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I remember not so long ago when things were better...

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Back to the lyrical titles again, this time an old Care Bears song that I found myself humming today.  Ugh, there's just so little inspirational content in my boring blogs these days...  I really need something interesting to happen occasionally!  In fact, I think that's why I never get around to updating my blog anymore - it's just so boring.  And if that's how the writer feels, I dread to think how bored you, as the reader, must be feeing as you struggle through this entry...
May 3rd 2010

We should have been going to my favourite Bank Holiday car boot sale in Epsom, but when I called the previous evening to see if it was on or not, I just got a recorded message to say,
"The person you have called is on the phone and their voice mail is full".  It was raining so I decided against even trying - it wouldn't have been very big anyway, even if it was there at all.

Then I read on the Ponycon forum that Baggins Lover had found Edgar the MLP Elephant and quite a few European G2s I still need for my collection at her local boot sale (congrats to you if you ever read this, Anna!), and I immediately got the 'booting bug' and regretted not having pushed myself to go, wondering what I'd missed!

As it was, David did a bit of paperwork then went to Woodberry to continue decorating for the rest of the day, so the furthest I got was to McDonalds for a Cadburys Creme Egg McFlurry and then to Woodberry to dump a rubbish bag and attempt to re-position Rosette's tail, in the hopes that it might curl back into place.

I spent most of the day photographing Pretty Pony Club Ponies and Puppy Dog Tails Puppies to sell.  They don't seem very popular, but I'm pleased that I managed to find eight of the ponies a nice new home anyway.

I watched the episodes of Kid vs Kat that I had taped on ITV1 the day before, but the cast of that show is still bothering me (I CANNOT find credits ANYWHERE online!)  For my voice chasing friends, does anybody recognise the second policeman to speak at the start of this episode?  Is it Terry Klassen?  He sounds kind of familiar, and Terry's voice is the one that springs to mind...  But there are times when it doesn't sound like him at all.

On the topic of voices, I finally got around to watching Barbie in a Mermaid's Tale.  Nice to hear the likes of Kelly Sheridan, Tabitha St.Germain, Kathleen Barr, Nicole Oliver and Gary Chalk...  But Emma Pierson and Ciara Janson?!  Oh my God, my head hurts!  Okay, perhaps I am a teeny bit biased, because I cannot stand the English accent...  But they're just not voice actors, and that became apparent before I even knew who they were.  Don't get me wrong there are some actors who mainly perform in live action productions who can do VA work beautifully and vice versa, but those two are not included in that category.  It was horrible, kind of like those actors I described in the BBC Indian in the Cupboard radio play.  They seem to think it's "just voice acting" and put no effort into it, reading blankly from the script.  To my mind, in voice acting it's actually more important to act with expression, as you only have your voice and the words on the page with which to bring the character to life, whereas in 'ordinary' acting you can use facial expression and body language.  Oh, well...  Let's hope they disappear to the realm of ex-Little Dorrit and Hollyoaks actors that nobody remembers, and we don't hear them in future Barbie movies and similar voice acting projects while the real talent are out of work!

What perhaps saddened me most of all is that Willow Johnson, who is probably one of my favourite Vancouverite voice actresses, is still a part of Barbie in a Mermaid's Tale...  But SHE is now one of the 'motion capture talent'.  To those not familiar with the process of creating an animated movie, the 'motion capture talent' are the behind-the-scenes actors used in cheaper CGI (computer-generated imagery) movies in order to help the animators re-create realistic human movements in the animated characters.  'Motion capture talent' will usually have little receptors placed on various parts of their faces and bodies which will be picked up by sensors located in the studio, and will act out scenes for the movie.  This can be anything from a close up of the face 'speaking' (or miming to someone else's words, if you prefer - on some computer games and animated shows, the voice actors have been known to also be the motion capture talent at the same time as recording their lines by having the markers attached to their face as they record), to performing a lengthy action scene from the movie with other people.  I don't know much about the making of this movie in particular, but I do find it terribly sad that a professional voice actress has been pushed into a behind-the-scenes job where we never even get to hear her vocal talent, while those two imbociles got paid for fluffing their way through their lines.

End of rant.

Oh, and STILL on the topic of voices, I finally got around to starting to watch Ranma 1/2 on Youtube.  It took me a while to get into it, but it's really funny once you get into the story.  Having listened to the first season, it's quite obvious to me that Brigitta Dau was Patch in My Little Pony Tales as opposed to Venus Terzo.  So that's one voice acting mystery solved at last!

May 4th 2010

Mum and I walked to the post office to ship out a parcel of MLP accessories that I had sold.  The buyer wanted them sent surface mail and so I was asked to write 'surface mail' on the package.  Mum teased me that my writing was so small and neat that the postman wouldn't even see it and it would end up being sent airmail anyway.  Guess what?  The package was with the buyer about a week later!  Still laughing, Mum?  Perhaps that's the trick to avoid slow surface mail!

I was casually looking out the window, when I saw a woman park her car outside.  She casually got out of the car, observed our broken wall in great detail, carefully tapping her fingers along the top of it.  Finally, she pushed at one of the bricks which seemed to be working loose, and made it a whole lot worse (by the time she had finished, three bricks were hanging on by a thread ready to fall on somebody!)  Then she got back in her car and left.  We had no idea who she was, but put it down to being a case of one of the mad and/or nosy people of this area seeing something new and interesting with which to interfere.

We were finally able to get in touch with the house insurance company, but they couldn't send anyone to look at the wall for several days.  Meanwhile, David had to remove the bricks that the strange woman had manouvered into a dangerous position and bring them into the porch.

We spent the afternoon looking through bags of old Beanie Babies and checking them for carpet beetles.  Amazingly, they hadn't been touched!  I am stunned...  A lot of the Beanies had no protection besides the large carrier bags they were in, so it would appear their material is not appetising enough for carpet beetles!  I was shocked to see a lot of them - I don't even remember them.  I kind of wish they were still worth something so that I could sell off all but my favourites/ones I remember.  I do still love the Beanies, but where on Earth are they going to go if we ever do move to Woodberry?  My whole room will be filled up with ponies!

We took the Beanies to Woodberry that night to get them away from this insect-infested house.  No point keeping them here until the beetles got hungry enough to eat them and they actually did get ruined.  Then David and I went to Tesco where I found some nice jeggings - although they are a bit long and also baggy around my thighs and bum, but my calf muscles are too big for a size 8
 - and got Cadburys Creme Egg McFlurries on the way back (so that we could also take one back for Mum).  Ugh, that branch of McDonalds is surrounded by rats, and one sat on the kerb and watched us with its beady little eyes the whole time we were at the drive-thru.  It watched as we ordered the ice cream, then turned and watched as we paid for it and collected it with great interest...  I love rodents, so I don't usually get freaked out by rats, but that one was just... creepy.  Why the heck was it so fascinated by US anyway?  It didn't wait for the next order to be placed, and ran off as soon as we drove away.  o_0

Well, it's late so I must go now.  Talk to you all soon! (Tomorrow, I hope - otherwise I'll never get this darn thing up to date!)

Best wishes,

Desirée  xxx

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