Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Consider my lungs and Mum's knee... or watch the football?

Current mood:  disgusted

Give David the choice and he'll always choose the latter.  My breathing is obviously getting worse, and Mum has a bad pain in her knee now too.  I'm sure both are caused by sleeping on the floor (we've been down there for almost a year now), but David STILL won't discuss moving house and instead just gawps at the football on TV.  I just feel my life is pretty pointless right now.  Still, no point dwelling on the present... let's go back to the past!

January 5th 2010
It was so cold in this house that I kept waking up all night shivering on the floor.  Not to mention my awful cough - how am I ever supposed to get any proper sleep?

David came back from work at lunch time to take us to Homebase and a couple of garden centres in search of calendars, diaries and Christmas tree lights, but we had no luck finding any of the stuff we were seeking.  We really wanted to get some lights before the decorations went away, because we know we'll forget to buy any next year and we're always late getting the decorations up anyway, but they'd all sold out in the sales, of course, and as for calendars and diaries, Mum still needed a calendar and I needed an offline diary... especially since I couldn't keep my blog updated at the time.

The diary problem was solved later when I found an 'any year' one in a box of random stuff in the back room.  I just had this faint memory of shoving one in that box and went vaulting over the pony boxes to look for it (quite literally).  Poor Mum must have wondered what was going on!

My 'Call of the Wild: Foxfire' DVD finally arrived, having been ordered in November!  So it's too late to leave feedback now, and I swear it's not 'new' as it was described in the auction.  It was wrapped in what can only be described as screwed up clingfilm, and it has red numbers written on both a sticker on the box and on the disk itelf?!  It almost looks as though it came from a rental shop...   Well, whatever, it works okay, so I guess it was still worth $1.99.  Too bad about the $9 shipping costs though!

I didn't think so much of this one as the first 'Call of the Wild' DVD they released.  The acting is still very good (it was great to see one of my favourite voice actors, Mark Hildreth, in it too) and the animals were obviously trained very well.  The plot was also good, despite having nothing to do with Jack London's book (but then the first 'movie' was hardly true to the book, was it?!)  Still, I think my problem was really with the way it had been cut for the DVD... they'd obviously edited two (or more?) episodes into one 'movie', and there were a couple of scenes that were seemingly clipped in from later episodes too... and somehow it just didn't go together too well.  I decided I'd just have to buy the box set and see if I liked it any better in its original form.  But I would have to save up before buying a $40 DVD from Denmark!

Mum pointed out that I still had two more Christmas gifts to open, hidden on a little tree on the mantlepiece.  So I opened one of them; a small tin of Lush 'Charity Pot' hand and body lotion!  It smells lovely!  I only wish I had the money to buy these kinds of things for every day!

January 6th 2010

I had a dreadful headache, but took the Christmas decorations down all by myself for the first time ever, as I had promised Mum that she wouldn't have to do anything towards it.  Then she moaned and lied to absolutely everyone that she had done it herself anyway! o_0

Before taking them down, I opened my very last gift - another MIP G1 MLP ribbon, this time Cherries Jubilee.  I only had a small piece of used Cherries Jubilee ribbon with most of the pattern rubbed off before now, so it was nice to see the detail in the design at last.

That night we went to Tesco.  It had snowed heavily all day, and... (No, I didn't slip over again - how dare you even say such a thing?! ) the stupid carrier bags at Tesco are so badly made and brittle these days that the handles snapped and I dropped our bread in a puddle of filthy water.  Ew...  I used to love the snow when I was a kid - when it never snowed here in London, which is rather typical of my luck - but now I just see the slippery, wet and nasty side of things!  I guess I have just grown old and cranky before my time!

January 7th 2010

We went to Woodberry to check the house and visit for my ponies for the first time since Christmas Eve.  I wish David hadn't made me take them over there if he wasn't going to take me to visit them more often than this.

