Wednesday, 31 March 2010

A new member of the family...

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...was born at 1pm today.  My new baby nephew, Matthew.  I have yet to even see a photograph of him and had to find out his name through my brother-in-law's Facebook status, as nobody had bothered to contact us directly!  Nice to be part of such a close family, isn't it?! >.<

February 26th 2010
I didn't leave the house all day again.  I'm sick of being locked up in this dump all the time now that the weather is getting brighter.

I had a nice long soak in the bath with part of my Lush Candy Cane Bubble Bar.  Well, it was nice until I accidentally sniffed some water up my nose while rinsing my hair! (Don't even ask! )  That wasn't so nice at all, especially with my nose being the way it is with all these allergies right now.  It immediately triggered another nosebleed and left me with a sickly-sweet smell of sugar for the rest of the day!

The carpet beetle situation in this house was continuing to get much worse, and I also spotted a ton of dead moths on top of all David's rubbish on the old communal bed, so they must be back as well.  I could hardly breathe, much less talk, and any form of voice acting or singing is totally out of the question, but when I dared to say something about how worried I was, Mum moaned at me that I was "selfish" since "a voice doesn't matter but a bad leg stops you doing anything".  Well now, that really depends what you WANT to do, doesn't it?

A couple of peculiar lots of ponies were listed on e-Bay with three never-before-seen MLPs included.  I missed out on them, as someone had already clicked BIN, which annoyed me somewhat at the time as I thought they were prototypes of some kind.  But it seems they are probably the exclusives that will be available at the Pony Fair and Comic Con and possibly a Breast Cancer Awareness Pony, who escaped from the factory, so they will be available later this year.  It's just a case of being able to afford them at full price when they come out.

An old man parked his car in our front garden and leered through our living room window.  It freaked me out, since I was on my way out of the room and he must have seen me walking away.  I now think that he probably saw me get up from the floor and was checking to see if I was coming to tell him off.  Satisfied that I wasn't going to cause any trouble, he then went to the Lunch Box and ordered a big meal, all the time parked on our property!  Mum rang David to tell him, but all either them seemed to care about was the fact that he was ENGLISH!  As if the English can do no wrong, and only the "terrible immigrants" would park on someone else's property.

February 27th 2010

I didn't leave the house again; it's horribly depressing to be locked up on a lovely sunny saturday.

David went in the bathroom until noon then went out alone to look for a new adapter for my laptop, but he couldn't get one as the shop is only open saturday mornings.

When he got back, there was another car parked in our drive so he called some passing policemen over to take down the numberplate.  Just then, a woman came running out of our neighbours' house calling, "It's only me!  I'm disabled and just stopped to use the loo!"  She didn't look very disabled to me, but I'll give her the benefit of the doubt on that one.  I'm not sure since when our garden became a disabled parking space though, or why she thinks it would make any difference to us that she's the friend of the neighbours we never speak to!

Then that evening there was a huge police incident right outside our house.  I was almost asleep on the floor when I heard a screach followed by a loud bang.  I thought it was just another car crash until I heard a loud common English man's voice yelling "YOU B*****D!  YOU ALMOST KILLED MY WIFE!  STAY IN THE CAR AND DON'T YOU F***ING DARE TO GET OUT!  SOMEONE CALL THE POLICE!"

Terrified, I crept upstairs and looked out of the bedroom window.  It soon became apparent that a bloke who lives around the corner had stopped another bloke from getting away from some kind of incident by smashing his own car into the tree outside our house and blocking the offender's path.  The bloke in question was Angie's husband, Angie being a friend (or relative?) of the horrible drug-dealing Donna who lives two doors away from us.  For some time, Angie's husband continued to yell at the bloke in the car, repeating again and again that he had almost killed his wife.  Then he called for Angie to bring his shoes (he had obviously rushed out of his house and got straight in the car).  Angie seemed totally unharmed and came running up with her husband's shoes, followed by various other things that he asked her to bring...  So I'm unclear what was supposed to have happened to her.

The bloke in the car attempted to open the door to defend himself as Angie's husband got more and more violent thumping and kicking the car door.  "I TOLD YOU TO STAY IN THE F***ING CAR!  F***ING IMMIGRANT - GET OUT OF OUR COUNTRY!  YOU ALMOST KILLED MY WIFE!  SOMEONE CALL THE POLICE!"  By this time quite a crowd of people had gathered on the other side of the road to watch the scene.  The bloke continued to try and open his car door.  Angie's husband kicked the door again, "STAY IN THE F***ING CAR OR THESE PEOPLE HERE ARE GOING TO WITNESS A STABBING!"  Then Angie's husband seemed to change his mind, quickly opening the car door, getting hold of the bloke by the front of his shirt and shaking him, before throwing him down on the road where he proceeded to kick him and punch him in the face. o_0

Eventually a large quantity of police arrived - having left the men fighting for a good fifteen minutes, despite the police station being just around the corner, one vehicle after another rolled up outside until there were about seven cars and two vans!  At this point, Angie's husband took on a completely different character and gave them a statement.  The other bloke was still lying on the ground - Angie was called for a bandage which one of the policemen wrapped around the supposed offender's head, which was bleeding heavily from where Angie's husband had attacked him.

I'm still unclear about the facts, as the police asked the bloke to drive himself back to the station and only when the car wouldn't start did they handcuff him and take him in one of their own vans, which rules out the possibility of him having been under the influence of alcohol or drugs to have maybe swerved on the pavement and almost hit Angie as she walked down the street.  And Angie is obviously unharmed as she's running up and down the road all the time as normal, so I doubt she was physically attacked.  Whatever happened, Angie's husband wasn't even questioned for having attacked the other bloke so violently.  The justice system in this country is just plain odd.

February 28th 2010

We went to East Sheen Cemetery to take a photograph of Mum's Great Grandfather's grave.  Well, you can guess which grave was the only one in the row to have totally disappeared, can't you?!

