Saturday, 31 July 2010

"I have never been so serious in my entire life!"

Current mood: depressed
My entire family are in a strange mood again, and driving me crazy - I swear they act strangely depending on the position of the moon or something!   Oh well, time for a catch up blog before they send me totally insane!
June 13th 2010

I didn't leave the house - pretty much like today, in fact.  God, this has been a horrible summer... I'm locked up even at weekends these days.  It was Dolly's birthday party at Redwings Horse Sanctuary, but Mum
"didn't feel like dragging around that boring place again"...  It seems she'll only put on the "jolly grandma" act for Emma's children these days! >.<  So David just went to Woodberry to "do some decorating" (and look at God knows what on his computer) before going to work for the rest of the day.

I was exhausted having only slept for six hours the night before, but my throat was still filled with muck as a result of my allergic reaction to the carpet beetles down on the floor.

The toilet started leaking again but David managed to temporarily patch it up.  I honestly don't believe there are any decent workmen out there these days - it seems that you pay out a ton of money to get something fixed and it's leaking/falling apart/looking a terrible mess again within days of the work having been done!

Everybody who walked past was staring and pointing up at our roof, but since we didn't leave the house all day, we have no clue what they were looking at.  Mum rang David at work and asked him to look when he came in from work (at about 1am), and he suggested that
"perhaps there were rats running along there".  Sounds highly unlikely, but I can't help but wonder - we can't see anything wrong with it now (well, no more than usual anyway!), and people are no longer so fascinated by it, so whatever it was must have been a temporary attraction!

Mum was in a fowl mood with me as someone was watching the plush Pound Puppy I had listed on e-Bay and apparently I shouldn't have listed it as she liked it.  But for goodness sake, she picked it up at Epsom car boot sale and had me buy it for 30p so that I could sell it at a profit, with no mention of the fact that she wanted it herself.  And how many stuffed toys does she actually want in a house full of carpet beetles?  Crazy hoarders.  Oh well, you'll be pleased to know he didn't sell, so Mum has now officially added the toy to her growing collection of beetle food!

June 14th 2010

Mum and I had another boring walk up and down the road but we didn't ship the parcels that we should have sent as 'Scar Face' was standing guard outside the post office as ever and I couldn't face walking past him and being leered at again.

I woke up to find a big spider sitting on my pillow beside my head.  Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with spiders - they eat the carpet beetles that cause my allergies, so I consider them my friends.  In fact, we had seen it in Mum's 'floor bed' the night before and had joked that perhaps it was a Black Widow (don't worry, I'm sure it wasn't!) since it was a glossy black colour like none I had ever seen before.  However, it did come as a bit of a shock to wake up and see it there, and I don't like the idea of things crawling on me in my sleep - I'd hate to lie on it and squash it or for it to crawl into my mouth or something!

David didn't come in from work until 11.30pm again - he's working ridiculously hard considering the pittance they pay him, and meanwhile he refuses to discuss any of our problems or sort out the bills he's supposedly working so hard to pay.

I was going through some old blog entries and discovered that most of my photos had been replaced by "Tinypic - this image is no longer available" notices or, worse still, other people's pictures!  Of course, I should have realised this would happen, but I didn't really stop to think about it.  There's now a horrible photo of a man urinating during an account of one of our holidays!  And according to my Iceland blog, 
"We walked along the path you can see in the above photos, in order to get a better look at the waterfall.  Mum was still unmoved by the spectacular views though..."

Not surprising really, is it?

Needless to say, I shall be using Photobucket to host all my blog illustrations from now on, but I still need to go through all my old blog entries and save/replace what I can.

I started the long, hard task that day and it was really sad to go through my old entries from 2007ish.  I was still there talking about my hopes and dreams, but the chances of actually achieving any of them seemed much higher in those days.  But here I am, three years later, and nothing has changed really.  It was quite heartbreaking actually.

