Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Why won't people tell me their plans?

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David refuses to go out before 10.30pm, and I am so tired and sick that I can hardly stand up by that time.  And, on top of that, I keep putting off writing these blogs hoping that he'll take me to the supermarket (fascinating, but it's the only way I can ever leave the house) earlier in the evening, meaning I'm stuggling to fit everything in, hence why I often have to leave blogs hanging halfway through now, then return to write the rest later on.  Why can't he just tell me his plans in advance?

February 17th 2010

David actually decided to get up early enough to take us out for once (only to boring old Ealing Broadway but still, it was a chance to leave this prison) but Mum felt too ill and made me feel bad about going, so I was unable to get any leggings to replace the ones with the ever-growing hole in the knee.

So David went straight to Watford to see his computer expert friend (who doesn't seem much of an expert to me, having taken my old computer along with all the photos of my late guinea pigs, claiming that they couldn't be recovered, but I have since been told they probably could have been... but that's another story) to get him to look at the computer and get rid of the weird virus that was blocking Internet Explorer.

The lawyer wrote - apparently Williams had written to him and was not paying us back the money he owes us, and making a big fuss about how we should have given him more than seven days to respond, since Sickton is still away (strange, as he had previously said he was coming back two days earlier!)

I listened to some more of the latest episode of Trevor Devall's Voiceprint podcast while I was eating dinner, and almost choked when he read out my questions.  Oh my God, how awfully embarrassing!  I couldn't think of anything to say, and came up with the most absurd load of rubbish - it was nice to hear Garry Chalk talking in Grounder's voice in response to my message though, as I grew up on Sonic the Hedgehog and used to love that character.  I'm cringing as I link this, but if anyone wants to hear it, you can find it on Trevor's site here.  He read my questions approximately an hour and twenty six minutes into the show.  I'm just trying to ignore what I'd written and observe that gorgeous accent...  'Desirée' just sounds so much more beautiful in that Canadian accent than the "DIZ-UH-ROYYYYYYY" that I'm used to hearing from my family!   In fact, I think I might just go and listen again...  *Swoons*

Ahem, swiftly moving on to other subjects!

That evening, we went to the ever-fascinating Tesco, where David bought himself a nice little cheer up present in the form of a Mills & Boon book, but didn't even mention getting Mum anything, despite the fact that it was their 20th wedding anniversary.

Mum's e-friend Jill sent her an anniversary card with a keyring inside - "to use at Woodberry" - for which she received a rude e-mail from Mum as she "doesn't want to move to Woodberry". >.<

I got a pair of jeggings at Tesco, but we were unable to get the Cadburys Creme Egg ice lollies that we had intended on buying and eating immediately due to the fact we have no freezer in which to store them, since they had sold out.

February 18th 2010

While lying on the floor the previous night in his worn out socks, David had left yet more shattered toenails right next to the patch of floor where I have to sleep, but I had felt too sick and tired to even complain.  But I had to get the hoover out and clean up after him the following morning. >.<

Actually, David had been very rude the night before in my opinion by trying to plug his computer in when Mum was already trying to sleep down on the floor (which meant pulling wires over the top of her).  Due to the disturbance, she tried to lie a different way and ended up twisting her already injured leg.

But apparently it was my fault, since I "hadn't allowed David to turn the computer on earlier" (I hadn't even known he wanted to do anything with the computer!)  But OF COURSE he wanted a turn as he needed to do an anti-virus scan - remember, I "was the one who got the virus on my own computer, and had been using his all day".  Now do you see why I hate borrowing his stuff?  He always makes me feel like I've broken it or something, even though I had done virus scans before I turned the computer off each time.  Then when he found that he couldn't access the internet (no idea why - our modem seems very temperamental the first time it's been plugged into a different computer after having been plugged into another one), he started accusing ME of unplugging the modem on purpose!!!

My allergies were getting ever worse, and even Mum commented that I "sounded hoarse" when I attempted to make a recording, something she would never normally say as she wants to live a lie and believe that everything's okay and that we can stay in this dump forever.

The lawyer sent yet another letter full of mistakes to Williams without even sending us a copy to check first.  Why is everyone so useless?!

Back to Tesco in the evening, where I picked up a Good Housekeeping magazine for Mum, following David's Mills & Boon purchase of the previous day.

David announced that he had agreed to get the plumbers in to look at the dripping pipe on the roof the next day.  The council should complain more often - it's the only way that David will get anything done around the house.  It stressed me out to think how they would work around all of our stuff though, especially as David wouldn't even tell us in which rooms they needed to go...

February 19th 2010

I was locked up in the house all day long - what a life.

As planned, the plumbers came in the morning - they went in the loft, and made the bathroom floor absolutely filthy.  Mum and I still have no idea what they did, as David will not communicate about anything.  All I know is that the taps in the bathroom are stiffer than ever, and there's an awful noise in the loft every time you even so much as flush the loo or run a basin full of water... although we do have more hot water now.

We had mushroom burgers for dinner, which make me feel sick as they always get stuck in my throat with all these congestion problems, but they're one thing Mum will eat... well, usually anyway.  But she was in a fowl mood and said that I had "ruined the potatoes by putting too much Bertolli spread in them" .  But I'd put hardly any spread in them at all, as I'm trying to cut down on our fat intake.  However, they were very yellow and shiny, and Mum refused to accept that it was not me who had ruined them.  So she threw her entire meal in the bin.

I bid on a whole load of MLP stuff on e-Bay - a ton of comics, some Pony Wear and other accessories (including the radio that came with the 'Get into the Groove' outfit that my sister had as a child, and that I returned to her with a load of Barbie clothes, not realising at the time that it was a MLP item), a purse and a lot of two ponies including Sweet Clover (a definite upgrade as mine has holes punched in her).  But e-Bay seems to be swarming with buyers right now, so I was soon outbid on most of it...  And I thought everyone was supposed to be broke!

My allergies were even worse, and Mum's leg was also getting worse, so my parents finally agreed to look into how to get a doctor's appointment at our stupid surgery (since you need a landline phone - something we don't have).  In the end, David had to make the appointments from work... but he couldn't get anything until MARCH 15TH!  What a brilliant healthcare system!

I'm feeling really ill and tired, so I shall leave it there for now.  But feel free to tune in tomorrow for yet more wonderful tales of my life!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

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