David had been really horrible to us the previous night, refusing to do our hot water bottles for us again, blaming Mum for "changing everything at Woodberry specifically to cause delays".  Why would she do that?  She'd be more likely to just sell the house completely, if she thought she had a choice, but she knows we can't go on living here, or afford to buy a different property.  Then David admitted that he's no longer sure on the colour of the carpet for his office. >.<  Oh, and then added that he had "never said that he would get a cleaner in the following week".  So who's delaying things?  How long does he think that we can go on living in this dump?

He went to work all evening, proudly gloating that "he needs to work" as if it makes him feel wanted or something.  It must be nice to have somewhere to go - I wish I had a job; at least then there would be a structure to my boring life.

I won a MLP comic on e-Bay (I'd already won one from the same seller and figured I might as well combine the postage).

While I was on e-Bay, I started browsing and stumbled across this auction (Not sure if this link will work, but fingers crossed!) ~

Well, anyways, if it doesn't show up, this coin operated horse ride was up for sale:

Funnily enough, I rode this exact horse in Cleethorpes (where the seller was located) back in the late 90s.  It was definitely the same one.  I did ask the seller a question to see if there was any manufacturers' mark on the horse, but they didn't respond, which is a bit of a pity as this is the only horse I have ever seen in this style, and it would have been nice to know more about him.  Still, I thought it was funny to see him come up on e-Bay all these years later.

Anyways, I need to go to Tesco, so I must sign off now.  Speak to you all tomorrow!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Someone got a bargain!

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Ugh, I'm just a bit annoyed right now, since I saw a great deal on e-Bay in a badly marked lot... but someone else obviously saw it too. >.<  I didn't want the valuable item from the lot though and would have only sold it anyway, so it wasn't worth bidding more than the 99p opening bid to me.  So that's what the other buyer paid!  Oh, well, at least I saved some money!

February 24th 2010
We went for a Wispa McFlurry at McDonalds, and then onto Tesco.  Fascinating, eh?

Freddie (the bloke who is supposed to be restoring the fireplace at Woodberry) says that he is positive that he can make matching replica tiles... but he doesn't say when.  Why is it that nobody seems to see any urgency to get the house completed?  For goodness sake, it should have been done over eighteen months ago now!

Having waited several days for David to help me (he scares me to death by making me feel that I won't be able to do anything myself, and I know he'll yell at me if I make a mistake) I finally decided to set up my own online bank account, which meant that I could verify my Paypal account.  Now I just had to think of an e-Bay username.  I'm usually Lancer or Skylark24 everywhere I go, but both were taken, of course.  I thought about calling myself Princess_Skylark (to try and keep the pony theme, loosely basing my name on the Princess Brush 'n' Grow Pony), but I thought it might sound a bit silly to anyone who didn't know about MLPs.  Mind you, the name I eventually settled on is awful too; Rainbow_Harmony.  It's my MLP persona's name, for those who don't know, but it does look rather silly written "on paper" (or even online!)

I won a MLP comic on e-Bay... on David's account, that is.  I wanted to spend the remainder of the money I have in his Paypal account if I was going to have my own account at last.  Of course, it didn't really work as I now have a very small amount left in there - too little to buy anything, but enough to annoy me if it ends up being spent by David on Mills & Boon books.

The roofing men came back to finish fixing the gutters, but at least they didn't have to come inside this time.  I still don't like the feeling of them climbing up and down ladders right outside our window though.

Mum got agitated while arguing with David and quickly bent her knee up towards her, making it worse.  I can't imagine what she's done to it, but I can't stand all this stress regarding all our different health problems.

February 25th 2010

We went to Sainsburys and bought another couple of pairs of jeggings reduced to £7.50 a pair.  I also got another of the Ponyville 3-Pack cylinders (supposedly a Sainsburys exclusive, but I think they were available at Target in the US?) reduced to £4 in the hopes of re-selling at a later date.

The lot of MLP accessories that I won on e-Bay arrived.  I paid about £12 for all of this stuff including shipping, which I don't think was too bad a deal, especially as the seller included some extra stuff that wasn't originally part of the auctions I won...

First off, the free stuff:

Riding helmet and some kind of horse tack... I haven't got a clue what it is though!  Are these Julip accessories?

A baby necklace and bottle...

And some Gymkhana accessories (I actually didn't have one of these rosettes, and one of the others was an upgrade, so I was pretty pleased with these)

Then the stuff that I actually bought:

All this stuff will be up for sale (and I should be able to make up the money I spent just by selling these pieces which is always a bonus! )...

These are upgrades, meaning my old ones will be up for sale...

And the real reason I wanted these lots...

The radio from "Get into the Groove" and headphones from "Sidewalk Surfer"!

While packing all the new stuff away with my Pony Wear and accessories, I found a carpet beetle larvae munching its way through all the spare hair for my Changing Mane and Tail Ponies.  Thank God I found it before it got any worse than a single larvae!  Oh, and my Greek Rainy Day outfit has gone sticky from being kept near a radiator.  But how was I to know that it would be staying there so long?  It only arrived at the end of December, and at the time I was being told that I was going to be allowed to move into Woodberry alone straight after Christmas.

Mum bought an ornate metal basket to hang on the bathroom wall at Woodberry (she reckons she can keep all her essentials in there, although I think it looks rather small...), which also arrived that day.  But we had no clue who was at the door, so the courier took it to our neighbours, leaving David to collect it that night.  But I wouldn't have gone to the door if you'd paid me - I honestly thought a gang of yobs were trying to break in... The bloke didn't even use the doorbell, just kept rattling the whole door again and again and kicking the letterbox!  What a bad tempered courier!

Well, I need to leave it there... So much for writing more today; I'm only up to where I would have been last night had I not started recounting my entire childhood in lyrics!

Oh well, at least I'm back on track, I suppose.  Maybe I'll catch up with this blog by next Christmas! >.<

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

Monday, 29 March 2010

I wish I'd downloaded them now...

