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A very rushed and garbled blog entry... But hey, at least I wrote one!

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October 12th 2009
Mum and I went for another boring walk up and down the road.  And this time I wore a pedometer, which showed we only walked 3325 steps anyway - not even a third of what you're supposed to do in a day.

Meanwhile, David was at Woodberry "overseeing the builders"... and doing a very good job of it, I might add.  Mum rang him up and asked what work they had done - but he didn't know, so went to look for them and see what they were up to.  The next words he uttered through the phone were, "Oh, they're not here!"  They'd gone off for an extended lunch break, and he didn't even know. >.<  They could just of easily been scratching the doors to the kitchen units and stealing Thailand Tornado.  David wouldn't have a clue, or even care what they were doing, so long as he has an endless supply of Youtube videos showing young French models in front of his nose.

Mum and I looked through her old tapestry kits again (the ones we checked only a month or two previously) and discovered more carpet beetle damage, meaning another carrier bag full of unused kits had to be thrown away.  And David still sees no urgency as regards getting out of here.

We received a letter from Ron's solicitors telling us that they are closing down - and they never gave us the deeds for Woodberry.  David finally took this opportunity to chase them up about it... but they've thrown away all but the necessary certificates which we already have.  So we will never know the truth of the house name (i.e. whether it's "Woodberry" or "Wood Berry") or any of its history.  If only they had told us before they cleared out the records.

When David finally got back from Woodberry, he offered to take me to TRU (where I had been wanting to go and see if there were any offers on the Alien Ponies)... but when Mum asked him to hoover the bathroom before she put her bag of tapestry kits back in there, he decided to do his usual overly-thorough job of it.  In fact, he spent no less than THREE HOURS hoovering one patch of carpet so it got too late to go out.  Well, he "has to sleep there, you know?"  Yes, and we have to sleep on the insect-infested lounge floor.  And he never hoovers in here!

Angry with David, Mum started ranting at him.  "How long do you think Toys 'r' Us is going to cut it anyway?  She's eighteen!"  (Ah, I see, my age differs from argument to argument - I was just a "child" at the weekend!)  So David took the opportunity to snap back and try to make me feel like a little kid again.  "Well, I'll take her to a night club then!"  Well, sorry, if I have an "immature" pony-collecting hobby, but I know plenty of other pony collectors, and we're not all childish idiots!  I admit that I don't like drinking (well, I've never actually even tasted alcohol, but I hate the smell and I've seen what it does to so many irresponsible people), and I can't think of anything worse than a noisy room filled with booming pop music and rowdy, sweaty and arrogant men who think your sole purpose in life is to pleasure them.  Sorry, guys, but I'm staying single because I have no interest in the likes of you.  I can't see that clubbing would be any fun on your own anyway, and I never get the chance to make real life friends.  I don't see why I should have to make excuses for myself all the time anyway.  Perhaps one day we'll move house and my life will change.  But I don't think I'll ever be the partying 'til dawn type!

October 13th 2009

Mum awoke with a big blister on her foot and couldn't go for her walk... which meant I was stuck indoors too.

We re-checked the bags of plushies that we put in Emma's old bedroom after "saving" them from the old communal bedroom, and found two more live carpet beetles despite spraying 'Doom, Doom, Doom' (which is supposed to last three months) all over the carpet around the bags.  Our beetles appear to be immune.

I found a Teeny Weeny Families backcard and attempted to put more of my old sets together... but every single set appears to be missing at least one piece, and I don't think I can bear to part with them anyway.  I have too many happy memories of spending ages setting them all up on the kitchen table as a child.

Only one builder showed up at Woodberry again - how are we ever going to get the job done when everyone is so lazy?!  And with the start date for David's new job getting nearer by the day, we wanted to get as much work done as possible.

That evening, we went to McDonalds for another McFlurry... and received another "Limited Edition Alder Family Special" - Dairy Milk with Chocolate Sauce.  Very nice, I'm sure, but I really wanted to have another Aero McFlurry before they changed the menu.

October 14th 2009

We went to Ealing Broadway early in the morning, hoping to get there before the crowds and reduce our risk of catching swine flu.  The builders weren't working that day, but Dominik rang us on the way and said he wanted us at Woodberry for 10am so that he could pick up some tools.

Both of my parents started shouting at me that it was my fault that we were late (we didn't get to Ealing until 9.15) as I'd spent too long in the bathroom, otherwise we might have got to some more shops.  But the building society - our reason for going to Ealing - didn't open until 9.30 anyway, so we spent most of the time hanging around outside until the doors opened.

We did go in TKMaxx - no success getting any trousers though.  And we pre-ordered a copy of the MLP Twinkle Wish Adventure DVD at HMV.

Mum was approached by a strange bloke who said something to her in a drunken Irish voice which we couldn't quite understand - something about how the "shopping centre was very light".  She was convinced he had approached her because of the reactolites in her glasses (since they go dark like sunglasses even when it's not particularly bright outside), but I'm not so sure.  He'd lurched towards me before her, but I'd got out of his way, so he spoke to her instead.  So I think he would have approached anyone whatever glasses they were or weren't wearing!

That afternoon, we went to see the lawyer that David had found in Kilburn about the whole Picton/Williams/Woodberry palava.  But he was a total bumbling idiot who couldn't find anything on his desk, or understand anything that we told him.  He laughed about Sickton putting his own house on his website and talking about it as though it belonged to "his clients" and thought it was "clever" and he obviously didn't like it that I had tagged along.

He kept making comments like, "We only have two chairs here - so one of you might have to sit on the other's lap."  Later on, he spoke to me.  "Hello, daughter."  I was so nervewracked by being where I obviously wasn't wanted that I froze up and it seemed like an age before I could introduce myself.  Then he asked me which football team I supported, but I thought he was talking to David and didn't reply.  He must have thought I was totally mad... or half asleep as his parting comment suggested.  "You can wake up now."  Oops!

I really don't think we'll get anywhere with a lawyer like that, though.  And on top of it all, we got a £40 parking fine because we were five minutes late getting back to the car.

Anyways, I need to go now as I'm attempting to tape to something on TV and I'm hopeless at multi-tasking.  Sorry if those last few paragraphs seemed rushed and garbled!

Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

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