Saturday, 26 June 2010

Oh well, we'll catch up some other time...

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Well, at least my lyrical title makes some kind of sense tonight.  There's no way I'm going to get over a month of 'catching up' done tonight, so it will have to be some other time!

I will get as much as I can written now though, despite it being almost midnight already!

May 20th 2010

Mum and I walked to the post office to send five parcels of stuff I had sold on e-Bay.  We found another MLP birthday card for £1.25 there.  Typical, eh?  I'm just trying to make some money on e-Bay and end up spending some of my profit immediately while shipping out the packages!  It was so cute though, and features Pinkie Pie, so I just had to get one for my collection!

Wondering how many different ones have been made, I wrote to the company:

Thank you for your recent e-mail regarding our range of My Little Pony Greetings cards. At present we have 7 designs in this range. 2 x juvenile girl, 3rd birthday, 4th birthday, daughter, great granddaughter and niece.

We supply greeting cards to the following major suppliers:-
Clinton Cards
WH Smith
Martin McColls
One Stop
Gt News
Toys R Us

We also supply to a number of Independent retailers as well.

I hope this answers your query and if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

So apparently there are seven different designs available.  I've only found the two so far though.  I find it rather strange that they make them for daughter and great granddaughter but not granddaughter!  I hope I can find the others - I love the fact that they've used the old pre-alien artwork!

Somebody contacted me on e-Bay to ask if he could buy a couple of Keypers items that hadn't sold.  It seems he had missed the auctions, and his wife was not best pleased with him!  He even offered me a little extra for the 'trouble' of selling them to him privately.  So of course I said yes.  I was pleased to get rid of them really as they were just fading in the back room, and those big Keypers wooden puzzles are heavy and troublesome to post!

A bloke wearing an Ealing Council jacket came to the door that afternoon.  We have no idea what he wanted, but I guess it was something to do with the front wall.  Of course, neither Mum or I could open the door to him.  And David got angry with us.  Well, even without the fact I hate talking to people until I can get my crooked teeth straightened, we can't really answer the door while wearing these awful scruffy rags. 
"Why not?" David said.  So while he is so obsessed with women that he finds it necessary to write down every one that walks past him in the street with details of what they're wearing, it's okay for us to look bad and show ourselves to strangers while wearing clothes which are so worn out that they are quite literally falling off of us!
May 21st 2010

Mum and I walked back to the post office to send another six parcels... blah, blah, blah...  You don't really need to know about the mess we got into trying to get the right stamps stuck on each package!

When we got back, we noticed that the gate to our alley was hanging off of its hinges!  We reckon one of the drunken thugs who walk aimlessly up and down this street must have kicked it the previous night.  I'd had a strange dream about a gang of youths attacking David in the front garden - perhaps I heard voices out there and they disturbed me?  David has managed to prop the gate up with bricks behind it, but it's still not secure as it's now hanging off its hinges.

We need to get out of here before someone actually manages to break into this slum.  If the other hinge and padlock hadn't held it, *whoever* kicked the gate would have got into our alley (and back garden).  And since the back door doesn't lock properly, they could have easily got into the house.  I think the youths around here are just bored vandals rather than burglars, who want to come in and mess things up for the sake of it, expecting all of us be asleep upstairs.  That's scary enough, but when you consider that Mum and I are sleeping on the floor downstairs in the living room...

David remained unbothered by the situation though, and just continued to laugh at the TV all evening.  He really doesn't care about Mum and I or our safety, does he?! >.<

The "Outrage" (1998 movie) DVD that I bought on e-Bay arrived.  It's an ex-rental DVD, but I've wanted to see the movie for a long time now and I wasn't too bothered by a slightly bashed case, so long as I could buy it cheaply.  I think it cost about $2.00, but shipping was about three times as much!

I actually really enjoyed the movie, although it couldn't really have come at a worse time than when I was already worried about people breaking into our property!  Not that I'd be complaining if my favourite actor wanted to break in...  Presuming he had different intentions to vandalising the place, of course!

Well, I should really try to get some sleep now, even if my allergies are making it difficult to breathe.  The temperature is really making my breathing troubles unbearable.  I hate being cooped up in this house all summer again.

Thanks for reading!

Desirée  xxx

Thursday, 24 June 2010

If my life were important, I would ask "Will I live or die?"

