Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Consider my lungs and Mum's knee... or watch the football?

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Give David the choice and he'll always choose the latter.  My breathing is obviously getting worse, and Mum has a bad pain in her knee now too.  I'm sure both are caused by sleeping on the floor (we've been down there for almost a year now), but David STILL won't discuss moving house and instead just gawps at the football on TV.  I just feel my life is pretty pointless right now.  Still, no point dwelling on the present... let's go back to the past!

January 5th 2010
It was so cold in this house that I kept waking up all night shivering on the floor.  Not to mention my awful cough - how am I ever supposed to get any proper sleep?

David came back from work at lunch time to take us to Homebase and a couple of garden centres in search of calendars, diaries and Christmas tree lights, but we had no luck finding any of the stuff we were seeking.  We really wanted to get some lights before the decorations went away, because we know we'll forget to buy any next year and we're always late getting the decorations up anyway, but they'd all sold out in the sales, of course, and as for calendars and diaries, Mum still needed a calendar and I needed an offline diary... especially since I couldn't keep my blog updated at the time.

The diary problem was solved later when I found an 'any year' one in a box of random stuff in the back room.  I just had this faint memory of shoving one in that box and went vaulting over the pony boxes to look for it (quite literally).  Poor Mum must have wondered what was going on!

My 'Call of the Wild: Foxfire' DVD finally arrived, having been ordered in November!  So it's too late to leave feedback now, and I swear it's not 'new' as it was described in the auction.  It was wrapped in what can only be described as screwed up clingfilm, and it has red numbers written on both a sticker on the box and on the disk itelf?!  It almost looks as though it came from a rental shop...   Well, whatever, it works okay, so I guess it was still worth $1.99.  Too bad about the $9 shipping costs though!

I didn't think so much of this one as the first 'Call of the Wild' DVD they released.  The acting is still very good (it was great to see one of my favourite voice actors, Mark Hildreth, in it too) and the animals were obviously trained very well.  The plot was also good, despite having nothing to do with Jack London's book (but then the first 'movie' was hardly true to the book, was it?!)  Still, I think my problem was really with the way it had been cut for the DVD... they'd obviously edited two (or more?) episodes into one 'movie', and there were a couple of scenes that were seemingly clipped in from later episodes too... and somehow it just didn't go together too well.  I decided I'd just have to buy the box set and see if I liked it any better in its original form.  But I would have to save up before buying a $40 DVD from Denmark!

Mum pointed out that I still had two more Christmas gifts to open, hidden on a little tree on the mantlepiece.  So I opened one of them; a small tin of Lush 'Charity Pot' hand and body lotion!  It smells lovely!  I only wish I had the money to buy these kinds of things for every day!

January 6th 2010

I had a dreadful headache, but took the Christmas decorations down all by myself for the first time ever, as I had promised Mum that she wouldn't have to do anything towards it.  Then she moaned and lied to absolutely everyone that she had done it herself anyway! o_0

Before taking them down, I opened my very last gift - another MIP G1 MLP ribbon, this time Cherries Jubilee.  I only had a small piece of used Cherries Jubilee ribbon with most of the pattern rubbed off before now, so it was nice to see the detail in the design at last.

That night we went to Tesco.  It had snowed heavily all day, and... (No, I didn't slip over again - how dare you even say such a thing?! ) the stupid carrier bags at Tesco are so badly made and brittle these days that the handles snapped and I dropped our bread in a puddle of filthy water.  Ew...  I used to love the snow when I was a kid - when it never snowed here in London, which is rather typical of my luck - but now I just see the slippery, wet and nasty side of things!  I guess I have just grown old and cranky before my time!

January 7th 2010

We went to Woodberry to check the house and visit for my ponies for the first time since Christmas Eve.  I wish David hadn't made me take them over there if he wasn't going to take me to visit them more often than this.

Our neighbours left their cat out in the freezing cold again.  The poor thing was shivering outside our front door and begging to come in.  But I can't even get the back door open to comfort her, and I couldn't bring her in anyway because my parents don't like cats.  And then I heard this awful howling - our other neighbours' cat had come in and was fighting with her.  I scared it off, but there was blood everywhere all over the snow, and she had an awful leg wound.  Then we didn't see her for ages, and it really worried me.  I hope that the neighbours took her to a vet or at least looked after that wound the best that they could.

I had a bath and finally used the Lush 'Chocolate Santa' that I got the Christmas before last!  I think I left it just a little too long though, since it turned the water GREEN!  It still smelled nice though, so I wasn't going to waste it!

It was very icy outside and we kept seeing people fall flat on their faces.  Not to worry though, the inhabitants of Grottsville simply got up and continue walking as though nothing had happened... then they'd fall over again a few footsteps later, and repeat the whole process again!  Oh well, where there's no sense there's no feeling as they say!

January 8th 2010

I went to see my dentist - the dragon told me that I needed two fillings, and that David had to ring up the orthodontist before my next appointment on the 25th to see if he could get me back in on this course of treatment.  Otherwise she would need to refer me again, which could take up to two years!  And will probably cost a lot of money now too, since I'm over 18!  And all because we didn't move in time for me to go back and have the surgery done before.  I can't believe it as I'm now in a lot of pain with these teeth too, so that's another lot of misery that all these delays have caused.

Meanwhile, Mum was in another room at the surgery having the roots removed from the tooth she lost a couple of months previously by an oral surgeon.  It wasn't as bad as she'd feared, but she was suffering all afternoon so I got the dinner, which is a rare occurence for me, and I'm ashamed to say it took me fifteen minutes to peel a few simple potatoes!  Somehow I think I need more practise!

Apparently while I was with the dragon dentist the receptionist told Mum that I was "beautiful with big eyes and great hair"... I'm wondering if she had me mistaken for someone else, since my hair is such a horrible mess!  Still, it's nice to get any compliment, I suppose.

Then when Mum came out of the dentist, David and I jumped out of the car to help her across the icy road... only to find her walking the other way down a clear path.  She laughed and laughed at me when she got back in the car. >.<  That's the last time I almost slip up trying to help her!

Well, that's about all for that boring entry, you'll be pleased to know!  Hopefully, I'll soon be up to date at last!

Thanks for reading!
Desirée  xxx

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