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Could I get a job at Lush?

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The cosmetics company, that is.  Judging by what I did in Wimbledon today, I honestly don't think I'd be too bad...  But that's all to come later.  First, I must try to catch up with older events!
May 26th 2010

Mum went to sleep in a fowl mood the previous night.  Well, okay, I am probably partly to blame for that one. 
"Do you want a hot water bottle?" she asked, hugging her own tightly.  I was boiling up in this horribly stuffy house where there is not so much as a window that we can open and was also depressed about the warmer weather drifting by again with us STILL stuck in Grottsville, so I shouted at her, "No!  In case you hadn't noticed, it's summer!"

Mum was upset, so she snapped back at me,
"Well, what can I do about it?  I'm sick of your phony posh voice!"  To be honest, I wasn't even aware of my phony posh voice, so I guess it just came naturally.  What's wrong with speaking the Queen's English anyway?

Well, apparently there's a lot wrong with wanting to speak nicely. 
"You should want to be where the nice people are, not where the nicely spoken people are!"  Um...  Who said anything about "being where the nicely spoken people are" (wherever that might be!)?  I pointed out to her that I don't really know anyone to know if they're nice or not.  So for all I know, there are no nice people, posh or common, left out there!  "How would you know?  You don't know anyone!"  Um... Isn't that just a re-phrased version of what I had just said?!  Just for clarification, I do NOT judge people by their accents!  I just feel more comfortable to say most of my 't's and 'h's myself, and even then I drop a few here and there. >.<

Thankfully, by the next morning, all was forgiven (or maybe just forgotten since Mum had been half asleep at the time!)

My plushie Cheerilee arrived.  She's gorgeous!  So soft and squishy, and just like a great big woolly sock really!

However, cute as she was, I knew that the material would be perfect carpet beetle food, so when David came home at lunchtime (we were supposed to be going to Woodberry to look at more wall colours), I had to take her straight to the other house in order to protect her.  It seems a shame to buy presents for myself if they're not even going to be in the same house as me...  What a waste!

As I already mentioned, we were supposed to be going to look at wall colours.  Unfortunately, it didn't work (again).  Just as we were walking up the path, a heavily pregnant - and, if I must say so myself, rather idiotic - woman appeared and began complimenting the front path and asking how she could get in touch with our builders!  How can she compliment a path that is so obviously crooked?  Weird.  Mum instantly made it clear what she thought of our path, Sickton and his builders.  But still the woman continued to compliment the high standard of work! o_0  Um... Okay, so you're blind and can't see the huge white marks on our front wall, the scratches all over our front windows, the unfinished paintwork that we paid Williams' builders to do...  Fair enough.  Not everybody can have perfect vision.  But, having heard what the owner of the house thinks of the work, wouldn't you have the manners to just go on your way?

It would seem not.  The woman continued to gush about how wonderful the house looked (I suspect she may have been Sickton's friend).  Mum kept very calm and continued to tell the woman what she thought of the builders. 
"It's taken us four years and we've still not moved!"

David had remained silent throughout the entire conversation (as had I - but I have the excuse that I was hiding in the porch, rather embarrassed to be carrying a large toy pony that looked like a stuffed sock in my hand!), but suddenly I heard his voice pipe up,
"Oh, come on, Jacqui!  Three years - don't exaggerate!"   Whose side is he on anyway?!  So yes, it has only been three years, the first year of the four was actually wasted by David himself, who would never get any time off work to do anything to improve our lives.  But who cares?  Either way, our lives have been wasted, and it's not like the idiotic blind mother-to-be would have known any better!

Of course, Mum got in a very bad mood for having been
"made to look like she didn't know anything" in front of this woman and refused to do anything towards moving house.  In fact, she declared that she had no intention of moving to Woodberry at all again.  Why does David have to set us back three steps all the time?!

Steph (WingedElf in the MLP community) sent me a belated birthday gift which really cheered me up though.  I know I already said it, but it should be said again - thank you so much, Steph!

It was lovely to actually have a birthday gift to open, since my mum thinks wrapping paper is an un-necessary expense these days!  But birthday gifts just aren't the same without a piece of bright paper to cover them...  But enough about the cute paper, better yet was what was inside the packets!

The cutest flower birthday card!  I've still got it up on the mantlepiece actually - I should probably take it down, since it's Mum's birthday next week!

Mascara!  I'd never tried anything so grand as Maybelline before, but it's certainly a whole lot better than the Claire's Accessories' one I have been using!  No more smears and smudges, no more of the wand breaking off after a couple of days, no more clumps, and it takes about a third of the time to apply with a nice finish too.

Lovely warm, fuzzy socks with a cute cupcake pattern!  Well, I was just saying how much I liked the paper - it turned out the gift had a very similar pattern.  I'm saving these until the colder nights...  They will definitely come in handy, especially if I'm still sleeping down on the chilly floor!

And finally, maybe best of all, the sweetest little deer pendant I have ever seen!  Funnily enough, I've been looking for a deer-themed necklace to wear with my deer t-shirt, but hadn't been able to find one on my limited shopping trips.  But this little Bambi-type cutie works just perfectly.  In fact, I was wearing it again today!

(Sorry, the picture didn't come out too well - the pendant is silver and far brighter than it looks in my photo!)

Thank you so much (yet again), Steph!  You really don't know how much all this means to me!

Back on more boring news, David forgot to ring the insurance company about the sidegate, even straight after Mum rang him to remind him!  Hmm, forgetting something within moments of being reminded - now that's got to be an achievement!

I finally got around to reporting buck_shane's Hi-5 account.  To those who don't remember, buck_shane is creepy guy who was pretending to be Shane Meier on practically every social networking site a few years ago.  It seems nobody ever reported him on Hi-5...  Well, thankfully, Hi-5 took action and immediately deleted the account.  I hope I wasn't treading on anyone's toes by reporting something which is technically nothing to do with me - it just angers me to see gullible people being taken in by such a load of nonsense and for that creep to continue to get the pleasure of fooling them into thinking he's someone he's not.

On the subject of empty-headed internet vandals, I started browsing Wikipedia pages for various animated shows that evening, and discovered that SOMEBODY has been deleting all my favourite Canadian voice actors' names from just about every show they've ever worked on, and replacing them with more famous names of actors working in the California area, like Nancy Cartwright and Tara Strong.  What possible pleasure can they get from doing that?  And I thought I lead an empty life!  What a total weirdo.  I corrected what I could, but I haven't checked back since, so I expect it's all been vandalised again by now. >.<

Well, that's it for now, folks!  One day of 'catching up' (Ha!  Hardly 'catching up' if I can't cover a longer period than the time that has passed since my last catch up blog!) and it's got too late to continue.  I really need to start writing these things at an earlier time of day.

Talk to you all soon!

Desirée  xxx

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