Wednesday, 20 January 2010

I'm a magnet for stupid people.

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Actually, my whole family are magnets.  We seem to have attracted yet another retarded lawyer now.  But that's another story.  For now, I must finally press on with the catch up blogging, starting with the 11th-14th December 2009!

December 11th 2009

I was woken up early so as to vacate the bathroom and get my breakfast before the roofing men arrived at 8am.  But guess what?  They never showed up.  David refused to give up on them for about three hours though.  Well, if he was going to take an entire morning off work, he could have taken us out shopping early in the morning before the shops got crowded, couldn't he?!  But, of course, we had to wait around for the invisible roofers.

Eventually, David went to work, announcing that he was "so busy that he would have to work tomorrow afternoon as well" ('tomorrow' being a saturday).  So we wouldn't get to leave the house the next day either.

Then Mum saw loads of Mills & Boon books coming up on David's e-Bay account as 'items he might be interested in', so we all know what he was so 'busily' looking at on the internet at work.

Speaking of e-Bay, I was still waiting for my 'Call of the Wild: Foxfire' DVD, which I had ordered at the end of November.  So when the postman rang the doorbell, Mum told me to go as she "was wearing her scruffy clothes" (what does she think I was wearing?!) and "it would be the thing I'd ordered anyway".    Well, it wasn't - in fact, it was a Christmas gift that she had ordered for me on e-Bay, and I got accused of "feeling the parcel". o_0  And on top of all of that embarrassment, I hate speaking to anyone with my ugly sticking out teeth, and couldn't even understand what the postman was saying to me, so it made for a very interesting conversation indeed, I must say!

David went to the launderette in the evening, having roughly glued the airer back together where he had broken it.  I'm surprised it's still standing actually!  I was sad that my MLP pillowcase didn't come totally clean.  I was only using it temporarily until we move house (since I wanted a 'new' one when we moved, even though they're second hand!), but now it's too scruffy for my collection anyway.

I didn't leave the house all day long - it's horrible to be locked up in this prison.  I wish I could just fly far away and never come back quite frankly.  There is nothing at all that I would miss about life in Grottsville.

December 12th 2009

I didn't leave the house again - blah, blah, blah, ditto everything I said for my December 11th entry!

I was awoken by the doorbell - David went to the door and brought in another packet.  He didn't even bother to tell me if it was my DVD or not until Mum came downstairs and asked - it wasn't, by the way.  It was another Christmas present.

David moaned that I dared to go in the bathroom for half an hour, as he wanted to get in there (for two hours, may I add!) before going off to work.

He popped back here briefly at 4.30pm to get chips for our dinner, then went back out to work and Woodberry (to continue work after he had to lock up at the office) until midnight.

I spent the day trying to clear up in the lounge so that we could put up some decorations, but it was no use in this cluttered place.  And even if I could clear it, we didn't have any Pledge so that I could clean the mantlepiece etc. in preparation for the Christmas ornaments.

David gave Mum and I our first 'pocket money' since he started his new job.  But I'd still prefer that he'd sorted out Woodberry before getting this stupid job.  He's not even making enough to pay the bills on both houses, so I feel bad taking any allowance money, and it's not a long term answer anyway.  I'm approaching nineteen, for goodness sake!  I need to go to college and actually get a job of my own!

December 13th 2009

Didn't leave the house AGAIN - wow, what a wonderful life I lead.

David went to work all day, but once again, seemed to have spent most of his time on e-Bay, so he can't have been all that busy.

He went to Woodberry after office hours again, and I said he should have taken me over there, since I felt really rough with my allergies.  "But you couldn't have used the computer anyway!" he said (since he was using it for work).  That's not the point, is it?  I feel sicker all the time that I am in this house with the carpet beetles, and I could have really done with getting out of here for a while.

I spent another day trying to clear up, but it's impossible when the whole house is stacked full of boxes and bags waiting to move house.  Not to mention all the boxes of sales stuff - I had to move it into the back room in the end, but I know it'll fade in there so I really need to get a move on with selling the stuff before it gets damaged now!

December 14th 2009

Sick of being stuck indoors, Mum and I went for a fascinating walk to the local post box to send some Christmas cards.

My DVD didn't show up again, and I was really stressing about it.  But when I checked the auction, I saw that the seller had said it could take 3-6 weeks to arrive, so I guess I was worrying a little prematurely!

David came in early enough to take us to Brent Cross TRU to buy Gabriella's birthday gift... yes, you read that correctly.  Her birthday isn't until March, but we're trying to plan ahead!  And I picked out four 'Alien Ponies' (aka G3.5s) which David agreed to buy for me for Christmas.

Then we went to Tesco, where David told me to get the 'special' "Little Scarlet Strawberry Jam" - "because it was Christmas".  Where have we got the money for that kind of thing?  I'm quite content with my ordinary strawberry jam, and I highly doubt there's much difference in the taste anyway!  It wasn't Christmas anyway, while we were still in Grottsville and I couldn't have any decorations - in fact, it upset me to even hear the Christmas music playing at Tesco.

We were supposed to go to Woodberry after that but David knocked down a bag of Grandma's stuff in the hall, and Mum got in a bad mood, yelling that "it would take her all evening to sort through it all and check for damage" (It actually took her about thirty minutes), so we couldn't go.  Then David started ranting that he had "wasted his time coming back to take us out then"!  Well, for goodness sake, you worked all weekend - are we never supposed to leave the house?  If only you'd got us moved into the other house before you started work, we wouldn't be so dependent on you to take us out all the time, would we?

Well, that's everything for those four days, I think.  Hopefully, I can get this blog up to date pretty quickly now, thanks to super-mum and her suggestion getting my evening blogging sessions back on track.

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

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