Thursday, 29 April 2010

March finally reached its close...

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Well, it will have done by the end of this blog!  Just as well since it's the last day of April tomorrow.  I just figured out that I need to write a blog every single night from now on in order to catch up by my birthday on May 15th.  So enough of the mindless chatter - time for some more boring catch up blogging!

March 29th 2010
Mum and I walked to the post office to ship out the MLP teaset that I had sold.  It had been quite a while since we had walked around here, and I couldn't believe how this area had gone down even over the last couple of months.  There were loads of drunk men staggering around, looking me up and down like a piece of meat, and a couple were passed out on the bench outside the post office, still clasping beer cans in their hands.  And so many loud-mouthed common women...  Seriously, I thought their kind only existed in the worst comedies about stereotypical British council estates!  They were milling up and down with double pushchairs ahead of them, most with two older children clinging to the back and even more children following up behind.  They all wore way too much make-up, bleach blonde hair and either tracksuit bottoms or very, very small mini-skirts and fishnet stockings, and kept puffing on cigarettes and stomping on them with their ridiculously high heeled shoes.  Not to sound judgemental, but it was rather funny to walk into what looked like a scene from Little Britain...  Come to think of it, I've never actually watched Little Britain, but it certainly seemed like something they could have used on the show!!!

We managed to get past all of these unsavoury people and into the post office.  But Mum seemed to have become a bit confused from the ordeal of getting there and kept wandering off before all the correct stickers were fixed to the package!  And even then she tried to put the parcel straight into the postbag as the woman behind the counter asked her to hand it through the glass door!

David and I took three crates of MLP plushies to Woodberry that evening - by some miracle, they hadn't suffered further carpet beetle damage since they were checked last August.  Perhaps the beetles find it difficult to get into slippery plastic crates as long as they're kept off of the ground?

I was so tired that I fell asleep in the car on the way there, which annoyed me somewhat as I wanted to enjoy the view of the beautiful sunny evening out of the window.  I just need a bed - it's killing us all to never get any proper sleep!

I was also annoyed by my nail polish, which had taken well over two hours to dry properly the previous evening and was already flaking off.  Needless to say, I haven't even bothered to apply it since then.  Can anyone recommend a good clear nail polish to me?  I just want something that doesn't take too long to dry and will last more than twelve hours!  But it's so hard to choose the right products when I can't even go shopping for those kinds of things very often. >.<  Any help will be much appreciated!

David finally said that we "had to move to Woodberry" and seemed to be taking things seriously for once, and Mum's friend Bill told her that he would move there if he was in her situation which seemed to have made her take a step in the right direction too and go back to figuring out what needed to be done in order to get us into the house.

March 30th 2010

Mum and I sorted out another four sacks of random plushies which David took to Woodberry that evening.  I'm glad the stuffed toys are being saved from the carpet beetles, but what about me and my allergies?  I need to get out of here as well!

I noticed that the Cadburys Creme Egg McFlurry was back at McDonalds and was pretty excited (I love those things - almost as much as the Oreo ones! ), but Mum felt too depressed to go out for an ice cream.

Mum and Emma were moaning about me again - this time because apparently I had said that Emma should call her latest baby Victor as she had promised Grandad on his death bed that she would call Abigale (after Grandad's brother) had she been a boy.  Well, if I were the one who had made the promise, I would have carried it forward should I have had yet another baby and it had been a boy, BUT I hadn't said anything about the situation until MUM mentioned it and then had merely agreed with her.  I guess she just wasn't brave enough to complain to Emma unless she did it in my name!

The e-conversation went like this:
Desiree thinks a middle name should be Victor, because thats what you promised Grandad

Nice name, Victor?    Xxx

Desiree can have her own kids and call them what she likes. I told Grandad the middle name would be Victor or Rowland when i was having Abigale not any of the other's and as she was a girl it kind of ruled it out also i did keep my promise as she is Abigale Mary which is what i'd said it would be if i had a girl. I hate Cameron so it's out! I like Jonah more than Jonas now but like you say very much like Joan - i went for them because Nick won't have Joseph, but then i'd still get Joe! 

Desiree is adamant she doesnt want children.    She says she didnt make any promises to Grandad, so she doesnt have to keep them.  She just remembers that was the last thing that ever made him smile!

I didn't make any promise's to Grandad - that i have not kept so she should get her facts straight before opening her mouth, i told Grandad that if (Abigale) was a boy i would name the middle name Victor or Rowland and if it was a girl it would be Abigale Mary (Mary being after Gran) it was a girl and she was named Abigale Mary Jacqueline so i kept my to my word and even named her after you which i'm sure would have made Grandad happy! so no promises broken! and whatever was said between me and Grandad was between me and Grandad and if she thinks i've broken any promses to Gran and Grandad then she is more than welcome to take it up with me.

Well, if Mum keeps making up lies like that, it's not really surprising that Emma doesn't like me, is it?!  And considering that I wouldn't have even known about this if I hadn't snooped at Mum's e-mails in order to find out the latest baby names because I was nosy (see below), I could hardly "take it up with her on the day" and tell her the truth!

