Sunday, 30 May 2010

Attempting to calm my nerves

Current mood: stressed
This is turning out to be a very rough weekend for me.  I'm so sorry to those I haven't written to yet, but I really didn't want to unload all my stress on to you.  My hands are literally trembling as I write this - I just cannot calm down.  Oh, well, I'm going to listen to some soothing music and try to do some more catch up blogging... At least the boredom might knock my nerves out for a while!
April 27th 2010

Went to the fascinating Tesco.  We were supposed to go to Woodberry as well to look for a box in which to pack some sales stuff, but I felt too depressed and ill to drag myself out again.  I managed to cut down a box that I had in this house to fit the stuff better than the box at Woodberry... then the buyer didn't take the stuff anyway, so I needn't have bothered!

David went to Woodberry to wait for the desk that Mum had ordered to be delivered.  But the delivery company were short of men, so nobody came and he wasted his time.  While he was there, he noticed that the robin who had got trapped in the house a couple of days earlier had left a gift for Mum... all down the inside of her bedroom windows! >.<

My arm was still painful from the H1N1 jab, and made a lot worse by the fact that I had crushed it underneath myself while attempting to sleep on the heard floor.  It was also getting horribly hot, and unbearable in here where we can't open any windows or doors.  I don't know how we can stand another summer in this house, but my parents obviously have no real intention of moving.

We got a quote from yet another decorator which actually seemed cheap enough for our budget... until, that is, we realised the bloke had misunderstood David and had sent a bill for painting all the walls (including the ones that should be wallpapered)!
April 28th 2010

Back to the ever-fascinating Tesco to buy apple juice and creamed rice.  We didn't really need either but it was an excuse to leave the house.  We couldn't get any socks though, and I really did need those!

David spent the entire day at Woodberry painting his shelves while he waited for Mum's desk - which actually did arrive this time!  We can't check it for damage though, as it would mean removing it from all its packaging, and we figure it's safer where it is.

Mum and I did some clearing up in our utility room and found yet more carpet beetles and mouse evidence (proving that we have had mice in the last few months, since we had a total clear out in there only last September or so).  I had terrible chest pains and couldn't breathe at all after doing just that little bit of work though - I've got to get out of here before my lungs completely pack up, but I don't know how I can do anything to get away from my parents when I don't even have a proper education.

Mum had a bit of an upset when she was researching family history on Ancestry - it seems her dad's cousin (who was also one of her best friends and boyfriend during the 80s, but who suddenly stopped visiting with no explanation) got MARRIED six months after his last visit!  And he didn't even mention it for all these years! (They're still in touch via snail mail/e-mail etc.)  Just goes to show you can never trust men, however nice they might seem!

I had the weirdest dream that we went to Woodberry and found that the house had been sold... but not due to one of Mum's threats; it seemed an estate agent we showed around before the work even began had kept a key (even though the locks have been changed) and sold the house at auction without even telling us.  Oh, and do you know how much he'd got for it? 
Seventy euros.  Forget the cheap price, why the heck would I be dreaming in euros anyway?!

The house had been sold to a Polish couple with a young daughter, and they had also got all the house contents along with the actual building for their seventy euros. (Including all my ponies!)  I had to try and sneak in and steal my ponies back before the new owners arrived, but it seemed that the house had been transferred to them several days previously and things had already been moved around/sold.  I dashed up the stairs and found that a lot of my ponies were missing.  The ones that were left had been bagged up with tags giving their names and prices!  While frantically packing the rest of them into boxes and bags to bring back here with me until I figured out what to do, I heard a creak outside.  It turned out the daughter was in the house, in one of the "four secret rooms" which were somehow to be found through a door in David's office (even though there's no space for secret rooms in real life!)  One of these rooms was to be the little girl's bedroom, apparently.  Just then, she walked in on me packing up the ponies. 
"Why are you stealing my horsey toys?" she said in a hurt tone.  "Mama said I could keep those even though they're worth a lot of money!"  I explained that they were mine and she agreed to give me some back now and the rest when she had finished playing with them.  Then she took me to see her bedroom, which was exactly like the one I always wished for as a child.  It made me cry a little.