Current mood:  nostalgic
I see that Shizzz1's Youtube account has been deleted for copyright violation - I used to love listening to her videos, and was in awe of her voice.  I really wanted to download a few of those recordings as an inspiration to myself, but felt that was a bit too stalker-like.  Now I wish I had done so, as I'm unlikely to ever hear them again.  Youtube are really cracking down on us amateur fandub people, and here I am still waiting to move house so that I can start making recordings.  And that's without even taking into consideration the deterioration of my voice...  Why do I get the feeling that I'll never even get the chance to do any proper amateur voice acting now?

February 23rd 2010

I didn't leave the house all day.  I can't stand much more of these four walls and having no way of leaving them independently, but David refuses to discuss our options, and just shouts and swears at us every time we try to raise the subject of moving house.

He finally went to the launderette (having left me in the same t-shirt for over a week... he had bought new clean shirts for himself) and to collect the granite for the bathroom at Woodberry.  The Polish builders also went to Woodberry to collect some more of their rubbish.

David got some roofing men in here to look at our leaking ceiling...  It's been leaking for years, but he suddenly got a bee in his bonnet that he should get it fixed after that woman from the council complained about the leaking pipe and he had to get someone in to fix that.  But it was very stressful for me, as they went in Emma's old bedroom, and David didn't warn me so that I could move all of my pony stuff out of there.

In the few minutes after he announced that they were coming and before they actually arrived, a door to door salesman rang the doorbell.  Hurriedly, I closed the living room door so that Mum and I wouldn't have to see the roofing men, and in so doing knocked all of the magazines standing behind the door over, blocking us in here.  Mum then wanted to get out in the kitchen to get herself a hot water bottle, so I had to battle to open the door wide enough for her to get through, at which point David asked me why I was "hiding behind the door"...  Um...  I can think of plenty of more comfortable places to hide than behind the door - why the heck would he think I was hiding there?!

The four MLP badges that I won on e-Bay arrived:

The three club badges will be up for sale; the badge I really wanted was the Christmas one.  A few years ago, David found some MLP Christmas cards in a charity shop near where he worked, which both had badges similar to this one fixed on the front.  So I reckon this one must have come from a card available at the same time.  I love that little picture of Baby Mischief out caroling!

While messing around on Youtube, I stumbled across a whole bunch of old Thomas the Tank Engine songs...  God, that took me right back down Memory Lane!  I actually had no idea that they were released on video, I had two Thomas the Tank Engine cassette tapes with the music written into stories.  I used to listen to those cassettes over and over when I was little, and it was usually the music played at the 'guinea pig parties' every evening.  By the end of listening to it, I was quite literally in tears, remembering my piggy friends.

I was always writing new lyrics to the tunes.  This was one of my favourites - - I think I wrote something to that tune about saving MLPs and giving them a new home at my Rescue Home.  Actually, I ponyfied most of these songs, mainly with the theme of finding the "three favourites" (Truly, Lancer and Lofty), as I was going to throw a huge party when I found these three particular ponies and sing all this music related to the huge search for them.  As it happened, I ended up buying Truly and Lofty online (since they were never sold in the UK) which took a lot of the fun out of it, and Lancer didn't exist as a MLP figurine anyway.  I certainly knew how to pick favourite characters from a TV show to search for at car boot sales, didn't I?! >.<

This one was definitely one of the songs I intended on singing -  I can't remember all of the lyrics now, but I do know it was supposed to be the three ponies singing most of it (Well, I always was into voice acting, and I remember spending hours trying to make a recording with three tracks of my voice singing at the same time!)  Um, it was something along the lines of:

Me: Some kids once saw the three favourites,
Sitting at a boot sale one day,
And they said...

(Hilariously, in order to do a compressed kind of child's voice, I used to pinch my nose.  Listening back to myself as an eight or nine-year-old now though, I hear that I myself spoke with a childish compressed voice! )
"My, oh my, you look do dirty.
You won't go anywhere, anywhere, anywhere;
You're fit for the rubbish bin!
You really do look dirty!"

Truly, Lancer and Lofty: "Don't be so rude", we said to the children.
"We may not be as clean as you,
But that's 'cause,
We haven't had baths in over ten years.
We'll find a new home, a new home, a new home,
We don't need mean kids like you!
It's just you don't know that,
We might get a home at,
Desirée's Home of Rest!"

Well, okay, it went on like that, but you probably don't want to hear all of it (or even that much, to be truthful!)  I know I wrote another similar one to the tune of "Gone Fishing" - as can be heard here: - entitled "Gone Booting" (or boot sale pony hunting).  Just for laughs, here are a few more lyrics... Feel free skip to the end of the bolded bit since you're probably thoroughly bored out of your wits by now!  I'd just like to have a record for myself, as I am likely to forget all of this if I don't write it out while it's been temporarily refreshed in my memory.

"Sometimes it's nice to take some time out,
Do what you really love to do.
Just run along and watch the stalls fly by you,
Head filled with worries,
You ought to hurry,
Before they
(the ponies) get away.
Gone booting!
Gone booting!
One sunny day and I'm on my way...
Gone booting!
Gone booting!
Gone booting!
One sunny day and I'm on my way...
Why don't you all come booting?

Is it all bric-a-brac on that stall?
Or is that something else I see?
It looks yellow and it's behind that teapot...
Move the teapot that's brown and white,
Until the yellow thing's in sight...
Now I have something to say...
 (Okay, rubbish lyrics, but in my defense I was only very young at the time!)

Found Lofty!
Found Lofty!
One sunny day I was on my way...
Found Lofty!
Found Lofty!
Found Lofty!
One sunny day I was on my way...
That's when I found my Lofty!

(Then I kind of lost the plot, and tried to cram the stories of the other two into a very short space!)

There's nothing better on rainy days,
Than going to a toy fair.
("A toy fair" was originally "Pickets Lock" - my favourite toy fair for pony hunting, but it packed up when the building was demolished to make way for a block of flats, so I changed the lyrics, having still not found any of the ponies!  Some of the other lyrics were changed too, after I lost touch with Mr and Mrs Wilcox, two very sweet toy dealers who would always sell me cheap ponies at Pickets Lock Toy Fair)
Find Wilcocks' Bag/Go through the door,
Settle down/Look all around,
Surprise, surprise!
Look who I've now found!