I hate how she constantly makes references to me having children, especially when she's so convinced that I'll never escape this island though.  NO WAY am I getting married to any man residing in this dump...  Not only would it tie me down in a place I'm not happy and leave me having children in a country I don't believe has a stable future (see previous blogs), but I think any English accent would drive me slowly crazy if I had to live with a man who spoke with it for the rest of my life!

Anyways, having a child of my own and calling it the name that Emma had said she would call hers would rather defeat the object, wouldn't it?

To be perfectly honest, I'm sorry to say I really couldn't have cared less what this baby was called.  I feel Emma shouldn't be so selfish as to have another kid in that house when she doesn't have enough time to spend with all of the existing children and poor Allan has been shoved downstairs to make room for Gabriella in the girls' room so that the latest one can go in her cot in Emma and Nick's room!  It's like a constant game of musical chairs in order to find a place for the latest addition to the family!

In fact, when Mum started reading out the latest list of names, I was rather annoyed with her as I was trying to listen to my recording of Steve Lus on Radio Five Live from the night before... and I'd far rather listen to that gorgeous Vancouverite accent than know a ton of names that are never used once the baby arrives anyway!  After all, the prettiest name in the world would be murdered in our accent.  At least 'Victor' kind of forces you to pronounce the 't'.   Although I did later go and find out her latest choices out of curiosity, as mentioned above.

March 31st 2010

Obviously determined to be named Jonah, the new baby arrived three weeks early while it was the current name choice!  But if that was what he had in mind, it didn't work, for when Emma rang David to tell him that she had had the baby (since we have no phone), she said there was no name for it!  What did I tell you?  It's pointless listening to her ramble on about names all through her pregnancies, as once the baby arrives, she always changes her mind anyway!

A new addition to the family should be an exciting event, but it always seems that we're not any part of it somehow.  When we heard no more from her all day long and Mum was wondering what her new grandson's name was, I decided to go and look on Facebook through Mum's account, guessing that something would have been written on there.  And, sure enough, there it was.  Nick, announcing the birth of his baby son, Matthew.

Matthew?  Where the heck did that come from?  The last we heard on that name was when Mum suggested the name Max for the baby, and Emma said she HATED anything like Max or Matt.  But believe me, this child will be known as Matt.  They just have to shorten everything!

We went to Tesco that night and got some chocolate eclairs... isn't it sad that I felt that was worthy of being written in my 'blog notes' book on the day that my nephew was born.  I should have had far more important things on my mind.

Having spent hours copying stuff to Mum's family tree, Suzanne, Mum's latest family history contact who had told her all of that fascinating information about being descended from William the Conqueror's sister and my 24x great grandmother who murdered her architect husband, told us that she had got part of the tree wrong so I had wasted my time.  Great.

Oh, and the lawyer wrote with a very high bill, and told us that Williams had finally been in touch to say that he had got the figures from Sickton and sent them to his own lawyer.  Now we could sit and worry about that.  Double great.

End of blog!  I've done far too much talking for one night! 

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

"Why are you stealing my horsey toys?"

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"Mama said I could keep them, even though they're worth a lot of money."

Well, considering "Mama" had just bought Woodberry for 70 euros (yes, euros!), I wonder what a lot of money was...  This is what happens in dream world when you're overtired and disturbed by having to sleep on the floor! >.<

March 26th 2010

David had to go to Woodberry to supervise the drainage people while they re-cleaned the drains.  The reason?  They lost the videos of the last time they cleaned them, when they discovered all the rubble that Sickton's builders had left in there.  So we now have no evidence of that either should we have to take them to court and instead will only have videos of them re-cleaning the already cleared drains... well, hopefully.  As of right now, they've lost those videos too.  Please tell me, is there anyone professional and competent left in this country?!

David offered to drop me in Ealing Broadway while he was at Woodberry so that I could go shopping and walk through the parks to the house, then he could drive me back here to Grottsville.  But due to all my congestion problems, I just feel too ill at that time in the morning, and had to turn down the offer.

In fact, when I got up I had an awful pain shooting straight through from my chest to my back, every time I took a breath in which lasted for several hours.  But Mum still said that selling the house was "the sensible thing to do", and spent the day worrying about how to move all the information that her latest family history contact had given her onto her tree (In the end, I had to spend about three hours doing so for her).  I was still unable to breathe properly when we went to Tesco that night, but David was more interested in the news.

The estate agent didn't give a proper quote anyway, and instead said that he was "happy to try listing the house for £650,000 if that's what Mum wants for it".  Well, that's good to know.  Let's try listing it at £10,000,000 then - do you think someone will fall for it?!

The self service checkout wouldn't work at Tesco and kept asking us to "please insert coupon" - um, what coupon?  And David just couldn't figure out why there was no Lego inside the special collector's box.  Perhaps because it's just that - a special collector's box in which to keep the Lego from the last six days!

March 27th 2010

Mum got us all up early in the hopes of getting out of the house, but David went to the refuse centre and to buy bubblewrap, then helped me to wrap up the MLP teaset that I was trying to sell, so it got too late and we didn't leave the house all day.

Mum saw a commercial on TV for a DVD of one of the many "Call of the Wild" adaptations.  She was convinced that it was the version that I had bought from e-Bay ("It has huskies and kids in it!" ) but it turned out to be for the more recent and far better known Call of the Wild 3-D movie, of course.  I think Mum just enjoys winding me up sometimes...