And all I woke up thinking was,
"Where's Thailand Tornado?  She's got my Thailand Tornado!"  Rather silly considering Tornado isn't even one of my particular favourites - I guess he's just the only one I could never replace, even if I didn't have sentimental feelings for my actual collection.

Very odd dream...  That's what you get for being so stressed out and unable to sleep properly on the floor!
April 29th 2010

Ah, a different outing to Tesco today!  This time Mum and I sat outside Laura Ashley while David ordered some wallpaper, then we went to TKMaxx to return my two t-shirts, but we couldn't find them in a larger size.  In fact, the racks are practically empty.  I guess all the winter clothes will be coming in soon!  Of course, then I got depressed about the summer passing by again and still not having a wardrobe so not feeling able to buy nice clothes.

The lawyer wrote - Rob Williams had finally responded and says he
WON'T pay us what we're owed, otherwise he will press for the £6000 that we owe him.  But that £6000 was for work that the builders never even did due to walking off of the job before it was completed!

He also mentioned the
"certificates that Sickton had returned to us". (Oh yeah?  I thought Sickton was away and it was Williams who returned the certificates!)  In the next breath, he mentioned Sickton having been away again, by saying that he "finally got a chance to talk to Sickton" as though he had only just come back (but we saw him walking around in the street WEEKS ago)  Oh, and we "never approached them about remedial works"!  What a load of nonsense and lies!  I can't believe the law in this country could actually come down on his side!
April 30th 2010

Tesco was my only way out of the house again - boring!

I had a bath and used half of the Lush Star Melt that I got for Christmas - I'd never used one of the Lush bath melts before, but it was really kind to my skin and dissolved (or should I saw melted?) better than the bubble bars.  It smelled lovely too!

Hussein's friends parked in our garden again (obviously they don't mind invading OUR kingdom!) and kept honking their horn loudly to get his attention.  There were terrible drunks out there again smashing glass bottles and kicking the shop shutters across the road too.  On top of that, I woke up to find that a mouse had chewed up a black sack and some dried flowers that must have been under the cabinet literally six inches from my pillows while I slept! How on Earth can my parents even consider staying here?

Mum was very depressed due to her eye problems, but she still refuses to go to an optician until she's going on holiday as she needs a 
"good reason to waste money on new glasses".

Well, I should go now.  Three young sparrows are trying to get through the glass window into our back room again, and I must go and shoo them away before they really hurt themselves by slamming against the glass!

Best wishes,

Desirée  xxx

Thursday, 27 May 2010

I promised myself I'd write a blog every night...

Current mood: tired
...and so I shall, even if it is horrendously late and I am awfully tired.  Please excuse any silly errors I make in this entry, grammatical or otherwise.
April 25th 2010

We went to Lakeland to buy a cutlery drawer divider and worktop protector and then to Laura Ashley to look at yet more wallpaper.  We also managed to get into TKMaxx this time around and I bought myself two t-shirts - a purple Lone Ranger one, and a turquoise Alice in Wonderland one...  I thought they were about size 10 (they were just marked 'small'), but they were far too tight, especially around the arms, so had to be returned.  I've not noticed that I've put on that much weight, so it came as a horrible shock.  My own size 10 t-shirts still fit though, so I'm hoping it's just a case that they were a size 8-10 instead of 10-12.

After that, we were dragged back to Grottsville for the rest of the day so that David could go and paint more of his shelves at Woodberry.  When he got there, he discovered a robin which must have got in through the open slot in the door.  Another reason that we need to find a proper letterbox asap.  Fortunately, the bird hopped out again on its own when he left the door open.

I won a game on the MLP Arena and won a mystery Baby Brother Pony from Kittybethy.  It was so sweet of her to organise the game, and I was pretty excited at the prospect of adding another pony to my herd...  Just in case you ever read this, I'd like to say another big thank you, Kittybethy!

It was the day of the London Marathon.  We forgot all about it so didn't get to watch it on TV as we normally do, but heard about it on the radio on the way to Lakeland.  Apparently, we paid to transport athletes from all over the world to compete this year...  Not to be a spoilsport, but I think the money would be better spent donating to some of the charities who run in the Marathon every year.  But perhaps that's just because I've always been more interested in the fun runners than the sporting side of things.  But it does seem a little odd to pay to bring athletes to this country when we're still struggling with the aftermath of the recession.