Found Truly!
Found Truly!

(Now we get into the real rush to cram Lancer into as few lyrics as possible!)

I've got two out of three,
We're at the NEC
(the venue where the huge Birmingham toy fair was - and is still? - held)
I'm digging down Val's big box. (Val was an overpriced dealer, who always had a HUGE box of ponies which she would label usually with entirely wrong names, put in bags in some kind of order that made no sense to anyone but herself, and screach at you the whole time you were trying to look at her stuff, "Don't get them out of their bags!" while jumping around impatiently from one leg to another!)
Blue pony,
Red tail,
Banana Surprise?
(A reference to the fact Mum always thought Lancer's symbol was a half-peeled banana!)
But she's pink and green...
There really is no answer.
Banana Surprise?
But that cannot be...

Aww, I miss my childhood... I find it rather hilarious that I spent so much time trying to predict how I would find these ponies though, especially considering I never actually did find any of them, and if not for the internet (and UK Ponycon) I wouldn't even have them now.

Oh, and just one more (or maybe two!)  But these aren't quite on the same topic at least.  Seaside -  Ah, now this one really did bring back sweet memories for me.  I used to drive my parents mad by playing this on my portable tape player and singing along all the way to the seaside.  And I had to time it just right so that I had it playing on this verse as we got to the seafront (Well, I always wanted to live in a musical really!):

"Just one more hill to climb and we'll be there,
Sounds of the seaside start to fill the air.

Then Colour (my toy turtle who went everywhere with me until I was about nine) shouts out so excitedly,
"Look over there, everybody!  I can see the sea!"

Such beautiful memories - I think I have a recording of Mum and me singing it on the way to the seaside somewhere, and Mum moaning "Why isn't he (David) singing?"  Because he's driving the car, Mum!  At least that was his excuse!

And finally, the one that made me sob and wish I could go back in time even if it was just for an hour...  Donald's Duck. This one originally held bad memories for me, as I first heard it on the way to the dentist to have my two front milk teeth pulled, and I remember associating it with fear for weeks after, but then I wrote some lyrics and it took on a whole new meaning - no longer Donald's Duck, but Desirée's Guinea Pig!

I bought a squeaker from the pet shop,
She was very, very tame,
But she squeaked all night and through the day,
She was driving me insane.
Every time she squeaked,
We tried saying "No!"
To stop the squeaker squeaking,
But she did not want to know!

The Squeaker clearly loves me.
She loves me very much.
So now we have befriended her,
She lives inside her hutch.
She squeaks at ponies big and small,
She squeaks at people too!
Now everyone calls her Dieselbelle,
But I call her my Squeakeroo!

She makes me so happy,
With her little ways...
So happy...
It's true.
Now everyone calls her Dieselbelle,
But I call her my Squeakeroo.

Squeaking here, squeaking there,
She's squeaking everywhere.
Squeak, squeak, shoo, shoo, shoo!
She's my little Squeakeroo.
She's squeaking here and there,
She's squeaking everywhere.
Squeak, squeak, shoo, shoo, shoo!
She's my Squeakeroo.

Now everybody loves her;
They love to hear her squeak.
When saying goodbye they always ask,
"Will she be back next week?"
She's captured everybody's hearts,
She knows just what to do.
Now everyone calls her Dieselbelle,
But she's my Squeakeroo!

She makes me so happy,
With her little ways...
So happy...
It's true.
Now everyone calls her Dieselbelle,
But I call her my Squeakeroo.

Squeaking here, squeaking there,
She's squeaking everywhere.
Squeak, squeak, shoo, shoo, shoo!
She's my little Squeakeroo.
She's squeaking here and there,
She's squeaking everywhere.
Squeak, squeak, shoo, shoo, shoo!
She's my Squeakeroo.

She's my Squeakeroo...

She's my Squeakeroo...

I don't have a picture of Dieselbelle on my computer, so for now just imagine a gorgeous, if, um, *slightly* plump (!), strawberry roan abyssinian guinea pig.  We believe she was probably bred by a top class breeder but didn't quite make the grade for showing, because her rosettes were slightly out of place.  In reality, she was quite a ferocious little thing and often lashed out and bit us if we touched her in just the wrong place, but she loved us really, and I'd do anything to have her back now.  I can't believe she's been gone for over seven years...

Um, I think I've bored you quite enough with my childhood memories tonight!  But I feel a lot more cheerful for having talked about the past and reminisced about those happy days gone by!  Unfortunately, it meant I didn't get very far with my present day blogging, so I guess I'll just have to write more the next couple of days to make up for it.  I promise I won't write another long blog of randomness like this one... well, at least for a while!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

Sunday, 28 March 2010

"Cheer up! Put a smile on that beautiful face."

Current mood:  silly

Ick, why do men feel the need to interfere?  I haven't even touched the application, 'Own Your Friends', in ages, and yet some complete stranger just "bought" me and that's what he wrote.  Well, actually, my current profile picture is about as near to a smile as you're going to get out of me until I can get these fangs straightened.  Otherwise, believe me, you wouldn't be calling me beautiful! >.<  I probably do need a new profile picture though, as I think that one's about eight months old now...

February 20th 2010

David drove me around to three different ATM machines in an attempt to find out the amounts that Paypal had given me, so that I could finish verifying my account.  But two wouldn't provide statements, and the last was out of service.  I figured out that it was probably due to my card being so new, but David wouldn't have it, as he "has always used his cards as soon as he gets them".  Yes, but you're not new to the current account each time you get a new card!

As well as the usual congestion problems, my nose kept burning.  It was seemingly irritated by the central heating in the car as well as the carpet beetles in this house, but David ignored me and just turned the volume up on the car radio, and then turned the hating up too!

He doesn't seem to care about anything to do with us really.  One of my friends wrote expressing concern about my education.  I was reading the letter aloud to Mum, when David walked in and started lecturing me on how I "shouldn't tell people so much" and saying that "if they ask about my education, I should ignore them".  Well, sorry, but the world doesn't work like that.