I was finding it more and more of a struggle to breathe, and got scared by a particularly bad attack of chest and back pain which caused me to double over following a bout of coughing that evening.  I need to get out of here, but what can I do?  I have no control over my own life.

I was so depressed by it all that I decided to keep busy and try to sort through some more of my MLP accessories, and see if there were any more that I could sell.  But I soon gave up when I discovered that the pom poms on top of my Party Pack party hats had all been eaten.  These were kept inside a zip-locked freezer bag, but there are tell tale signs of insects inside the bag - namely skins and poo, which made my chest pains even worse.  So how can you protect your stuff if the beetles can even get into freezer bags?!

Mum rang David at work to snap at him about all the damage that is being done here while he delays things (she was having another "we must move to Woodberry" day), and also told him that I "kept buying things because I was so depressed and had now got into debt".  Excuse me?!  David went mad (understandably), and I had to raise my voice in order to be heard on the other end of the phone so as to explain that I was NOT in debt in the sense of being overdrawn - I would NEVER willingly get into that state - but instead had spent too much money on ponies meaning that I had dug into my 'savings' money.  But the seperate money banks are only in my head, and the money all comes from the same Paypal account, so it's just a matter of selling some more stuff and paying my 'savings bank' back with the money that would usually go in the 'pony bank'.  Does that make any sense at all?  The only reason I overspent at all was because I saw those beautiful G2s on the Arena...  And I know it's rare to find them in such perfectly mint but loose condition.

David got defensive and says that there's no reason I can't move house now.  But he won't go to look for a curtain rail for my curtains and instead keeps suggesting that we should go for a walk by the river (no doubt trying to stop us doing anything towards moving house).  However, at this point Mum flipped back to the "we can't move to Woodberry" side of the coin and says that I can't move over there as it "would be too difficult to evict me when they sell it".  AGH!  Please just make up your mind one way or the other before you drive me totally crazy!

Then he infuriated her by telling her that "everyone else likes the house"; 'everyone else' being the estate agent and a couple of builders/cleaners he's had in there.  This made Mum dig her heels in even more - "I don't care if everyone else likes it, I don't like it and I'm the one who's got to live there!"

March 28th 2010

Mum was refusing to go out anywhere as she was depressed but I needed to get our of this carpet beetle-ridden place and try to clear my airways, so David offered to take me to the wonderful Woodberry to observe my filthy carpet and visit the ponies I'm not allowed to live with.  When I agreed, Mum screached at me that I was "a little b*tch for going out without her"!  Well, you were the one who didn't want to go out!!!

Anyways, I gave up my chance to go out, and David went to get petrol.  Then Mum decided that she would go for a little drive and walk in the cemetery to see the daffodils on her grandparents' grave.

David then complained that we had made him "late to work" (5pm on a Sunday!)  So when is he going to allow himself to have some time off.  He's supposedly owed about ten days for all the overtime he's worked, and if they give him the sack in early May they'll get off without giving him the time he's owed!

I watched the wonderful (said with a sarcastic tone) Dancing on Ice - Hayley won, of course, but I was still a bit disappointed since she was just so full of herself and sure that she would win throughout the whole series.

I managed to sell the MLP teaset which helped to pay off my 'mental pony debt'!  I also spotted some 80s toy lots on e-Bay which I figured I could re-sell and make some money on.  But the seller wanted £5 per lot for p&p!  She wouldn't give me a very clear response about combined postage either.  As it happened, the Care Bears and MLP lots ended up selling for quite a lot anyway (and the MLP lot was the only lot that really had anything in it that I would have wanted for myself), but a huge lot of Glo Friends didn't sell for their 99p starting price, and a lot of Keypers only got one bid...  But the thing about this lot of Keypers was that each of the Keypers in the lot had a pet dragon - yep, you've guessed it; MLP dragons!  Two of them were only Spikes, but there was also a Smokey.  Someone got a deal there!

Well, I'll leave it there for the night.  It's awfully late, and I'm so tired that I'm sure this entry has made very little sense.  Still, I am determined to catch up with this blog asap - after all, it was my New Year's Resolution, and it's now the end of April!

Thanks for reading!
Desirée  xxx

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Ugh, my arm is so stiff!

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I had a swine flu jab yesterday morning, and my arm is still stiff and aching.  I'm glad that I finally managed to get one, but that doesn't stop it hurting all the same!

March 22nd 2010

David and I went to the ever fascinating Tesco.  It was awfully late at night and I was feeling overly tired and ill as ever, but he kept picking on me for not calculating prices correctly, so not getting the best deals.

However, I noticed that there was a free Lego offer with The Mirror which David had missed the previous two days.  Mum was pretty annoyed as Allan loves Lego and it was a way of getting some free "just because gifts" to take when we go to visit Emma and her army of children.

Mum went to Ealing Hospital for her knee x-ray, while I stayed here and made some recordings.  I discovered that the 'Silver Robot' tape player DOES still work, but David had managed to flick a switch so that it only worked as a radio.  He has worn it out to a point that it plays tapes rather slowly though... but hey, it's still better than nothing!