Our neighbours left their cat out in the freezing cold again.  The poor thing was shivering outside our front door and begging to come in.  But I can't even get the back door open to comfort her, and I couldn't bring her in anyway because my parents don't like cats.  And then I heard this awful howling - our other neighbours' cat had come in and was fighting with her.  I scared it off, but there was blood everywhere all over the snow, and she had an awful leg wound.  Then we didn't see her for ages, and it really worried me.  I hope that the neighbours took her to a vet or at least looked after that wound the best that they could.

I had a bath and finally used the Lush 'Chocolate Santa' that I got the Christmas before last!  I think I left it just a little too long though, since it turned the water GREEN!  It still smelled nice though, so I wasn't going to waste it!

It was very icy outside and we kept seeing people fall flat on their faces.  Not to worry though, the inhabitants of Grottsville simply got up and continue walking as though nothing had happened... then they'd fall over again a few footsteps later, and repeat the whole process again!  Oh well, where there's no sense there's no feeling as they say!

January 8th 2010

I went to see my dentist - the dragon told me that I needed two fillings, and that David had to ring up the orthodontist before my next appointment on the 25th to see if he could get me back in on this course of treatment.  Otherwise she would need to refer me again, which could take up to two years!  And will probably cost a lot of money now too, since I'm over 18!  And all because we didn't move in time for me to go back and have the surgery done before.  I can't believe it as I'm now in a lot of pain with these teeth too, so that's another lot of misery that all these delays have caused.

Meanwhile, Mum was in another room at the surgery having the roots removed from the tooth she lost a couple of months previously by an oral surgeon.  It wasn't as bad as she'd feared, but she was suffering all afternoon so I got the dinner, which is a rare occurence for me, and I'm ashamed to say it took me fifteen minutes to peel a few simple potatoes!  Somehow I think I need more practise!

Apparently while I was with the dragon dentist the receptionist told Mum that I was "beautiful with big eyes and great hair"... I'm wondering if she had me mistaken for someone else, since my hair is such a horrible mess!  Still, it's nice to get any compliment, I suppose.

Then when Mum came out of the dentist, David and I jumped out of the car to help her across the icy road... only to find her walking the other way down a clear path.  She laughed and laughed at me when she got back in the car. >.<  That's the last time I almost slip up trying to help her!

Well, that's about all for that boring entry, you'll be pleased to know!  Hopefully, I'll soon be up to date at last!

Thanks for reading!
Desirée  xxx

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

First Blog of 2010

Current mood:  aggravated

Well, okay, technically not, but it's the first blog ABOUT 2010!   Here's hoping this will be a better year for all of us!

January 1st 2010
Well, the year got off to a smashing start when I went to turn the Christmas tree lights on and discovered they weren't working.  Still, we'd had them since 1992, so it was high time to replace them, if just for safety reasons.  In fact, the plug had come partially out of the wall socket, so I wonder if there was some kind of electric surge in the night or something.

Mum and I didn't leave the house all day.  David went to Woodberry for four hours to rub down a wall, and openely told us that it looked an even worse mess than before he started!  He also wanted to rub down the dado rail in the hall, but Mum told him to leave it alone!  He's obviously avoiding ringing the builders, but I don't know the reason...

He left his dirty underpants on top of Mum's clean towel too - ugh.  Why can't he just use the laundry bag like everyone else?!

January 2nd 2010

David went back to Woodberry to meet a Hungarian carpenter... but he "forgot to ask" about half the jobs that still need to be done!  The bloke seems nice enough though, so hopefully he'll be able to finally finish off the work.

I spent the day taking advantage of the broadband connection and watching more videos on Youtube and other various video sites.  Determined as ever to see everything that my favourite actors have starred in, I managed to track down Shane's episodes of 7th Heaven and Reunion.  Both were pretty good for any fellow fans out there who have yet to see them.  Reunion is on Youtube (I put it on a playlist - just search 'Shane Meier'), but I don't recall where I watched 7th Heaven now...

We went to Tesco that night, and I bought three Newborn Cuties at £2.48 each.

The Ponyville Ponies we bought just before Christmas were also further reduced.  Typical of our luck really.