I already mentioned this in a previous blog, but I am looking everywhere for a cast list for the cartoon, Kid vs. Kat.  ITV1 always clipped the credits off the end, and I can't find any Youtube videos including credits either.  And when I looked on Wikipedia I found that somebody had totally vandalised the page and written names like Nancy Cartwright and Tara Strong by all the characters.  Why?  I correct the information, only to have it changed back again.  What the heck is wrong with people?  Do they have nothing better to do with their time?  And IMDb will not accept Trevor Devall's name as the voice of Mr Burtonburger no matter how many times I try to update!  I guess I shouldn't get so wound up about silly things like this, but it's just so annoying!
April 26th 2010

We overslept so had to run to the doctors' surgery where David had made us appointments with the nurse who had told him we could have swine flu jabs at last.

We feared that she'd refuse to do it and laugh us out of the surgery, so we went in together as a united front.  Just as well really - our normally-friendly nurse was in a very bad mood and the conversation went something like this.
"Um... We were told that we could get swine flu vaccinations?"
"Um... My husband did.  He..."
"Um... The nurse... I mean, you, actually.  You told him you've got a lot of vaccine left over."
"WE HAVE."  *Long questioning pause*  "What?  Did you want one?"

Um, yes?  Why else would we be here?  That's what I felt like saying to her, but I thought it was best not to lose my temper at that moment!  What's wrong with them?  They have tons of surplus vaccine and yet they don't want to give it to anyone?

Well, we finally got our jabs anyway.  Too bad we couldn't have had them when the swine flu was in full swing last year, then we could have got out and about a bit more.

I did have a bit of a sore, stiff arm for a few days, but no other side effects.  I'd recommend everyone who wants a jab but isn't in one of the so-called "priority groups" to go to their surgery and enquire.  The worst they can do is say no, after all.

...But don't tell them I said that.  Or I may have my head chopped off by a team of very angry NHS nurses!

Mum asked about her knee x-ray on the way out too.  She told the nurse what the receptionist had said about it
"not being worth wasting the doctor's time over since there were only 'minor changes'""WHICH RECEPTIONIST TOLD YOU THAT?" the nurse asked in her gruff voice.  We don't know the woman by name, of course, but Mum tried her best to describe her.  "WELL, I'D HAVE ASKED HER WHAT SHE THOUGHT QUALIFIED HER TO TELL YOU THAT!"

Oh, and better yet, following my trips to see the doctor about my breathing problems, there's NOTHING on my records about allergies.  Just a note that it
"may be stress related".  Huh?  I never even told the doctor about all the problems in my life right now, because I know they're only too eager to blame everything on stress.  But it seems it doesn't matter if I say anything or not... she still thinks it's all down to stress!

By the time the ordeal was over, we were so confused that we couldn't find the hallway and ended up opening the wrong door and walking into the closet! >.<

Later on, we noticed that Hussein's children had smashed an even bigger hole in our back fence with their football.  We told David about it and he went dashing next door to complain.  I suppose he thought it was the obvious thing to do, but the people of this area are not the sort to try to resolve problems, they just bear grudges and get angry.

Mum and I heard David and Hussein transfer to the back garden and dashed to the back door to listen in.  We couldn't hear everything clearly, but Hussein told David (rather threateningly), 
"Be a nice man, and I'll be a nice man!"  "But my fence is broken..." David said.  "So what?  Eet eez only wood!" Hussein said.  He got madder and madder until I was seriously worried that he was going to hit David, but he just ended up sending him away with a flea in his ear, and calling to the unsavoury woman who lives two doors away.
"Donna!  David just came knocking on my door to complain about 'eez broken fence!"

Again, I couldn't hear what was said, but they spent a good couple of hours discussing the situation and speaking to each other about what terrible people we were!  I know Hussein
"should have seen David on that morning..." (God knows what morning though!), Mum is "disgusting" and I am "mad".  Nice to know how much the neighbours love us, isn't it?

According to Hussein, 
"Thees eez MY house and MY house eez MY keengdom!"

His brother agreed. 
"Eet's your law!  Een your keengdom, eet's your law!"

Hussein was getting more and more agitated, kicking stones around his garden.  Suddenly, he snapped...

