Saturday, 10 July 2010

Ugh, what is lurking in this carpet?!

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I only rested my hand on the carpet for a moment while I reached for my notebook full of blog notes, and now the back of my hand has come up in a big rash!  Okay, so I do have sensitive skin and I know I'm allergic to the carpet beetles, but this is ridiculous!
May 27th 2010

Mum decided to start a new diet and exercise regime.  Of course, still being stuck in horrible Grottsville, we have nowhere nice to go so we just had to go for a walk to the bottom of the road and back.

I spent the afternoon sorting out my online sales albums, and had five potential buyers by the end of the day.  Unfortunately, most of them wanted the same thing - a few G1 MLP badges that I had bought in a lot on e-Bay.  Worse yet, I realised that I no longer had one of them but had just forgotten to mark it off as 'sold'.  How embarrassing!  I hate letting people down and having to tell them that the stuff they've enquired about is already on hold. 

One person was interested in something different though - TWELVE old G1 MLP VHS tapes!  So guess who had to spend the rest of the day stuck in front of the TV checking that they all worked properly?  Oh my God, much as I love those old shows, all those awfully squeaky pony voices in the original G1 TV series really start to grate on you after a while!

I started playing yet another silly game on Facebook - Fishville.  Where on Earth did I think I had time for that?  Even if I do lead a boring life, two computer games are quite enough, so I have since left the application.  There wasn't really much of a purpose or goal to the game anyway from what I could see.

We watched the Paris episode of Greatest Cities of the World with Griff Rhys Jones on TV that night.  Mum and I don't watch much television these days, but that was a pretty interesting series.  I hope they'll make another season.

We heard Hussein talking loudly on the phone in the back garden next door,
"Oh, please, man!  I just need £2000, man!"  I don't know who he was talking to, but whoever it was, they put the phone down on him.  Why do I get the feeling we will never see the money we need to repair our broken fence and gatepost?
May 28th 2010

Another boring walk up and down the road.  Mum likes to go for her walk early in the morning, but my allergies are always so bad when I've just got up off the floor that I can hardly breathe let alone walk briskly.  By the time I got back, I was horribly dizzy with a headache and chest pains.

David came in at lunchtime so as to go and weigh some parcels at the post office for me, then he went in the bathroom for hours which meant I didn't get to have my bath until the late afternoon.  And when I finally did manage to go for my bath, I almost fainted in the heat.  Something's not right with me, but I can't put my finger on the problem.  Perhaps it's just the side effects of having such bad allergies and never being able to breathe properly.

I managed to sell a couple of things (a Fairy Tail Bird and a Keypers jigsaw puzzle).  I'm glad to be moving some stuff out of this house, but I wish I could shift some of the larger items as those are the things that are really getting in our way!

David brought Oreo McFlurries in for us that evening.  If only they were available all year round in this country like in the US and Canada...  On second thoughts, perhaps it's just as well that they're not, or I really would be as fat as a fool!

May 29th 2010

I woke up with an awful backache and a sharp pain in my side whenever I coughed or laughed.  I guess I must have strained myself somehow, but goodness knows what I did as I hadn't even been doing a lot of heavy clearing up around the house or anything...  Well, unless you count moving my sales crates the previous day.

So I couldn't go for a walk.  Mum was very disappointed, as she needs me to go along with her since she can't see to cross the roads safely.  And I didn't leave the house all day, which makes the effects of my allergies even worse in the long run.  So it's a vicious circle really.

My parents began arguing as soon as David came in from work.  He upset Mum further by telling her that she is
"gleeful" about everything that's gone wrong at Woodberry, including the fact that Sickton's builders smashed our dear little family fireplace.  What a stupid thing to say! >.<

But he wasn't finished with his stupidity.  Apparently, I shouldn't be worried about my lack of education as
"lots of people make money with no education - you'll just have to find something".  Oh yeah?  Try telling that to Canadian Immigration. >.<  What am I supposed to find anyway?  Perhaps he'd like me to go and work at one of the nearby brothels that keep being discovered by police?  One was closed down on the corner of a sidestreet leading off of this road about twenty houses away from us a few weeks back.  Nice area, eh?

On a more serious note, he and Mum got a court summons because David hadn't bothered to pay the council tax!  It's all very well working long hours so that you can try to keep out of debt, but it's rather ironic to work such long hours that you never have time to pay the bills anyway!

I was doubled over with terrible cramps and shooting pains in my back, stomach and, uh, further down for THREE HOURS that evening.  I would have put it down to severe period pains, but it was the wrong time of the month and I have never felt anything that bad before.  I'm wondering now if it may have been a kidney stone, but I've had no other problems since, so I'm really not sure.

I found an old cassette tape which I had misplaced a long time ago.  I don't really know the origins of this tape.  I know Mum got it in a lot of bric-a-brac back in the early 90s when she used to organise jumble sales in aid of her favourite animal charities.  It's labelled "Merry Christmas from the Norths" on one side which seems to consist of a group of people (possibly a family) singing Christmas carols, and finished off with a little girl's voice saying in a very sickly tone,
"Merry Christmas, Daddy!"  The other side is labelled "Jingle Showreel Nicky & Friends" and consists of a bunch of radio commercials which I would guess date from the late 1980s.  Most are advertising TDK cassette tapes (there are some really clever ones with re-written lyrics to famous tunes), and a couple of other random ones for "Vision Hire" TV rentals and one for a "futuristic microwave" of some kind, I think.  (I bet the "futuristic microwaves" would look really old-fashioned these days!)  I guess it was somebody's demo tape which they sent around to various radio stations back in the days before MP3s although how it ended up in our hands is beyond me!  Since there are several people on the tape, it seems a whole family/group of friends were advertising together.  Weird, especially when you consider they would have all been rivals in an industry with very limited job opportunities!

I'll have to try to get the tape recorded onto MP3 format so that I can upload them on here for those of you who are interested in old advertisements, or would just like to laugh at some of the cheesy commercials...
"The smell of your perfume was intoxicating,
The band played just for us and us alone.
In that small hotel room it was so easy to forget,
The band was just a little TDK cassette...
Just a little TDK cassette!"

Well, I think I'll leave it there for the night.  Thank you, dear reader, for bearing with me throughout yet another long boring blog entry!

Best wishes,

DesirĂ©e  xxx

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