Tuesday, 8 June 2010

No matter how your heart is grieving...

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...if you just keep on reading, the dream that you wish will come true?  That is, if the dream that you're wishing is that I'd finally catch up and stop writing such long, boring catch-up blog entries!
May 5th 2010

Mum and I sorted through yet more of my old Beanie Babies collection - there seem to be a never-ending supply of the things in this house!  There are still at least eight more large crates, and three more black sacks just here in the living room with me.  And that's without Mum's old collection which are upstairs in the wardrobe (while our clothes are lying on the bathroom floor/on top of MIB G3 ponies in my old cot!) ...  I do wish they were still worth something to somebody.  Even if I couldn't get my money back on them, I'd just like them to go to homes where they will be appreciated.  I can't bear to just throw them away - they have such sweet little faces, and every time I look at them I feel like collecting even more of them! - but it really seems you can't even give them away these days, judging by the piles of them I see at car boot sales for 20p a piece!

We took them to Woodberry that night - David's whole office is now filled with stuffed toys in large black sacks.  It's crazy.  I've got to stop being so sentimental and get rid of them!  My parents discussed yet more wall colours while I had a nap on my bedroom floor.  It just feels so good to be able to sleep and not wake up unable to breathe like I do here in Grottsville.  Our neighbour there, Mark, spoke to David, following his wife Sarah totally ignoring us the day before.  He says that he was friendly enough, but I think they have lost faith in us ever moving house too now.  And who can blame them really?  They're all laughing at us.

I've been meaning to watch 'V' on the Sci-Fi channel ever since I heard Mark Hildreth  had a part in it, but totally forgot about it again. >.<  I guess TV really doesn't take top priority in my mind right now, but I do feel that something is going seriously wrong with my memory lately...  I have to keep going back and checking that I've done things which I must have done just minutes earlier etc.  Although part of that may also be my OCD re-surfacing as it tends to do when I'm highly stressed...  What was I saying again?

Oh yes, I remember now (I think).  I received the prize that I won in Kittybethy's Arena contest... the sweetest little BABY COUNTDOWN!  He is so perfect, besides a couple of very small symbol rubs,  but those should be easily fixable.  I would share a photo, but I forgot to take any, and he's been taken over to Woodberry with the rest of my ponies now.
  Still, I just wanted to give a big thank you to Kittybethy - I love him to bits, and can't wait until I can display him properly on my pony shelves.
May 6th 2010

Mum and I spent the day clearing up at the other end of the lounge.  I can't believe how much rubbish we have gathered in this house... and the DUST!  Ugh.  No wonder I can't breathe at night.  I just hate getting rid of stuff, but it was a relief to finally throw out the Cadburys chocolate money box that the mice destroyed six years ago.

(Even that picture was taken over a year ago now - that's how long it had been since we'd cleared up at that end of the room!  No wonder there was so much dust!)

We also threw out the old hamster cage (that was particularly hard for me, and I still can't bear to get rid of all Alfred and Blizzard's old toys), the "Cuddly Express" (a big cardboard box 'train' I made and painted for all my stuffed toys when I was six!), and the crystal 'magic trees' (and garden, snowman and Christmas tree) which I have had standing on top of the cabinet for years.  They were pretty disgusting, but I thought they deserved to be photographed on account of their age.

I kind of wish they had been officially recorded on the day I started 'growing' them.  I'm sure they'd have got a place in the Guinness Book of Records for the oldest 'magic crystal' sets!

And here they are in all their dusty glory...

Magic Snowman and Christmas Tree - grown for Christmas 2005 or 2006, I think?

Magic Garden - this was started as a "Garden of Memory" for my guinea pig, Bubbles... so November 2002.  It was almost eight years old!  Looking a bit the worse for wear, I must admit, but considering it started out on the kitchen table and was then moved into the lounge, I don't think it did too badly.

And here we have the eldest of them all, "Grandma's Good Luck Tree", which I started growing when Grandma went into hospital in February 2001!  It had gone white with age (well, it happens to all of us in the end!), but it was still funny to see it standing there more than nine years later.

We found fresh droppings in the "Cuddly Express", and they were too big to belong to mice...  So I figure we have had rats in here in the not too distant past.  Nice.

Oh, and finally, we got a nasty letter.  It seems the "mad woman" we saw tapping on our wall was actually from Ealing Council, having been called out to see our "dangerous wall".  Three guesses who called her; the drug-dealing loud-mouthed busybody two doors away, I'll bet.  Or perhaps Hussein, whose friends may have been the ones to knock it down anyway.  Regardless, we were given a "Dangerous Structure Order" telling us that we must get the wall fixed within 14 days or the council would come to remove it.  (Um, but how were we supposed to do that, when the insurance company wouldn't even come to look at it for several days?)  AND Ealing Council wanted to charge us just for sending the letter.  But why on Earth did they even send us a letter and dangerous structure order before finding out if we were already doing something about it or not?  Because, in this very rare case, we actually WERE trying to get in touch with the insurance company, and they were the ones delaying for ages before taking any action. >.<

It's late and I need to write a couple of quick e-mails before I try to sleep.  I'll be back again tomorrow though, I promise.

Goodnight, everyone!
Desirée  xxx

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