Sorry, I know I shouldn't laugh, especially as he was getting in such a temper that we were actually worried he was going to do something to our house/kingdom (besides allowing his children to smash our fence, that is) in revenge.  But you must admit there was something hilarious about that line. 
"My Kingdom in Grottsville" has a certain ring to it, don't you think?!

Well, that's all for now.  Maybe I'll actually reach the end of April tomorrow!

Best wishes,

Desirée  xxx

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Trying to take my mind off things...

Current mood: sick
Ick, I feel horrible tonight.  Stressed out with a terrible stomach ache and chest pains... I feel like I'm about to throw up too.   Anyways, I'm going to try and keep my mind focussed on something which you all will most likely find equally horrible - another boring catch up blog!
April 21st 2010

I was feeling rather depressed so decided to treat myself to a long soak in the bath, and use up the rest of my favourite Lush bubble bar, French Kiss.  I thought that the tub was taking a long time to fill, but it was only once I was sitting in the bath that I realised that the water level was dropping.  Basically, the chain had got caught under the plug somehow.  Of course, I had lost a lot of the bubble bar down the drain, but I still attempted to re-fill the bath... only to have the hot water run out.  So I ended up sitting in a tub full of plain cold water.  Ah, perhaps that's why it didn't cheer me up as much as usual!

Mind you, much as I like the scent, I couldn't help thinking that the pieces of lavender floating in the water were dead woodlice!

David saw three different decorators at Woodberry, but apparently they all told him that Mum is being too fussy about perfect wallpapering.  I prefer to think they are blind - you can't argue that the wallpapering in the hobby room looks awful!  There's a big chunk torn out of it in the corner!

He said that he would come in early so that we could go out somewhere, so we didn't have any dinner... then he didn't come in until 7pm anyway, by which time we both had awful indigestion and had to have chips (which only made the problem worse) because they were the quickest food we could think of.

David and I went to Tesco for one of the delicious Cadburys Creme Egg McFlurries (I wish they were available all year round!), and then to Tesco where we saw an Italian cashier who I hadn't seen for years.  We used to see her there all the time about ten years ago, but I figured she stopped working there.  Well, anyways, she's working there again now.  It was quite nice to see her again actually - she was shocked when I told her that I was almost 19.  I'm not really surprised - I am also shocked by that fact.  Wherever do the years go?

David discovered big red stains on his shirt and jacket... initially, we thought that it was blood, but it looked too bright.  It turned out that a red pen had burst in his jacket pocket and the ink had soaked right through.  He spent the rest of the evening ordering Mum to fetch him tissues and bits of kitchen towel, then spitting on them and throwing the used ones on the floor where I have to sleep.  Nice, eh?
April 22nd 2010

Mum and I decided to walk around the corner to post a letter.  Horribly boring, but there's nowhere interesting to walk from here.  We were just trying to find the enthusiasm to go when David came rushing in to pick up a file that he had left behind.  He saw us sitting here in our 'good clothes' and laughed at the fact we couldn't be bothered to drag ourselves out.  At least he can walk from the office to West Ealing at lunchtime - we don't have so much as a shop around here!  I had a go at him, and he told me that I should
"go up town if I want to go out".  A) Mum can't see well enough to get on the trains anymore... or is she supposed to stay here?  She wants to go out as much as I do, and he knows I won't go out alone from here.  And B) I don't want to go out for the day.  I just want something slightly interesting within walking distance of this house so that we can go out for an hour or so and come back.

We were supposed to be having my favourite vegetarian canneloni for dinner, but when we looked in the fridge, we discovered that it had gone very runny despite having the following day's date on it.  Probably not the best thing to eat when I was already suffering from diarrhoea and nausea as a side effect of my allergies!  So it was decided that it must be taken back to Asda.

Mum and I did some clearing up in the library, which made my allergies even worse, no doubt!  It was a horribly sad job - we had to throw out so many old books and toys which had been absolutely destroyed by the carpet beetles. 
  I discovered a ton of McDonalds ponies and a Baby Yo-Yo who I didn't even know I owned.  They were in a bad way, but I refuse to get rid of any ponies.

