Monday, 22 November 2010

Bring Back Kelly Sheridan as the Voice of Barbie!

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Wow, I've not updated this blog since August 2nd?!  And even then I was only just writing about June 19th?  Crazy...  Where does the time go?  I swear I will start updating this blog again TOMORROW!  Seriously.  It was going to be tonight, but I'm just too tired from carrying furniture up and down the stairs and cleaning.  I think if I catch another whiff of Pledge Wood Polish, I'll be sick!

I'm really just popping in tonight to ask everyone to sign my petition to 'Bring Back Kelly Sheridan as the Voice of Barbie".  Yes, I have a cheek to ask favours of you all when I haven't even kept this blog updated for months, but Kelly is such a sweet person and it annoys me to hear her replaced by an impersonator who can't even do a good voice match!  My niece was really upset when she heard the latest Barbie movie - she calls the new voice actress 'Fake Barbie'!

Anyways, Mattel have already said they may re-consider their decision due to the number of complaints they have received.  So I'm hoping this petition will give them a final push in the right direction.  I am hoping to get a little Youtube video put together to help promote it, but if anybody wants to sign (and forward to any friends who may be interested), I would be ever so grateful!

Thanks, guys!  And I'll hopefully see you back here again tomorrow with a more interesting blog!  Perhaps I'll even spare the time to update my Myspace profile/get rid of some photos so that I can make my blog public again.  Then again, if I couldn't set aside any time to do so during the last three months...
Desirée  xxx

Monday, 2 August 2010

I'm Going to Ponycon!

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Well, hopefully.  I finally bought my ticket for Ponycon as well as pre-ordering an exclusive pony.  Mum is still not sure if she's coming in or not, but as she doesn't want one of the exclusives, she figures she can make up her mind on the day and pay at the door if she does decide to come in.  I just hope that nothing comes up to stop me attending on the day...
June 18th 2010

Mum was too tired to go for a walk thankfully, so I didn't have to face the perverts of Grottsville for once.  Of course, this did mean that we couldn't ship out my two remaining e-Bay parcels.  David kindly walked to the post office and sent them for me, but I do wish we lived in an area where I could have a little more independence.  I feel bad asking other people to do my jobs for me.

Mercynova started a thread on the Arena having found a new set of Dolly Mix Ponies - this time there were twenty characters to collect, all being original G1 designs!  I was so excited when I saw them, it was the first time in ages that I had actually been happy to see something new from the MLP range.  Even the packaging made my heart flutter - just to see the old G1 logo on something on the shelves in the current day.  I got David to take me to three different branches of Asda that night though, and we didn't find anything.

I got another £3.29 from (I must have made about £20 just by searching the web now!) -  Yep, yet another shameless plug for people to join the site through my referral link!

I had to save a poor little zebra spider from the bath where it had fallen... then David found a MASSIVE spider sitting just inside his Coke can!  The wildlife from our garden is moving in and taking over this house.  We really need to get out of here before there's no space for us at all!
June 19th 2010

David shipped my last three e-Bay parcels and got a shipping quote for an Arena member who had contacted me about some of my unsold e-Bay stuff which she had forgotten to bid on.  He'd already had to go to Tesco to buy a packet of Cornflakes so that we could pack the items up too...  I feel awful getting everyone else running around on my errands all the time!

Then we all went to Elthorne Park for the Hanwell Carnival Summer Fete.  Sadly, there wasn't much there, considering it was the 50th anniversary.  There just doesn't seem to be as much interest in carnivals and other summer events in this area as there used to be.  The fete consisted of about four food stalls and a few tables of bric-a-brac. (No ponies unfortunately, although I have found them in the past  )  We didn't even wait for the carnival, as we knew it would be tiny.  In fact, the whole procession had passed by in the time it took us to walk back to the car and drive back up the road - about ten minutes.  Pretty sad for a carnival that used to be the biggest in London.

Then we went to Asda in Hounslow where we found it now costs £1 just to park the car.  It was work it though, as not only did I find one lone Dolly Mix Cheerilee from the Core Seven set (who turned out to be a later edition to mine in a different packet and with slightly different coloured hair - above packaging is the old style, below is the newer one)...

...but I found TWENTY G1 Dolly Mix Ponies hanging in the cereal aisle!

I was so excited that I didn't even notice that David had handed me a packet of pork scratchings to hold while he went to get a basket... usually, I wouldn't touch anything containing even the slightest bit of meat without a big fuss!