Oh well.  I didn't mean to end this blog on a low note, I guess I just have to keep my chin up and focus on the future, whatever happens.  I just hope I don't end up saddled in this dump forever more with some creepy bloke I don't love and a bunch of English children tying me down in a country where I could never be happy.  If I can just get to Canada, even on holiday, I'd feel better.  Even if I can't fulfill my more outrageous dreams of re-locating there permanently and becoming a professional voice actress.  I just don't want to die without having travelled "home" at least once...

My sincere apologies for another depressing blog entry, and thank you for sticking by my side through all of this, dear readers.

Best wishes,

Desirée  xxx

Friday, 30 July 2010

I was born to love you, and I will never be free...

Current mood: tired
God help us all.  I'm back to the lyrical titles, so I think we know how boring this blog entry is going to be!
June 11th 2010

Mum and I went for another boring walk up and down the road.  We saw "Scar Face" standing outside the post office again, leering at me as we walked past.  Ew...  What a creep.  I wish we could just leave this place once and for all!

I was terribly depressed that the longest day was coming up again and I was still trapped in this house, wasting my very last teenage summer.  I tried to cheer myself up a little by singing "Farewell to Perivale", a little song I have written to the tune of Hairspray's "Good Morning Baltimore".  The lyrics are as follows (Yes, I know they're quite pathetic in places and lazy in others where the original lyrics seemed to fit my situation pretty well, but it was only really written as a joke between myself and a couple of e-friends originally!):
Uh uh oh,
Woke up and sneezed...
Feeling... Quite pleased?
What was that dream?
Uh uh oh,
Visions of that life I hunger for;
That life I'd adore!

The voice in my head,
Repeats what she said,
My heartbeat quickens - she can't be wrong!
Uh uh oh,
She says that soon I'll have all that I've dreamed of so long!

Farewell to Perivale!
Every day's made me weep and wail! (Aah-aah...)
Every night sleeping on the floor,
Disturbed by loud music from next door.
Farewell to Perivale!
And once I have escaped from your jail,  (Ooh-ooh...)
The world's gonna look up and see... (Aaah!)
Skylark's flying free!

Uh uh oh,
Happy at last,
Forgetting my past - I leave today!
Uh uh oh,
Now that my future's an open door,
I'm keen to explore!

The rats on the street, (Ooh...)
All dance around my feet.  (Ooh...)
You'd swear they say,
"Skylark, it's up to you!"
So uh oh,
Don't hold me back 'cause today all my dreams will come true! (Today all her dreams will come true!)

Farewell to Perivale!
Where knives and drugs are always for sale! (Aah-aah...)
Where thugs smash windows each night with glee,
Then pop into your garden to pee.
Farewell to Perivale!
And once I have escaped from your jail,
The world's gonna look up and see...
Skylark's flying free!

I dance every step,  (Ooh... Ooh-ooh!)
I sing every song, (Ooh-ooh!)
I dream of that place where I belong. (Where she belongs!)
I see all those party lights shining ahead, (Ooh-ooh!)
So someone invite me before I drop dead! (Before she drops dead!)

Please give me a second glance, (Ooh...  Ooh-ooh!)
'Cause if I had a chance, (Ooh-ooh!)
I know I'd go far. (She'd go far!)
Uh uh oh, (Ooh... Ooh-ooh!)
Now that we're finally on the move, (On the move...)
My chances improve! (Chances improve!)

My family say, "NO!"
But my friends tell me, "GO!"
Sometimes you have to follow your heart.
So uh oh,
Don't make me wait one more moment for my life to start!
(Farewell to... Farewell to... Waiting for her life to start!)

We hate you, Perivale!
Every day's made me weep and wail! (Aah-aah...)
Every night sleeping on the floor,
Disturbed by loud music from next door.
And we vow, dear Perivale!
That once I have escaped from your jail,  (Aaah...)
The world's gonna look up and see...
Gonna look up and see...
Skylark's flying free! (Yes, more or less we all agree)
Skylark's flying free! (Someday the world is gonna see)
Skylark's flying free! (She's free!)

It was the first time I had attempted recording it with Audacity's software rather than using my broken old camera's voice recording setting, which meant I could make a backing track as well.  It might have come out sounding pretty nice, but it's so hard for me to breathe with these allergies - I just can't hold the notes anymore.