Poor little Baby Yo-Yo had carpet beetle skins literally covering her mane and tail, as did a couple of the McDonalds G2 ponies.  Mum managed to clean them all off, but there's still quite a bit of hair missing in places.  So sad - Baby Yo-Yo's hair was still a light pink and had retained some original curls, but she had to be cleaned very thoroughly to make sure I removed every piece of carpet beetle waste (not only because the thought of insect skins and poo in my ponies' hair makes me feel sick, but also due to my allergies), so she lost quite a bit of her curl too.  I felt like a really rotten pony owner, I can tell you! awarded me with a further $15 (just under £10).  Once again, if you haven't already, join Swagbucks!

Myspace still seems to be blocking the link, so you may have to copy and paste the URL - it's certainly the best online money-making site I've found.  Well, it's actually the only one I've tried that actually worked and didn't fill my inbox with spam etc.
April 23rd 2010

Mum and I walked a little further, this time going the 5-a-side football pitch on the opposite side of the road to the postbox.  There's only a little bit of grass around the football pitch where the general public can walk, but it was just nice to walk on grass for once.  I'd actually forgotten what it felt like and almost fell over when I first stood on the springy surface. (Seriously!)

David took what he called
"a long lunchbreak" to take the canneloni back to Asda.  It seemed like a bit more than a lunch break to me though as he was walking in and out all afternoon.  He got £2 (more than the canneloni originally cost) and a replacement canneloni for his effort though, so he was pleased.  Then he went to Tesco and got some roast potatoes for us for some reason.  And he still came in early enough to go back to Tesco that evening.  Is he addicted to supermarkets or something?

I finally got around to sorting out my McDonalds Ponies.  I have a whole carrier bag filled with the things, it seems!  (Although this does also include my Ponyland pets - Brandy, Spike, Duck Soup etc.)

And here they are once they were tipped out of their bag...

I have NINETY NINE duplicates!  How crazy is that?  Where on Earth do these things come from?  I can only remember having willingly bought myself one duplicate McDonalds pony in a charity shop because I couldn't bear to seperate her from the other ponies in the shop.  The others have all either come from lots or been bought for me by friends!  I have no clue what I'm going to do with them all.  I feel bad re-homing ponies, and I can't imagine who'd want them anyway.  But I can't really keep them all, can I?!
April 24th 2010

We went to West Ealing to buy some Weetaflakes in 99p Stores.  It's the only place where we've been able to find them recently, and even they only had six boxes.  We bought five (the sixth had been opened, otherwise we would have got that one too!), but I don't know where I'll get anymore once I've eaten my way through them all.

Then Mum and I walked around the charity shops.  I found a Barbie of Swan Lake video in British Heart Foundation for 49p (so now I only need to find thirteen more Barbie movies!) and saw tons and tons of cute fakie MLPs.  There were no real MLPs or related merchandise to be seen though.

After that, we went to Woodberry, where we discovered that the hanging lantern in the porch (which the electrician had fitted under David's supervision a couple of days previously) was horrendously big and hanging far too low in front of the window above the front door.  And finally to Osterley Garden Centre, but we couldn't find the edging stones we need for the front garden.

David dropped us back in Grottsville, then went to Homebase and back to Woodberry for the evening.  He still didn't finish painting the shelves in his bedroom though.  I'm starting to wonder just how many coats of paint those shelves are going to get!

But it's all right, as David says that his shelves are
"not stopping 'er (me) moving in".  But he knows that Mum has put her foot down about me moving in there alone and Mum will not move until the house is completely finished!  I was already depressed when Mum chipped in, "You're not going to get an education over there anyway!"  Probably correct, but it was the last thing I wanted to hear right then, thank you very much.  They both treat my lack of education as something so casual and unimportant.  I'll never get out of here.

I watched the last three episodes of Death Note - no spoilers for those few people who want to see it but haven't yet (although I'm pretty sure practically everyone in the anime world knows what happens in the end anyway - I'm shocked that I didn't, considering the circles in which I mix!), but I'll recommend you all watch it regardless.  Definitely one of my favourite anime series of the few I've seen, if not my very favourite.  Of course, the voice acting in the English dub plays a part in my case, but I promise I'm not totally biased - I just thought it was very well written and kept you guessing what would happen until the very end...  Anyways, enough of my rambling.  Go and watch it yourself if you haven't already and want to know more about it!

Well, time for me to disappear back into the land of floor-beds!


Desirée  xxx

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Seven years without you...