I was quite disappointed at the time as I only got ten different ones, and ten duplicates, but I now know they were the only ten available at the time, so I guess I was actually pretty lucky!

I can't remember which nine duplicates I got, I know I kept an extra Heart Throb though as the poor little thing was deformed.  She has big cracks in her face, and actually looks as though she has a 'teardrop' falling from her left eye.  Poor girl - I just couldn't bring myself to sell her and send her away!
"Hello, my name is Heart Throb."

"The nasty machine that threaded my mane crushed my head and created this ghastly crack from my eye to my muzzle."

"Looks can be deceiving though - I am the sweetest little Dolly Mix Pony you'll find.  Please love me despite my faults, or I shall continue to cry... loudly.  Desirée has already experienced my sobbing and has found it in her heart to adore me as much as the rest of the herd.  In fact, she said that she will make me a new mascot for the Rescue Home if I'll just shut up and stop crying!  She must really love me!"

Ah well, you know Heart Throb - ever the drama queen!

Actually, Heart Throb seems very prone to faults.  Even my 'collection' one has misplaced legs which mean she keeps falling over all the time like an old drunk!  She fits into the Grottsvillian lifestyle just perfectly!

Next we went to West Ealing to buy some Weetaflakes.  David also bought a ton of cheap bread and biscuits to eat at work that night.  Well, that just shows how long he intends to spend at the office at the weekends!

I found a MLP video at Fara for 49p too.  I don't normally pick VHS tapes up these days, but I know the first two TV specials are quite popular with people.  It looks in good condition but I haven't played it yet.  If anybody wants it though, let me know and I'll check through it for you.

Our next stop was Ealing Broadway as I wanted to get some stuff at Savers... I ended up spending far too much money, but I can't resist these coconut products from Inecto!

I couldn't get the coconut cleansing wipes though, and had to settle for Nivea as you can see.  You'd think a well-known brand like Nivea would be better for my skin but it really dries my face out and doesn't do a very good job removing mascara anyway in my experience.  The coconut wipes are much better!  I haven't been able to find anything online about whether Inecto test on animals or not, but judging by the low prices, I bet they do.  I'm almost scared to contact the BUAV as nothing has ever worked so well for my sensitive skin and I'd hate to give it up.  But I do intend to write and ask them when I get a chance.

We popped into Asda at Park Royal (one of the branches we had checked the previous night) on our way back to Grottsville, but they still didn't have any Dolly Mix Ponies.

Mum stayed in the car where she told us she was
"watched by a suspicious looking woman who was pacing all around the car park".  The 'homeless' woman started begging David and I for money to buy something to eat when we got back to the car, but I'm not sure I believed she was that needy.  She was far better-dressed than any of us with beautifully neat hair.  She looked like she'd just thrown a shawl around her shoulders and thought she'd go out at the weekend and see if she could get a bit of pin money.  I could be terribly wrong about all of that, in which case I wish I had helped her, but I can't stand people who pose as being homeless to cheat the general public out of their loose change when there are so many really needy people out there.

And at least I don't share my parents' attitude. 
"What nationality was she?" was Mum's first question when we got back in the car.  "She sounded horribly English," came David's reply.  I don't care if she came from Timbucktoo, I think the question at hand is whether she was trying to scam us or not!

Speaking of beggars, David came into the room that evening and officially declared himself bankrupt, then began asking for Mum's money to finish off the work at Woodberry.  But he's not too broke to continue collecting Mills & Boon books and paying to store them all, of course!

He received a letter from the company he works for saying that his work is
"of a satisfactory standard" and he can continue to work there.  That's kind of them to say to the bloke whon works all hours for no overtime pay, isn't it?!

Ugh, only two days of catching up done today.  I'll never get up to date at this rate!  Still, I guess it's better than nothing - all my e-Bay items are ending tomorrow and Wednesday so I fear I won't have a chance at all for a few days what with all the packing up and figuring out my money etc.  Oh, and to those who expressed an interest, you'll find my items (mainly MLP stuff and other 80s/90s toys, plus a collection of badges from the late 80s) here:

I still have tons more of this kind of stuff to go through, so if you're looking for something specific, drop me a line (I sell off of e-Bay too - in fact, I prefer dodging the fees!) or add me to your favourite sellers list over there.  Yep, the second shameless plug of the evening!  Wow, my blog is becoming one giant advertisement...  Perhaps I should just go and beg in the car park outside Asda...

