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March finally reached its close...

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Well, it will have done by the end of this blog!  Just as well since it's the last day of April tomorrow.  I just figured out that I need to write a blog every single night from now on in order to catch up by my birthday on May 15th.  So enough of the mindless chatter - time for some more boring catch up blogging!

March 29th 2010
Mum and I walked to the post office to ship out the MLP teaset that I had sold.  It had been quite a while since we had walked around here, and I couldn't believe how this area had gone down even over the last couple of months.  There were loads of drunk men staggering around, looking me up and down like a piece of meat, and a couple were passed out on the bench outside the post office, still clasping beer cans in their hands.  And so many loud-mouthed common women...  Seriously, I thought their kind only existed in the worst comedies about stereotypical British council estates!  They were milling up and down with double pushchairs ahead of them, most with two older children clinging to the back and even more children following up behind.  They all wore way too much make-up, bleach blonde hair and either tracksuit bottoms or very, very small mini-skirts and fishnet stockings, and kept puffing on cigarettes and stomping on them with their ridiculously high heeled shoes.  Not to sound judgemental, but it was rather funny to walk into what looked like a scene from Little Britain...  Come to think of it, I've never actually watched Little Britain, but it certainly seemed like something they could have used on the show!!!

We managed to get past all of these unsavoury people and into the post office.  But Mum seemed to have become a bit confused from the ordeal of getting there and kept wandering off before all the correct stickers were fixed to the package!  And even then she tried to put the parcel straight into the postbag as the woman behind the counter asked her to hand it through the glass door!

David and I took three crates of MLP plushies to Woodberry that evening - by some miracle, they hadn't suffered further carpet beetle damage since they were checked last August.  Perhaps the beetles find it difficult to get into slippery plastic crates as long as they're kept off of the ground?

I was so tired that I fell asleep in the car on the way there, which annoyed me somewhat as I wanted to enjoy the view of the beautiful sunny evening out of the window.  I just need a bed - it's killing us all to never get any proper sleep!

I was also annoyed by my nail polish, which had taken well over two hours to dry properly the previous evening and was already flaking off.  Needless to say, I haven't even bothered to apply it since then.  Can anyone recommend a good clear nail polish to me?  I just want something that doesn't take too long to dry and will last more than twelve hours!  But it's so hard to choose the right products when I can't even go shopping for those kinds of things very often. >.<  Any help will be much appreciated!

David finally said that we "had to move to Woodberry" and seemed to be taking things seriously for once, and Mum's friend Bill told her that he would move there if he was in her situation which seemed to have made her take a step in the right direction too and go back to figuring out what needed to be done in order to get us into the house.

March 30th 2010

Mum and I sorted out another four sacks of random plushies which David took to Woodberry that evening.  I'm glad the stuffed toys are being saved from the carpet beetles, but what about me and my allergies?  I need to get out of here as well!

I noticed that the Cadburys Creme Egg McFlurry was back at McDonalds and was pretty excited (I love those things - almost as much as the Oreo ones! ), but Mum felt too depressed to go out for an ice cream.

Mum and Emma were moaning about me again - this time because apparently I had said that Emma should call her latest baby Victor as she had promised Grandad on his death bed that she would call Abigale (after Grandad's brother) had she been a boy.  Well, if I were the one who had made the promise, I would have carried it forward should I have had yet another baby and it had been a boy, BUT I hadn't said anything about the situation until MUM mentioned it and then had merely agreed with her.  I guess she just wasn't brave enough to complain to Emma unless she did it in my name!

The e-conversation went like this:
Desiree thinks a middle name should be Victor, because thats what you promised Grandad

Nice name, Victor?    Xxx

Desiree can have her own kids and call them what she likes. I told Grandad the middle name would be Victor or Rowland when i was having Abigale not any of the other's and as she was a girl it kind of ruled it out also i did keep my promise as she is Abigale Mary which is what i'd said it would be if i had a girl. I hate Cameron so it's out! I like Jonah more than Jonas now but like you say very much like Joan - i went for them because Nick won't have Joseph, but then i'd still get Joe! 

Desiree is adamant she doesnt want children.    She says she didnt make any promises to Grandad, so she doesnt have to keep them.  She just remembers that was the last thing that ever made him smile!

I didn't make any promise's to Grandad - that i have not kept so she should get her facts straight before opening her mouth, i told Grandad that if (Abigale) was a boy i would name the middle name Victor or Rowland and if it was a girl it would be Abigale Mary (Mary being after Gran) it was a girl and she was named Abigale Mary Jacqueline so i kept my to my word and even named her after you which i'm sure would have made Grandad happy! so no promises broken! and whatever was said between me and Grandad was between me and Grandad and if she thinks i've broken any promses to Gran and Grandad then she is more than welcome to take it up with me.

Well, if Mum keeps making up lies like that, it's not really surprising that Emma doesn't like me, is it?!  And considering that I wouldn't have even known about this if I hadn't snooped at Mum's e-mails in order to find out the latest baby names because I was nosy (see below), I could hardly "take it up with her on the day" and tell her the truth!

I hate how she constantly makes references to me having children, especially when she's so convinced that I'll never escape this island though.  NO WAY am I getting married to any man residing in this dump...  Not only would it tie me down in a place I'm not happy and leave me having children in a country I don't believe has a stable future (see previous blogs), but I think any English accent would drive me slowly crazy if I had to live with a man who spoke with it for the rest of my life!

Anyways, having a child of my own and calling it the name that Emma had said she would call hers would rather defeat the object, wouldn't it?

To be perfectly honest, I'm sorry to say I really couldn't have cared less what this baby was called.  I feel Emma shouldn't be so selfish as to have another kid in that house when she doesn't have enough time to spend with all of the existing children and poor Allan has been shoved downstairs to make room for Gabriella in the girls' room so that the latest one can go in her cot in Emma and Nick's room!  It's like a constant game of musical chairs in order to find a place for the latest addition to the family!

In fact, when Mum started reading out the latest list of names, I was rather annoyed with her as I was trying to listen to my recording of Steve Lus on Radio Five Live from the night before... and I'd far rather listen to that gorgeous Vancouverite accent than know a ton of names that are never used once the baby arrives anyway!  After all, the prettiest name in the world would be murdered in our accent.  At least 'Victor' kind of forces you to pronounce the 't'.   Although I did later go and find out her latest choices out of curiosity, as mentioned above.

March 31st 2010

Obviously determined to be named Jonah, the new baby arrived three weeks early while it was the current name choice!  But if that was what he had in mind, it didn't work, for when Emma rang David to tell him that she had had the baby (since we have no phone), she said there was no name for it!  What did I tell you?  It's pointless listening to her ramble on about names all through her pregnancies, as once the baby arrives, she always changes her mind anyway!

A new addition to the family should be an exciting event, but it always seems that we're not any part of it somehow.  When we heard no more from her all day long and Mum was wondering what her new grandson's name was, I decided to go and look on Facebook through Mum's account, guessing that something would have been written on there.  And, sure enough, there it was.  Nick, announcing the birth of his baby son, Matthew.

Matthew?  Where the heck did that come from?  The last we heard on that name was when Mum suggested the name Max for the baby, and Emma said she HATED anything like Max or Matt.  But believe me, this child will be known as Matt.  They just have to shorten everything!

We went to Tesco that night and got some chocolate eclairs... isn't it sad that I felt that was worthy of being written in my 'blog notes' book on the day that my nephew was born.  I should have had far more important things on my mind.

Having spent hours copying stuff to Mum's family tree, Suzanne, Mum's latest family history contact who had told her all of that fascinating information about being descended from William the Conqueror's sister and my 24x great grandmother who murdered her architect husband, told us that she had got part of the tree wrong so I had wasted my time.  Great.

Oh, and the lawyer wrote with a very high bill, and told us that Williams had finally been in touch to say that he had got the figures from Sickton and sent them to his own lawyer.  Now we could sit and worry about that.  Double great.

End of blog!  I've done far too much talking for one night! 

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

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