Speaking of Mum, she was going totally mad about Woodberry and was in another mood to actually get on with the job and move in there, but David switched his phone off all day to avoid having to speak to us, then as soon as he came in he turned Poirot on at a ridiculously high volume, so that I couldn't even concentrate to write a blog or any of my e-mails, instead of writing a letter to the lawyer.  Meanwhile, my allergies were growing ever worse...

March 23rd 2010

Mum woke me up by rattling off all the reasons that we COULDN'T move to Woodberry (talk about chopping and changing!)  I attempted to answer her, but realised that my throat and chest were full of so much mucus due to these darn allergies that I couldn't even speak.  Panicking, I managed to choke out "I can't talk!" to which Mum responded, "That's okay - shut up and listen!" 

Both Emma and Mum's e-friend Jill kept telling her that she should be moving house (Emma telling her how lucky we are to have a large house when she only has a two bedroom house for her brood, and Jill saying that surely insuring my good health was more important than staying away from Sickton), to which Mum proudly told me she "kept snapping at them and telling them to shut up"!  Well, she knows their opinions, so why does she keep talking to them about the situation if she doesn't want to hear their replies?

That was when I found out that they were getting an estate agent on the 26th to re-value Woodberry and see if they could sell the place.  So it's still uncertain if I will ever be enabled to leave Grottsville...

And just to cheer me up further, Steve Lus (the Canadian radio reporter who does the ten minute "Canada Desk" on BBC Radio Five Live and whom I tape every Tuesday morning - well, I have to get my weekly fix of that gorgeous accent, you know?) was going on about rising property prices in Vancouver again.  Perfect timing - everything seemed so hopeless.

Not to mention I was having a particularly bad day with my low self esteem - kind of like today, in fact!  Worrying about my hair falling out (which I'm sure is caused by a combination of stress and the fact that my hair is unhealthy from not being cut for ten years), the fact that I seem totally useless when it comes to hair removal (Can't I swap so that the hair on my legs falls out instead and the hair on my head is impossible to remove?! ), my horrible ugly sticking out teeth (and the fact that we're not moving in time for me to have the corrective surgery this time around either), the horrible deep frown lines and wrinkles that are coming up on my face (also brought on prematurely by stress, no doubt) etc.

Back to Tesco again that night - oh, what a wonderful life!  This time David made me stand in front of the books while he leafed through Mills & Boon romances until I went dizzy.  Then he expected me to be coherent enough to choose dinners for Mum and myself... but they really don't sell anything for vegetarians in Tesco that isn't highly fattening.  And I just can't take any more calories while we're still stuck in a house where I can't even go out for regular exercise.

Of course, the fact that it was 11.30pm by the time we got to Tesco didn't help my tiredness.  But David said he hadn't been able to leave work before that time - it seems he was being threatened with the sack again simply for taking Mum to the hospital for her x-ray (at about 8pm - oh, horror!  I mean, who actually leaves work as early as 7.15?! ) the night before.  I think the boss just doesn't like him and wants an excuse to get rid of him though.

March 24th 2010

I woke up totally unable to speak for a full thirty minutes.  In fact, my throat was really bad all day - it felt as though I had swallowed a furball.  This is quite honestly the worst thing that could have happened to a wannabe voice actress like myself.  I fear I'll never recover enough to escape and achieve my goals now.

But still Mum continued to moan about all the reasons we simply can't move to Woodberry...  Ugh.  The stress is just getting too much, and I found my FIRST GREY HAIR... after it fell out, may I add.  Oh. My. God. o_0  It's official - stress kills.  Everybody, evacuate Grottsville and all other stressful situations immediately or else you'll go the same way...

On a happier note, the second lot of MLP badges that I won on e-Bay arrived (photo below taken by e-Bay seller, as I seem to have lost my own).

I paid £8.36 including postage which I don't think is too bad as they sell for about £2 each individually.  I really wanted the Baby Bow Tie and Baby Applejack one as I had never seen it before, and I figure it goes with some others I have (like the Sky Dancer one in the picture), but when they arrived I realised that I didn't have one of the club badges either (the one with no year on it).  It must be the original club badge from 1986 before they felt the need to add a year.  Sadly, it is very badly scratched, but still nice to have it.  The other four are up for sale, although I think I may have found a home for the Sky Dancer and Dancing Butterflies ones.

We went to Woodberry to visit my ponies - but I just hate having to leave them there.  It's got to the point that I don't even like visiting them because the seperation is worse than if I'd never seen them in the first place.

March 25th 2010

David and I went to two different branches of Tesco in search of the free Lego for Allan, but they had run out by the time we got there.  I saw the MLP Family Convertible for the first time in the other branch of Tesco... the car is actually really cute and probably one of the few Alien G3.5 items I'd like to own (if not for the price tag - £20?!  That's robbery, plain and simple!), but I wouldn't buy it on principle due to that awful promotional DVD that comes with it.

Do not support Gigi Abraham or Dana Flitman!  Boycott imitation Pinkie Pies!  We want Janyse! 

Ahem... Okay, I think you get the message...

The MLP accessory lot that I won on e-Bay - my first transaction through my own account!  - arrived.  I think I got a bargain really.  £7.67 including postage for all of this (photos taken from e-Bay auction to give you an idea of what was actually visible to the bidders)...