David had to go to the doctor with a bad cough, which had obviously been brought on by sleeping on the floor with all these carpet beetles and the general dirt and dust in this house.  Mum was in a fowl mood and refusing to discuss moving house though (convinced that she wouldn't like the new wallpaper which she hadn't even seen at this point).  She said that she didn't have to move as she
"wasn't ill like David and me"!

David didn't come in until 11pm and then expected me to go to Tesco with him (so no blog got written again that night!)  I was tired out at that time of night, but had to do all the shopping while he browsed through various newspapers - and held onto the trolley, meaning I had to carry each individual item back to him!  He got cross with me for wanting to look at the ponies though!
June 12th 2010

When I had gone to get changed for bed the previous night, I had found page 3 carefully torn out of one of the dirty newspapers and hung up on the airer ON TOP OF MY CLEAN TOWEL!  Okay, it's bad enough that my father finds it necessary to constantly sit on the loo, cutting out pictures of topless young women, giving them marks out of ten for the size of their chests and saving them forever at 63 years of age, but when he knows how I feel about these things, he could at least have the manners not to hang them up on top of my clean laundry!  My laundry wouldn't even be hanging on the airer if not for the fact that I have nowhere else to store it until it's needed, thanks to him filling EVERY bedroom with the results of his disgusting habits.  Ugh.

Well, needless to say, I was not in the best of moods for the rest of the day.  And Mum was also in a fowl mood which didn't help matters.  Apparently, in my anger, I had said that
"all men are perverts but David is an extreme case" or something, which means that my mum and Emma are perfectly justified in calling my friend a "pedo perve".  However, I think there's a difference between saying that a 63-year-old man who spends practically every hour of every day thinking of young girls and filling the house with pornographic images and other horrific things (to the extent that his own daughter has never even had a bed) is a pervert, and comparing a guy none of us have ever even met to a pedophile just because he's been nice to me via e-mail and happens to be quite a few years older than me.  I'm pretty certain he'd never have any interest in me in that sense anyway, and since I'm well over the legal age of consent, he's hardly a pedophile, even if he is in his early 30s.

Later, I was struggling to breathe and started panicking that
"my lungs were packing up", to which Mum responded, "Good".  Nice, huh?

I wrote a long blog... then accidentally deleted it.  No wonder I'm so far behind with this thing!

It was the day of the first World Cup football match for England - I'm not a football fan, so I didn't watch it.  I was more concerned about the large number of drunk men wandering around outside and causing trouble. (the family history site) had free access to certain records during the game, so Mum hoped to be able to do some research, but the site crashed due to there being so many users all trying to view it at once.  She still had a long internet session though, which gave me a chance to take some new Myspace profile pictures... including the horrific one you see to the left of this blog.  Ew...  Perhaps I should have gone easier on the eyeshadow.  Wouldn't have helped the huge ugly mouth though, would it?!

Mum watched the Trooping the Colour flypast from the back door and got upset that I didn't show more interest.  But there was no way that two of us could have fitted by the door and we can't go out in the back garden because of the rats.

Well, I'm never going to catch up at this rate, but I'm going to have to leave it there again as Mum wants to go to sleep.  Talk to you all soon, okay?

Best wishes,

Desirée  xxx

Monday, 26 July 2010

"That's YOUR choice!"

Current mood: miserable
It's official - David talks utter nonsense.  Not that we didn't already know that, but he's just come out with the most ridiculous statements over the last few hours that you simply wouldn't believe me if I repeated him here.  He reduced me to tears and made Mum really angry...  Now he's quietly slipped away to sleep on the landing floor.  God, I wish I could get out of here.
June 9th 2010

Mum woke up extremely tired and feeling very ill (as did I - not only couldn't I breathe, but my ears were clogged up again to a point I couldn't hear very well either!)  David hadn't spoken to her on his way out to work, so she rang him up at work.  It was then that he announced that he had given the decorators her 'special' wallpaper (Laura Ashley's Charcoal Summer Palace - a discontinued wallpaper) to paste on the walls of a house he had promised she only had to live in for two years, and before he had even seen if they were good wallpaperers or not.  Needless to say, she was very upset.

