Thursday, 4 March 2010

Another Boring Blog Filled with Out-of-Date Occurences...

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Even my titles are getting more and more boring, aren't they?  I need more inspiration in my life!

January 13th 2010

Mum had to go to the dentist, and found out that she did have an infection in the socket where she'd had the roots removed the previous week.  So the dentist packed it with cloves and sent her away again, telling her to return if it was still hurting in a week. o_0

Then we drove to Woodberry so that David could check the house and see that my ponies were all safe and sound.  And I sat in the car throughout the entire fascinating outing.

It snowed heavily, so David was unable to get to his post-Christmas party with his old colleagues in Hammersmith.  Probably just as well as he was obviously over tired and even just walking around this cluttered house he managed to trip over in the doorway to the lounge while edging around a box, and fell flat on his back.

When he went back to work, Mum rang him up to ask if he wanted her to boil some potatoes for him.  He said that he did... and siezed his chance to request something else of her.  The carpenter had rung to ask if he could come to do some work the following day, and David wanted her to go and supervise him since he would obviously be at work.  Knowing that we desperately need to get out of this house, she agreed to do so, despite not really feeling up to it, as she didn't want to be blamed for holding things up even further.

Oh, and as for the potatoes, having got poor Mum to get them for him, he totally forgot that they were there when he came in, and they went in the bin anyway! >.<

We got a letter from the AA asking David to renew his car insurance... but he doesn't have a car of his own, and the company car is insured by another company.  But still he keeps renewing as he "might get a car of his own soon".  Um, so why keep paying for insurance in the meantime?

January 14th 2010

David didn't come out of the bathroom (where he sleeps on the floor) until it was far too late to expect both of us to get ready in time to go to Woodberry to supervise the carpenter.  He claimed that he didn't know that both of us were going.  So he thought that he was sending poor Mum on her own with her toothache?!

So David had to go and supervise the carpenter himself all morning, then came back for us at lunchtime.  It wasn't as bad as I had feared - I took the computer with me so that I could get on with all of my normal online jobs, and went for a walk up to the charity shops around the corner... but didn't find anything.

Mum, on the other hand, suffered badly with plaster dust in her throat.  "You see, the filth at the other house doesn't affect me, but I CAN'T live here!"  Okay, but I'M just supposed to cope with my allergies here in Grottsville.

Oh, and I had a shock while working on the MLP Wiki.  I discovered that the Sea Pony I bought a couple of years ago as 'Foamy' is actually a very discoloured Seashore with Foamy's float.  I don't think the seller knew, so I'm not annoyed in that sense, but I am upset that I don't have the near mint Foamy that I thought I had.  Those Watercolour Sea Ponies are almost impossible to ID correctly!

January 15th 2010

I didn't leave the house - oh, can't you just tell this is going to be a wonderful entry?!

I had a nice long bath, and finally used up the rest of the Lush Chocolate Santa.  Just as well as it was already turning the water a strange green colour... still, it did smell nicer than I had imagined, as I usually don't like anything with a fake chocolate scent. 

I just wish we could move out of here as I'm scared to even do so much as shave my legs in case I run out of razor blades again before I'm able to get another shopping trip while I'm still so dependent on my parents.

My voice is deteriorating rapidly now.  My voice cracked up as soon as I attempted to sing, and I only got through four lines before I gave up entirely.

David came out of the bathroom and offered me the chance to go to Tesco twenty minutes before it closed, knowing that I didn't have time to get ready to go.  "Why do you need to get changed?" he asked.  Ha, that's good coming from someone who's so obsessed with women and writing down every item of clothing they wear!  But I shouldn't care about my appearance, of course.  I guess I'm not good enough since I don't look like a model.

He refused to discuss anything at all as far as the house was concerned, and just spent yet more time studying women.  Does he have no sense of priority?

January 16th 2010

We went to Woodberry, and saw yet more cracks in the walls and what appears to be more green crayon up the wall leading up the stairs to the loft.  David said that he "thinks that Sickton must have a key to the house, and keeps coming in to vandalise", which scared me to death, of course, considering so many of my ponies are over there.

Then we drove to the bathroom shop to order wood for the cubby holes that we want put in either side of the vanity unit in the bathroom.  And finally we drove through Greenford to see if a shoe shop was there as David wanted new shoes but he brought us back to Grottsville as we still haven't had swine flu jabs, and couldn't mix with people for fear of catching it while we were still lying on the floor.

Speaking of swine flu, Mum found a petition online for people in this country who want the vaccine but haven't been offered one.  It had sixteen signatures.  What's wrong with people?  Far more people have died of the virus itself than have died of the vaccine, so why would they not want to at least be offered the opportunity of getting a jab?  I'd happily pay for one if that was an option.  Personally, I think the way the government handled the whole swine flu thing is disgusting.

David went to work all evening.

Emma wrote to tell Mum that she had been in hospital with breathing problems... I bet her latest pregnancy was the underlying cause though.  She's killing herself by keeping on having children.  I just can't understand why she does it when she knows how ill it's making her.

Mum finally agreed to let me look at e-Bay again following Christmas, despite the fact that her last Christmas gift to me had still not arrived. (Mind you, I do use a seperate account, so I'm not sure why she thought I would see the auction).  I placed bids on three auctions for four Barbie DVDs, but quickly got outbid on all of them.  I can't believe the prices at which those things are selling!  I love the voice acting in those movies, but I just can't afford to buy them at full price in the shops.

Well, I have a chance to go to the wonderful Tesco now, so I'd better leave it there.  Tune in for more boring adventures with the Skylark and her family at the same time tomorrow, folks!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

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