car a gang of thugs walked past and Mum refused to leave her stuff in this house if they had seen us driving out, so she and I came back inside and David went to TRU alone.

Disappointing, as I had wanted to go and treat myself to a couple more G3.5 'Alien Ponies'.  "I want to go to TRU myself later this week." I said to David as he left.  "Why do you have to go?" he sneered.  Why does he have to be so nasty all the time?

Mum and I enjoyed our time while he was out though, listening to Janyse's Magic of Christmas CD.  Mum hadn't actually heard it before, but had asked to listen after deciding she liked Janyse's voice in the "Twinkle Wish Adventure".  And in fact, it turned out that she really liked the music.  Unfortunately David came back before the end so she didn't get to hear some of the tracks, but it looks as though I have found another fan!

October 27th 2009

David got us up early to go to TRU.  Why the heck would we want to go there on a busy morning during half term when we could go any night of the week?

Instead of leaving the house, Mum had a bath - her first in eight months - and failed to clean the tub afterwards. >.<  Oh well, another job for me next time I had a bath!

I went to Woodberry to write a note to Janyse (stupid Myspace messaging refused to work here in Grottsville with this dial-up connection) and download the last few Sonic the Hedgehog episodes, then on to Brent Cross TRU to buy Allan's Ben 10 car and also Scootaloo and Cheerilee for myself.  I love their hairstyles (the ponytail and bunches are so cute!)... although I think maybe Hasbro could have used the correct coloured bands as in the cartoons if they were going to go to that much trouble.  Still, I guess they'll snap in time anyway, so I'll just replace them then.

David made a big fuss when we got through the checkout - "How much do they cost?  I thought they were reduced!"  No, they're not reduced, I just wanted to treat myself with my own money.  Do you mind?  I felt so sorry for the young man behind the counter - he was cringing by the time David had finished telling him that he had made a mistake and I had got the point across that they were indeed £5.99 each. >.<

There are no ponies in the TRU Christmas catalogue at all... I think Hasbro really has killed the line.  They're hardly in any Christmas catalogues this year, and those that do feature MLPs have a very limited selection.   For those of you overseas, are there any ponies in your catalogues this year?  I'm curious to know if it's just England, or if MLPs really are sadly dying out once again...

Mum was terrified all the time that we were out apparently - turning lights on and off to make it look as though there was someone in the house and carrying the phone around with her so as to be able to call the police in an emergency etc.

On that subject, the weird man who came to the door earlier hasn't returned, and I've spent about an hour and a half writing this blog now, so I think it's safe to say he's unlikely to come back now.  So I shall sign off here.  Hopefully someone was able to make a bit of sense out of this long, boring, rambling blog entry!

Thanks for reading!
Desirée Skylark  xxx

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