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Tired, but determined.

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Mum has discovered new ways to research her family history, so I've had to wait patiently for a chance to write this blog!  Still, I promised myself that I would keep working at it each night until I could finally catch up, so I must write an entry.  But please excuse any silly mistakes I make in the process!

December 15th 2009
Mum and I went for a fascinating walk to the doctors' surgery and back so that we could put in a repeat prescription for David.

When we got back, we changed into our 'indoor rags'... then the doorbell rang - it was the postman.  But neither of us could go to the door, of course, so we were left stressing about the parcels getting lost back at the post office in the Christmas rush.  (They didn't, thank goodness.)

I was still waiting for my Call of the Wild DVD, and then I found out online that the whole series had been released as a box set in Denmark - three days after I ordered my copy of the two badly edited episodes. >.<  Just my luck, after waiting almost eighteen months before buying it in case the series was released!  The box set of all thirteen episodes only cost about £20 too, and the two episodes alone had set me back me about £6 with shipping costs!

We went to Smyths toy store that night, but Mum couldn't be bothered to change her clothes so couldn't come in.  I didn't stay in there very long either when some woman started to cough loudly!  No way do I want to catch swine flu while I'm still sleeping on the floor!  During the time I was in the shop though, I discovered that all MLP items were on a 3 for 2 offer (including the four 'Alien Ponies' we had bought at TRU the night before) They also had Sweetie-Belle's Gumball house reduced to £24.99 and the Ponyville Supermarket.  But David didn't have time to take the other ponies back to TRU, so I couldn't make use of the offer.

They also had these adorable fakies...

The adults are actually in poses very similar to a G3 pose, but their heads are slightly bigger, and their legs seem more spaced out.  I'd have loved to add them to my collection, but there was no way I could spend £11.99 on fakie ponies!

December 16th 2009

Didn't leave the house again.  In fact, David was still working over at Woodberry when Mum and I went to floor-bed at 2am.  (We'd waited up as late as we could as we didn't want to be lying on the floor when he opened the door and let the cold air in on us)

The lawyer wrote to tell us that the barrister he had asked had told him writing a letter to Williams was pointless and we should take the case straight to court.  Trouble is, the court case would cost £20,000+ and there's no guarantee we'd get the costs back even if we won the case!  So we'd actually end up losing more money in the long run.

The lawyer also revealed another enlightening fact about himself - he specialises in chasing after people who don't pay their rent, and knows nothing about cases like ours!  So why didn't he tell us that before, rather than wasting even more time?  At least he agreed to refund us.

I was terribly depressed about this being our first year without a Christmas tree, since I was simply unable to clear up.  Mum (who hates decorations) had no sympathy for me whatsoever.  "At least you're getting presents - I'm not.  And we haven't got much for Emma's kids either!" she said.  Well, I'm sorry if I sound ungrateful, but I HATE receiving Christmas gifts as I get so embarrassed and think the money could be far better spent elsewhere.  As for Emma's kids, I said, they should appreciate what they've got - a tree and decorations, and all Nick's family to spend Christmas with (and us on Boxing Day, of course!).  After all, isn't that the true meaning of Christmas - spending time with your nearest and dearest and getting into the holiday spirit? 

Apparently not.

"Emma's children have never known Christmas without a tree or family - their pleasure is in ripping the paper off of gifts!  There's no comparison!"

I think you got it in one - their pleasure is in OPENING gifts, they don't really care what's inside the parcel as long as it's big and expensive.  It'll be broken or lost by the New Year anyway. >.<

December 17th 2009

Mum and I went for another boring walk to post a letter.  But we wouldn't have left the house otherwise, so I guess I should count myself lucky.  David had come in at 4.30 that morning (and made me so cold down on the floor), and had still not come in when we went to sleep that night.  How long does he think he can keep up these ridiculous hours when he didn't bother to move house and make sure that all of us at least had beds to sleep in?  No 62 year old can work 18 hour days on five hours sleep on a hard bathroom floor, for goodness sake!

It snowed heavily, which is unusual for mid-December in the UK.  I was so cold even in the house, despite wearing a jumper, which is very rare for me.

David was so busy at work that he forgot to bid on a MLP Christmas card that Mum had seen on e-Bay.  She wanted to show me the photograph of it, then yelled at me when I came over to look at the computer.  "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!  DID YOU SEE EVERYTHING ON THE WATCHING LIST?!"  Um, no, how would I have seen anything?  You had the computer turned away from me.  As for what I was doing, you asked me to come and look at a photograph!  My family get so bad tempered at Christmas time!

I cleared and polished the mantlepiece, but all the decorations were in storage, so I had nothing to display up there anyway.  Eventually I found an old Playmobil pine tree that I'd had since I was a kid and put that up there with some fake snow sprinkled over it!  Well, it was better than nothing!

December 18th 2009

David came in at 3.30.  Mum had stayed up to let him in, since we'd put a big can of paint by the door to try and keep out some of the draft.  She needn't have bothered, as he just pushed the can over anyway!

I was awoken at 8.30 by her calling David to go to the door to the postman.  Then, when he was halfway down the stairs, she announced that it "wasn't the postman, but a gang of thugs in hoodies"!  It transpired that the thugs were the roofing men who were supposed to have come the previous weekend, but since they had given us no prior warning, there was no way they could come in as we hadn't cleared a path to the bathroom (and loft trapdoor).

While I was in the bathroom, David attempted to switch his computer on, and discovered that it wouldn't start up.  Since he was seeing a plumber at Woodberry anyway, he arranged for a bloke to come and look at his computer over there too.  He said that I should bring along my computer as well, so that we could find out what was causing it to be so slow.

Of course, I have only broken canvas shoes to wear, so I put one foot out the front door and slipped on the ice, falling flat on my face on the door step.  I heard some horrible bloke next door laughing at me, and swore at him - I don't think it's very funny to see someone else fall over.  And he certainly wouldn't have been laughing if it had been him!

Luckily, I wasn't badly hurt - just smashed my knee hard on the ground, and twisted my ankle.  Unluckily, I'd been carrying the computer, and heard a loud SMASH as it hit the corner of the doorstep.

Of course, David started yelling at me that I "should have made two journeys"... um, how do you make two journeys with one bag?  Anyways, I came inside and tried to switch the computer on... nothing.  And the entire keyboard and screen were covered in a fine powder which, I realised, was all the dirt which had been gathered between the keys! o_0  The corner of the laptop was badly scuffed too.

Mum convinced me to go to Woodberry despite the fact I felt it was pretty much pointless now.

Just as well, since when I got to Woodberry, I discovered that the bang had knocked the battery out of my laptop and that was the reason it wouldn't start up!  In fact, it seemed totally unharmed by its ordeal.

I walked up to the charity shops around the corner from Woodberry - nothing to be found in any of them - and almost slipped again on the way back!

The computer bloke, Richard, looked at David's computer first, and declared the hard drive to be dead.  David dashed off to PC World to get a USB drive so as to save all his files, leaving me with Richard... which was awfully embarrassing since I know next to nothing about computers!  It wasn't as bad as I had feared though, and I actually found it really interesting to watch him taking this computer apart to clean it!   Maybe I'm just weird...

Anyways, before David could return with the USB drive, Richard decided he couldn't wait with the hard drive any longer, so would move everything onto my computer.  Then David returned - just in time to see all the names of the files loading onto my computer... a whole lot of Mum's ancestry (which David kept repeating was "the most important thing"), some copies of bank statements and other important documents... oh, and the rest.  Even Richard, as another man, seemed to be embarrassed by David's file names.  He was casually reading out all the titles of the ancestry and bank steatements etc., when the names turned into "Asian Beauties", "Blonde Teen Beauties", "Hot Female Action" and the like.  Then it got worse.  I dread to think what was going on "In the Attic...", and who the "Cruise Ship Captives" were.  There were HUNDREDS more, and the names got a whole lot worse, but I think I should probably leave it there.  All the while I was fuming, as all this stuff was moves onto MY computer!  And as soon as Richard had finished David moved in and saved the unsavoury files to his new USB drive, and deleted them from my computer, so I didn't even get the pleasure of deleting them before David could save them.  Ugh.

There were bad traffic jams all the way back to Grottsville, so the dinner was burnt by the time I got back.  It was a wonderful day all round, really!

Although this computer was a lot faster for having been cleaned, and the disk drive even works properly now!  So it must have been the large quantities of dust and carpet beetle poo that was causing all the problems.

Well, that's another four days of my fascinating life, folks!  Now I must go to floor-bed and let my allergies get even worse again!  Toodledoo until tomorrow!

Desirée  xxx

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