David bought himself a stack of newspapers, having promised that he had stopped buying large quantities of the darn things.  And he's certainly slowed down as far as throwing out the old ones goes as well. >.<

January 3rd 2010

We didn't leave the house again.  David spent the day in the loo and avoided taking us anywhere, then came down and made Mum feel totally unwelcome at the appointment he had made with the new lawyer for the next day... and then went to work.

I attempted to keep myself calm by trying to sing, but it's hopeless.  My voice keeps cracking up every time I try to hold a note, not to mention that it's impossible to make recordings since the camera battery door won't stay shut anymore, even with large quantities of tape stuck up the side.  And I can't set up the computer with a microphone in this place as I have nowhere private or quiet to do so.

I was feeling horribly fat too, so made a late resolution to try and exercise for half an hour a day (only some simple running on the spot and stretches), but I tired myself out.  Still, I'm pleased to say that I have kept to my resolution thus far.   Do I get a cookie now?  Preferably a chocolate chip one?  Um, but that would undo all the good work, wouldn't it?!

I was upset when I discovered that one of my Barbie horses has cracks in her nose and bridle, especially as I have no clue what caused it.  She stands on the lounge floor next to where I sleep, so she's not been in any extreme temperatures.  I guess these things just aren't made to last.

January 4th 2010

I had a terrible night - I was unable to breathe and kept waking up with a chesty cough.  I just cannot sleep on the floor with these carpet beetles any longer.  But David can't seem to see the urgency to get out of here at all.

Mum and I went for a fascinating walk around the block.  Actually, to be quite frank, it was awful.  The roads were icy and we were slipping and sliding everywhere.  Not to mention the unsavoury men on the corner who were eyeing me up like a piece of meat and were quite obviously chattering away to each other about me in a foreign language that I didn't understand.

Having made Mum feel unwelcome, David went to see the new lawyer on his own, and even when he finally got back from work late that night, he refused to discuss what had been said.  All we did manage to get out of him was that the lawyer had told him off for not getting the house properly snagged... as Mum had told David needed to be done before any further work was done after Williams walked off the job.

I got my final gift off of the Christmas tree - a sweet little pink purse with guinea pigs on it... and a G1 MLP serviette inside.  The serviette is from a pack that I have in incomplete condition due to Mum buying them for Emma to use at her birthday party back in the 80s... so we've been looking for some loose ones to re-fill the packet ever since we discovered them in the cupboard a few years back!

Well, Mum has fallen asleep on the sofa, so I really should get out of the patch of floor where she sleeps and let her go to 'bed'.  Speak to you all tomorrow, guys!

Desirée  xxx

Monday, 25 January 2010

Well, that wasn't so bad.

Current mood:  uncomfortable

Two dental fillings down... but the dragon says I need another one so have to go back next Wednesday. >.<  I'm okay, although she started ranting at me as soon as she got me on her own... but that's another story for a later blog.  Right now, I must finish blogging for 2009!

December 29th 2009

A couple of blokes came to finally connect broadband internet here in Grottsville.  I'm happy to finally be able to watch Youtube videos and play silly Facebook games, but I do worry why David seems to be settling himself down more and more in this dump.  You'd almost think he wanted to delay moving until the carpet beetles caused my death.

We had to move the TV into the middle of the room, and then the picture went off.  But when David complained to the computer blokes (our new broadband connection is with the same company as the Freeview box), but it had come back by that time!

Mum researched wallpaper on the website she had waited so long to be able to look at, but couldn't find anything she liked.  So now what can we do?  Does anyone know a good wallpaper stockist (that will deliver to the UK or, better still, is based here) with 'traditional' patterns - small flowers, etc.  All we can find is contemporary stuff with big splodges of colour, which is only really suitable for one wall.  We're looking for something that fades into the background, so that you can, for instance, hang a picture on top of it.

I spent my time watching Youtube videos - someone had uploaded the second half of the Walker, Texas Ranger episode, 'Sons of Thunder' which I missed on TV when the timer cut out, and another person had uploaded a couple of episodes of Camp Candy, an animated series from 1989-1990 which I have been wanting to watch (or rather hear!) for a long time.  It's really odd to hear Willow Johnson and Chiara Zanni at such a young age!