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Yep, back to the lyrical titles.  That's what I get for listening to Elaine Paige on Sunday on the BBC iPlayer while I attempt to do some more catch up blogging!  Somebody please inspire me before I drive you all mad simply with the titles of these boring things.
May 18th 2010

We went to Ealing Broadway so that Mum could make yet more enquiries about the mistakes the stupid building society have made.  My parents went ahead while I popped into Boots to buy razor blades, wax strips and mascara (you really wanted to know that, didn't you?!), then I rushed down to two charity shops at the other end of the road - no ponies to be seen though - then dashed to meet my parents.  Mum was pleasantly surprised that I was so quick and got back before they left the building society, so she was in a good mood and walked around the shops for a while with me.

We went to TKMaxx and found Styling Alien Cheerilee for £6.99.  I don't know why I bought her really - I said I wouldn't get any more of the alien ponies, but I can't resist a reduced price tag!

Her hair is of an awful quality though, all sticky and frizzy.  The fact that it was covered in tape within the box didn't really help, I guess.  I just don't know what Hasbro are thinking of these days.

Then we went to the Body Shop, but we couldn't find the Mango body lotion that I had fallen in love with the last time we were there, and Accessorize, where we couldn't find any nice necklaces or a case for my sunglasses.  So all in all, it was a pretty unsuccessful trip - I enjoyed walking around with my mum for a while though.

The accessories I ordered from RainbowWindy arrived.  It seems I'd spent far too much on ponies that week.  But I can never resist RainbowWindy's sales - she always has so many brilliant G1 accessories for sale.

Baby Sleepy Pie's purse, Baby Lofty's pull-along cart, a complete Sweet Dreams crib, two Pocket Pals, Scoops' hat, a Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe light, the heart topper for the Baby Buggy, and various hairclips...  They cost about $60 all together with shipping, but I love being a step nearer to completing certain playsets.   Thank you, RainbowWindy!
May 19th 2010

David dropped Mum and I at Woodberry while the gold carpet was laid in David's office.  It's kind of hard to photograph such a small room, but for those who don't remember, this is what it looked like before.

We waited for an hour or so before the men arrived, then I hid in my room while the job was done so that I didn't have the embarrassment of having to speak to them (I hate talking to anyone until I can get these horrible teeth straightened).  The job took a grand total of SIXTEEN MINUTES. o_0  When I ventured out of my bedroom again, the room looked like this:

I think the room looks really good - the photos don't really do it justice, but what do you guys think?

David came back for us a couple of hours later and brought us back here to Grottsville.  Soon after, I heard a noise in the garden and turned around to see three men disassembling our wall!  Of course, I automatically thought the council were following through with their threat, so poor Mum had to go and change her clothes so that she could go out and talk to them (and tell them to stop as we were still waiting for the insurance company to get back to us, and we still couldn't get through to the council via telephone).  But it turned out that the men in the garden WERE the builders who the insurance company had sent to fix the wall.  So why didn't they tell us to expect them that day?  Does nobody keep in touch these days?

The wall was a terrible mess once they'd finished anyway.

It looks even worse now that the cement has dried and turned a very pale white-ish colour.  I should really take some more photos.  I can't believe that there are no decent workmen left in London!  So what are we doing wrong?

I spent most of the day trying to figure out my e-Bay sales, and why international buyers couldn't bid on any of my items.  I've figured out the problem now, thank goodness, but it was quite annoying when, about an hour before the auction ended, a woman in Belgium wanted to bid on a MOC G2 pony I'd listed and I couldn't figure out how to allow her to do so.

Oh, and finally, we got a notice through the door addressed to Hussein (the bloke who lives next door) saying that he - or rather WE - hadn't paid a parking fine, and had refused to answer the door at 6am and so bailiffs were coming to collect OUR possessions.  The strangest thing is that none of us heard the doorbell that morning, so I don't believe anyone came here, and think it's more likely that Hussein put it through our door himself to make out he never received it or something.  Did he really think he could get out of paying his fine that easily?!  Fortunately, we were able to get through to the phone number given on the paper, and stop them coming back to take our stuff.  They told us that they did have Hussein's correct address anyway (making it even more suspicious that the fine came through our door).  It was still pretty stressful at the time though.

Well, it's very late so I must get to sleep again now.  Talk to you all soon!

Best wishes,

Desirée  xxx

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

How Long?!

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Another eight days since I wrote a blog entry?!  I'll never catch up at this rate!
May 16th 2010

We went to Laura Ashley to pick up the Josette wallpaper that they had reserved for us.  Then to Home Sense, a shop just a little way down the road which I'm sure is just TKMaxx under a different name (minus the clothes, with a much bigger furniture department).  We saw a big elephant ornament just like the one Mum fell in love with in Chatham a few years ago, but his tail had just been chipped by a bunch of noisy kids who were climbing all over everything.  Why can't parents learn to control their offspring, at least around other people's property?

David decided he liked the ugliest desk and chest of drawers I'd ever seen just because
"the drawers opened and closed smoothly".  Um...  Surely you can find something a bit better looking that has been made well enough that the drawers open smoothly?

We were just driving out of the Home Sense car park when the phone rang.  It was Allied Carpets to tell us that the carpet couldn't be laid in David's office the next day as planned since the carpet layer had been involved in a minor accident where a client had closed the door on his hand while he was laying their carpet.  Ouch!  I do feel sorry for him, but why does it always happen to us?  You'd almost think that Woodberry was cursed...

One of the decorators, a bloke by the name of Peter Grant (yes, he shares his name with one of our favourite musicians!), wrote to us again with a new price, having messed up his original one by quoting for painting where we wanted wallpaper.  But he still hadn't corrected all of his mistakes...  Why can't someone surprise me and act professionally just for once?!

Later on, I was flicking through the kids' TV channels looking for MLP commercials, when I stumbled upon the new "Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures", the new SSC series.  Hasbro has even changed those characters to a point I hardly recognise them.  It's kind of sad to see the names of all these 80s characters being used for characters that look nothing like the originals.  But that's not the point.  I wasn't even aware this show was out yet, but it seems it's currently airing on Cartoonito, a channel I had no idea we got as part of our Virgin package,
before the US premiere on the new 'The Hub' channel in October.  (That's a first - we usually don't get these shows for years after they've aired in the states!)

After a quick look through my favourite online TV guide, I found out that the recent Care Bears series, "Adventures in Care-a-Lot" - another modern series that bears little resemblance to the original 80s show - and "Krypto the Superdog" also air on the channel on a daily basis.  All three of these shows star some of my favourite voice actors (Janyse Jaud, Tabitha St. Germain, Sam Vincent, Scott McNeil...), so guess who's been spending an unhealthy amount of time in front of the TV trying to catch all the episodes on VHS ever since?!   If only they'd show them in some kind of sequence.  I only need to get two more Care Bears episodes now, but they just keep showing the same few Krypto and SSC episodes again and again. >.<

On the subject of voices, I found out who is going to have the role of the lead character, Twilight Sparkle in the new MLP TV series - Tara Strong, voice of Ben 10, Powerpuff Girls' Bubbles, Chowder's Truffles and various other highly annoying characters.  Sorry, I'll make no secret of it, I personally can't stand the woman.  I admit she's probably one of the better Californian-based voice actresses, her voice just grates on me, and she tends to either sound lifeless or go to the other extreme and overact in a terribly exaggerated way in my experience.  Perhaps she'll surprise me though...

I'm more disappointed by the fact that she IS Californian-based, and since the wonderful new 'Hasbro Studios' are also Californian-based, I'm guessing we will not be hearing any more of the Vancouverite talent in My Little Pony.  I may get used to the new characters having totally new voice actors, but Pinkie Pie is being carried forward into this series, and I will be extremely upset if Janyse Jaud no longer plays her voice.  Janyse was the one who brought Pinkie Pie to life for me.  Oh, well.  Only time will tell, I guess.  Fingers crossed.

David announced that we are broke, and that he now wants Mum's money to finish off the work at Woodberry (Why didn't he get a move on so that we could get it finished and sell or let this house BEFORE we ran out of money?!), and Emma had a dig at Mum that she
"will have something else to moan about" if she doesn't go on her holidays now, while making it quite clear that she disapproves as she wants Mum's money for gifts for all her hundreds of children.  Is it surprising that Mum feels insecure and that her family only want her for her bank account?! >.<
May 17th 2010

David and I went to the office so that he could photocopy some bank papers.  He also showed me a load of photos of the latest job he's been working on pricing (restoring a railway bridge in the local area) - I was quite worried that I'd get caught in the office and told off for being there, but he was too wrapped up in the excitement of sharing his work with me to care.  If only he showed the same enthusiasm for the jobs that need to be done to improve our lives, like moving house!

Then we went to Tesco, where all the cheese was on a 2 for £5 offer... apart from the type we have, at least if the label on the shelf was to be believed.  A shop assistant we've known for many years told us to try our luck and take it up to the counter anyway, and guess what?  It scanned at the offer price!  So I wonder why they specifically said it was excluded from the offer on the shelf label?  Perhaps they thought too many people would benefit from the offer if they marked it up?!

I got three more bids on my e-Bay auctions, and then discovered that one of the items I had listed was slightly yellowed which I hadn't mentioned in the listing as it hadn't been that way before it got packed away.  That's what I get for keeping all my sales goods in the hot back room, but there's nowhere else for them to go.  I really need to sell everything before it gets any further damaged...

Mum tried to get David to talk about moving house that evening, but he just started another heated argument.  He got so angry that he shunted forward on the chair and ended up quite hastily dropping to the floor, and ripping his trousers in the process!  Oh well, at least it stopped us arguing and made us all laugh - it serves him right for starting more arguments with Mum rather than talking things over calmly!

I bought myself a CD of the Carousel soundtrack on e-Bay.  I don't have many CDs but this is one soundtrack I've wanted for a long time.

However, I really wouldn't recommend it.  The audio quality is horrible.  The vocals sound pretty good but something horrible seems to have happened to the music when they transferred it to the disk.  It's kind of quiet and compressed.  Or perhaps my CD is just faulty.  I only paid about £2.50 so I'm not too bothered, but it's still annoying.

While packing up some of the stuff I'd listed on e-Bay, I discovered the sweetest little sticker in the envelope in which Kittybethy sent the Baby Countdown I won in her contest.  It's a 'scratch and sniff' MLP sticker depicting Sweetie-Belle baking a cake.  I didn't even know they made MLP Scratch and Sniff stickers!  I'm so glad I saved the envelope to re-use, otherwise I probably would have never found it!  Thank you again, Kittybethy!  It's been a long time since I added anything to my MLP sticker collection!

Well, I'm not going to get any further tonight - still, I suppose any blogging is better than nothing.  I really need to crack on and get working on this more regularly though!  I'll try to write some more tomorrow... if I haven't been frazzled to a crisp by this awful hot weather by then!

Best wishes,

Desirée  xxx

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

My birthday at last - only a month late!

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Yep, I turned 19 exactly a month ago now, so even if I don't get any further tonight (since it IS very late), I really think I ought to at least write about my birthday...
May 15th 2010

It was my birthday!  Yeah, I know, as if I hadn't already said that enough times, but it was written in the blog notes, so I thought I may as well say it again!  I got six cards (I think that's the lowest total ever, but I was surprised and grateful to get any really!), £20 from David's old work friend and a fiver from my old penpal.

And Mum gave me this beautiful little girl...

My first porcelain MLP - Cherries Jubilee!  I never knew they were so small and sweet!  I've wanted one for many years.  In fact, when I was about twelve, I made my own pony ornament, based on the official MLP scene, 'An Affectionate Moment'.  They're not particularly well-made (I was not a very artistic 12-year-old), but it's nice that CJ has some friends, even if they're not authentic!  Actually, looking at the photos, their colours are so similar that Baby Blossom could almost be her sister! 

I also got this adorable horse necklace from one of my dearest friends (*cough cough*), so thank you very much, mystery birthday gift-giver!

My picture is not so good, so here is a better one provided by the original seller:

It's bigger than the jewellery I normally wear, but it is very, very pretty, so I wore it all day.  We went to Southsea to pick up the paint from Laura Ashley as David had organised to do.  I wish that we could have gone to Clacton-on-Sea as I had wanted to, because it couldn't have been more boring and empty than Southsea.

We left at noon, and got stuck in traffic meaning that we didn't get there until 2pm.  Not that I'm complaining - we listened to Mum's Peter Grant CDs all the way there.  I love that bloke's voice!  If only everyone in this country sounded like him, perhaps then I could stand English accents!

There was literally nothing to do once we got there.  I took photos of some coin operated kiddie rides for my website (I really need to do some work on that site!) but most of the ones I remember being there in my childhood are gone and they haven't even been replaced by more modern rides.  *Sighs*  The days of the British Seaside as I remember it are long gone, it would appear.

It was raining lightly, but the place is really dead anyway even if the weather had been nice.  There are about three arcades and a small fairground park - plus the pier, of course, but that's miles up the road - as far as amusements are concerned.

I liked seeing the sea and all the gulls flying around (I'll always belong by the water at heart), but even that seems dark and murky at Southsea (although I guess the weather didn't help)...

I really wanted a nice picture of myself with the sea, but that wasn't to be, of course!  It's just impossible to look nice in the wind and rain... or any other weather in my case, to be honest!

I was wearing new jeggings from Tesco, and they looked rather baggy and ugly too, not to mention the fact that they were far too long, as Mum continued to tell me over and over, just in case I was feeling too confident or something.  I've got four pairs of them because they felt so comfortable when I first tried them on, but they are just too big around my bum and thighs... and too tight around my calves!  It's impossible to get decent trousers for the shape of my legs!

The day wasn't made any more pleasant by the fact that Portsmouth were playing a FA Cup game.  Mum and I, not having any interest in football, had no clue about it, and David had just failed to mention it. >.<  But there were gangs of unsavoury drunk men everywhere carrying large crates of beer around and shouting at anyone they thought didn't support their precious football team.  They all gathered on the green to watch the game on a big TV screen, ready to beat each other up should their team lose.  Ugh.

Please tell me what possible pleasure these people can get from mixing in a field of sweaty human beings surrounded by police and ambulances, knowing they are likely to get crushed or beaten up.  Why don't they just go home and enjoy the game on their own TV screens?

We walked onto the pier where I spent a while using some of the 2p coins I had been saving in the 'shoving machines' (haven't got a clue what the official name is).  David put one coin in, and hit the jackpot... winning a massive...
20p!   Oh well, better than nothing, and since he won it with my coin, I got to keep his winnings.

Then we drove around the corner to the small shopping street to pick up the Laura Ashley paint.  Even the shops are useless in Southsea - we did go in five charity shops, but they didn't have much in the way of second hand toys at all.  And there were no other shops of any real interest there.

So, after driving around for a while desperately trying to think of something to do, we headed back to Grottsville at just past 4pm.  We stopped at a service station on the way back and got some Krispy Kreme doughnuts.  I saw a really beautiful TY Classic plushie guinea pig named Patches, which David offered to buy for me, but I declined as we obviously already have far too many stuffed toys as it is.  I still feel a bit sad about it, as I collect stuffed guinea pigs, but I know it was the sensible thing to do.  It would have only become carpet beetle food.

Having got caught in yet more traffic jams, we finally got back here at 8pm - six hours in the car, two hours at Southsea.  What a nightmare!  We couldn't have any birthday cake or ice cream either, as Mum felt too sick.

And so concludes the story of my final teenage birthday.  Twenty next time - ugh.  And still no sign of a way to achieve any of my goals, or even lead a normal life.

Well, that's all for now.  David is ushering me to the floor for another night of chest pains and congestion.  All right, I've wasted far too long in England, and I'm willing to consider just about any offers to get out of here.  Someone send my knight in shining armour along on his white steed to take me home to Vancouver now...  Please?

Best wishes,

Desirée  xxx

Monday, 14 June 2010

Is it my birthday yet?

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It's rather late again so I'm not sure how far I'll get with my catch up blogging, but it would be nice to finally get to my birthday since it took place almost a month ago now.
May 12th 2010

I woke up to find that David was lying on the floor just a couple of feet away... ugh, far too close for my comfort anyway.  But with Mum upstairs in the bathroom and her bedding still in the patch of floor where I sit during the day, I had nowhere else to go so I just moved as far into the corner as possible until I could get up.  I hate this place.

I didn't leave the house all day - so much for going shopping in time for my birthday!  Mum decided to have yet another moan at me for even wanting to do such a thing. 
"What is it you want - hair removal cream?!" she sniggered.  Wow, how clever!  You're even along the right line, Mum!  So what the heck is so funny about it?  Just because you don't want to be bothered with your appearance anymore doesn't mean the rest of us don't want to embrace our femininity!

David went to Homebase and then to Woodberry to paint yet more of his bedroom shelves.  However much more does he have to paint?!

My MLP cassette tapes arrived, and Antonia Swinson was just as bad as I had feared.  In fact, I could only stand to listen through one story.  She makes Applejack sound like an absolute idiot and I never pictured her that way - she was greedy, lazy and clumsy, but never outright dumb!  Actually, from what I can hear, she seems to give an idiotic voice to any character she pictures as being even slightly overweight.  I think we should complain and demand there be no more discrimination against obese fictional little ponies!

Freddie (the bloke who is supposed to be fixing the fireplace at Woodberry) finally admitted that he can't restore it, meaning that not only have we lost the last original feature from the house, but Sickton won't even have to pay to fix that.

Oh, and David found out at Homebase that Mum can't get the pink paint that she wanted on her bedroom door in gloss paint.  It just gets better, doesn't it?
May 13th 2010

Back to the orthodontist.  I told Dr Crowe that I really didn't want the surgery and asked for a straight answer about other options.  He now says there are none.  So why did he say that surgery was
"the best option for my case and would give the best result" if there were no other options anyway?  He just raised my hopes for nothing.  Oh, and I asked him outright how it would effect my singing and voice acting and he admitted that he has no clue how it will change my singing voice.  He's never heard of anyone's speaking voice changing though.  So how come a professional voice actress I know was warned against jaw surgery as there was a high possibility it could alter her voice?  I understand everyone's case is different, but it does seem they're telling me all kinds of rubbish and keep changing their stories to cover their tracks and get me to do what they want.  God knows what else they'll spring on me if I do go through with the surgery.