A) I need to get these things off of my chest, and while my friends are kind enough to listen to me, you bet that I will continue to talk to them about these things.

B) Friends tend to talk about day to day occurences via e-mail.  Am I supposed to invent a life for myself, complete with education and whatnot, and LIE to them?!

C) I can ignore their questions, but unlike you, they are communicative and will just ask again.  I did start off lying that I had a normal life, but it was when people started to ask me about my GCSE results, and I had nothing to tell them, that I had to admit the truth.  Was I supposed to tell them that I had failed?  Or that I had got good grades and just wasn't bothering to go on to college? >.<

February 21st 2010

I didn't leave the house all day, and instead spent the day sitting on the floor, while my parents argued about Woodberry. (So what's new there?)  Then David went out to work all evening while I watched Dancing on Ice.

I've kind of got used to being locked up in here now, but it's not very nice when this house is making me so sick - my nose just kept on stinging and bleeding all day long.  I need to get away from these carpet beetles, but the chances of that happening really don't look too hopeful.

Mum and Emma were quite happy making nasty remarks about me again.  Mum claimed that SHE had made an appointment for me with the doctor, "little did I know it", basically making out that I was irresponsible and refusing to go, but would be have to go when I walked with her to the doctor.  WTH?  I was the one who wanted an appointment, but THEY told me that I couldn't get one because we don't have a landline and I believed them.  It was only when she needed an appointment for her leg that David was forced into making a call from the office.

The old computer adapter bit the dust... I'd been patching it up for several months, but when I attempted mending it again, there was an awful burning smell - basically the wires had severed right through. o_0  Don't get me wrong, I hate waste and there's no need for people to throw out half the stuff they do, but we are the exact opposite and make things last way too long!  Anyways, so it was back to using David's laptop until we could get a replacement adapter.

I bought four MLP badges on e-Bay... I already have three of them, but figured I could make the money back by selling those, and just keep the one I wanted.  More about that in a few entries time when the badges actually arrived though!

I was outbid on a Pretty Beat and most of the MLP comics though - most of the stuff on e-Bay seems to be selling for such ridiculous prices lately!

February 22nd 2010

I went to the fascinating Tesco after being cooped up indoors for over 48 hours.  But there's not really a whole lot worthy of being said in a blog about the supermarket on such a regular basis!

My breathing problems were a lot worse, and Mum's right knee was giving out where she was walking awkwardly because of the pain in the left one.  We need to get out of here, but David refused to discuss anything, and instead complained of a "terrible earache".  He refused to go and see a doctor about it though, and it mysteriously got better on its own over the next couple of days.  So I wonder what caused it... or if it even existed.  David has always been determined to have worse ailments than those around him.

That's really all there is to say about those three days of my life!  Now I'm sure you're all eager for the next installment, aren't you? (Well, the next entry can hardly be as boring as this one!) I really will try to make this daily from now on, at least until I can catch up.  So come back at the same time tomorrow, and hopefully there will be another entrancing blog entry here for you to read.

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Why won't people tell me their plans?

Current mood:  melancholy

David refuses to go out before 10.30pm, and I am so tired and sick that I can hardly stand up by that time.  And, on top of that, I keep putting off writing these blogs hoping that he'll take me to the supermarket (fascinating, but it's the only way I can ever leave the house) earlier in the evening, meaning I'm stuggling to fit everything in, hence why I often have to leave blogs hanging halfway through now, then return to write the rest later on.  Why can't he just tell me his plans in advance?

February 17th 2010

David actually decided to get up early enough to take us out for once (only to boring old Ealing Broadway but still, it was a chance to leave this prison) but Mum felt too ill and made me feel bad about going, so I was unable to get any leggings to replace the ones with the ever-growing hole in the knee.

So David went straight to Watford to see his computer expert friend (who doesn't seem much of an expert to me, having taken my old computer along with all the photos of my late guinea pigs, claiming that they couldn't be recovered, but I have since been told they probably could have been... but that's another story) to get him to look at the computer and get rid of the weird virus that was blocking Internet Explorer.

The lawyer wrote - apparently Williams had written to him and was not paying us back the money he owes us, and making a big fuss about how we should have given him more than seven days to respond, since Sickton is still away (strange, as he had previously said he was coming back two days earlier!)

I listened to some more of the latest episode of Trevor Devall's Voiceprint podcast while I was eating dinner, and almost choked when he read out my questions.  Oh my God, how awfully embarrassing!  I couldn't think of anything to say, and came up with the most absurd load of rubbish - it was nice to hear Garry Chalk talking in Grounder's voice in response to my message though, as I grew up on Sonic the Hedgehog and used to love that character.  I'm cringing as I link this, but if anyone wants to hear it, you can find it on Trevor's site here.  He read my questions approximately an hour and twenty six minutes into the show.  I'm just trying to ignore what I'd written and observe that gorgeous accent...  'Desirée' just sounds so much more beautiful in that Canadian accent than the "DIZ-UH-ROYYYYYYY" that I'm used to hearing from my family!   In fact, I think I might just go and listen again...  *Swoons*

Ahem, swiftly moving on to other subjects!

That evening, we went to the ever-fascinating Tesco, where David bought himself a nice little cheer up present in the form of a Mills & Boon book, but didn't even mention getting Mum anything, despite the fact that it was their 20th wedding anniversary.

Mum's e-friend Jill sent her an anniversary card with a keyring inside - "to use at Woodberry" - for which she received a rude e-mail from Mum as she "doesn't want to move to Woodberry". >.<

I got a pair of jeggings at Tesco, but we were unable to get the Cadburys Creme Egg ice lollies that we had intended on buying and eating immediately due to the fact we have no freezer in which to store them, since they had sold out.

February 18th 2010

While lying on the floor the previous night in his worn out socks, David had left yet more shattered toenails right next to the patch of floor where I have to sleep, but I had felt too sick and tired to even complain.  But I had to get the hoover out and clean up after him the following morning. >.<

Actually, David had been very rude the night before in my opinion by trying to plug his computer in when Mum was already trying to sleep down on the floor (which meant pulling wires over the top of her).  Due to the disturbance, she tried to lie a different way and ended up twisting her already injured leg.

