Thursday, 15 April 2010

Time flies when you're not having fun!

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Gosh, how long has it been since my last entry?!  I really need to get a move on or I'll never catch up with this blog...

March 10th 2010
I spent a miserable day locked up indoors.  It started with me being awoken by Mum's voice moaning on and on about what a nuisance I was and how if I didn't exist she could stay in this house. >.<  Meanwhile, I was experiencing the worst chest pains yet and shivering from the terrible draft that I am exposed to at that end of the room.

I haven't written much about the day, except that I was very depressed so I would guess that the arguments continued throughout the day.

My parents spent the whole evening arguing about finances and made me feel thoroughly unwanted... I just wish there was a way that I could get out of here without their help.

March 11th 2010
I didn't leave the house again. (Wow!  Isn't this a fascinating blog?! )  When David came in from work, he went in the bathroom until 11.30pm and then expected me to go straight out to Asda without even changing into semi-decent clothes.

My allergies were growing worse with each passing day, but my parents were still refusing to discuss anything sensibly.

The lense broke out of one of Mum's many pairs of glasses (the second pair in a week!), meaning it was even more urgent to find the mini screwdrivers so that they could be fixed.  I looked in the 'useful drawer' where they should have been but they were nowhere to be seen...  Then Mum looked and found them immediately?  Um... who's the one with impaired vision again?!

I spoke to both Grace and Elisabeth on MSN, which made me feel somewhat calmer than I had in previous days.  Thanks for making me feel so much better, you two!  It really helps to know that I do have friends out there who find me worthy of conversing with rather than just deeming me to be a terrible nuisance and burden to everyone!

March 12th 2010

With the weather getting warmer again, it was time for more of my ponies to be evacuated from our greenhouse of a back room.  So 155 more MLPs migrated to the cooler climates of my bedroom at Woodberry!   Sadly, it was too late for a lot of them a they have already been crushed in their boxes despite me packing them to the best of my ability.  And they were certainly packed a heck of a lot better last time than they are now... I just couldn't figure out how I fitted so many of them into the one box before.  And my poor G3 February Violet has a big discoloured orange mark on her muzzle, which really upset me...  Why do all the damaged ponies have to be my favourites or the rarest/hardest to replace ones?

I felt too depressed to go to Tesco so David just went in the bathroom and left us both without anything to drink. >.<

I attempted to make a playlist of my favourite music on Youtube - I'm listening to it right now, in fact.  Curiously, following a discussion with my mum, I discovered that Grandad is playing saxophone on 'Downtown' and his friend is one of the drummers on 'Bobby's Girl'.  What are the chances of me pulling out two songs with family connections without previously knowing of said connections?!

I had a bath and attempted to wax my legs, without much success.  Sure, I'm making progress now, but I still really wouldn't feel comfortable in a dress and we're well into spring again now.   I really feel like giving laser hair removal a go, but I've heard a lot of not-so-positive comments from people who have had it.  I certainly wouldn't be paying salon prices, and after a lot of research I have concluded that the best home treatment comes in the form of the Boots Smooth Skin device.  It was the perfect time to buy it as well, since the price at that point had been reduced from £299.99 to £249.99, but since we were still in this house with no way of me going shopping alone on a regular basis (should I have to return the darn thing, as I have heard a lot of people have to do, due to them being faulty), I couldn't do so.  And now I've just checked the Boots site and seen it's gone up to £324.99!  AAAAGH!  So that's another unneccessary expense the house delays will have caused me. >.<

Well, enough of my woe is me hair removal stories!  I'm sure I have bored half of you to death and made the rest of you want to vomit.  I must continue to write these blogs on a regular basis and see how strong you all really are!

Desirée  xxx

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