I got my first gift off of the tree (yes, my parents put gifts ON the tree for me too - "well, we were left with no choice when you insisted on putting the damn thing up!"); a bag of white chocolate coins.  They were soon consumed though - I was feeling sorry for myself with bad stomach cramps, and I always crave chocolate at *that* time of the month, so that didn't help with the speed at which the coins disappeared!

December 30th 2009

We went to Watford, specifically for the Lush sale... although all the best stuff was gone by that point, of course.  They still had some goodie bags for those who spent more than £20 though, so I bought myself two Mr Butterball snowmen, Honeybee and Butterball Bath Ballistics, Melting Marshmallow Moment, Amandopondo, Bathos and Creamy Candy Bubble Bars and a Fairy Tale Sugar Scrub.

And I picked out a bag containing all this stuff...

...which I calculate must be worth about £25!

The big chunk of soap is the 'Father Frost' soap which I had really wanted to try but had no money to buy at the time it was for sale.  Well, good things come to those who wait, eh?

The same could be said for Mum who noticed that Past Times was closing down... and saw that the mirror she had fallen in love with last time we were in Watford, but which had sold out the next day when we went back, was back in stock!  And was reduced from £40 to £25 in the closing down sale!

David embarrassed us by dashing away from the counter halfway through making his purchase, without telling any of us (including the cashier) where he was going!   It transpired that he had left his credit card at Lush, but for goodness sake, couldn't he just have told us what was going on without running off with the money?!

I forgot to take my mobile phone so Mum wouldn't let me go in Superdrug or Claire's Accessories to buy the stuff I needed "in case I got lost".

Later we went to Argos to pick up their clearance sale pamphlet, Kew Archives so that Mum and I could get David some books in the gift shop as a belated Christmas gift, and Woodberry on the way back to check that my ponies were safe.

I got another gift off of the Christmas tree... some MIP G1 pony party invitations!  (Excuse the rubbish picture - I forgot to switch off the flash)

I had terrible toothache caused by the latest wisdom tooth cutting through and pushing all my front teeth even further forward.  I wish we had moved house and all the orthodontic treatment was behind me now.  It would have saved me an awful lot of pain and misery.  David tried to ring the dentist, but they were still closed for the holidays... wonderful for those of us who were suffering!

December 31st 2009

We overslept but I rushed in the bathroom so that we could go to Laura Ashley to buy some paint and to a new shop called Home Sense, where Mum hoped to find some decent furniture.  But we were out of luck - it turned out to be TK Maxx under a different name, so all the furniture was faulty reduced price designer stuff.  (Hence, still very expensive despite many chips, cracks and other flaws!)

We had missed a parcel while at Watford the previous day, which David had to collect from the post office.  It was my prize from SpottedSlug!

I couldn't believe my eyes when I opened the box - my jaw dropped to the floor, and I actually wondered if SpottedSlug had sent the wrong box!


A Petite Pony!

I actually already have this one, but she is definitely an upgrade.  My poor girl was found at a very scruffy car boot sale, and had clumps of glitter glue in her tail and her symbol and mane paint was almost totally rubbed off.  So I was really pleased to have her, especially since I am currently trying to expand my Petite Pony herd!



Another upgrade, as mine has developed some form of pony cancer over the last couple of years.  Oh, yes, she's a definite upgrade...


I was trembling by the time I reached the G3 at the bottom of the box.  Mum asked me who it was, and I literally couldn't speak to get the name out, even though I was screaming with joy inside.

It was my grail of four and a half years!



I doubt you'll ever read this, but if you do, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH, SPOTTEDSLUG!  I've been through such a lot of stress lately, and these girls really cheered me up.   I still can't really believe that Anchors Away is part of my collection at last... I have to keep picking her up to check that she's still there!

Here's a pic of my three beautiful prize ponies together...

Oh, and I got my third gift off of the Christmas tree - a Play-Doh Pinkie Pie stamper.

I spent the evening messing around with Google Maps, and got highly embarrassed to see such detailed photographs of our run down house on there for the world to see!  Actually, I'm not sure I like what Google Maps are doing at all... whatever happened to privacy?  Although I do love being able to take myself on a virtual tour of various cities across the globe!