Mum and I went for a fascinating walk to the doctors' surgery to pick up a prescription for David.  Fortunately, we didn't run into those perverts again for I fear I would not have been able to hold my temper for a third session of their creepy leering.

Then David and I went to Woodberry in the evening as the decorators had declared the work completed (even though they were nowhere near finished, but David let them go anyway), so I wanted to check my ponies (which were all safe, by the way... although I discovered that poor Red Roses had not been securely placed in the box, hence her face had been partially crushed by the weight of the boxes on top of hers.  Poor girl - she already had her horn crushed by David's videos years ago, and it's taken me all this time to get it to pop back into place, now her whole face has been squished.  I really don't deserve to own all these beautiful ponies when I have nowhere to keep them safely.

As for the work the decorators had done?  Well, none of it showed up very well since it was quite dark and the camera flash went off automatically, but...

The extension with green woodwork and goldish-cream radiators.  Maybe I'm crazy, but I actually liked the colour of the lining paper with the skirting boards!

Kitchen painted in Laura Ashley's wisteria.  It looks much more purple in real life.

Mum's family history room with the before-mentioned 'special' Laura Ashley Charcoal Summer Palace wallpaper...  The pattern seemed 'busy' for such a small room at first but I soon got used to it.

Unfortunately, just as Mum had feared, the decorators had messed up quite a bit in this room.  The biggest probem is that they got wallpaper paste all over the ceiling (take a look at the third photo and note the dark marks on the ceiling), but they also cut the paper a bit short around the door frame above the light switch and mismatched the pattern in places, as you can see in the picture below.  It's only a tiny problem, but I was terrified about Mum's reaction once she had seen it for herself!

Shower room feature wall with another of Laura Ashley's wallpapers, Toile Delphinium.  I didn't like all those cherubs floating about on the wall at first, but I'm getting used to them now!

David tried to paint over a patch of dirt on the wall... and promptly discovered he was using the wrong colour. >.<  So now he has messed up one of our favourite walls in the whole house and it was painted such a long time ago that we can't remember what colour it was!

And finally, the toilet under the stairs... which David decided to get painted in Laura Ashley's Chalk Pink even though Mum wanted it done in green.  Wow, that man really knows how to anger her!

June 10th 2010

Mum and I took another walk up and down the road, which turned out not just to be very boring but extremely unpleasant too.  "Beer Can Man" saw me and lunged across the street towards us at which point I grabbed the key from Mum, took to my heels and sprinted back to the house.  Those men are getting sicker.

Not only that, but a middle aged woman in a car actually leaned out of the passenger seat window to look back and stare at me as we waited to cross a road.  I have no idea why but it really gave me the creeps.  Of course, Mum is claiming it's
"because of the tight clothes I wear", but for goodness sake!  There are very, um, 'common' girls out on the street corners in this road wearing mini skirts, fishnet stockings and not much else all day long, so I don't see why I should be harassed for wearing a slim fitting t-shirt and a pair of jeggings.  It's not like I'm even exposing any skin... well, apart from my arms.  But the people around here are making me want to walk up and down wearing black bags!  Or at least the most shapeless enormous shirt I can find.  It's totally crazy.

We got a quote from the company that came to look at our sidegate - it will cost £700 to replace!  Thankfully the insurance company have agreed to pay (well, apart from the £75 excess charge), but it's still disgusting that we should have to pay anything at all just because of idle-minded vandals trying to get onto our property!

I was doing quite well on e-Bay so I bought Mum a troll on e-Bay as a very belated Christmas gift... but I'll talk more about him once he actually "arrives".

Well, I'm off to floor-bed again.  I would have continued, but I'm getting far too many friend requests from the likes of 'Nusret', the Turkish guy who just wrote to me and said...
"Hi Desirêe, how are you tonight? You have such a beautiful name. . My name is Nusret. . I am here in London visiting my brother for 2 weeks. ."

Idiot - at least it's a personalised message though which means he bothered to read my name, unlike some Myspace Morons I could mention...  It's just too bad that he couldn't have read a bit more of my profile before bothering me.  Then he would have seen for himself that I have no interest in men, and especially not the sort of man who's looking for nothing more than a two week affair!