Can you spot the gem?  (Hint: Look at the second picture)

So here are close-ups of everything that was included...

The Playmat - it has a few stains on the underside but nothing too bad and the "display side" is perfect.  I already have one of these, so this will be up for sale if anyone's interested.  No idea what it's worth, so just make me an offer.

The carry case - again, I have one of these and intended on selling it...

...but then I saw this sticker on the roof.

It's the sticker from Baby Cuddles's buggy!  (It looks like there was another sticker on the other side that someone helpfully "cleaned off" before selling it! >.<)  It's got a small tear and I'm sure it will get worse if I try to remove it, so now I'm not sure what to do.  I don't want the carry case, but I don't want to get rid of the sticker...  Any ideas on how I could safely remove it and put it in my album (I ruined so many MLP stickers when I was younger by removing them from playsets etc., I'm quite literally petrified now!)

A saddle and bridle from the Show Stable, and a bridle from the Grooming Parlour...

Four hats from the Grooming Parlour...

Four random brushes and combs (the blue shooting star brush has some chew marks and the flower pick has some paint rubs, but at that price I don't really mind!)

A ton of Birthday Pack stuff (including the UK Pin the Tail on the Pony game, and two party hats which are nice to have since the pom poms on mine were eaten by carpet beetles)...

Some random Pony Wear which is quite grubby but will probably clean up nicely.  Not sure what the orange felt thing is - it's not MLP, is it?  Does anyone recognise it?

A purple playpen with original blanket (I think these belonged to Baby Cotton Candy?) and three baby necklaces...

More Baby accessories!  A bib, a feeding dish and spoon (the dish has some paint loss like the flower pick, but again, it's not liked I paid a lot for these) and a "Party Panties" box containing not one, but three nappies!

Well, I think those accessories would be worth what I spent by themselves.  But we still have one more photo, illustrating the pieces I really wanted...







Two rattles, a Newborn Twin bottle, two tubes of toothpaste, two toothbrushes and...


Okay, so maybe this isn't exciting for a lot of you, but I only have Chief's bandana that I found at a car boot sale years ago.  I've never owned one of the Playtime Baby Brother's bandanas before.  I'm not sure what they're worth, but judging by recent price checks on the Arena, they seem to be running at around $8-10 each so that's about £6!  Now that's what I call an e-Bay bargain!

As if that wasn't a pony overload, I bought myself three G2s later that day.  You can always tell when I'm depressed, can't you?!

On a (slightly) more interesting theme for the non-pony people, while researching her family history, Mum found a distant relative who gave her a lead on some of her ancestors.  It seems that if you go back far enough, even Mum, queen of "Pure English"-ness, is French and Irish!

However, we are talking about way, way back (like 600-700 years ago!).  In fact, this woman has got one of our lines back to approximately 980AD!  The reason she can trace it that far?  Well, obviously peasants' births, marriages and deaths were not recorded that far back... but have no fear, we are of noble blood!  *Sticks nose in air and puts on snooty act before continuing*  Apparently, we are descended from William the Conqueror's sister.  Oh, and Lady Godiva too, although I'm not sure that I want to be thought of as her great great great (insert string of 'greats' here) grandaughter!  This doesn't change anything and I shall not be stripping naked and riding through Grottsville on horseback!

But the story that really made Mum laugh was the story of her 23x Great Grandmother.  Apparently our ancestors built and owned Castle Roche in Ireland.  A quick search on Google showed up this story about my 24x Great Grandmother on Wikipedia.  Just fantastic, bearing in mind Mum's feelings towards Chris Sickton and my feelings towards men in general and being forced into marriage!

"Rohesia de Verdun from Alton, Staffordshire, England was married to Theobald "le Butzllen" Le Botiller (Butler). After her husband’s sudden death whist travelling in Poitou, France, she moved to her lands in Ireland. The De Verdun's had a history in the region, with Rohesia's grandfather Bertram de Verdun arriving as part of John's first expedition to Ireland.
She immediately set about fortifying the land with a castle. However, her quick tempered reputation deterred all potential architects. She then offered her hand in marriage (and thereby a share in her wealth) to the man who would build the castle to her liking. Local legend has it, after their wedding banquet in the newly completed castle, she invited her husband to the bridal suite and urged him to view their estate from the large bedroom window. Taking no chances with the castle’s secrets, she promptly pushed her new husband from the window, where he plummeted towards his death."

I expect it's just a legend, but it's an interesting story to be able to tell, all the same!  And Rohesia has taught me a lesson should my parents really ever force me into marriage - con my horrible husband into following me into our bedroom, then push him out the window.  The police statement will read: "Desirée swears it was an accidental death.  (Insert evil man's name here) had had a little too much to drink, and stumbled through the glass...  Desirée is heartbroken at the loss of her new husband."

I really am heartbroken to see all the young girls who were forced into marriage back then though.  14-year-old girls being sent to live with men in their thirties who they had never even met as part of a simple business deal between their husbands and fathers.  Disgusting.  And so many of these poor girls died in childbirth - then the men would simply get themselves a new wife and start breeding again.  I just wish I had a time machine and could save all those poor women.  But then I guess that would defeat the object as I wouldn't even exist...  It's horrible to read though. 