But apparently it was my fault, since I "hadn't allowed David to turn the computer on earlier" (I hadn't even known he wanted to do anything with the computer!)  But OF COURSE he wanted a turn as he needed to do an anti-virus scan - remember, I "was the one who got the virus on my own computer, and had been using his all day".  Now do you see why I hate borrowing his stuff?  He always makes me feel like I've broken it or something, even though I had done virus scans before I turned the computer off each time.  Then when he found that he couldn't access the internet (no idea why - our modem seems very temperamental the first time it's been plugged into a different computer after having been plugged into another one), he started accusing ME of unplugging the modem on purpose!!!

My allergies were getting ever worse, and even Mum commented that I "sounded hoarse" when I attempted to make a recording, something she would never normally say as she wants to live a lie and believe that everything's okay and that we can stay in this dump forever.

The lawyer sent yet another letter full of mistakes to Williams without even sending us a copy to check first.  Why is everyone so useless?!

Back to Tesco in the evening, where I picked up a Good Housekeeping magazine for Mum, following David's Mills & Boon purchase of the previous day.

David announced that he had agreed to get the plumbers in to look at the dripping pipe on the roof the next day.  The council should complain more often - it's the only way that David will get anything done around the house.  It stressed me out to think how they would work around all of our stuff though, especially as David wouldn't even tell us in which rooms they needed to go...

February 19th 2010

I was locked up in the house all day long - what a life.

As planned, the plumbers came in the morning - they went in the loft, and made the bathroom floor absolutely filthy.  Mum and I still have no idea what they did, as David will not communicate about anything.  All I know is that the taps in the bathroom are stiffer than ever, and there's an awful noise in the loft every time you even so much as flush the loo or run a basin full of water... although we do have more hot water now.

We had mushroom burgers for dinner, which make me feel sick as they always get stuck in my throat with all these congestion problems, but they're one thing Mum will eat... well, usually anyway.  But she was in a fowl mood and said that I had "ruined the potatoes by putting too much Bertolli spread in them" .  But I'd put hardly any spread in them at all, as I'm trying to cut down on our fat intake.  However, they were very yellow and shiny, and Mum refused to accept that it was not me who had ruined them.  So she threw her entire meal in the bin.

I bid on a whole load of MLP stuff on e-Bay - a ton of comics, some Pony Wear and other accessories (including the radio that came with the 'Get into the Groove' outfit that my sister had as a child, and that I returned to her with a load of Barbie clothes, not realising at the time that it was a MLP item), a purse and a lot of two ponies including Sweet Clover (a definite upgrade as mine has holes punched in her).  But e-Bay seems to be swarming with buyers right now, so I was soon outbid on most of it...  And I thought everyone was supposed to be broke!

My allergies were even worse, and Mum's leg was also getting worse, so my parents finally agreed to look into how to get a doctor's appointment at our stupid surgery (since you need a landline phone - something we don't have).  In the end, David had to make the appointments from work... but he couldn't get anything until MARCH 15TH!  What a brilliant healthcare system!

I'm feeling really ill and tired, so I shall leave it there for now.  But feel free to tune in tomorrow for yet more wonderful tales of my life!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Ever wish you were Hercule Poirot?

Current mood:  tired

Well, I know he's good at figuring out the answers to murder mysteries, but I never knew he could resolve problems in the modern day... such as preventing my own murder.  After all, I have probably been driving you all so crazy with my long rambling blogs these past few days that you felt like murdering me, so it probably did us all a favour to have a day off... and the only reason I didn't write a blog last night was due to David creating an atmosphere where I couldn't think straight by watching the TV adaptation of one of Agatha Christie's much-loved books.

Hmm, it seemed funny when I started to write, but as usual I wrote so much that the point of the joke was rather lost! >.<  Perhaps I should just move on with writing the catch-up entries...

February 14th 2010
Valentine's Day, and I felt so lonely... 

No, don't worry, I've not completely lost my marbles - it was not the company of a man that I was seeking!  But it marked the second anniversary since I had to have my dear Splodge put to sleep - I can't believe it's been two years since I even held a guinea pig.  I miss my little fluffballs so much...

David woke us up early then went to the launderette (without any warning, leaving a ton of our clothes behind!), before taking us to Greenford to buy the toys that Mum had regretted leaving there before.  But there was only one of the fakie MLP velvet art pictures left, so we couldn't get one for Kizzy as well.  So we need to find another one for her before we can give this one to Abigale anyway.

We also went back in Fara charity shop where Mum had seen a little Steiff bear - but it had sold.  However, the £3.50 empty Guava Lava's Surf Shop had not...  I wonder why not?!

Then we drove to Lakeland - it was bitterly cold, but David just sat in the car listening to the radio (with the money off coupons, may I add!), leaving us standing outside the shop like a couple of lunatics for about ten minutes before we finally gave up and went back to the car.  And finally to Laura Ashley, where Mum and I just sat in the car while David got three wallpaper samples, none of which were to Mum's satisfaction.

Later, David took me to Woodberry along with his computer so that I could write a couple of e-mails to people letting them know that I would be offline for a while, until we could get the computer fixed.  But David just checked his own e-mails and switched the computer off again, seeming to completely forget that I was even there!

I attempted to record Mulan on TV, as I love the song 'Reflection' but have never seen the whole movie, but the volume kept going off (a common problem with our television lately), so it was a rather pointless exercise.

Then watched Dancing on Ice - I was pleased to see that the public finally saw another sense to get rid of Hilary Jones!  I've really not been so hooked on the series this time around as I have been in previous years though, and spent all the time that the show was on sorting through my old Littlest Pet Shop collection...  I had intended on selling them, but just opening the box brought back so many childhood memories.  I was heartbroken to find that the carpet beetles had been feasting on them as well though, meaning that even though I had kept them all in nice condition, a lot of them are missing holes out of their fluffy manes, tails and ears etc.

