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Ugh, where has all my inspiration gone?  Presumably it got lost somewhere deep in the loud music I have playing through my earplugs... but at least I resisted the urge to use another lyrical title tonight!

April 9th 2010

My parents persuaded me to go back to see the doctor since the nasal spray had made no difference to my breathing.  I don't think the poor doctor knew what she was supposed to do, as she's convinced it's allergies and she can't do anything to remove me from the beetles, can she?  So this time she said, "Well, maybe it's asthma..." and got a spirometer out of the drawer.  Due to all the mucus in my throat, I really couldn't blow very hard so she prescribed an inhaler "just in case".  I wouldn't know if it made any difference though, as David still hasn't been to the Tesco pharmacy early enough to collect it.  She also recommended I went for a chest x-ray, but I decided not to in the end since I didn't want the embarrassment of having to remove my clothes in front of the radiologist and I'm sure the problem starts in my nose and the chest pains I have are a result of congestion.  The doctor herself said it was optional, as she's sure my problems are caused by allergies as well.

While I was talking to the doctor, Mum asked the receptionist about her own x-ray results.  Apparently, her knee x-ray had come back but the doctor had deemed it not worth contacting us about as it was only marked "minor changes".  Um... minor changes to what exactly?  Mum hadn't had an x-ray before for the doctor to know if her knee had changed or not!  She asked if she could make an appointment, but the receptionist told her the doctor "had enough to do" and "didn't want her wasting her time"! o_0

She also asked the receptionist about the appointments with the nurse that David had supposedly made for us after having a blood pressure check and being told that Mum and I could have swine flu jabs if we requested them.  The receptionist told her that she had no clue what we were seeing the nurse about as it wasn't noted on the computer system, but that swine flu jabs were still only available to the 'priority groups' even though they have loads of surplus vaccine that will simply go to waste.   So why did the nurse agree to see us?  Was she intending on asking us out for coffee?

We were only out of the house for about half an hour and yet that had to be just the thirty minutes when the postman decided to come, wasn't it?  So we missed a parcel - presumably one of the pony packages I was waiting for - and I had to wait until the following day when we could pick it up from the post office.

Mum rang David looking for sympathy as she was rather jittery following the receptionist's harsh words and the doctor saying that I might have asthma, even though I pointed out to her that I reckoned she'd only really said it since she couldn't do any more to ease my allergies.  But David didn't care at all about her x-ray and took the possible asthma in his stride - apparently, he had "always thought that I had asthma since a lot of kids develop it".  A) I'm 99.9% certain I don't have asthma, and B) I'm no longer a kid! >.<

He took the afternoon off work so we went to a shop in Chiswick where we hoped to find some nice wallpaper, but we could only park for thirty minutes which didn't give Mum long enough to look through all the books of samples.  Then we went to Woodberry to look at colours, but Mum was in a bad mood about being rushed away from the wallpaper shop and decided to walk around the corner to the local charity shops with me instead.

While walking down the street, I noticed a middle-aged bloke (40s-early 50s?) sitting outside a café eating a cake.  He smiled at me so I politely smiled back, and we continued on our way to the other two charity shops further down the road.  On our way back, the bloke was still sitting at his table, but only one slice remained on his plate.  "Sorry, I only saved the last slice for you, darling!" he called to me.  "Because I don't have to watch my figure, you know?"  Ugh, I do not appreciate strange men talking to me, nor do I want to hear weight-related jokes, thank you very much.  I ignored him and walked back to Woodberry.  But by that time, Mum had decided it was too late to look at colours as she was too hungry to concentrate.  So we came back to Grottsville for chips.

After dinner, we did go back to Woodberry where I fell asleep in my bedroom cupboard (yes, don't laugh - I don't want to sit on the carpet, and I am just so tired from never getting any proper sleep on the floor in this house where I can't breathe!) while my parents looked at wall colours for a couple of hours...

Well, I can't go any further now.  I really need to dedicate more time to this blog if I'm ever going to catch up, but I've got to go and see if I can get any sleep on the freezing cold dusty floor again now...

Speak to you all tomorrow!
Desirée  xxx

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