Current mood: stressed
It's been seven years today since grandma passed away.  I can't believe it's been that long since I last saw her.  I miss our conversations.  I hope the weather's just as nice wherever she is now as it is here on Earth.
April 18th 2010

David had gone to Woodberry to do some work the night before but had instead fallen asleep and not come in until 1am.  Mum and I sat up waiting for him, so we didn't wake up until about 10.15am!  Having spent nine hours on the floor with the carpet beetles, my allergies were even worse than usual and I couldn't breathe or talk.  Mum suggested that
"perhaps you wore your voice out yesterday" (when I had been trying to sing).  No, I just can't go on living in this dump and sleeping on a floor with the cause of these horrific allergies!

 for the car boot sale that we were supposed to be going to.  So we just went to Twickenham Wickes to pick up the hanging lantern that my parents had reserved at the branch in South Ealing the day before.  We had to wait ages while they looked in the store room for it though so I don't think that they had really put it aside for us anyway... We were lucky that we got one at all!

David stopped in Twickenham's main shopping street on the way back so that I could pop into five charity shops I had seen (strange that they were all open on a Sunday - most of the charity shops in this area aren't!)  I only saw one piece of G3 furniture though - the counter from the Lovely Locks Salon - and they wanted 50p for that so I came away empty handed.

We went to Woodberry to drop off the lantern and, while looking out of Mum's bedroom window in the loft, I saw this in the neighbours' garden.

What a beautiful creature!  Kind of strange to see a fox sleeping out in the garden in broad daylight - I figure he must have been young and rather confused.  David went out in the garden to measure something, and at the sound of us moving around next door he actually shot over the fence (into our garden - TOWARDS the noise!), then turned tail and ran across the top of the neighbours' shed and into the garden two doors away.  We've seen him a couple of times in the back alley since.

I did some more clearing out in the library and found three more boxes of McDonalds toys (however many of these things did I collect?)  I discovered the accessories that went with my original McDonalds MLPs in these particular boxes and was sad to discover that Ivy's mirror has discoloured as the box was kept by the window.  And unbelievably, although I have loads of duplicate McDonalds ponies, I don't have another mirror!

David's horrible brother Mark came to the door that evening and David eagerly ran to the door to speak to him - why?  Especially after all Mark has done to us?  Mark was down here to drop off one of his kids' friends who had been staying with them for the weekend or something, and only stopped by to be rude and have a(nother) laugh at us. 
"I thought you were getting out of here?" he sniggered.  "We are!" David said.  "But we're still changing a couple of little things!"  Mark laughed again.  Horrible man.
April 19th 2010

We took some plushie ponies to Woodberry (just as well that we did as we found a carpet beetle on my Cotton Candy pyjama case which had luckily not caused any damage but probably would have done if we hadn't caught it just then!)  I also took some of my more recent plastic ponies over there - Mexican Blossom, the G2s I bought from Svarta-Perlan...  I was sad to see them go but I understand it's the best thing for them to be away from these beetles, even if I can't be.

I did yet more clearing up in the library and photographed two more tins full of stuff to sell...  When is e-Bay's next free listing weekend again?!

A van with pictures of some kind of foreign (Indian?) food on the side parked in our garden, and a bad tempered bloke in a turban rang the doorbell about ten minutes later.  We didn't go to the door though - I just don't trust the people in this area - so we have no idea who he was or why he had parked in our garden!

The television was still not working so David booked a TV man to come and look at it the following afternoon.  He knows Mum and I don't have any decent clothes to wear indoors (by decent, I mean clothes that don't have massive holes in them!), and that I refuse to speak to anyone while I have these crooked teeth (which I can't get straightened until I move to a place with a bed so that I can have the surgery), but he still got cross with us when we said that we couldn't supervise the bloke. 
"IF YOU DON'T SEE THE BLOKE, YOU WON'T GET A DAY OUT!" he threatened.  Um... he never gets time off work to take us out for the day anyway!   Of course, I shouted something along those lines back at him, so I was 'punished' and not offered the chance to go to Tesco.  Oh, dearie me, what a tragedy!
April 20th 2010

Following David's temper tantrum, Mum had one of her own and made me delete a long blog that I had written and lie down on the floor as she
"is getting ill from sitting on the sofa for too long". Well, I get even sicker when I lie on the floor for too long, so it's a no-win situation really.