February 15th 2010

Due to not having any internet access from this house, David agreed to bid on the lot I had spotted on e-Bay with Baby Leaper, but he got outbid at £12.

Then I managed to access the internet through David's computer anyway... That was the start of me falling so far behind with my correspondence again, I guess.  So many messages, and not enough time to answer them all.  And I still haven't got on top of the problem even now!

When I logged into the MLP Arena, I saw the photographs from the New York Toy Fair.  For those who don't know, this is where Hasbro showcase the MLP range for the new year.  I think I'm just struggling to come to terms that thism IS the MLP range right now though:

Well, let's start with the best...  The best of a bad bunch, that is!

Well, it doesn't look much like an equine, but you must admit that it's quite a cute little... alien... thing.   I only hope that Janyse got to do the voice for it, as opposed to that Gigi Abraham or some other vocal Pinkie Pie imposter!

And I do quite like the look of this set...

...But that's probably because I'm still a big kid at heart, and always wanted a toy aeroplane for my ponies to fly in when I was little!  Although I can't imagine this thing actually flies, as surely it would be a health and safety hazard these days, especially as the ponies no longer have magnets in their hooves.  How would they be secured in the plane to avoid the risk of them falling out and hitting someone on the head?!

Sorry, but I'm seeing far too many of these funny little Mermaid-pig things, and I haven't even come face-to-face with them in real life yet!  They're just wearing so much atrocious make-up, and they look so cheap.

In fact, this carriage set might look quite sweet if it didn't look so cheap.  Hopefully, the finished products won't look so bad as the prototypes.

But I think the straw that broke the donkey's back was seeing these...

THESE appear to be the toys to go with the new TV series that I have been so patiently awaiting.  WTH?  I think these are probably the strangest things that Hasbro has ever churned out under the name of the MLP range.  Are they supposed to look like the cheap copies of anime than US animation departments seem so keen to make these days?  Perhaps they are supposed to be deer?  Whatever they are, they're not ponies!

This seems to be the style of the animation that we can look forward to seeing:

I know they are being designed by the creator of Powerpuff Girls (or his wife?), but even so I hoped they wouldn't look quite so odd as this.  Such a shame, as it looks as though they're finally doing what I've hoped they'd do for years - combining multiple MLP generations into one TV series.  Look, is that G1 Sparkler there?  (Albeit in the wrong colours).  It's certainly G1 Applejack!  And G3 Pinkie Pie in the front!

Ahem!  At least, I think it's Pinkie Pie...

Perhaps it's just her mutated half sister?! 

Then we have an Applejack-style rip-off of the Babycham deer logo...

(I do love that they've given her the same hairstyle as she had in the original 1984 TV Special though)

And - Wait a minute!  What the heck is that thing?

Oh my God, it's supposed to be G1 SPIKE, isn't it?

(Close your eyes now if you haven't already seen these pictures, and you might just spare yourself an un-necessary headache)

So how did they go from this... this strange tadpole thing that seems to have escaped from the Littlest Petshop?!

And if you weren't already freaked out enough, what on Earth is this supposed to be?

Looks like Firefly merged with Fireball and joined the cast of a cheaper version of Sailor Moon!

Such a shame, as this one looks like she'd be quite cute as a PONY instead of a funny little elf...

Oh well, I guess I'll have to give the TV show a go, just in case they get the voice acting right.  Although I must admit I'm not going to be satisfied either way with this one.  I think it would be atrocious to drop Janyse after all these years now that Pinkie is part of an actual TV series.  However, I would also probably be sad to see the voices of Applejack and Spike go to Canadian VAs.  (Not that they couldn't do it a whole lot better than the originals, I'm just used to their old voices...  But then I don't have a clue who Applejack was, or even if she's still acting, and I highly doubt they'd get someone so well-known as Charlie Adler).  Well, I'll just have to wait and see...

However, I do have confirmation that at least one of the Vancouverite actresses is working on *something* MLP in the future, but I guess I ought not to say any more than that...  She told me that she wasn't allowed to say anything about this specific series yet though.  Fingers crossed!

I'd been suffering with dry skin on my face, and felt that my eyelashes were getting weaker too, so decided to give myself a fortnight off of wearing mascara or any intense cleansing.  It did do the trick, and made me feel a whole lot better, but I felt strange and undressed going out without any make-up on the first few times...

Although the furthest I got was McDonalds for a Wispa McFlurry anyway, so it's not like a lot of people saw me or anything!

February 16th 2010

On my second make-up-free day, I didn't leave the house at all, so it all worked out okay, as by the following day I felt a bit more confident anyway.  It's not like anyone would actually notice a difference, so I guess I was just being silly!

David spent 13 hours at work, and let Mum and I use his computer again.  I was still sad about missing the Winter Olympics on TV, but knew Mum would be driven crazy by endless sport on the television right opposite her, so I just had to make do with what I could find on Youtube... and even then I hated doing so, knowing that David would probably find recommended related videos next time he logs into Youtube.

I would have at least liked to have had my own computer so that I could have listened in to CBC radio, but nothing ever goes to plan, of course!

In more cheerful news, I managed to sign up for my own Paypal account!  But I had to wait three days to complete the verification process...  Still, I was just pleased to finally be moving towards some independence and privacy from my parents, even if it was only in a very small way.

Well, it's time to lie down on the floor and try to get some sleep now.  I'm so tired, but I just keep putting it off due to my breathing problems...  I wish I had a bed! >.<

Many thanks for reading!
Desiréee  xxx

Sunday, 21 March 2010

There are no words left to speak...

Current mood:  loved

Okay, lack of inspiration strikes again, leaving me with yet another lyrical title.  And it doesn't even suit the mood of this blog, as I have plenty of words left to speak!  Another of my long rambling three-day catch-up blogs coming right up!

February 11th 2010

We went back to the building society in Ealing Broadway to enquire whether I had been accepted for a proper current account or not, since I had still not received my cheque book.  We were sent away with fleas in our ears (well, not literally, thank goodness!) and told to wait a little longer as I had been accepted and the cheque book had been sent.  When we got back to Grottsville, we found that it had arrived.