I missed a TV show about the "Best Adverts of the Decade" - too bad as I have a strange fascination with TV commercials.  We watched the fireworks in London on TV at midnight, seeing in yet another year.  Wherever do the years go?  Let's hope this one will prove to be better than the last few...

But you'll have to wait to hear about 2010 until a future blog entry, since I have to go to sleep now.  Talk to you all tomorrow!

Desirée  xxx

Sunday, 24 January 2010

I'm trying to keep my mind off of tomorrow...

Current mood:  scared

I have to go back to the dentist and get two fillings tomorrow, which is not nice.  I don't mind the fillings - I've had them before and don't mind having dental work done in general (although I hate the numb feeling afterwards and always fear the feeling won't come back after the anaesthetic wears off!)  My problem is having to spend an hour and a quarter with my dragon dentist!  It's 11.45am-1pm, if someone would like to pray for me and wish me a safe escape from her without getting scorched by her fire breathing powers!

December 26th 2009

We went for a fabulous drive to Homebase (we stayed in the car while David went in alone as we are still scared of catching swine flu), and then drove all around Syon and Brentford.  David then drove us to Chiswick park and offered us a walk, but Mum was still in a funny mood and "didn't want a walk in the afternoon".

Mum didn't want to go to Emma's house, then felt guilty when Emma wrote to say that the kids were crying, and agreed to go the next day instead.  Emma announced that she wasn't getting a gift for Mum, since Mum doesn't want to do Christmas any more... but she still expects gifts for herself and the kids because they still do want to do Christmas!!!  Then David announced that he wasn't going to Emma's house unless she provided a gift for Mum!!!   Merry Christmas, one and all!

I looked at the ponies I had got for Christmas and discovered a load of chewed up paper in Fancy Flora's hair.  Basically, a mouse must have dragged it there, proving that we DO currently have mice, as it certainly hadn't been there when I'd opened her the night before.

I worked on cleaning the ponies that my Grandparents' old neighbours had given me too - poor FF Peachy has some cancer marks on her neck, but she cleaned up nicely apart from those.

December 27th 2009

We went to Emma's house.  David complained about giving them so much and forced Mum to take some stuff out of their bags (she refused to wrap anything since they "weren't Christmas presents as she doesn't believe in Christmas any more" so everything was just in gift bags).  So she asked me to get some of my old baby toys out of the cupboard for Gabriella instead.  I had to climb up on top of some boxes to get up to the top cupboard and put my foot through the lid of a plastic crate - oops!  I guess I'm not as light as I thought!  But now my plushie MLPs have even less protection from the carpet beetles.

It was nice to see the kids again, but sadly I didn't get any nice pics.  In fact, the only two semi-decent photos were these two of 'Allan the Elf'...

Emma gave me some lovely gifts, and I felt pretty guilty that we hadn't got more for them.  (She did give my parents gifts as well, by the way!)

The G3 Paint your Own Pony set that I never got to hunt for in Asda, a Dove gift set, a £10 TK Maxx voucher and the sweetest little necklace... Even the box is adorable!

Emma had got a load of cheap Lush stuff in the sales and spent a long while showing it off and getting the kids to hold it out to us so that we could sniff it.  She gave me a 'Let Them Eat Cake' lip balm, and Mum a 'Helping Hands' hand cream (which Mum gave to me).  I LOVE LUSH!  The lip balm has worked wonders - I wish I could afford it for every day use!

Emma kept moaning about how Mum was "mean not to want to do Christmas for the kids" and "would be equally tight when it came to their birthdays".  She was also complaining about what her in-laws had given them in comparison to Nick's brother. They gave Allan an old train set which had cost them about £160 to get repaired (actually, that might have been the price per train... I don't remember now) and "only given the girls a few small things" so she was also complaining about the unfairness of that.  Well, I do think they should treat the kids the same as each other, but you can't really moan about them for spending three figures on your son... oh, and buying him a £90 digital camera on top of that!  I wish I still had grandparents to buy me a working digital camera!

Then Abigale upset me by asking me "Why aren't you married like Mummy?  When  are you getting married to your boyfriend in Canada?  Mummy says you're getting married soon and then you're leaving us.  I'll miss you."  I can't imagine Emma really told Abigale that I was getting married to my non-existant Canadian boyfriend - the mind boggles what was said that made Abigale think along those lines though!  It was nice to think I would be missed though - I tried to cheer her up by telling her that if I ever get to Canada, I will not be moving there to get married and she will be more than welcome to come and stay with me in my apartment for a couple of weeks during the summer holidays.  She got all excited about that and went running down the stairs to tell everyone that she was going to stay at my place to spend some time with me on her own!   Actually, I do wish I could spend time with all of the kids individually as they kind of swamp me and they all feel like I ignore them or something.

We were talking about Barbie movies, since the girls are huge fans of the Barbie DVDs now, and Emma told us that "A Christmas Carol" was just £1.99 in Sainsburys.  Helpful to know, since I want to collect them all for voice acting reasons.  Although "A Christmas Carol" is not my favourite by any means.  They seemed to cast a lot of people in that movie who had no clue what a Cockney accent should sound like at all!

Mum performed her "magic hole" trick and did it correctly this time - the kids were thrilled with her.  I have a movie, so now that we have broadband I will have to try and upload it to Youtube when I have a chance.

My teeth started to hurt (my front teeth, that is - not the ones that need fillings).  Basically, they are being pushed further out of place by the wisdom teeth cutting through at the back.  I need to go back to an orthodontist, but I can't have major jaw surgery while I have all these allergies and am sleeping on the floor here in Grottsville!

December 28th 2009

David spent almost the entire day in the bathroom, so nothing got done again.

We went to Sainsburys in the evening in search of the Barbie DVD... but no luck.  The shop was packed with people piling their trolleys high with bread and milk - presumably in preparation for the New Year (when the supermarkets would be closed for another day), but surely they hadn't already consumed all the bread and milk they bought in time for Christmas?!

When we got back, I went in the kitchen to take my coat off.  By the time I got back to the bottom of the stairs to go up to the bathroom and change back into my 'scruffy clothes', David had gone back to the loo.  So I had to yell at him, and then he got cross with me.  "You must have been a bl**dy long time taking your coat off.  I filed two papers away before you came up here.  I did think it was strange that you hadn't changed your clothes..."  Um, then why didn't you ask me if I wanted to change them before you went in there for another three hour session?!

Well, I have a lot to do before I go to floor-bed, so I will leave it there for now.  Hopefully I can at least get up to the end of last year tomorrow!

Speak to you all then!

Desiréee xxx

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Christmas 2009

Current mood:  thirsty

All right, so I'm a month late, but who cares?  I still need to tell you all about our fascinating Christmas, don't I?  Make sure you bring a sleeping bag and vegetarian marshmallows, because this entry will most likely be so long that we might as well turn it into a weekend camping trip!

December 23rd 2009
I spent the whole day clearing up, and polishing and hoovering the lounge in preparation for the Christmas decorations.  In the process, I discovered a nest of carpet beetles under a cabinet (which I still can't get at to clean up - I really need to clear up the end of the room this week).  There are literally wall to wall skins and droppings - I doubt we have any carpet left under there.  And this is about 2' from where I sleep... not surprising I'm suffering from such awful allergies really, is it?  And then I picked up a pile of little bits of paper etc. off of the floor so that they wouldn't clog up the vaccuum cleaner... and a fresh mouse dropping fell into the palm of my hand.  Nice.

Mum was in a foul mood, probably caused by the fact that I had at last cleared enough space for the dreaded Christmas tree... so she took it out on the postman, yelling at him to "F*** off!" when he dared to ring the doorbell.

Later, after David and I had collected the decorations from the storage depot, and I was trying to assemble the tree, she started yelling at David that he had "gone against her by allowing me to have decorations", and then proudly told us that she had written to Emma telling her that she "didn't believe in Christmas and didn't give a f*** that she hadn't got them any presents"!

David and I went to Tesco late that night, but the shelves were bare from all the mad people rushing to fill their trolleys with enough bread and milk to feed an army over the two days that the supermarket would be closed.  We couldn't get any bread, or papaya and peaches which we usually have as a treat over the holidays.  Rather a nuisance as we managed to get cheap cream to go with our fruit desserts!  We got two pots of cream since it was 'reduced' to £1... then we realised that it was a con, and the smaller pots were on the cheap shelf at their usual price of 84p!

We also got three Ponyville ponies reduced to £3.31 each.  David agreed to buy them for me for Christmas though, so I shan't post pictures until the entry for the day that I officially received them!

December 24th 2009

I woke up in the middle of the night to find that my foot had hit something - the table that the Christmas tree was standing on!  I'm lucky that I didn't kick it a bit harder or I might have been crushed by my own beloved tree!

I spent the day decorating the lounge, but discovered that a lot of the decorations were missing... presumably still in the storage depot somewhere.  The tree actually looked a lot nicer for being less cluttered though.

I also made a Christmas card for Mum (with a handmade £10 e-Bay voucher/IOU inside, don't you know?  Just since she'd been so kind about letting me have decorations and not making a whole lot of fuss about it! )

This is a photo of the card in question, since Mum asked me to post a pic on here.  I think she likes embarrassing me, as the proportions of that pony are way out!

David got a weird e-mail saying that he had made an expensive purchase.  Worried that someone might have got his credit card details, we asked if he knew anything about it.  It transpired that he had bought a replacement computer, and simply "forgotten to tell us".  Talk about lack of communication!

I managede to get some of my holiday ponies out of the back room, and discovered that Velvet Bow has big scratches along her side, and Winter Wish has lost her antlers.  My MLPs have just been in storage far too long now - I wish we could move house and get them up on proper shelves at last.

December 25th 2009
Christmas day.  I felt so guilty that I had nothing but the before-mentioned card and e-Bay IOU for Mum, and nothing at all for David.  They promised that they wouldn't get me anything this year, but it seems Mum got carried away with her shopping again, as when I came down from getting dressed my stocking had been filled and there were a pile of gifts under the tree as usual.

Before I start bragging about gifts though, I would like to show you some pics of the decorations I strived so hard to be able to put up this year.  Not really worth all the effort, considering what a mess they look amongst the clutter I was unable to move.

The Christmas tree on Christmas morning...

We had the sweetest 'angel' on the tree - a beautifully mint Rosette!

She has her original curls and everything.  She even has that 'new smell' to her - I think she must have been taken straight out of her box and dumped in an airtight conatiner in a dusty attic somewhere!

There was another pony poking her head out of my stocking...

Macau Lemon Drop!

She has some cancer marks on her face, but she's still beautiful in my eyes.

Now on to my other gifts...

Lovely sweet-smelling Lush products!  A Bunty gift box, Smitten and Helping Hands hand creams, Candy Cane and French Kiss bubble bars and Mr Butterball and Tisty Tosty bath ballistics!  Yum!

A guinea pig calendar (even though I'm not allowed my own guinea pigs now, I still love to have their cute little faces up on the wall - far better than a calendar full of 'hunky men' in my opinion! ), and a 16gb USB drive to stash even more of my voice recordings and other junk!

Chocolate will never be turned away!  Those 'Snow Bites' were delicious... all long gone now though!

Now onto the stuff that the vast majority of you have been waiting for (excuse the scruffy background - I have no idea what I'm taking a picture of through my camera with it's broken screen!)... The pony stuff!

G3 stuff!  'Alien Ponies' (G3.5) Rainbow Dash, Star Song, Sweetie-Belle and Toola Roola, Black and Blue Art Pony, Underwater Art Pony, Anthro Ponyville Cheerilee, Sweetie-Belle and Pinkie Pie and Halloween 2009 Ponyville Scootaloo and Pinkie Pie!