Best wishes,

Desirée  xxx

Sunday, 1 August 2010

I have a few minutes to spare

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My parents are happily occupied writing some family history out on Excel, so I can write a quick blog entry with no guilty feelings of keeping the computer away from Mum for once.  I don't know how far I'll get, but any catch up efforts have got to be better than nothing!
June 15th 2010

Mum and I walked to the post office to ship out another parcel that I had sold to a member of the MLP Trading Post.  She wanted it sent surface mail, and it STILL hasn't got there, by the way...  That doesn't really have anything to do with this entry, but I thought I'd mention it anyway - crazily slow postal services!  Then we walked up and down the road.  'Scar Face' watched us the entire time and I almost got run over as I hurried to cross the street to get away from the filthy-minded creep.  Mum LAUGHED at this,
"That's what happens when you let the guide dog off the lead!"  WTH?  I have joked in the past that I am her guide dog since she won't "waste her money" on new glasses, meaning she can't see much at all these days.  But I don't find it very funny that I almost got knocked down because I was struggling to put some distance between myself and the pervert on the street corner. >.<

David came in at lunch time unannounced (if only he had told us, I wouldn't have had to walk past Scar Face to the post office again), in order to help Mum to set up an online bank account.  I ended up doing it anyway while David looked over my shoulder and kept making me type the wrong things in, so we may as well have done it days earlier when Mum had wanted to but David had never been available.  I don't know why she thinks he is so much more money-wise than us.

Even once we had set the account up, Mum didn't receive a confirmation e-mail.  She finally got one two hours later when they told her that she had to wait TWO DAYS before proceeding... by which time the interest rates may have dropped anyway.

I looked through some more of my old blogs in the hopes of saving some of the remaining photographs - I was shocked to see some of the things I wrote back then.  God, talk about wearing your heart on your sleeve!  How embarrassing...  I'm half tempted to delete it all, or at least edit a lot of it out, but I like the fact that it's there as a kind of history of my life in recent years.
June 16th 2010

Mum and I walked all the way to Perivale Station and back.  Scar Face and a group of his friends leered at me from the other side of the street again, and then a bloke sitting in a lorry eating his packed lunch further along the road did the same thing.  Believe me, if looks could kill, I'd have been charged on multiple counts of manslaughter by now.  When the bloke in the lorry continued to strain to look at me on our way back, I turned around and shouted something rather rude at him.  Idiotic men - do none of them have any manners these days?

Mum's response to all of this? 
"Well, you must be irresistible!"  Once again, nice of her to joke when I'm feeling so angry!  Sorry, but I don't think it's a compliment to be found "irresistible" by a bunch of perverted old drunks.

But it gets worse.  As we approached the stretch of road opposite 'Scar Face's Territory' outside the post office, all of the men seemed to turn in unison and continued to leer at me as I walked away from them, holding my handbag behind me so as to cover as much as possible as I went. >.<  I asked Mum for the key and ran on ahead, at which point Scar Face's friends began FOLLOWING me on the opposite side of the road and observed which house I went into!

Mum was not at all bothered by this, and was instead upset by the fact that
"people must think we've had an argument because you always walk so far ahead"!

Later, I looked out of the living room window to see SCAR FACE leaning on the bicycle railings on the opposite side of the road and STARING AT THIS HOUSE!  God knows how long he had been standing there; as soon as he saw my silhouette at the window, he casually stood up straight and staggered off down the street. o_0  Now come on, I know I am anti-men at the best of the times, but you've got to admit that's creepy.  Again, Mum made a joke of it -
"What do you mean by 'staring at the house'?  As in, Romeo gazing out and looking for his forbidden Juliet?"  What the heck?  I DO NOT think this is a laughing matter.  The bloke is not a lover I am prevented from being with, he is a dirty old man who has an unnatural obsession with young women, and now he knew where I lived!  I was totally freaked out by the whole situation.

David was still working ridiculously hard and coming in at well past midnight each night.  Meanwhile, my breathing problems were getting worse which meant I needed to get out of this carpet beetle-infested place for air each day, but with David coming in so late, the only way to leave the house was to walk up and down the street.  But how can you walk around when the road is filled with such weirdos?