Well, I think I should probably call it a day since it's almost 1am and I have been at this for over two hours!  I'll never catch up at this rate!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

Friday, 23 April 2010

My profile is public again...

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...and so far no more annoying friend requests from weird men!  Admittedly, I only made my profile public again five minutes ago, but perhaps my profile photo really is deterring them.  Fingers crossed!  I hated having to block some of my best friends from my blog just because they're not Myspace members.

March 19th 2010
Mum went to the dentist to have her wisdom tooth removed while I walked around Ealing Broadway.  I didn't have much time and had to run around which meant I couldn't enjoy the freedom as much as I should have done, but it was still lovely to have the chance to be away from my parents for once.

So where did I go?  I'm sure you're all desperate to know, aren't you?

Well, first I went to Savers where I got some Dove hair conditioner. (I'd actually never used a specific hair conditioner on my own hair before, it always gets used up on the MLPs and I make do with a conditioning shampoo!)  I don't usually buy Dove products either as I know Proctor and Gamble test on animals, so I feel really guilty now.  That's what comes from rushing around so fast that you can't think straight to remember what products you allow yourself to buy. >.<

I also got myself a couple of packs of Silky Mitt hair removal pads as they were reduced and on the rare occasion that Mum actually has spoken about anything beauty-related, she mentioned that she used to use "sandpaper gloves that they bought at the local chemist back in the 70s" for hair removal since she had sensitive skin and hated using razor blades, so I figured it was worth a try.  Sorry, but I cannot recommend them.  Sure, they don't hurt your skin, but they don't do their job either.  They don't even exfoliate your skin particularly well.  I think I'll stick with waxing once a month and shaving in between until I can at least try laser hair removal.  If only we didn't have a bath full of rubbish or a working shower so that I could wash my legs properly (ie. not at the sink with a flannel) more often, it would make my life a whole lot easier.

But that wasn't all I bought.  Oh, no!  I was loving spending my money that day!  So I also bought myself some cocoa butter body lotion and Inecto Coconut Milk body and facial scrubs.  However, those weren't such a waste of money... I swear Inecto is one of the best brands I have ever used.  Their scrubs are even better than the expensive Ted Baker scrub that I bought about 18 months ago.  Highly recommended!  I haven't even dared to look online to find out if the company tests on animals or not, but I fear that probably is the case since they are not proudly proclaiming that they don't do so on the back of all the tubes.  But it's the only thing that has made any difference to my horrible dry skin at all, so I really don't want to know...

Having spent my life's savings in Savers (well, it seemed like it at the time anyway!), I ran to three charity shops but didn't see a sniff of a pony, just a highly overpriced Frilly Frocks Boutique with no accessories.  And finally through HMV (who don't appear to sell any anime whatsoever - weird, especially considering it's not a particularly small branch) to TKMaxx.  They had obviously just stacked their shelves and there were TONS of beautiful t-shirts, floral-printed blouses and skirts and gorgeous summer dresses.  It was like my version of Heaven in there!  I made my way to the back of the shop to check the toy section for ponies, thinking that I would then return to the clothes.  The toy shelves had obviously also just been stacked and were FILLED with cut price Ponyville Ponies and Newborn Cuties!  I picked up Rainbow Dash's Room and was just contemplating whether to buy any others when my phone rang.  Loud classical music filled the shop as my ringtone got louder and louder.  I ignored it, knowing that it was David and figuring that I could phone him back when I got out of the shop... but he rang again.  And again.  Reluctantly, I replaced Rainbow Dash's Room on the shelf and made my way out of the shop.

The centre was crowded and David's voice was muffled.  "I can't hear you!" I said.  "WHY NOT!!!" David yelled at me - well, I heard that clearly enough!  I eventually figured out that he was saying that Mum had finished at the dentist early and they were waiting for me.  In fact, no.  They weren't waiting for me.  He was driving to the shopping centre to pick me up to "save me from having to walk through the rain". (AKA, he wanted to save time so that he could get back to work!)

I was instructed to cross the road and stand outside the bathroom shop opposite in five minutes.  I dashed back up the escalator to TKMaxx and back to the toy department... where I found a woman with a trolley STACKED with all the MLPs I had just been looking at and piles of Littlest Pet Shop sets too.  I figure e-Bay dealers have to get their stuff from somewhere.

I realised that I didn't have time to look at the clothes in detail or queue up to buy anything anyway, so I just dashed to stand on ceremony outside the bathroom shop.  My parents didn't come immediately, and instead left me standing in the rain for ten minutes!  So I might as well have walked back to the surgery... >.<

David went to the Town Hall to show the council the ceritificates with all their inaccuracies (only seven of nine doors fireproofed, guarantee for a light in a shed we don't even have etc.), and came back proudly telling us that the council had signed them off, regardless of all the errors.  So we don't even have that to hold up against Sickton if the case goes to court now!

Oh, and I won another lot of six MLP badges on e-Bay... but I'll talk more about those on the entry for when they actually arrived.

March 20th 2010

I spent another day locked up indoors, but David went to the office all evening in order to get himself out of this dump, of course.