Merchandise!  Princess party tablecloth and serviettes, Blossom and Bubbles purse and mirror compact (The Bubbles one will probably be going up for sale... or rather my old one will.  I just have to check and see if this is an upgrade or not), Sunbeam notepad, Cotton Candy soap, sandpit (Not sure who this goes with?  I've never had a sandpit accessory before though!), MIP Lickety Split and Applejack ribbons, sweet little silver French MLP brooch (again, no idea where it came from.  I will try and take some close-up pictures.  It's the thing on top of the Cotton Candy soap for size comparison) and Play-Doh Twinkle Twirl and Rainbow Dash stampers.  Mum didn't recognise them, but I didn't have the heart to tell her that they were rather common or that I already had them.  It's nice to have some loose ones anyway - perhaps I will be able to use these... with ink, that is, rather than play-doh!

More merchandise!  23 G1 comics (several were duplicates, but I'll certainly make the money back on them since Mum paid next to nothing for the lot from what I can gather), a G1 birthday card, a G1 Christmas card, and a German DVD of 'The Magic Coins' and 'Mish Mash Melee'.  I love the German theme tune, by the way!

Even more merchandise!  A duvet cover and pillow case set to actually use if ever we do move house and I have a bed like a normal person (!), and an Argentinean mirror featuring a purple Firefly and baby!

And finally, for G1 merchandise, a Lickety Split and Applejack clock!  I have the alarm clock with this picture, but had never managed to get the wall clock so I'm really pleased to finally have it.

And then on to the other G1 ponies (more photos of Rosette and Lemon Drop coming up too!)

Now who can you see in the line-up?

Another picture of my beautiful Rosette...

Macau Lemon Drop and Brazilian Sprinkles!

Italian Butterscotch and Trickles!

And Peruvian Bow Tie and Applejack!

Now, to all the Nirvana experts out there, I'd like to ask you a question.  Is Peruvian Applejack supposed to be such a pale colour?  I think she's actually slightly lighter in person than she looks in her photo.  In all of the pictures I've looked at, she looks far more like the 'normal' Applejack, and even in the auction pictures taken by the seller from whom my parents bought her.  I was actually worried for a while that the seller would message us and say that he had sent us the wrong pony and ask us to return her, so that's the kind of difference we're talking about!  (Sadly I didn't save the auction pics - sorry, I can be stupid at times)  So anyways, I'm wondering if she's a variant in this creamy lighter colour or just badly faded since her symbols, eyes and hair seem perfect?

Oh, and before I forget, here are the contents of the bag my grandparents' old neighbours gave me...

There were twelve ponies crammed into that tiny bag!  I figure Pauline just mis-counted when she said thirteen.  Well, even if a pony did get lost, I'm so glad that the pony wasn't any of these... especially a certain special little pony in the lot.  Can you spot her?

Individual pictures...

Styling Rainbow Dash

Fancy Flora and Sunshine Blossom

Petal Blossom

Bumblesweet and Hula Lula



Curly Locks - ha!  I swore I'd seen her in the top of that bag!

Cotton Candy

Flat Foot Cotton Candy

Ah, and now the very, very, very special little pony........





Yep, Peachy.  But she's no ordinary Peachy... look at the shape of her hooves in comparison to the two Cotton Candys...

She's a Flat Footed Peachy!  The last FF Pony I needed to complete my set!  I can't believe my grandparents' neighbours just dug her up at a church fete or charity shop (I don't know exactly where these ponies came from, but they would have been found cheaply offline somewhere)

And so finally ends my Christmas bragging!  Now we can move on to other things (only briefly though, since I need to go to sleep soon!)...

David spent most of the day asleep in the bathroom - Ho, ho, ho!  What a jolly family Christmas we had!  Mum and I missed Kiss Me Kate on TV which was disappointing as I've been wanting to see the movie for a while.  We watched part of High Society in the evening, but again we missed the start.  Got to love the old musicals though!

Mum was still "trying to get out of visiting Emma the following day".  Meanwhile, she practised her magic tricks to keep the kids entertained.   I wish people would stop sending such mixed messages... they confuse me greatly!

Well, I think I shall have to leave it there.  I aim to write entries for four days in each blog, but that Christmas Day one got a bit out of hand!

Well, I'll speak to you all tomorrow - perhaps I can write extra then to make up for slacking today!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx