Thursday, 22 April 2010

So you finally realised I'm not interested?

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I guess the profile picture worked.  I changed my account settings so that people could send me friend requests without knowing my surname and e-mail address and FINALLY I'm not getting strings of irritating perverted men writing to me!  So perhaps replacing my photo with that sweet little message actually worked.  Or maybe they just don't like writing to girls with private profiles, despite the fact they quite obviously never read them before sending friend requests anyway.  Whatever the cause, I'm pleased to be shot of them.  Let's just hope that they don't return when I make my profile public again!

March 16th 2010
We went to West Ealing where I found a MLP video in British Heart Foundation for 49p.

I had got this one, but it was in a terribly bashed case.  The bashed one will be for sale if anyone's interested.  It's quite a strange tape though, as it includes the first two parts of "The Glass Princess" and then goes straight into about three other completely different episodes with no trace of the third and fourth parts!  Apparently, "To be continued..." is considered to be a good ending for a kids' show.

Then we went in 99p Stores to buy Weetaflakes and I managed to find the Ponyville fakies I was unable to get before...

They're adorable!  Okay, so I shouldn't be supporting bootlegs of any kind, but they're so much better than most of the rubbish that Hasbro is making these days.  Although the hairclips cannot be used as hairclips as if you even attempt to fold them over to 'clip' into the hair, they snap in half!  Oh, and perhaps I should also point out that the ponies have molded hair so what on Earth would be the purpose of hairclips anyway?!

It was nice to get out in the sunshine and go shopping with Mum for an hour or so.  I saw a really cute bag in New Look, which I regretted not buying as soon as I left it there, but I couldn't find any decent summer clothes that didn't have uncomfortably scooped necklines.

I spent the rest of the day sorting through ponies and took the rest of my collection and a ton of duplicates to Woodberry that night.  I hate leaving them over there, but I know they're safer out of our greenhouse-like back room.

While attempting to use my horrible nasal spray (which I was still struggling to get used to) David kept trying to talk to me and eventually came right up to me asking me to hold something for him.  Um... Can't you see I'm busy?  Apparently not.  "Sorry, I can't see.  I thought you were blowing your nose."

My gum was even more swollen where my wisdom tooth was still trying to cut through.  And Mum was concerned when she got her x-ray appointment- after all, surely it wouldn't have come through so fast unless the doctor suspected something serious?

March 17th 2010

I recorded four episodes of Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy - I really can't get used to the newer animation styles, but I figured I should probably tape a few episodes for future reference in my voice acting collection.

I'd just been running on the spot (the only way of getting any exercise in this dump) and had gone upstairs to the bathroom when the doorbell rang.  I ran down the stairs, got to the porch, and then figured I ought to check who it was considering this area.  As it turned out, it WAS the postwoman so I had to go back - how horribly embarrassing.  Not only had I not had the chance to wash after exercising, but she had obviously seen me run to the porch and back again and all the time had just had to wait for me to open the door. >.<

Anyways, enough of my nonsense.  What had the postwoman brought?  My e-Bay buys, of course!

Firstly, a MLP paper craft set...

I paid £8.36 for it, but I had NEVER seen one before, and when I opened the box I got a nice surprise, as it has obviously never been used...

It has a few marks where it has presumably been stored in a damp loft for many years, but overall I'm still pleased.

And then the other package.  Three auction lots from the same seller - two lots of accessories and a pony...

I can't remember what I paid for the accessories now.  But I think they were only about 99p each lot.

I was pleased to get the game spinner and Best in the West cowboy hat.  The record player is good too, but obviously missing the arm and the record.  Still, not too bad.  I possibly need the Crimp 'n' Curl bow clip too, as I seem to remember I lost one when I was little, but I can't remember now.  I will try to sell the rest of the stuff and hopefully recover some of the money.

Oh, and the pony I bought?


I'm not sure if I paid a little too much at £20.99, especially considering the stain on her back hoof, but I've wanted her for such a long time, and couldn't resist bidding when I saw her.  And she was the first G1 pony I had added to my collection since Christmas last year. 

David promised me that I could go and visit my ponies at Woodberry, but he came in too late so we just went to Asda to return the t-shirt that I had bought a couple of weeks before.  The customer services desk was closed so we couldn't return the t-shirt anyway, but I did get this book for £4.00.

I don't buy all the merchandise I see now, but it was just so nice to see some old-style artwork as opposed to all this weird G3.5 alien stuff!

March 18th 2010

David came in too late to go to Woodberry again, so I just went to the fascinating Tesco and photographed a new coin operated ride.

Fascinating stuff, eh?

I spent a very boring day messing around on the internet, playing silly Facebook games, writing on the MLP Arena and updating the MLP Wiki.

The lawyer wrote to David and asked him to decide how he wanted to proceed since Williams still hadn't responded.  Thank goodness he did, as David just lets things drift.  For instance, Mum had been attempting to ring him all day, but he just turned his mobile phone off to avoid having to talk to us.  But having heard from the lawyer, he agreed that he'd have to do something.  "Oh, I suppose I'll have to ring the council tomorrow now!" he sighed.  Good to know he's so eager to get us out of here!

Anyways, I must go now, as Mum is falling asleep on the sofa again, and I haven't even responded to all of my e-mails. >.<

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

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