Mum was in a fowl mood, throwing tile samples for the fireplace at Woodberry around proclaiming that "she wanted to smash something" and "wanted to get rid of me so that she could have sensible conversations about letting the house".

I won another MLP auction on e-Bay; this time a lot of accessories for £7.67 including shipping.  I thought I could see a baby brother's bandana but the photos were not particularly clear.  There was plenty of other stuff that I wanted in the lot though, and plenty that I could re-sell to get the money back, so I figured it was worth the gamble. 
I also bid on a G1 MLP board book, but I got outbid.

It was a free listing weekend on e-Bay so I attempted to post my first auction.  But I discovered that in order to make a seller's account, I need to verify my identity with a code which they will only send via a landline phone... something we don't have in this slum.  So I can't do anything to sell outside of the MLP forums until we move house either, by which time I will have had to throw out/donate most of the stuff I want to sell due to space issues.

While David was at 'work', he finally set aside the time to type up the letter we needed to send to one of the building societies where he stashed some of my money away when I was little in order to obtain the cash.  But, since the money was under the joint guardianship of my parents until I was of an age to deal with it myself, both of them needed to sign the letter.  David asked Mum to add her signature but, still in a fowl mood, she refused to do so and instead scribbled all over the bottom half of the page and threw it on the floor! o_0

"I'm sick of you!" she yelled at David.  "Why do you always put her first?  What about my jobs?  What about Sinton Andrews (the estate agent) so that we can get rid of this brick (Woodberry)?"

The argument continued for some time.  "Desirée's the bain because she's ill otherwise we could get rid of it!"  Nice to feel wanted, isn't it?  I said something along those lines.  "I could say the same here - you're just waiting for me to die, then you'll have all the money!"  Uh, no.  That's Emma's trick.  And speaking of Emma, I won't have all the money - I will have half of everything.  And with no education, and no other money to my name, where on Earth will I go when Emma kicks me out of the house?  Hence, I'm more interested in having a life and career so that I can support myself rather than waiting for the one family member who is a true friend to me (most of the time) to drop dead!

March 21st 2010
I taped a new MLP commercial on CITV at 10.30am.  It was this one ~ ~ but with an English twist.  So instead of the original US words...

Let's take a ride!With a pony's touch!
My Little Pony!
In our pink convertible - hey, look at us!
It's your world...

Hop in!
...With a pony's touch!

My Little Pony Convertible comes as shown.
My Little Pony!
Other ponies and playsets each sold seperately.

...we have...

Let's take a ride!With the magic of...
My Little Pony!
Feel like a star in my pony car!

How cool is this? Cruising in town with the car top down!
Hop in!
It's your world with the magic of...
My Little Pony!

My Little Pony Convertible comes with all this, and now a DVD too while supplies last.

I understand referring to the vehicle as a simple car instead of a convertible, as 'convertible' is probably not such a well-known term here in the UK.  (Although I always refer to open-top cars as convertibles!)  I am interested by the fact that they completely got rid of the slogan "It's your world with a pony's touch" and replaced it with "It's your world with the magic of (My Little Pony)" though.  I know there was a discussion on the Arena about how the term "with a pony's touch" could be taken to have a creepy meaning - which never even occurred to me! - so perhaps Hasbro thought it was best to change it before they brought the commercial to this country with all it's crazily extreme health and safety laws and political correctness.  After all, we don't want to risk the English population deciding not to buy any more MLPs in case their children's toys turn into pedophiliac ponies by night. >.<  Sounds stupid, but you can never be too careful in this day and age!

Speaking of MLP commercials, I found this Finnish commercial for Hair-Do Ponies and Rollerskate Ponies from 1993 on Youtube...  (Skip to 1.05)  It actually made me cry to see it, as I have been desperately seeking commercials from this period, and even if it is a foreign version, I'm pretty sure these are the ones that were shown in this country too, just with the pony names dubbed over at the end.  The music featured on the commercial is the same tune as was used on the MLP coin operated ride, and I recall thinking "this music sounds familiar" the first time I ever rode one of those ponies (when I was about four, so around 1995).  I know it's just a twist on the original My Little Pony Tales theme tune, but since I didn't even see that series until 1997, I can't have recognised the music from there.  Hence, I think I must have had a faint recollection of these commercials being on TV, although I was probably too young to remember them clearly.  Either way, it was lovely to see it - I just adore the backgrounds they made to look like the town in My Little Pony Tales!  I wish they had made playsets of the Ice Cream Parlour and Rainbow Beauty Salon.

David and I went to Woodberry to visit my ponies and check the latest tile samples against the fireplace.  These tile samples are even further off the originals than the last ones though.  Someone (presumably the postman) had opened an item of mail and pushed the empty cellophane through the door without the brochure.  Um, even if he was really so eager to get his hands on a holiday brochure, why would he post the cellophane through the door?  Talk about proving yourself guilty!

David went to work all evening, and Mum finally calmed down.  Thank goodness for that - I don't think I could have stood much more of her temper!

Speaking of Mum's temper, I really ought to let her go to sleep before she gets overtired again!  I'll try to write some more tomorrow though.

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

Thursday, 22 April 2010

So you finally realised I'm not interested?

Current mood:  tired

I guess the profile picture worked.  I changed my account settings so that people could send me friend requests without knowing my surname and e-mail address and FINALLY I'm not getting strings of irritating perverted men writing to me!  So perhaps replacing my photo with that sweet little message actually worked.  Or maybe they just don't like writing to girls with private profiles, despite the fact they quite obviously never read them before sending friend requests anyway.  Whatever the cause, I'm pleased to be shot of them.  Let's just hope that they don't return when I make my profile public again!

March 16th 2010
We went to West Ealing where I found a MLP video in British Heart Foundation for 49p.

I had got this one, but it was in a terribly bashed case.  The bashed one will be for sale if anyone's interested.  It's quite a strange tape though, as it includes the first two parts of "The Glass Princess" and then goes straight into about three other completely different episodes with no trace of the third and fourth parts!  Apparently, "To be continued..." is considered to be a good ending for a kids' show.

Then we went in 99p Stores to buy Weetaflakes and I managed to find the Ponyville fakies I was unable to get before...

They're adorable!  Okay, so I shouldn't be supporting bootlegs of any kind, but they're so much better than most of the rubbish that Hasbro is making these days.  Although the hairclips cannot be used as hairclips as if you even attempt to fold them over to 'clip' into the hair, they snap in half!  Oh, and perhaps I should also point out that the ponies have molded hair so what on Earth would be the purpose of hairclips anyway?!

It was nice to get out in the sunshine and go shopping with Mum for an hour or so.  I saw a really cute bag in New Look, which I regretted not buying as soon as I left it there, but I couldn't find any decent summer clothes that didn't have uncomfortably scooped necklines.

I spent the rest of the day sorting through ponies and took the rest of my collection and a ton of duplicates to Woodberry that night.  I hate leaving them over there, but I know they're safer out of our greenhouse-like back room.

While attempting to use my horrible nasal spray (which I was still struggling to get used to) David kept trying to talk to me and eventually came right up to me asking me to hold something for him.  Um... Can't you see I'm busy?  Apparently not.  "Sorry, I can't see.  I thought you were blowing your nose."

My gum was even more swollen where my wisdom tooth was still trying to cut through.  And Mum was concerned when she got her x-ray appointment- after all, surely it wouldn't have come through so fast unless the doctor suspected something serious?

March 17th 2010

I recorded four episodes of Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy - I really can't get used to the newer animation styles, but I figured I should probably tape a few episodes for future reference in my voice acting collection.

I'd just been running on the spot (the only way of getting any exercise in this dump) and had gone upstairs to the bathroom when the doorbell rang.  I ran down the stairs, got to the porch, and then figured I ought to check who it was considering this area.  As it turned out, it WAS the postwoman so I had to go back - how horribly embarrassing.  Not only had I not had the chance to wash after exercising, but she had obviously seen me run to the porch and back again and all the time had just had to wait for me to open the door. >.<

Anyways, enough of my nonsense.  What had the postwoman brought?  My e-Bay buys, of course!

Firstly, a MLP paper craft set...

I paid £8.36 for it, but I had NEVER seen one before, and when I opened the box I got a nice surprise, as it has obviously never been used...

It has a few marks where it has presumably been stored in a damp loft for many years, but overall I'm still pleased.

And then the other package.  Three auction lots from the same seller - two lots of accessories and a pony...

I can't remember what I paid for the accessories now.  But I think they were only about 99p each lot.

I was pleased to get the game spinner and Best in the West cowboy hat.  The record player is good too, but obviously missing the arm and the record.  Still, not too bad.  I possibly need the Crimp 'n' Curl bow clip too, as I seem to remember I lost one when I was little, but I can't remember now.  I will try to sell the rest of the stuff and hopefully recover some of the money.

Oh, and the pony I bought?


I'm not sure if I paid a little too much at £20.99, especially considering the stain on her back hoof, but I've wanted her for such a long time, and couldn't resist bidding when I saw her.  And she was the first G1 pony I had added to my collection since Christmas last year. 

David promised me that I could go and visit my ponies at Woodberry, but he came in too late so we just went to Asda to return the t-shirt that I had bought a couple of weeks before.  The customer services desk was closed so we couldn't return the t-shirt anyway, but I did get this book for £4.00.

I don't buy all the merchandise I see now, but it was just so nice to see some old-style artwork as opposed to all this weird G3.5 alien stuff!

March 18th 2010

David came in too late to go to Woodberry again, so I just went to the fascinating Tesco and photographed a new coin operated ride.

Fascinating stuff, eh?

I spent a very boring day messing around on the internet, playing silly Facebook games, writing on the MLP Arena and updating the MLP Wiki.

The lawyer wrote to David and asked him to decide how he wanted to proceed since Williams still hadn't responded.  Thank goodness he did, as David just lets things drift.  For instance, Mum had been attempting to ring him all day, but he just turned his mobile phone off to avoid having to talk to us.  But having heard from the lawyer, he agreed that he'd have to do something.  "Oh, I suppose I'll have to ring the council tomorrow now!" he sighed.  Good to know he's so eager to get us out of here!

Anyways, I must go now, as Mum is falling asleep on the sofa again, and I haven't even responded to all of my e-mails. >.<

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx