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Ever wish you were Hercule Poirot?

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Well, I know he's good at figuring out the answers to murder mysteries, but I never knew he could resolve problems in the modern day... such as preventing my own murder.  After all, I have probably been driving you all so crazy with my long rambling blogs these past few days that you felt like murdering me, so it probably did us all a favour to have a day off... and the only reason I didn't write a blog last night was due to David creating an atmosphere where I couldn't think straight by watching the TV adaptation of one of Agatha Christie's much-loved books.

Hmm, it seemed funny when I started to write, but as usual I wrote so much that the point of the joke was rather lost! >.<  Perhaps I should just move on with writing the catch-up entries...

February 14th 2010
Valentine's Day, and I felt so lonely... 

No, don't worry, I've not completely lost my marbles - it was not the company of a man that I was seeking!  But it marked the second anniversary since I had to have my dear Splodge put to sleep - I can't believe it's been two years since I even held a guinea pig.  I miss my little fluffballs so much...

David woke us up early then went to the launderette (without any warning, leaving a ton of our clothes behind!), before taking us to Greenford to buy the toys that Mum had regretted leaving there before.  But there was only one of the fakie MLP velvet art pictures left, so we couldn't get one for Kizzy as well.  So we need to find another one for her before we can give this one to Abigale anyway.

We also went back in Fara charity shop where Mum had seen a little Steiff bear - but it had sold.  However, the £3.50 empty Guava Lava's Surf Shop had not...  I wonder why not?!

Then we drove to Lakeland - it was bitterly cold, but David just sat in the car listening to the radio (with the money off coupons, may I add!), leaving us standing outside the shop like a couple of lunatics for about ten minutes before we finally gave up and went back to the car.  And finally to Laura Ashley, where Mum and I just sat in the car while David got three wallpaper samples, none of which were to Mum's satisfaction.

Later, David took me to Woodberry along with his computer so that I could write a couple of e-mails to people letting them know that I would be offline for a while, until we could get the computer fixed.  But David just checked his own e-mails and switched the computer off again, seeming to completely forget that I was even there!

I attempted to record Mulan on TV, as I love the song 'Reflection' but have never seen the whole movie, but the volume kept going off (a common problem with our television lately), so it was a rather pointless exercise.

Then watched Dancing on Ice - I was pleased to see that the public finally saw another sense to get rid of Hilary Jones!  I've really not been so hooked on the series this time around as I have been in previous years though, and spent all the time that the show was on sorting through my old Littlest Pet Shop collection...  I had intended on selling them, but just opening the box brought back so many childhood memories.  I was heartbroken to find that the carpet beetles had been feasting on them as well though, meaning that even though I had kept them all in nice condition, a lot of them are missing holes out of their fluffy manes, tails and ears etc.

February 15th 2010

Due to not having any internet access from this house, David agreed to bid on the lot I had spotted on e-Bay with Baby Leaper, but he got outbid at £12.

Then I managed to access the internet through David's computer anyway... That was the start of me falling so far behind with my correspondence again, I guess.  So many messages, and not enough time to answer them all.  And I still haven't got on top of the problem even now!

When I logged into the MLP Arena, I saw the photographs from the New York Toy Fair.  For those who don't know, this is where Hasbro showcase the MLP range for the new year.  I think I'm just struggling to come to terms that thism IS the MLP range right now though:

Well, let's start with the best...  The best of a bad bunch, that is!

Well, it doesn't look much like an equine, but you must admit that it's quite a cute little... alien... thing.   I only hope that Janyse got to do the voice for it, as opposed to that Gigi Abraham or some other vocal Pinkie Pie imposter!

And I do quite like the look of this set...

...But that's probably because I'm still a big kid at heart, and always wanted a toy aeroplane for my ponies to fly in when I was little!  Although I can't imagine this thing actually flies, as surely it would be a health and safety hazard these days, especially as the ponies no longer have magnets in their hooves.  How would they be secured in the plane to avoid the risk of them falling out and hitting someone on the head?!

Sorry, but I'm seeing far too many of these funny little Mermaid-pig things, and I haven't even come face-to-face with them in real life yet!  They're just wearing so much atrocious make-up, and they look so cheap.

In fact, this carriage set might look quite sweet if it didn't look so cheap.  Hopefully, the finished products won't look so bad as the prototypes.

But I think the straw that broke the donkey's back was seeing these...

THESE appear to be the toys to go with the new TV series that I have been so patiently awaiting.  WTH?  I think these are probably the strangest things that Hasbro has ever churned out under the name of the MLP range.  Are they supposed to look like the cheap copies of anime than US animation departments seem so keen to make these days?  Perhaps they are supposed to be deer?  Whatever they are, they're not ponies!

This seems to be the style of the animation that we can look forward to seeing:

I know they are being designed by the creator of Powerpuff Girls (or his wife?), but even so I hoped they wouldn't look quite so odd as this.  Such a shame, as it looks as though they're finally doing what I've hoped they'd do for years - combining multiple MLP generations into one TV series.  Look, is that G1 Sparkler there?  (Albeit in the wrong colours).  It's certainly G1 Applejack!  And G3 Pinkie Pie in the front!

Ahem!  At least, I think it's Pinkie Pie...

Perhaps it's just her mutated half sister?! 

Then we have an Applejack-style rip-off of the Babycham deer logo...

(I do love that they've given her the same hairstyle as she had in the original 1984 TV Special though)

And - Wait a minute!  What the heck is that thing?

Oh my God, it's supposed to be G1 SPIKE, isn't it?

(Close your eyes now if you haven't already seen these pictures, and you might just spare yourself an un-necessary headache)

So how did they go from this...

...to this strange tadpole thing that seems to have escaped from the Littlest Petshop?!

And if you weren't already freaked out enough, what on Earth is this supposed to be?

Looks like Firefly merged with Fireball and joined the cast of a cheaper version of Sailor Moon!

Such a shame, as this one looks like she'd be quite cute as a PONY instead of a funny little elf...

Oh well, I guess I'll have to give the TV show a go, just in case they get the voice acting right.  Although I must admit I'm not going to be satisfied either way with this one.  I think it would be atrocious to drop Janyse after all these years now that Pinkie is part of an actual TV series.  However, I would also probably be sad to see the voices of Applejack and Spike go to Canadian VAs.  (Not that they couldn't do it a whole lot better than the originals, I'm just used to their old voices...  But then I don't have a clue who Applejack was, or even if she's still acting, and I highly doubt they'd get someone so well-known as Charlie Adler).  Well, I'll just have to wait and see...

However, I do have confirmation that at least one of the Vancouverite actresses is working on *something* MLP in the future, but I guess I ought not to say any more than that...  She told me that she wasn't allowed to say anything about this specific series yet though.  Fingers crossed!

I'd been suffering with dry skin on my face, and felt that my eyelashes were getting weaker too, so decided to give myself a fortnight off of wearing mascara or any intense cleansing.  It did do the trick, and made me feel a whole lot better, but I felt strange and undressed going out without any make-up on the first few times...

Although the furthest I got was McDonalds for a Wispa McFlurry anyway, so it's not like a lot of people saw me or anything!

February 16th 2010

On my second make-up-free day, I didn't leave the house at all, so it all worked out okay, as by the following day I felt a bit more confident anyway.  It's not like anyone would actually notice a difference, so I guess I was just being silly!

David spent 13 hours at work, and let Mum and I use his computer again.  I was still sad about missing the Winter Olympics on TV, but knew Mum would be driven crazy by endless sport on the television right opposite her, so I just had to make do with what I could find on Youtube... and even then I hated doing so, knowing that David would probably find recommended related videos next time he logs into Youtube.

I would have at least liked to have had my own computer so that I could have listened in to CBC radio, but nothing ever goes to plan, of course!

In more cheerful news, I managed to sign up for my own Paypal account!  But I had to wait three days to complete the verification process...  Still, I was just pleased to finally be moving towards some independence and privacy from my parents, even if it was only in a very small way.

Well, it's time to lie down on the floor and try to get some sleep now.  I'm so tired, but I just keep putting it off due to my breathing problems...  I wish I had a bed! >.<

Many thanks for reading!
Desiréee  xxx

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