My latest batch of e-Bay auctions had just ended too, which posed another problem - how was I to ship the 23 items I had sold with Scar Face constantly standing guard outside the post office?  I did what I could, packing stuff up, but I was scared of getting negative feedback if I had to wait for David to ship the stuff at the weekend.  I guess I should stop selling things until we can move house, but I really need to clear stuff out and the £65 that I seem to make on average on e-Bay each time I list a batch of items definitely comes in handy!

David came in from work at 12.10am that particular night, and immediately went into a coughing fit. 
"Oh dear!" Mum cried to David.  "She just keeps on and on whining, and you get sicker!"  Um, so do my breathing problems and cough stand for nothing?!  "Well, if he drops dead, I'll be in a worse state than if you do 'cause he drives and brings in money!"  Well, that's good to know, isn't it?
June 17th 2010

Well, Mum told me off for even considering making the e-Bay buyers wait until the weekend for their parcels to be shipped, so I had to get up early and get over to the post office as soon as it opened, in the hopes of avoiding Scar Face.  Thankfully, he hadn't arrived yet when we got down there, but that didn't stop me feeling so nervous that I kept dropping parcels, money and receipts everywhere!

It was so early in the morning that I hadn't had a chance to clear my airways or eat any breakfast so I was struggling to breathe and got awful chest pains.  And then, about three quarters of the way down the road, I ran into yet another creepy men! o_0

This time it was a workman who should have been busy digging up and re-surfacing the road.  Instead, he saw me, stopped work, turned his drill off, turned around and STARED at me as I walked down the street.  I was feeling really ill by this point and wasn't willing to take anymore of the creepy men and their staring habits.  "Look at it!" I said to Mum, loudly, making it quite clear that I was talking about the despicable creature on the other side of the road.  Then I yelled the first thing that came into my head at that time in the morning. 
"F***ING ENGLISH PERVERT - GET BACK TO WORK!"  Sorry, I am not racist honestly, nor do I normally swear, and certainly not in public.  I just don't appreciate giving a cheap thrill to these freaks who reside in a country where I feel I don't belong while I should be studying abroad right now if only I'd had the money!  The rude (insert another swear word of your choice here) just ignored me and continued to stare.  Of course, he did have plugs in his ears to drown the sound of the drills he SHOULD have been using, so there's a chance that he didn't hear me.  I'm more inclined to think it was a case of selected deafness though.

I was madder than ever this time.  What's with all the creeps in this street lately?  I don't wear revealing clothing or give them any other reason to stare at me - I'm just minding my own business, trying to get some exercise but they still feel the need to make me uneasy.  Or maybe suddenly I had actually become brilliantly attractive to the male eye?  Yep, you know what, guys?  I'm going to be "Miss Grottsville 2010" - next year perhaps I'll win the title of Miss World!  Yes, my adoring fans, you heard it here first.  Now just to attract a kind Canadian guy with a nice condo in Vancouver who is willing to help me get through immigration...  Shouldn't be too hard with all these freaks clamouring for my autograph, should it?  There's got to be one decent man out there...

Anyways, snapping out of dreamland and back to reality, I refused to walk back up the street past the roadworkers and Scar Face and his minions who were bound to be in their places outside the post office by now, so I made poor Mum walk in a huge loop in order to get home.  This meant walking down a secluded lane behind a row of bushes where loads more unsavoury drunks were gathered, and strolling down by the side of a very unpleasant, dusty road with fast moving traffic roaring past us.

My chest pains and breathing problems got even worse since I was unable to clear my airways beforehand, and poor Mum got palpitations too due to walking too far.  We have not been for a walk since - it was just getting too difficult.

We received a letter from Ealing Council telling us that the neighbours had put in for planning permission to build a BUNGALOW in their back garden!  The 'bungalow' turned out to be a 3-bedroom 2-storey chalet which would be positioned overlooking our property.  They obviously want to let it to even more rough drug-dealing tennants.  Life in Grottsville just gets better, eh?  Mum's answer to this? 
"Perhaps we could sell them a bit of our land at the bottom of our garden, so that they could make their bungalow a bit bigger!"  Oh yeah?  So you want the druggies coming even closer to us and overlooking us while we sleep on the living room floor?

David was still working crazy hours, meaning he didn't take Mum to her family history meeting or take us to Woodberry to sort anything out again.  Then that night, he turned on me and asked me
"Well, when are you going to try the mattress so that we can order another one?" as though it was my fault that nothing was happening when I am stranded miles from anywhere!