While we were in Ealing, I went in Primark and got some new underwear.  I'm so piddled off with not having a washing machine of our own here in Grottsville meaning that David takes all of our clothes to the launderette, so I have to either hand wash my underwear or let him see it and handle it, which I really don't want due to his weird obsession with women.  So I just have to keep spending money on new bras until we have a washing machine of our own. >.<

Mum and I were quite enjoying spending time together looking at jewellery and bags - it was just nice to be shopping with her for once, as it's pretty rare to catch my mum in a good enough mood to get her to walk around clothes shops with me!  But all the time, I was aware that David was coming, and I was still standing there holding these bras.  As it happened, David walked into the shop while I was still fumbling in my purse for the money and had to be hastily removed by Mum, sadly cutting our little shopping trip short.  I just wish I had a normal father - it would make my miserable existance so much easier.

For instance, I wouldn't be so conscious of clothes being too low cut and have this obsession with covering up every inch of skin (and nor would Mum).  I'd been daydreaming of a pretty rose-printed summer dress that I had seen in Primark's window the last time we had been in Ealing Broadway, and Mum and I had a look at it this time around.  But she deemed it "too low cut", and even though it didn't have a particularly low cut neck, I admit that I probably would have felt awkward wearing it in front of David.  So I left it there, sadly muttering to myself something about how I wished I could get out of this country and lead a normal life.  "Why?  So that you could wear low cut dresses?"  For goodness sake!  It wasn't even that low cut, not even as bad as the average scoop necked t-shirt.

Immediately after receiving the letter from the lawyer, Rob Williams returned the certificates that we needed to sign off the building work at Woodberry.  But he sent a covering letter claiming that he "needed to discuss the money with Sickton, who was away on holiday until February 15th".  Do you believe it?  I don't.  Just more stalling methods to make our lives miserable and get out of paying us what we're owed.

Meanwhile, more and more harm is being done to both us and our possessions here in Grottsville.  Mum had strained her back and neck by sitting at a strange angle on the sofa, and I could hardly get up and down the stairs for my bad hip and thigh.  And yet another of my Chestnut Ridge horse's was damaged, this time by the mouse my parents want to believe doesn't exist.  I think my poor model horse would disagree as the darn thing has ripped the felt from his muzzle and left scrapes/toothmarks in the plastic beneath.

February 12th 2010

I had a bath and used up the rest of my expensive Lush Flosty Gritter bubble bar, only to find that our plug had finally given up and the water was draining away.  Great.  Just great.

I went to the fascinating Tesco, but forgot to look at the jeggings again.  I did notice that the Alien Ponies cost £4.99 there (£1 less than I paid for them in TRU! )

I received a letter from the orthodontist, confirming my appointment for April 1st.  I might as well have got it all out the way before if I'm going to have to risk surgery while I'm still in a situation where I'm sleeping on the floor with all these breathing problems anyway.

The Winter Olympics started in Vancouver, and I desperately wanted to watch the Opening Ceremony on TV (I've been waiting FOUR YEARS for this, since we watched the ice dancing in Turin on TV and I found out that the next Winter Olympics were to be held in Vancouver... okay, just revealing my ignorance when it comes to sports there, aren't I?  Otherwise I would have known before that point! ), but since I'm still in a place where I don't have my own bedroom in which I could watch my own TV, and instead have Mum sleeping beneath the TV in the living room, it was not exactly feasable.  But then, it probably would have annoyed me to hear the English commentators anyway, as I really wanted to use this to get to hear more of that gorgeous Vancouverite accent.  So I just made do with listening to the build up on CBC's live radio podcast.  But even then I got ordered to vacate Mum's patch of floor where the computer is plugged in before the ceremony actually began.  Still, I've watched plenty of videos of it on Youtube since - and even if most of them were just filmed by onlookers, the sound of the locals in the crowd was almost as good as the ceremony... where you could pick them out over everyone else who was staying in the city specifically for the games, of course!

February 13th 2010

We overslept, so didn't get to go to Greenford as planned.  Of course, I got blamed for staying up too late to listen to CBC, but as it was, I had switched the computer off before I got to listen to the actual ceremony, as I already mentioned.

In the evening, David took me to Brent Cross TRU with a voucher we had received in the post (£5 off any toys when you spent over £30), but I just couldn't bring myself to buy any of the most recent MLPs, despite all the Ponyville sets being reduced to just £2.99.  I just can't believe what Hasbro have done to my beloved ponies.

I saw the new Twilight Ponies for the first time too - I thought they looked adorable in the Argos catalogue, but they look a bit false in real life.  I did like the beanie versions, but it wasn't really fair to buy one when we're living in this insect-infested house.  It wouldn't last five minutes!

A hole appeared in the knee of my 'around-the-house leggings'.  I never liked the things, and they were only supposed to last me until we moved house and I could lead a normal life (aka sit on a chair rather than scrabbling around on the floor all day), so that I could wear decent clothes all the time.

My computer got a virus - no clue what caused it, but I fear I picked it up while looking at flash animation tutorials on websites I was not familiar with.  Well, whatever the cause, the virus blocked me from accessing Internet Explorer.  It was good for my eyes to give them a break, I'm sure, but not so good for my nerves.  I need to be able to contact all my e-pals in order to stay sane in this crazy world!

Apparently, I had a terrible headache and my hips were in agony, causing me to not even be able to find a comfortable position to lie in down on the floor.  But that sounds pretty much average for me these days.  God knows how many years have been cut off of my life by the strain of what my body is going through at the moment, both physically and mentally.  I certainly don't feel eighteen - more like a 40-year-old who's still being treated like a little kid. >.<

Just as well that virus is gone from the computer now, so that I can talk to all of you guys.  I honestly don't know what I'd do without all the kind people who set aside time to write to me and keep me going throughout all of this.  And so, once again, I thank anyone who has followed my blog thus far from the very bottom of my heart.


Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx