Saturday, 10 April 2010

They just don't get it...

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So after another day filled with ridiculous remarks from my relatives, I fear next week won't be much better than this.  If people don't understand, why do they even open their mouths?  Well, apart from the fact that they seemingly enjoy continuously offending those around them, of course!

March 8th 2010

Mum had to go to the dentist, so I went along for the drive.  Mum was upset to hear that she needed to have her "dear little wisdom tooth" removed by the oral surgeon, as she was quite proud to have cut a tooth at 51!  But apparently it was badly decayed beneath the gum which is probably what forced it through.

While Mum was in the dentist, David made me speak to some idiotic customer services woman at one of the building societies where he put some of my money back in the day.  I hate talking on the phone anyway, but it was made far worse by the fact that he didn't tell me the first thing about who I was talking to or what I was talking about before putting me on the phone - I didn't even know he was speaking about my money until he shoved the phone into my hand!

My breathing problems were a lot worse than they had been at the weekend, presumably due to the fact that I had spent a lot of time out of this dump (and away from the beetles that seem to provoke such awful allergic reactions in me!) the past two days.

On top of that, I was very, very tired, and kept suffering from terrible nosebleeds, but David still couldn't see how desperately we needed real beds and just continued to stare at the TV and laugh at 'Lake Placid'.  How many times can he watch the same movie and continue to find it so very funny?!

After the movie finally ended, David and I went out to Tesco - they only had tiny carrier bags which broke under the weight of four cartons of apple juice, and then they overcharged David on his Coke.  I could hardly stand up while he complained - a member of staff actually came up and asked me if I was okay, but David didn't even seem to notice...

I saw the launderette window was smashed again - not surprising though, as I had been woken up several times in the night by a load of drunken voices and smashing glass.  I just wish we could get out of this horrible place.

March 9th 2010

I was still feeling terribly tired and dizzy, and kept falling asleep on the floor.  Not really surprising though, as I had spent a very disturbed night, having frozen half to death due to Mum turning the heating off (she was too hot for once, probably because of her dental infection).  Anyways, being so disturbed, I had the strangest dream - my parents and I were on the set of 'Call of the Wild' (this was especially odd bearing in mind that I hadn't watched the series for several weeks!)  I don't remember the whole dream in detail now, but I do know that, although it appeared to be a film set, all of the actors, including myself, were terrified of a crazy gunman who was specifically looking for me.  We got on a large stagecoach, and Crystal Bublé was telling me to hide under the front seat...  Suddenly, all went quiet and we knew that the gunman had got on the coach.  There was this actor I recognised but couldn't put a name to taking our tickets (um, I'm wondering if the stagecoach had become a more modern kind of bus!), and the gunman said in this menacing voice, "I don't have a ticket - and I don't think I'll be needing one!"  At that point, everyone started screaming and rushing to get off of the coach, leaving just myself and Crystal Bublé crawling under the seats and attempting to get away. o_0

Somehow I managed to get out without the gunman seeing me, and began running down this long country lane (um, the English countryside in the middle of the Yukon?) towards a farmhouse, where apparently I would find Kavic (or Buck) who would know what to do... Well, I guess even performing dogs need a holiday home! 

I think the dream ended with the entire cast wandering along this English country lane, observing a large garden filled with elephant statues which David kept pointing out as though nobody had noticed them.  I know we were still terrified of the gunman and thought we could hear his horse in the distance, but I think I woke up before there was ever any definite resolution!

David came in at lunchtime so that I could speak to yet another obscure building society on the phone (why did he divide all my money up into these weird places anyway?!  It's not even like they had good interest rates, and it's proving so hard to re-claim it all now that I'm finally of an age where I can choose where it goes myself...), then they didn't want to talk to me anyway as they won't disclose any information over the phone apparently.

We tried to discuss Woodberry with David, but all he could say was that he will take Sickton to court and "if we lose he WILL kill him"...  Please, can't we just have some serious talk for once?

We went to Sainsburys to return the size 18 trousers and get them replaced with the correct size.  While I was there, I also got Mum a Mother's Day card and bear (I couldn't find anything better, although a bear is the last thing she needs in this insect-infested house!).  And David bought me a set of two Alien Ponies for no reason at all. o_0  Yes, I know I said I wouldn't get any more of these things, but I thought these two were actually pretty cute for some reason.  I love their symbols!

When we got to the checkouts, he somehow managed to get his jacket caught in a pile of shopping baskets... and made such a terrible fuss that the shop assistant actually thought that he was seriously hurt and kept asking if he was okay.

Well, that's as far as I can get today.  I still need to write my offline diary and get to floor-bed.  And Mum is already asleep on the sofa, so I think I ought to get a move on!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

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