He did help me pack up a couple of the e-Bay items I had needed help with as they required big boxes being cut down (a job I am totally useless at!)  One of these items was a lot of eight rather large Snoopy McDonalds toys.  David asked me how much I would make on them, so I told them I had sold them for about £8.00, which I didn't think was too bad considering most Happy Meal toys are not selling at all these days, and at least we'd got our money back on them. 
"£8 each?!" he said, excitedly.  Um... no.  You try selling them for that much, David!

Someone announced on the Arena about having heard news of the strangest looking new "pony" that Hasbro have ever produced.

What the heck?  Look at those evil eyes!  I've always hoped they'd release a unipeg, but I hoped they'd still look like ponies...  Oh, well.  I thought perhaps this was the villain, but since then it has become apparent that she is not and is instead probably going to be one of the main 'good' characters in the new TV show.

Oh, and on that subject, this is what the ponies in the new animation will look like...

Oh, and apparently that flying deer thing is supposed to be RAINBOW DASH!  Um, what on Earth are they thinking of these days?  First they change her voice from Venus Terzo's 'darling' vocal talent to Anna Cummer's 'dashing' performance.  Now not only will her voice, no doubt, be changed again, but the little Earth Pony has sprouted wings!

Well, I was intending on writing a four day catch up blog, but I think I'll have to stop there.  Mum is listening to loud music on the radio now and I am being distracted!  And I thought it was teenagers who were supposed to cause noise disturbance with their music! 

I also have to go to the orthodontist tomorrow to discuss which eight teeth they are going to remove, so I'm shaking in my shoes and probably getting more and more incoherent as I go along.  Please think of me at 11am tomorrow, and pray for my safe return!  I really don't trust that Dr Crowe... o_0

Best wishes,

Desirée  xxx

Saturday, 31 July 2010

"I have never been so serious in my entire life!"

Current mood: depressed
My entire family are in a strange mood again, and driving me crazy - I swear they act strangely depending on the position of the moon or something!   Oh well, time for a catch up blog before they send me totally insane!
June 13th 2010

I didn't leave the house - pretty much like today, in fact.  God, this has been a horrible summer... I'm locked up even at weekends these days.  It was Dolly's birthday party at Redwings Horse Sanctuary, but Mum
"didn't feel like dragging around that boring place again"...  It seems she'll only put on the "jolly grandma" act for Emma's children these days! >.<  So David just went to Woodberry to "do some decorating" (and look at God knows what on his computer) before going to work for the rest of the day.

I was exhausted having only slept for six hours the night before, but my throat was still filled with muck as a result of my allergic reaction to the carpet beetles down on the floor.

The toilet started leaking again but David managed to temporarily patch it up.  I honestly don't believe there are any decent workmen out there these days - it seems that you pay out a ton of money to get something fixed and it's leaking/falling apart/looking a terrible mess again within days of the work having been done!

Everybody who walked past was staring and pointing up at our roof, but since we didn't leave the house all day, we have no clue what they were looking at.  Mum rang David at work and asked him to look when he came in from work (at about 1am), and he suggested that
"perhaps there were rats running along there".  Sounds highly unlikely, but I can't help but wonder - we can't see anything wrong with it now (well, no more than usual anyway!), and people are no longer so fascinated by it, so whatever it was must have been a temporary attraction!

Mum was in a fowl mood with me as someone was watching the plush Pound Puppy I had listed on e-Bay and apparently I shouldn't have listed it as she liked it.  But for goodness sake, she picked it up at Epsom car boot sale and had me buy it for 30p so that I could sell it at a profit, with no mention of the fact that she wanted it herself.  And how many stuffed toys does she actually want in a house full of carpet beetles?  Crazy hoarders.  Oh well, you'll be pleased to know he didn't sell, so Mum has now officially added the toy to her growing collection of beetle food!

June 14th 2010

Mum and I had another boring walk up and down the road but we didn't ship the parcels that we should have sent as 'Scar Face' was standing guard outside the post office as ever and I couldn't face walking past him and being leered at again.

I woke up to find a big spider sitting on my pillow beside my head.  Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with spiders - they eat the carpet beetles that cause my allergies, so I consider them my friends.  In fact, we had seen it in Mum's 'floor bed' the night before and had joked that perhaps it was a Black Widow (don't worry, I'm sure it wasn't!) since it was a glossy black colour like none I had ever seen before.  However, it did come as a bit of a shock to wake up and see it there, and I don't like the idea of things crawling on me in my sleep - I'd hate to lie on it and squash it or for it to crawl into my mouth or something!

