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Friday Afternoon is Blogging Afternoon!

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Yep, I'm writing this a bit earlier today, as I don't know if I'll have time after we get back from seeing 'Friday Night is Music Night' recorded tonight.
June 1st 2010

The first day of June brought a fascinating trip to Tesco.  I was so awfully tired that I spent the entire time staggering around the supermarket after David, semi-conciously muttering the word
"bed" to myself!

But there's not a lot that I can do about my tiredness when, having spent a whole eight hours on the floor the previous night, I was left struggling to breathe all day long.  I need to spend less time on the floor with these darn carpet beetles to prevent my breathing getting any worse, but I need to spend more time sleeping before I collapse from exhaustion.  It's not like I can get any proper sleep on the hard floor anyway...

David came back at lunchtime to see someone about getting a quote to fix our damaged sidegate.  But the bloke never turned up! >.<  He claimed to have rung the doorbell and put a note through the door, but he had done neither.  It later turned out he had gone to Woodberry instead of coming here - is everybody so unreliable and stupid these days, or do we just attract the worst of the population?  Oh well, at least David was able to ship out one of my parcels of MLP videos while he was here.

I set up a new Youtube account for future voice acting and singing projects (Ha!  God, I'm hopeful, considering all my allergy problems and the fact I may never fully recover now!)  Anyways, if anybody wants to add me on there, you can find my profile here -  There's nothing there yet, but hopefully once we move I can still shake off these breathing problems and make some good recordings.

It was announced that the UK Ponycon was to be held in Birmingham again this year.  Hopefully this means we will be able to attend, although Mum hates the drive to Birmingham.  Still, we shall see...

June 2nd 2010

I woke up with awful chest pains and was stuck in the bathroom trying to clear my throat for almost an hour.  During this time, the postman came and started banging on the door in a very bad tempered manner.  There was no way I could come downstairs in my semi-dressed state, so he decided to leave our package on the windowsill by the front door, in full view of every burglar in the street!

The package contained a print that Mum had bought on e-Bay - a picture of a Border Terrier.  The seller had said that she would combine postage on multiple items, but was rather rude and didn't even bother to answer my messages regarding the fact that we were bidding on another of her prints ending two days later.  Instead, she sent me an invoice, sent the prints seperately, and made us pay for two lots of postage... not to mention she charged about twice as much as the postage actually cost!

Mum and I went for a walk to the local football field and back.  I wish we had a proper park, but it was nice to just get to walk on the grass for once... even if we did get very wet feet!  We also thought we were being chased by a Staffordshire Bull Terrier for a while.  Fortunately, it turned out she was just running to play with a pretty little Sheltie who was walking on the other side of the field.

Emma very kindly made a comment about how I will be
"as fat as her and Mum in fifteen years".  Nice, eh?  So now it is my personal goal to be the slimmest, healthiest 34-year-old in the world.  I will eat healthily, exercise regularly (not that I can do much about that until I get out of this place), and refuse to abuse my body in the way that Emma has done by producing her massive army of children!
June 3rd 2010

Another unpleasant walk up and down the boring road.  We saw a huge wine bottle lying in the gutter, bigger than any bottle I had ever seen.  It looked like the kind of bottle a shop might use in a window display and appeared to have traces of urine in it.  Ugh.  But it just got better - next we had to step over a packet of condoms which somebody had scattered across the pavement; some were still in sachets, others were loose and quite obviously... um, used. o_0

Time for an advertisement as no estate agent will ever be able to sell or let this house when the time comes to finally get rid of the place.  So let's give them a little help.
"Come live in Grottsville, where the night air is filled with the sweet musical sound of smashing glass and you can pick up a pet rat in your own back garden; where the canal sparkles with metal shopping trolleys and HIV positive needles and you can hear gunfire in your own back alley; where the gutters are lined with large urine-filled wine bottles and the streets are paved with used condoms..."
Aren't you all just dying to come and live here now?!

David came back at lunchtime again and this time the bloke actually did turn up at the right house to see the sidegate.  Then they went to Woodberry to look at the gate that needs to be replaced there after 'Mad Emma' (Emma Renton, Sickton's evil landscape gardener friend) got us one that was too small.

Later on, David rang Mum to tell her how he was
"going for a walk to West Ealing to buy some chocolate" - nice of him to brag, isn't it?  Perhaps we could walk somewhere other than the condom-littered street if he had bothered to get us out of here.  I can't believe I'm wasting another summer, the last summer of my teens, locked up in this house here in Grottsville.

I decided to empty out the cupboard of my old jigsaw puzzles in the library and see if there were any that I could sell.  I kept three or four which are either favourites or ones with a couple of thousand pieces that I might actually want to do again but the rest are all going.  I don't want to end up a clone of my hoarding parents.

I was just in the process of putting one of my larger wooden puzzles together to take a photograph for e-Bay (there was no picture of the puzzle on the box so I actually had to assemble it!) when one of the last five episodes of Care Bears: Adventures in Care-a-Lot that I was trying to catch came on Cartoonito.  I grabbed the remote controls in a hurry, at which point they flew out of my hand, and knocked half of the puzzle that I had so carefully balanced on my mini table onto the floor!  The batteries also came out of the remote control and rolled across the floor.  Needless to say I ended up missing about thrity seconds of the episode anyway! >.<

I almost trod on some loose staples on the landing which David had obviously knocked on the floor while re-filling his stapler the night before. (Well, he has to have a constant supply to keep his unsavoury pictures together, you know?)  Then he had the cheek to shout at US,
"Who knocked over the staple box again?"
June 4th 2010

Mum and I decided to walk a little further that morning, and actually got to the small library about a mile up the road from here.  The place is very dirty and doesn't have many books but Mum was able to pick up a few pamphlets in the hallway.  Even then, a young girl ran past us out of the door and vomited on the path outside.  What a wonderful area!

Later, we went for another walk to the post office where we shipped another two parcels of MLP video tapes and a Fairy Tail bird.  I had another five people contact me about my sales goods too.  I swear I will actually be able to move around the house one day!

I had a bath and tried the Lush Ickle Baby Face bath ballistic.  Not my favourite, but it did its job okay.

That evening we went to Woodberry, where I was finally able to get a few minutes of sleep on my bedroom floor.  It didn't last long though as my parents began to argue and Mum got in a state about the awful front wall.  She said that she couldn't stay there any longer as she
"gets ill over there like I get ill in Grottsville".  I don't think stress is quite the same as the physical chest pains I endure here.  I have the stress on top of all my other problems in Grottsville. >.<

Well, I was hoping to catch up to June 6th today, but the entry for 'tomorrow' (5th) is quite a long one so I think I'll leave it there and go and get ready for the show.  We have to leave in about an hour...

Thanks for reading!

DesirĂ©e  xxx

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