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Yet more computer troubles

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So much for catching up with this blog.  The new adapter quit working after only a week, and I've had to wait to get it replaced.  So I'm just about as far behind as I was before!

January 17th 2010
We went to Woodberry, and for once Mum was in the mood to sort out the colours.  But David dragged us back after just one hour as he needed to go to work.  So nothing got sorted out again.

Then on the way back Elaine Page played the Broadway version of 'Defying Gravity' on her radio show, and Mum felt the need to be rude about my taste in music as she had never heard the song before and thought it sounded "bl**dy awful".  Actually I'm not really a huge fan of a lot of the music in Wicked, but I love the lyrics as they kind of loosely tell my life story.

Then Emma decided to take it on herself to be rude about me as well.  Mum mentioned my orthodontic problems to her in passing, and the fact that a Canadian friend of mine told me that she had been offered surgery as it was the cheapest option.  So she advised me to take further advice in case I was just being offered the cheapest route via the NHS.  But apparently it was wrong of her to say that kind of thing, as I was listening to "horror stories".

"as for Desiree well i don't know what to say i think just because surgery is cheaper in Canada doesn't mean so in the UK - maybe they have told her it's cheaper option because over there they don't have NHS so for insurance reasons they have told her this. Desiree should have done what she wants and not listen to other people i know this will come out the wrong way and i don't mean it to but if she's not going to go to Canada to do the voice acting thing then is it really an option to think about her voice changing?  The way i see it is she's unhappy and most importantly in pain now so she has to make a decision what she wants to do and at nearly 19 she's old enough and not listen to horror stories."
A) My friend is quite aware that we have a free healthcare system so wasn't mentioning it for insurance reasons.  She was just worried that I was being offered the cheapest option BECAUSE we have a free healthcare system.

B) Thanks for getting me down about the whole voice acting thing AGAIN.  Okay, I KNOW it's unlikely I'll ever make it to Vancouver, but to lose my voice would make me just as miserable as to have such ugly crooked teeth that cause me pain.

C) I DO NOT WANT SURGERY, and believe there probably IS another way that won't come out with such perfect results.  But I guess Emma thinks I should have perfectly straight teeth since I'm never going to escape this dump and instead will be forced into marrying some English bloke who will keep me since I don't have a job of my own and who expects me to be a showpiece instead of a real person with feelings.  AGH!  Remember she also told me I couldn't have anything done that would leave me with retainers in case I wanted a boyfriend.  Well, I'm sorry but any bloke worth his salt would love me for who I was and not be put off by a piece of plastic in my mouth alternate nights!

I bought a DVD box set on e-Bay of the 2000 Call of the Wild series.  I've been after that series for years, and as I think I mentioned in a previous blog entry, the whole thing was released as a set in this country back in December.  I managed to get it for under £12 including postage too, so not too bad.

I keep getting outbid every time I try to win any Barbie movies on there though - I just can't afford to be buying kids' movies at store prices just because my favourite voice actors star in them, but it would appear they never sell below £3 or £4 even second hand.  Oh well, something else to look out for at car boot sales!

Mum won a little green Spanish MLP figurine on e-Bay for £1.70 which she says will be my Easter gift.  I am looking forward to getting her - I love those little figurines, but only have two of them, one of which is missing her tail.

I sat down and watched Dancing on Ice in the evening, but I just can't get into it this year.  There's just too much going on in the real world to really care which celebrity the general public deem good enough to go through for another week...  They're always judged on popularity rather than skating ability anyway.

January 18th 2010

David proudly told us that he would "try to do something towards Woodberry next week".  Very kind of him, I must say.

The Polish builders finally announced that they wanted to come back to do the work that same week, but David claimed not to be able to get time off work... and won't let us do the job for goodness knows what reason.  We presume he wants to pay them too much cash with no receipt again.

I won a MIP 1993 MLP Princess Sparkle nightlight on e-Bay for £5.99.  I was really excited to win it, as I want to collect all ponies and merchandise from those couple of years between when I was born and when the G1 line was discontinued.  I love the 'Pony Tales' rainbow logo with the yellow stripe at the top too, and MIP items always give me a 'buzz'.

Mum tells me that Emma was still being rude about me, saying that Mum should "lead by example" because "if she went out in this area, I would do so too".  Doesn't she think I have a brain of my own to see that this area is unsafe?  I don't follow in Mum's footsteps all the time, you know!

Oh, and I went to the fascinating Tesco... but I obviously couldn't even think of anything worthy of being written down in my blog notes for that wonderful outing!

January 19th 2010

Mum and I walked halfway down the road (I'm following by her example like a good girl, don't you know?), but then had to turn back due to roadworks.

And even during that short walk, we had to swerve across the road to avoid a vomiting drunkard, and got chased by two growling Jack Russell terriers!

The local weirdo who is so fascinted by the bush in our front garden returned and dug a chocolate bar and a HUGE BREAD KNIFE out of the bush.  He tucked the knife inside a pouch inside his jacket and wandered off calmly eating the chocolate bar!  I don't know who left the knife there.  I expect he left it there to come back and collect later, but it's really quite worrying to think that lunatics are walking around this area with those kinds of weapons.

The Princess Sparkle nightlight arrived - talk about quick shipping!  I think the seller must have posted it out before I had even sent the payment!  And I won a Petite Pony playset with UK Petite Pony Puddles, most furniture and four extra Petites for about a fiver on e-Bay.  Yep, can't you just tell that I was depressed and kept buying myself cheer-up gifts!   Of course, they don't really work and instead make me feel guilty as well as depressed!  I was outbid on three more Barbie DVDs - people must really want those things!

David didn't come back from work until 1am!  So not surprisingly he was still claiming that he couldn't get the Polish builders to finally come and work as they wanted to.  Apparently they wouldn't come and work for Mum because of that one episode where she shouted at them on the phone.  What a load of wimps!  If David is telling the truth, of course...

However, David did manage to go and see the Hungarian carpenter at Woodberry.  Then he rang us up and asked for a decision on what kind of cubby holes Mum wanted either side of the vanity unit in the bathroom when he hadn't even taken us over there to look at the thing for days!  Then he wonders why everything keeps going wrong over there!

January 20th 2010

Mum and I tried to go for another walk in this horrible area, this time heading in the other direction, and again ran into roadworks.  So where the heck are we supposed to get any exercise?!

The new lawyer sent us a copy of the letter he intends to send to Rob Williams, full of spelling mistakes and other errors.  It looked very professional, I must say!  He hadn't even given the right details about our case or the right address at the top of the letter!  Why can't we find just one person who will do something right for once?  Are there no competent people working in this country these days?!

David rang the orthodontist who confirmed that I had been signed off, so I'll probably  have to wait TWO YEARS in order to get anything done about this pain in my jaw.

Someone uploaded another episode of the old cartoon Camp Candy on Youtube, and I finally picked out Shane's voice.  Okay, so it was only three lines, but I'm glad I managed to pick him out.  It makes me even more curious as to what part he played in Sonic the Hedgehog, as I usually recognise his voice instantly and I went through that entire series quite thoroughly...

Well, that's all for now anyway.  I dread to think how many errors I've made in this blog, since I'm half asleep and listening to the soundtrack to The Woman in White as I write again! >.<

Hopefully I'll be back again tomorrow - fingers crossed the new adapter doesn't pack up as quickly as the last one!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

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