David didn't come in from work until 11.30pm again - he's working ridiculously hard considering the pittance they pay him, and meanwhile he refuses to discuss any of our problems or sort out the bills he's supposedly working so hard to pay.

I was going through some old blog entries and discovered that most of my photos had been replaced by "Tinypic - this image is no longer available" notices or, worse still, other people's pictures!  Of course, I should have realised this would happen, but I didn't really stop to think about it.  There's now a horrible photo of a man urinating during an account of one of our holidays!  And according to my Iceland blog, 
"We walked along the path you can see in the above photos, in order to get a better look at the waterfall.  Mum was still unmoved by the spectacular views though..."

Not surprising really, is it?

Needless to say, I shall be using Photobucket to host all my blog illustrations from now on, but I still need to go through all my old blog entries and save/replace what I can.

I started the long, hard task that day and it was really sad to go through my old entries from 2007ish.  I was still there talking about my hopes and dreams, but the chances of actually achieving any of them seemed much higher in those days.  But here I am, three years later, and nothing has changed really.  It was quite heartbreaking actually.

Oh well.  I didn't mean to end this blog on a low note, I guess I just have to keep my chin up and focus on the future, whatever happens.  I just hope I don't end up saddled in this dump forever more with some creepy bloke I don't love and a bunch of English children tying me down in a country where I could never be happy.  If I can just get to Canada, even on holiday, I'd feel better.  Even if I can't fulfill my more outrageous dreams of re-locating there permanently and becoming a professional voice actress.  I just don't want to die without having travelled "home" at least once...

My sincere apologies for another depressing blog entry, and thank you for sticking by my side through all of this, dear readers.

Best wishes,

Desirée  xxx

Friday, 30 July 2010

I was born to love you, and I will never be free...

Current mood: tired
God help us all.  I'm back to the lyrical titles, so I think we know how boring this blog entry is going to be!
June 11th 2010

Mum and I went for another boring walk up and down the road.  We saw "Scar Face" standing outside the post office again, leering at me as we walked past.  Ew...  What a creep.  I wish we could just leave this place once and for all!

I was terribly depressed that the longest day was coming up again and I was still trapped in this house, wasting my very last teenage summer.  I tried to cheer myself up a little by singing "Farewell to Perivale", a little song I have written to the tune of Hairspray's "Good Morning Baltimore".  The lyrics are as follows (Yes, I know they're quite pathetic in places and lazy in others where the original lyrics seemed to fit my situation pretty well, but it was only really written as a joke between myself and a couple of e-friends originally!):
Uh uh oh,
Woke up and sneezed...
Feeling... Quite pleased?
What was that dream?
Uh uh oh,
Visions of that life I hunger for;
That life I'd adore!

The voice in my head,
Repeats what she said,
My heartbeat quickens - she can't be wrong!
Uh uh oh,
She says that soon I'll have all that I've dreamed of so long!

Farewell to Perivale!
Every day's made me weep and wail! (Aah-aah...)
Every night sleeping on the floor,
Disturbed by loud music from next door.
Farewell to Perivale!
And once I have escaped from your jail,  (Ooh-ooh...)
The world's gonna look up and see... (Aaah!)
Skylark's flying free!

Uh uh oh,
Happy at last,
Forgetting my past - I leave today!
Uh uh oh,
Now that my future's an open door,
I'm keen to explore!

The rats on the street, (Ooh...)
All dance around my feet.  (Ooh...)
You'd swear they say,
"Skylark, it's up to you!"
So uh oh,
Don't hold me back 'cause today all my dreams will come true! (Today all her dreams will come true!)

Farewell to Perivale!
Where knives and drugs are always for sale! (Aah-aah...)
Where thugs smash windows each night with glee,
Then pop into your garden to pee.
Farewell to Perivale!
And once I have escaped from your jail,
The world's gonna look up and see...
Skylark's flying free!

I dance every step,  (Ooh... Ooh-ooh!)
I sing every song, (Ooh-ooh!)
I dream of that place where I belong. (Where she belongs!)
I see all those party lights shining ahead, (Ooh-ooh!)
So someone invite me before I drop dead! (Before she drops dead!)