Oh well, at least I've finished one of my notebooks full of blog notes so I only have another two to go now!

Best wishes,

Desirée  xxx

Friday, 23 July 2010

Probably Disappearing For Another Weekend...

Current mood: stressed
Not that I've really been around on Myspace much anyway, but I figured I'd write a blog tonight to take my mind off things.  There's no insertion fees for any auctions listed on this weekend, so I'll be crazily listing things for the next two days again.  Agh, it drives me crazy!  But I do need to get rid of this stuff so I guess it's necessary.
June 7th 2010

I woke up to hear my parents arguing - in fact, David was yelling at Mum and asking her,
"Will you move there (Woodberry) if I paint it all white?"  (God, he knows how to infuriate her, doesn't he?!)  Well, I say they were yelling.  They sounded more like a distant murmur to me.  I had turned over and had my right ear down on the pillow, and my left ear (which I had been lying on for most of the night) was totally blocked with something.  At first, I thought it was another carpet beetle.  Instead, I discovered it was totally blocked with brown wax. o_0  In fact, I counted at least fourteen large lumps of the stuff.  Yeah, you really wanted to hear that, didn't you?  Well, at least I'm not cruel enough to show you pictures!   I guess it was part of my allergic reaction to the filth and insects in this house - my body feels the need to flush it out one way or another.  I need to get out of here before I'm too sick to ever recover.

Mum and I had another boring walk up and down the road before breakfast, then walked over to the post office to ship out a couple of MLP comics and a badge that I had sold.  On the way, we encountered a group of unsavoury men - the old drunk I like to call "Beer Can Man" due to the fact that he has walked up and down this street all day every day for over ten years now, and I have probably only ever seen him once or twice without a beer can in his hand, along with a couple of his friends who had massive scars on their face as though they had been fighting recently.  I HATE walking past them.  I think it's disgusting that these immigrants are living off of the tax payers' money when I know for a fact that they have never once looked for a job since they've lived here.  But the government pay them enough benefits that they can afford to drink endless alcohol and buy new clothes far more regularly than I could, while not working a day of their life and spending their entire miserable existances standing on the corner leering at all the young girls who walk past them.

Mum was walking behind me and told me that
"their eyes were all over me".  Well, I already knew that, but I could have really done without her telling me.  Thankfully, they weren't still there when we came out of the post office or I think I would have been very tempted to kick them where the sun never shines...  Freaks.   I don't even want to be in this damn country, so I don't see why a group of perverted old creeps who come here to take advantage of our twisted benefits system (which only seems to reward the lazy and undeserving) should get a sick kick out of watching me walk up and down the street!

Sorry, I just had to get that out, but I promise that's the end of my rant for the day!

The builder came to take another look at our front wall - he agreed that the work was unsatisfactory, but also told us that the insurance company only gave them £100 to work with.  £100?  We paid a £75 excess bill!  Is it actually worth paying for house insurance if that's how they treat their customers?

Oh, and since we're on the subject of the wall, here are the updated pics of it that I promised a while back showing how it looked after the cement had dried.

Awful, isn't it?  And this still doesn't really show it at its worst as it had rained and the bricks were still slightly damp and looked darker than usual.

The latest lot of decorators started work at Woodberry.  But now that David is working there was nobody to supervise them whatsoever, so they were allowed to stay over there with my entire pony collection and nobody to guard my most prized possessions.  There's no way I can get over to the house from here, since I feel too ill with my allergies in the mornings when David could drop me over there on his way to work, and I don't have the money to get a bus (well, two buses or one bus and a long walk) each way even if I would leave the house alone in this horrible area to stand and wait at the bus stop.  Thankfully they were all right, and no pony nappers attacked them, but it was very stressful for me at the time.

I spoke to Liz on MSN... it was nice to talk to a sane human being out in the real world for once.  We were chatting about the Ponycon and she was saying that she would have really liked to have come but had nowhere to stay.  But, of course, we're still in this dump so there's no way I could offer to let her stay with us even if my father wasn't such a strange character.  I just feel so helpless.

June 8th 2010

Mum and I walked to the post office to ship another package.  The freaky "Scar Face" was standing outside again and leered at me the whole time we were in the queue and standing at the counter.  He made me feel so uncomfortable that I kept dropping everything and making mistakes.  I even confused the woman behind the counter who couldn't remember if she had given us a receipt or not!  It's not right that perverts like that can walk freely up and down the street and stare at me to the point that I have such crazy panic attacks.  I know David has made me super-sensitive to these things, but it's still disgusting however you look at it.

I darted out of the shop, feeling his eyes on me all the way to the crossing, but the torment was still not over as we then had to walk up and down the street (right past "Scar Face", albeit on the other side of the road) for Mum's exercise.  I could hardly keep up with her due to a mixture of breathing problems and very bad period cramps.  She thinks she's unhealthy but at 53 years old she walks a whole lot faster than I can!

A weird toddler observed Mum's broken shoes with rather too much interest for my liking.  There are so many strange people in this area and it seems their mental disorders start early. >.<

David gave the keys to Woodberry to the decorators, and in so doing gave them total control over when they went into the house and for what purposes...  Of course, I was not best pleased as he was further threatening the security of my ponies.  I have no idea why he did it either, as he can easily let them in on his way to work and go down to the house to get the keys off of them when they leave.  He did get them back the following day, but it was simply awful for me that night, as he still wouldn't let me sleep over there and guard my stuff.

David received yet another court summons - this time from the plumbers who did some work in both houses a few months ago.  It seems he
"forgot to pay them".  What good is working all these long hours if he never has time to sort out the paperwork and pay the bills/tell us what bills still have to be paid anyway?

Well, I'll leave it there for now as it's very late.  Perhaps I should be aiming to write shorter blogs like this one more regularly rather than waiting to have the time to write much longer ones...  Otherwise I stand no chance of ever catching up!

Thanks for reading!

Desirée  xxx

Saturday, 17 July 2010

We don't do midnight snacks around here...

Current mood: melancholy
I write midnight blogs instead!  Far healthier and less calorific!    I'll have to keep this pretty short though, due to the crazily late time!
June 5th 2010

I got up rather early on Mum's instruction (she had said she felt like going to a car boot sale the previous night), only to have her start yelling at me that I'd
"never get up early any other day" as though it had all been my grand plan to "drag her around somewhere she didn't want to go"!

Well, except that she wasn't
"dragged around" anyway, as she "couldn't go out because she had got up so fast" .   I knew I'd get in trouble if I went to the car boot sale without her, but eventually she insisted that I went regardless, so David and I were as late as ever.  It was HORRIBLY hot, and I got a sunburnt nose, despite using sunscreen.  The boot sale was massive (according to the pedometer, I did 13311 steps over almost 5.8 miles!  I'm still back up to 8st 11lb though!)  and was actually packing up by the time we had walked all the way around.  I was so dizzy by the end of the experience that I didn't even notice the Ponyville packaging on the ground that David pointed out I had just stepped on.  So goodness knows what I might have missed on the tables!

It seemed rather pointless anyway, as a woman was walking along ahead of us down the first aisle we went down (and since we had started at the far end, I believe she had already been round the rest of the sale), buying anything remotely MLP-like that she could find.  I did still manage to get these three items though:

Bow Tie and Tenderheart were 50p each, and the Newborn Cuties set cost £7.00.  Not particularly cheap, but better than the £15.00 you'd pay in TK Maxx.  And even more of a saving according to the seller, who proudly told us that it had cost her £22.00 at Harrods.  "Look, it's even still got a bit of the Harrods price tag attached!"

David bought himself a belt, then decided to try it on halfway around the boot sale (!)  It's fortunate that he did though, as it turned out that it was too long and he had to go back to the market stall to get it exchanged.

When we got back, just as I had feared, Mum was in a depressed mood, moaning about how she
"wasn't wanted".  Huh?  She was the one who hadn't wanted to come and had told me that I should go anyway!  Apparently, she had wanted to go to a local history event at Brentford Library and the lecture she had wanted to attend had started at 11am.  So why didn't she tell me that beforehand?  I wouldn't have gone to the car boot sale if I had known!

She started ranting at me as well that I was
"useless when it comes to selling things as I can't do anything myself but still I think I'm doing so well".  I don't think selling a few bits and pieces here and there is "doing so well" at all.  I just think it's helping to clear the house and at the same time making a few pennies that I wouldn't have otherwise.  And even if it's not much, any money is very much appreciated while I can't get a proper job.  As for being useless, I admit that I hate walking to the post office in this area due to all the drunkards that linger around in this road and leer at me, but I really was trying at that point.  Okay, so I wouldn't walk down there without somebody with me, but Mum wants exercise anyway.  And I really had been trying to weigh all my parcels from home and pack them up myself so I'm not sure what she's talking about.  I'll occasionally ask her to hold an envelope still while I put a strip of brown tape on it since I have no table and it's hard to do anything on this bouncy carpet.  Perhaps I will have to start giving her a share of any profit I make!
June 6th 2010

Mum was too depressed to go to the Dogs' Trust Open Day in Harefield as we had planned, so we just ended up at Woodberry where nothing got sorted out as my parents just started arguing again.  David wanted to know
"when I intend to leave home" so that he can plan how long we have to live at Woodberry before they can move to a smaller house.  (Ha!  I'd like to see them and all their junk move into a smaller house - at least I'm trying to get rid of most of mine!)  As for when I'm leaving, David, that's kind of hard to answer since I'm still waiting to move house before I can even start any sort of education, get a job, save up and get the heck out of here.  Believe me, I'm not sponging off of you by choice.  There's nothing I want more than independence, but there's not a lot I can do about it when I haven't got a day of proper education or work behind me.

But don't worry, David wasn't just out to offend me.  Mum was crying about how awful it was to see her Auntie Eva's house in such a state and how she wished she could go back to the way it was when her family lived there... So David turned around and snapped at her, telling her to
"Grow up and realise you'll never have the house you knew back!"  Well, that's good coming from the very one who decided he wanted to change it so drastically.

Of course, Mum went mad and ran out into the street, yelling at the top of her voice...

She indicated at Sickton's house."I WISH PICTON WOULD JUST KILL HIMSELF!"

A woman was just walking by with a pushchair and looked at ME as though I was the one who was shouting.  I shook my head sadly while Mum continued to shout and swear.  No way was I going to be accused of yelling in that common English accent!

I listed another 99 auctions on e-Bay as it was a 'Free Listings Day' with no insertion fee.  It would have been 100 auctions, but I accidentally listed a 99p item for £3.99 and silly e-Bay wouldn't let me correct my mistake without pulling the auction for some reason... and I couldn't be bothered to re-list it after all that!

I saw an Edgar the Elephant on there at a BIN of £8.00 but decided I'd spent too much on ponies lately so I didn't buy him.  I regretted it later, as you don't see a lot of Pony Friends on UK e-Bay and I think that was a very fair price for him, but I know he went to someone in the MLP community so I'm sure he'll be more appreciated in a home where he can be displayed, rather than being shoved in a box of ponies in a house five miles away from his owner!

Especially considering that the decorators were finally coming to Woodberry the following day and there would be NOBODY there to protect my collection from potential pony-nappers.  I hate it, but there's just no way that I can get to the house at that time in the morning while I'm sleeping on the floor and feel so ill in the mornings.  I couldn't get David to drop me over there on his way to work before I'd had a chance to clear my airways or I'd get even sicker.  And there aren't any locks on the toilet doors over there, so I couldn't even have risked using the bathrooms for fear of strange men walking in on me!  And following the events of earlier that day, we didn't have any colours to give them anyway. >.<

David went out and got us Oreo McFlurries that evening.  He was told that they were going to be discontinued for another year the following week.  I wish so hard they would sell them all year round in this country.  Definitely the best limited edition McFlurry I've ever tasted!

Well, I guess I will leave it there for now.  I really should try to get some sleep since it's now 12.40am.  Talk to you all soon!

Best wishes,

Desirée  xxx