Well, I guess it's not a case of 'if' but 'when' I go through with the surgery.  If there's no other options, there's not a lot else I can do.  I can't live with my crooked teeth for the rest of my life.  So now I really just want to get it over and done with.  But how can I do that while I'm still sleeping on the floor in this house with these terrible allergies?  I can't have two procedures done under general anaesthetic when I can't even breathe properly, can I?

So my parents decided to put off the next appointment for two months (still less than a month now though), and even then it's just to look at some digitally altered photographs to give me an idea of the results and see if I want to take things further.  Meanwhile, I'm still suffering with the pain in my overcrowded teeth as well as the cosmetic problems such as not wanting to smile at or talk to people in the outside world.  And since we won't be moved by then anyway, I might as well be getting it all out of the way now before I get any sicker.

I had a couple of new x-rays done so that Dr Crowe could work with them to make the photographs.  The radiologist was a short middle-aged woman who looked quite professional and quiet.  But as soon as I got into the x-ray room, she just would not shut up. 
"Now you've had one of these done before, haven't you?"  "Do you remember how to stand?"  "Now, just put your hands on top of this rubbish bin to steady yourself!"  "Oh, you don't want to put your hands on a dirty bin, do you?  Here, put your hands on top of this rubber gloves box instead."  "I'm not going to use rubber gloves to put these little protectors on the ear pieces as it's impossible to do with the gloves on, and there can't be any more germs on my hands than on your earplugs, can there?"  "Oh, you're registered as 'Miss Desirée Miss Alder' on our computer system.  What happened there?"  She never let me get a word in edgeways so she can't have been expecting a response anyway.  I felt quite tired by the time I got out of the room, to be honest.

Mum and I walked to the post office to ship a package of three MLP birthday cards and a badge that I had sold to an Arena member.  The shipping was 60p cheaper than I had expected, so I felt quite guilty, but by the time Paypal had taken their cut, there wouldn't have been much point refunding her anyway.  I hate estimating things by weighing them here rather than at the post office as it's so hard to get everything exactly right.

David and I went to Tesco that night to buy a birthday cake.  I also had a look at the Radio Times to see if they had a proper list of what programmes would be shown on Toonattik now that Jamie and Anna had left (I was still hoping Kid vs Kat would continue at this point, or would at least be replaced by another show with the same voice talent), but I discovered that even the TV papers don't seem to have proper listings for daytime television anymore.  I guess I'll just go on using my free online TV guide - it's just as good as anything you buy in the shops!

We got Oreo McFlurries on the way back - yum!  I wish they were available all the time here in the UK...

I got myself some little birthday presents on e-Bay - I knew they wouldn't arrive in time for my birthday, but I just felt like treating myself as I figured I wouldn't get anything from anybody else!

In a desperate attempt to make myself feel good for my birthday (yet another birthday present to myself?!  I love me, you know!), I half-waxed my legs - the best I could do without getting shopping - and then had a bath and shaved the rest.  Never.  Again.  Ouch!  What an idiot - Antonia Swinson should do a dumb voice for me, and I'm not even an obese fictional orange pony!  I didn't get a very good result anyway... Sorry if I'm giving TMI here, but I want all this stuff written out for future reference to myself.  I think I need more space in my offline diary! >.<

Mum got a letter from Redwings Horse Sanctuary asking her to renew my niece's adopted horse.  But she only just did it!  Thankfully it turned out to be a computer error, but it does seem everybody, human and computer alike, is making more and more mistakes lately.  It'd be funny if it wasn't so tragic!

The piece that clips the blue ethernet cable into the back of the computer broke.  I guess they just get worn out being moved around so much, although I thought that was the purpose of a laptop?  Luckily I can just turn it around for now and have the broken bit clipped into the modem.  But I don't know what I'll do when the other clip breaks...  If only we could get wireless internet to work!  Having said that, when the wire fell out while Mum was using the internet it didn't even switch off for about three minutes... weird.
May 14th 2010

My last day of being eighteen - gosh, where are the years going?!  We couldn't go to Wembley as Mum had been talking about all week as we had no money on our Oyster Travelcards or loose change for buses, and Mum was too tired to walk.  So I didn't get any shopping, and just ended up at McDonalds to get more Oreo McFlurries... well, we have to make the best of them during the limited edition period!

I still wanted to go to Clacton-on-Sea for my birthday but David had made definite plans to go to Southsea to pick up paint at Laura Ashley, even though I really wanted to go to Southsea on a Sunday when a car boot sale is held there.  I spent the afternoon looking up seaside locations on Google Maps and got depressed that we couldn't get to Cleethorpes from here as I saw some really old wooden coin operated children's rides I remember riding in the 90s were still there as late as last year when the pictures were taken.  There was also a big sign at the end of the road saying that a car boot sale is held there every saturday!  It sounded just perfect, but there's no way we could drive that far in a day.

I was so determined to make myself look and feel good for my birthday - I had a long bath using my favourite Lush products that evening, washed my hair, scrubbed and moisturised my face...  Then I got a huge ugly cold sore on my lip.  AGH!  Can nothing ever go right for me?!

Well, in answer to my blog title, it seems my birthday has not arrived yet, since I need to try and get some sleep now!  But I swear tomorrow I will finally turn 19 - only exactly one month too late!  Be sure to tune in tomorrow for the next exciting installment of my catch up blog!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Tap-tap-tappity-tap... *Backspace* Nooooooooooo!

Current mood: silly
I am so mad at myself!  Mum wanted to use the computer this evening ( gave free access to certain family history records during the England vs. USA football match), so I decided to get my blog written early for once.  I'd just written a brilliant entry, and noticed a typing error...  I clicked 'backspace' to delete the offending spelling mistake and...  Well, you can guess what happened.  I went back to the previous page, and lost all my hard work. >.<  So here I am, late as ever, back where I started.  Ugh, now I have to write all this boring nonsense all over again.  Oh well, at least you guys only have to read it once, and no doubt it will be shorter this time around!
May 10th 2010

I saw a bloke snapping hundreds of pictures of our broken front wall and, assuming he was someone from Ealing Council, I began snapping hundreds of pictures of HIM out of the bedroom window as proof that the council were taking further action against us and our wall while still refusing to answer our numerous phone calls to tell them that we were already in the process of getting it fixed.  However, the bloke actually turned out to be the builder who the house insurance company had employed to fix the wall!  If only people would keep in better communication, we could all avoid a lot of unnecessary stress.

Speaking of the wall, 'Bush Man' (the weird bloke who is always leaning over the wall to collect stuff from/dump things in the bush in our garden) was obviously upset by the fact the wall was leaning on our bush, rendering him unable to use it.  I almost wonder if he was the one who pushed our wall down, since it was already cracked... but even so, I can't imagine one man could have pushed it over just by leaning on it.  Anyways, unable to dump and collect trash from our bush, he wandered INTO our garden and right up to the front door to pick up rubber bands that the postman had dropped.

David saw yet another decorator at Woodberry, but this one seemed more interested in talking about himself than the job from what I've heard.  Considering how uncommunicative David is, even we know that this decorator came here from Poland 16 years ago, having passed a wallpapering exam eighteen years ago.  Oh, and he's thirty eight.  I know a lot about his family life too, but I doubt you want to hear all the details.  I have no clue how much he would have charged for decorating though, as he never told us.  Why didn't he just ask to meet David at Starbucks if he only wanted to chat rather than talking business?!

I received bids on three of the items I'd listed on e-Bay, so I felt justified to treat myself to a little something - two MLP cassette tapes which I had never seen before.  I was the only bidder so I got them for 99p (plus £2.20 postage, mind you).

I don't think I can stand much more of Antonia Swinson, the woman who reads the stories on these old G1 cassette tapes.  I had a similar tape when I was little (I think it was called 'More Adventures with My Little Pony' or something), and I can still hear her grating voice 'singing' - if you can call it that! - a little song as Skyflier.  Ugh, I haven't even heard that tape in years, and yet it's as clear in my brain as if I listened to it yesterday.

"Magic horn, magic horn,
Here I stand on the hill and cry.
Make me soar through the sky,
So that Starshine won't have to die.
Magic horn, magic horn,
Make me fly."

And then in the most annoyingly cheesy cutesy voice you've ever heard (the kind of voice you'd only use to a very small child or pet - I remember thinking it made the tape sound 'babyish' when I was about five!), "And what happened? Skyflier flew!"  Ugh.  I used to love the stories, but I couldn't listen to that woman for very long without screaming.  Honestly, my description doesn't make it sound half as bad as it was.  I'll have to try and find that tape, and make a recording to put up here.

I actually Googled 'Antonia Swinson' for fun the other day - I found out that she recorded a tape for Storyteller comic back in the 80s.  God knows how she managed that, as most of the people on those tapes were quite famous actors or TV presenters of the time.  I couldn't find anything else about a voice over career though.  Having said that, I couldn't find any MLP tapes, so there may be other torture instruments - sorry, I mean story cassettes featuring her voice - out there somewhere.  Apparently she writes wedding planners now, among other things.  Well, I guess she needed a change of career!

We went back to IKEA, where Mum took another look at the cabinet she had seen three days previously and decided she no longer liked it.  Our main reason for going was to return a faulty alarm clock that David had bought on our previous visit though.  However, we had no success, as it was 9.57pm by the time we'd walked all the way around (as you are forced to do to get to the exit of our local branch of IKEA), and customer services declared themselves closed just as we arrived.  I notice that the checkouts remained open until all the customers had made their purchases though, so if you want to BUY something, they'll make an exception, even if it's well past 10pm.  If you want to return faulty goods though, that's a different matter entirely.

Then we went to Tesco to buy bread and milk, but I highly doubt any of you want to hear about that exciting excursion!
May 11th 2010

David came in early from work so that he could go for a job interview, but he went in the bathroom until it was time to leave, and didn't take a parcel to the post office to be weighed as he had promised to.  Mum didn't feel like going either, and since I won't leave this house alone, that meant that the poor buyer had to wait yet another day for a quote.  It's no wonder that I was losing so many potential buyers!  Now I'm just using the kitchen scales (or bathroom scales for heavier packages) to weigh things from here and use the Royal Mail website to get estimates.  But I'm always worried that I'll end up overcharging someone.  And on the other side of the coin, I worry I'll charge them a lot too little and be out of pocket.  Paypal (and e-Bay where applicable) take enough in fees as it is!

When David returned from his interview, he
"went to the attic" (his bedroom at Woodberry) for the rest of the evening, so I didn't leave the house all day.

I was getting very depressed as I really wanted to get shopping before my birthday four days later.  I only wanted to do a few simple things, like find something nice to wear (or at least look for a new necklace to go with my horse t-shirt) and get some new mascara etc.  But apparently there was something wrong with me for wanting to do that much.

I found some German MLP (or should I say MKP) commercials on Youtube; a few from the late 80s - - and one G2 commercial (the first I've found online, although the visual is playing at about half speed judging by the audio.  Still, better than nothing!) -

Just a few interesting/strange things to note about these commercials (apart from the fact they look a hundred years old, but were probably filmed just a couple of years before I was born - eek!):

Look at all those cute prototypes (Sweetheart Sister Ponies with earrings in two different colours!  Dance 'n' Prance Pegasi!  And Fancy Pants Babies with poseable heads!  Aww...)
I love how they had to speed up the process of the Sunshine Ponies' colour-changing hair to fit into the thirty second commercial.  I wonder how many kids thought their ponies hair would actually change that fast?  Hasbro would probably get sued for false advertising these days!
The Crimp 'n' Curl Hair Commercial has the "Say 'Love' if you love ponies" jingle.  Does this mean it was released in Germany later than in other countries, as at least the US and UK were still in their "My Little Pony Mummy" advertising phase when the playset came out over here.  The same applies for Megan and Sundance, although I've never seen a UK commercial for them.  I know they were released here and in the US way back in 1985-1986 though.  Perhaps they just updated the advert with the new jingle a few years later?
Oh my God, and the make-up on those kids in the Merry-Go-Round commercial! o_0  I'm surprised they didn't just airbrush them out of the picture entirely.  Beautiful carousel though - kind of weird that Hasbro later made a proper MLP carousel for the commercial sets, but they didn't think about it when they were advertising actual Merry-Go-Round MLPs!
Ha ha, and the Dance 'n' Prance advert just shouts 80s at you, doesn't it?

As for the G2 commercial, I was just so pleased to see a full one at last.  I have little snippets of UK ones that I attempted to tape between Thomas the Tank Engine episodes (yes, that was a long time ago!), and for years I have sworn there was a child sliding down the rainbow with the animated ponies and nobody has believed me or remembered it.  And finally, I have proof!  I love those old CGI ponies - they move so clumsily compared to modern CGI animation, and yet that's what makes them look even cuter somehow!

Oh, and while we're on the subject of clumsy MLP videos, what the heck is this?  I discovered it on Youtube the same day - it seems to be an extended version of the French MLP theme tune, but how on Earth would it have been released?  It looks like some corny entry into the Eurovision Song Contest with those two 'kids' (if they are actually kids and not adults pretending to be kids - the quality is too bad for me to tell really) miming badly, overacting terribly, bouncing around and swaying backwards and forwards hugging each other in between snatches of the same scenes from the MLP TV series being played over and over.  Did the whole world become cheesy in the 80s, or was it just Hasbro who managed to dig up people like Antonia Swinson and these French 'children' for their MLP merchandise?!

Well, I think I shall leave you all now with visions of strange French children bouncing around even stranger illustrated multi-coloured ponies - please don't blame me for any nightmares you have tonight.  It'll likely be the cheese you may or may not have eaten right before bed.  No, definitely not me and my strange blogs causing your nightmares... 

Best wishes,

Desirée  xxx