Please give me a second glance, (Ooh...  Ooh-ooh!)
'Cause if I had a chance, (Ooh-ooh!)
I know I'd go far. (She'd go far!)
Uh uh oh, (Ooh... Ooh-ooh!)
Now that we're finally on the move, (On the move...)
My chances improve! (Chances improve!)

My family say, "NO!"
But my friends tell me, "GO!"
Sometimes you have to follow your heart.
So uh oh,
Don't make me wait one more moment for my life to start!
(Farewell to... Farewell to... Waiting for her life to start!)

We hate you, Perivale!
Every day's made me weep and wail! (Aah-aah...)
Every night sleeping on the floor,
Disturbed by loud music from next door.
And we vow, dear Perivale!
That once I have escaped from your jail,  (Aaah...)
The world's gonna look up and see...
Gonna look up and see...
Skylark's flying free! (Yes, more or less we all agree)
Skylark's flying free! (Someday the world is gonna see)
Skylark's flying free! (She's free!)

It was the first time I had attempted recording it with Audacity's software rather than using my broken old camera's voice recording setting, which meant I could make a backing track as well.  It might have come out sounding pretty nice, but it's so hard for me to breathe with these allergies - I just can't hold the notes anymore.

David had to go to the doctor with a bad cough, which had obviously been brought on by sleeping on the floor with all these carpet beetles and the general dirt and dust in this house.  Mum was in a fowl mood and refusing to discuss moving house though (convinced that she wouldn't like the new wallpaper which she hadn't even seen at this point).  She said that she didn't have to move as she
"wasn't ill like David and me"!

David didn't come in until 11pm and then expected me to go to Tesco with him (so no blog got written again that night!)  I was tired out at that time of night, but had to do all the shopping while he browsed through various newspapers - and held onto the trolley, meaning I had to carry each individual item back to him!  He got cross with me for wanting to look at the ponies though!
June 12th 2010

When I had gone to get changed for bed the previous night, I had found page 3 carefully torn out of one of the dirty newspapers and hung up on the airer ON TOP OF MY CLEAN TOWEL!  Okay, it's bad enough that my father finds it necessary to constantly sit on the loo, cutting out pictures of topless young women, giving them marks out of ten for the size of their chests and saving them forever at 63 years of age, but when he knows how I feel about these things, he could at least have the manners not to hang them up on top of my clean laundry!  My laundry wouldn't even be hanging on the airer if not for the fact that I have nowhere else to store it until it's needed, thanks to him filling EVERY bedroom with the results of his disgusting habits.  Ugh.

Well, needless to say, I was not in the best of moods for the rest of the day.  And Mum was also in a fowl mood which didn't help matters.  Apparently, in my anger, I had said that
"all men are perverts but David is an extreme case" or something, which means that my mum and Emma are perfectly justified in calling my friend a "pedo perve".  However, I think there's a difference between saying that a 63-year-old man who spends practically every hour of every day thinking of young girls and filling the house with pornographic images and other horrific things (to the extent that his own daughter has never even had a bed) is a pervert, and comparing a guy none of us have ever even met to a pedophile just because he's been nice to me via e-mail and happens to be quite a few years older than me.  I'm pretty certain he'd never have any interest in me in that sense anyway, and since I'm well over the legal age of consent, he's hardly a pedophile, even if he is in his early 30s.

Later, I was struggling to breathe and started panicking that
"my lungs were packing up", to which Mum responded, "Good".  Nice, huh?

I wrote a long blog... then accidentally deleted it.  No wonder I'm so far behind with this thing!

It was the day of the first World Cup football match for England - I'm not a football fan, so I didn't watch it.  I was more concerned about the large number of drunk men wandering around outside and causing trouble. (the family history site) had free access to certain records during the game, so Mum hoped to be able to do some research, but the site crashed due to there being so many users all trying to view it at once.  She still had a long internet session though, which gave me a chance to take some new Myspace profile pictures... including the horrific one you see to the left of this blog.  Ew...  Perhaps I should have gone easier on the eyeshadow.  Wouldn't have helped the huge ugly mouth though, would it?!

Mum watched the Trooping the Colour flypast from the back door and got upset that I didn't show more interest.  But there was no way that two of us could have fitted by the door and we can't go out in the back garden because of the rats.

Well, I'm never going to catch up at this rate, but I'm going to have to leave it there again as Mum wants to go to sleep.  Talk to you all soon, okay?

Best wishes,

Desirée  xxx