She was still in a fowl mood the following morning, and yelled at me to
"Get up!  It's morning!  You're not in bl**dy Canada!" while opening the curtains in a rush and letting the bright sunlight shine in my eyes.  I guess this was in response to me saying that I like to sit up late to talk to my Canadian friends on MSN who don't get home from work until after I've had to go to 'bed' (or floor).

David came home from work at lunchtime to see the TV man... who discovered that our problems were caused by a simple disconnected wire at the back of the Virgin Media box!  David was embarrassed, of course. 
"I do apologise - she said she'd checked it!"  I did check it, but I wasn't around when the box was installed and wasn't aware that their should have been a third wire plugged in there.  It was connected to the wall and to the TV... How was I to know any better?  Why didn't he check it?  He can't blame me all the time!

When he went back to work, I did some more clearing up in the library... I found another carrier bag full of McDonalds toys (and carpet beetle skins and poo).  Ugh.  Then I found a living carpet beetle which sent me into a panic, so I ended up flicking the darn thing away where it promptly escaped into the carpet pile. >.<  I'd finally found my way to the carpet in some places and discovered stacks of dead weevils and carpet beetles along with their waste and skins.

Is it really surprising that I'm so sick when you consider that we have been living in this filth and sleeping on the floor with it?  Up until a few days previously, my pillows and blanket had been kept on the floor about three feet from this mess.  But still my parents complain whenever I try to sell or throw away anything (including my own stuff).  I wish I could just run away from this dump and never come back.  Just being in the library with this while I attempted to clear it all up was giving me chest pains.

I received £3.18 in my Paypal account from  So the site really does work!  For those who haven't heard of the site, you collect 'Swagbucks' for searching the web which you can then trade in for Paypal or Amazon gift cards and various other prizes...

You can try the site here (we should both get some extra Swagbucks if you use this link, I think)...

If the link doesn't work, copy and paste it into your browser - Myspace seems to be blocking it, but my friend and I have had no problems with it over the past few months.  And I'd say it's definitely worth using it - I've got about £16.50 ($25) from the site now!

We went to Asda and Tesco that night.  We usually get nice vegetarian ready meals in Asda but they all had crazy dates on them.  The toad in the hole actually had "use by the 19th" written on it!

I did get a whole load of ponies though!

I got the Ponyville ponies for £2 each in Asda.  I had no idea they were re-releasing them with wigs... and certainly didn't realise that each pony was being sold with two different hairstyles.  I guess they hope it will encourage people to buy two of each (as I did with Rainbow Dash and Cheerilee) - they're pretty cute so worth £2 each to me, but I'd never pay full price for them.

And the Alien Ponies were still on a BOGOF offer at Tesco - it was the first time that I had seen the set with the TAF designs.  Again, I'll buy them for what works out at £2.48 each, but Hasbro are crazy if they think people will continue to buy them for a fiver.  Every set is just like the last, but with a few minor modifications.

Anyways, Mum is waiting to go to sleep, so I must sign off here.  I swear I'll find time to keep blogging more regularly from now on.  You are free to shout abuse at me and throw random stuffed toys and fakie ponies at me as punishment if I don't... after all, the extra clutter really won't make much difference to this house!

Thanks for reading!

Desirée  xxx

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Another year older...

Current mood:disappointed

Yep, it's official.  As of yesterday, I am 19 years old.  And heck, I feel every bit of it.  Actually, perhaps I switched the numbers around and I'm 91...  "Oh, my poor old leg... Hey, duckie, could you bring me my walking stick and slippers?  Oh, that's champion, dearie!"

April 15th 2010

We went to Mum's local family history club for a talk about Hammersmith and Fulham Archives.  It was quite interesting actually, and too cold in the room for me to fall asleep for once so Mum was pleased with me!  Mind you, even if I had been feeling sleepy, I'd have soon woken up when a loud male DJ's voice broke through the speaker!  It seems there was some kind of party next door and the microphone wires got crossed, but it was such a shock that it got all the old cronies literally howling with laughter in their seats!

The car park outside the building was being made available for permit holders only at the end of the month though so I'm not sure where we (or anyone else) will park in future.

I did some clearing up in the library and Mum did some clearing up in the kitchen.  Between the pair of us, we threw out another black sack full of stuff, so why does the place look no better whatsoever?

April 16th 2010
We went to Brent Cross to ask about my MLP curtains in John Lewis as we had no clue what fixings we needed for them.  It seems that I can have them attached directly to a rail rather than having ugly curtain rings though (no offense to those who like curtain rings - they're just not my cup of tea, and I don't want anything taking away from the pattern on the actual curtain fabric).  We also went in Fenwicks so that David could get some new socks - there were no ponies in there though.  Well, actually I lie.  There were a ton of overpriced 'Alien Ponies' and a few old Core Seven pose G3 ponies.  But nothing of any interest to me.

New Look was closed for refurbishment so I couldn't go and look for the bag I had fallen in love with and regretted leaving in West Ealing a few days previously.  And there was no time to go anywhere else because it was 8pm and the whole shopping centre was closing.

I did some more clearing up in the library and finally managed to rescue the big box of McDonalds Happy Meal toys etc.  Amazingly, despite a few carpet beetle skins at the top of the box, there was no sign of any damage, so I photographed them all ready to sell.  Well, attempt to sell anyway.  I'm not sure who will buy 1990s McDonalds toys (and other similar things - promotional figurines from Little Chef, Burger King, various cereals, Anchor butter, Energizer batteries etc.), but I certainly don't need them any more.  I just don't have space for all these collections!  I put a ton of them on e-Bay, and someone is bidding on my McDonalds Wombles plushies and a couple of cereal toys, and there are some people watching a few others, but I don't think I'll be able to get rid of even half of them that way...

April 17th 2010

David went to Woodberry in the morning to see an electrician.  He was there a long time as he waited for the bloke to show up...  To cut a long story short, he never did.  It turned out that the electrician had "forgotten about his appointment" so he agreed to return to Woodberry at 5pm.

We all went for a quick trip to Uxbridge to look for a bag for David's computer.  He managed to get one, and I also managed to get the bag that I fell in love with in New Look.  I just went to their website in search of a picture, but it seems that the bag is no longer available, so here's a (rather bad) photo of mine.

I also finally managed to get a new pair of sunglasses in Superdrug reduced from £15 to £7.50...

(Photo taken from the Foster Grant website)

Of course, since I got them, I have found out that they are advertised as men's sunglasses. >.<  I guess I should have known, but I really preferred them to any of the women's designs available which all had thick frames and garish flower patterns!  Perhaps I am actually a man in disguise?

Anyways, I like them so I'm not going to let it bother me that Foster Grant claim I am the wrong gender for them.  I think they suit my face shape.  Now I just need to find a nice sunglasses case so that I can carry them with me without fear of them breaking or getting scratched rattling around in my bag.

After leaving Uxbridge, we drove to Rayners Lane to look for net curtains in a little shop that Mum had seen while driving past a while ago.  But David was listening to the football on the radio and refused to get out of the car, and Mum didn't want to go into the shop without him "in case we got approached and forced into buying something we didn't want".  So we just peered through the window and I popped into a charity shop next door - no ponies but there were a lot more toys in there than I am used to seeing in charity shops these days.

Then we came back here for chips, before my parents went back to Woodberry to see the electrician and to Wickes to look at a hanging lantern for the porch.  I stayed here in Grottsville and took advantage of the empty lounge by setting up my microphone and attempting to make a recording of myself singing Enchanted's "True Love's Kiss" without much success.  Darn my allergies - I can hear improvement, but my voice just keeps cracking up through no fault of my own.

Mum can hear improvement too, apparently.  In fact, she "hopes I never do get any training" as she "prefers my natural voice to all this warbling the professionals do".  Why, thank you... I think.  However, I DO want to get proper training - I know I could improve with a decent teacher if only I could get rid of these allergies.

I attempted to tape Kid vs Kat on ITV1, but it recorded with no sound whatsoever.  Not a lot of use to somebody who is only interested in the voice acting anyway!  I spent a while messing around and trying to get the audio to come back on the TV... only to have the picture disappear too! o_0

I really will try to write more regularly from now on - this blog is getting crazily out of date, and if I let it drift much longer, it will be impossible to ever get this up to date!

Thanks for reading,
Desirée  xxx