Sunday, 1 August 2010

I have a few minutes to spare

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My parents are happily occupied writing some family history out on Excel, so I can write a quick blog entry with no guilty feelings of keeping the computer away from Mum for once.  I don't know how far I'll get, but any catch up efforts have got to be better than nothing!
June 15th 2010

Mum and I walked to the post office to ship out another parcel that I had sold to a member of the MLP Trading Post.  She wanted it sent surface mail, and it STILL hasn't got there, by the way...  That doesn't really have anything to do with this entry, but I thought I'd mention it anyway - crazily slow postal services!  Then we walked up and down the road.  'Scar Face' watched us the entire time and I almost got run over as I hurried to cross the street to get away from the filthy-minded creep.  Mum LAUGHED at this,
"That's what happens when you let the guide dog off the lead!"  WTH?  I have joked in the past that I am her guide dog since she won't "waste her money" on new glasses, meaning she can't see much at all these days.  But I don't find it very funny that I almost got knocked down because I was struggling to put some distance between myself and the pervert on the street corner. >.<

David came in at lunch time unannounced (if only he had told us, I wouldn't have had to walk past Scar Face to the post office again), in order to help Mum to set up an online bank account.  I ended up doing it anyway while David looked over my shoulder and kept making me type the wrong things in, so we may as well have done it days earlier when Mum had wanted to but David had never been available.  I don't know why she thinks he is so much more money-wise than us.

Even once we had set the account up, Mum didn't receive a confirmation e-mail.  She finally got one two hours later when they told her that she had to wait TWO DAYS before proceeding... by which time the interest rates may have dropped anyway.

I looked through some more of my old blogs in the hopes of saving some of the remaining photographs - I was shocked to see some of the things I wrote back then.  God, talk about wearing your heart on your sleeve!  How embarrassing...  I'm half tempted to delete it all, or at least edit a lot of it out, but I like the fact that it's there as a kind of history of my life in recent years.
June 16th 2010

Mum and I walked all the way to Perivale Station and back.  Scar Face and a group of his friends leered at me from the other side of the street again, and then a bloke sitting in a lorry eating his packed lunch further along the road did the same thing.  Believe me, if looks could kill, I'd have been charged on multiple counts of manslaughter by now.  When the bloke in the lorry continued to strain to look at me on our way back, I turned around and shouted something rather rude at him.  Idiotic men - do none of them have any manners these days?

Mum's response to all of this? 
"Well, you must be irresistible!"  Once again, nice of her to joke when I'm feeling so angry!  Sorry, but I don't think it's a compliment to be found "irresistible" by a bunch of perverted old drunks.

But it gets worse.  As we approached the stretch of road opposite 'Scar Face's Territory' outside the post office, all of the men seemed to turn in unison and continued to leer at me as I walked away from them, holding my handbag behind me so as to cover as much as possible as I went. >.<  I asked Mum for the key and ran on ahead, at which point Scar Face's friends began FOLLOWING me on the opposite side of the road and observed which house I went into!

Mum was not at all bothered by this, and was instead upset by the fact that
"people must think we've had an argument because you always walk so far ahead"!

Later, I looked out of the living room window to see SCAR FACE leaning on the bicycle railings on the opposite side of the road and STARING AT THIS HOUSE!  God knows how long he had been standing there; as soon as he saw my silhouette at the window, he casually stood up straight and staggered off down the street. o_0  Now come on, I know I am anti-men at the best of the times, but you've got to admit that's creepy.  Again, Mum made a joke of it -
"What do you mean by 'staring at the house'?  As in, Romeo gazing out and looking for his forbidden Juliet?"  What the heck?  I DO NOT think this is a laughing matter.  The bloke is not a lover I am prevented from being with, he is a dirty old man who has an unnatural obsession with young women, and now he knew where I lived!  I was totally freaked out by the whole situation.

David was still working ridiculously hard and coming in at well past midnight each night.  Meanwhile, my breathing problems were getting worse which meant I needed to get out of this carpet beetle-infested place for air each day, but with David coming in so late, the only way to leave the house was to walk up and down the street.  But how can you walk around when the road is filled with such weirdos?

My latest batch of e-Bay auctions had just ended too, which posed another problem - how was I to ship the 23 items I had sold with Scar Face constantly standing guard outside the post office?  I did what I could, packing stuff up, but I was scared of getting negative feedback if I had to wait for David to ship the stuff at the weekend.  I guess I should stop selling things until we can move house, but I really need to clear stuff out and the £65 that I seem to make on average on e-Bay each time I list a batch of items definitely comes in handy!

David came in from work at 12.10am that particular night, and immediately went into a coughing fit. 
"Oh dear!" Mum cried to David.  "She just keeps on and on whining, and you get sicker!"  Um, so do my breathing problems and cough stand for nothing?!  "Well, if he drops dead, I'll be in a worse state than if you do 'cause he drives and brings in money!"  Well, that's good to know, isn't it?
June 17th 2010

Well, Mum told me off for even considering making the e-Bay buyers wait until the weekend for their parcels to be shipped, so I had to get up early and get over to the post office as soon as it opened, in the hopes of avoiding Scar Face.  Thankfully, he hadn't arrived yet when we got down there, but that didn't stop me feeling so nervous that I kept dropping parcels, money and receipts everywhere!

It was so early in the morning that I hadn't had a chance to clear my airways or eat any breakfast so I was struggling to breathe and got awful chest pains.  And then, about three quarters of the way down the road, I ran into yet another creepy men! o_0

This time it was a workman who should have been busy digging up and re-surfacing the road.  Instead, he saw me, stopped work, turned his drill off, turned around and STARED at me as I walked down the street.  I was feeling really ill by this point and wasn't willing to take anymore of the creepy men and their staring habits.  "Look at it!" I said to Mum, loudly, making it quite clear that I was talking about the despicable creature on the other side of the road.  Then I yelled the first thing that came into my head at that time in the morning. 
"F***ING ENGLISH PERVERT - GET BACK TO WORK!"  Sorry, I am not racist honestly, nor do I normally swear, and certainly not in public.  I just don't appreciate giving a cheap thrill to these freaks who reside in a country where I feel I don't belong while I should be studying abroad right now if only I'd had the money!  The rude (insert another swear word of your choice here) just ignored me and continued to stare.  Of course, he did have plugs in his ears to drown the sound of the drills he SHOULD have been using, so there's a chance that he didn't hear me.  I'm more inclined to think it was a case of selected deafness though.

I was madder than ever this time.  What's with all the creeps in this street lately?  I don't wear revealing clothing or give them any other reason to stare at me - I'm just minding my own business, trying to get some exercise but they still feel the need to make me uneasy.  Or maybe suddenly I had actually become brilliantly attractive to the male eye?  Yep, you know what, guys?  I'm going to be "Miss Grottsville 2010" - next year perhaps I'll win the title of Miss World!  Yes, my adoring fans, you heard it here first.  Now just to attract a kind Canadian guy with a nice condo in Vancouver who is willing to help me get through immigration...  Shouldn't be too hard with all these freaks clamouring for my autograph, should it?  There's got to be one decent man out there...

Anyways, snapping out of dreamland and back to reality, I refused to walk back up the street past the roadworkers and Scar Face and his minions who were bound to be in their places outside the post office by now, so I made poor Mum walk in a huge loop in order to get home.  This meant walking down a secluded lane behind a row of bushes where loads more unsavoury drunks were gathered, and strolling down by the side of a very unpleasant, dusty road with fast moving traffic roaring past us.

My chest pains and breathing problems got even worse since I was unable to clear my airways beforehand, and poor Mum got palpitations too due to walking too far.  We have not been for a walk since - it was just getting too difficult.

We received a letter from Ealing Council telling us that the neighbours had put in for planning permission to build a BUNGALOW in their back garden!  The 'bungalow' turned out to be a 3-bedroom 2-storey chalet which would be positioned overlooking our property.  They obviously want to let it to even more rough drug-dealing tennants.  Life in Grottsville just gets better, eh?  Mum's answer to this? 
"Perhaps we could sell them a bit of our land at the bottom of our garden, so that they could make their bungalow a bit bigger!"  Oh yeah?  So you want the druggies coming even closer to us and overlooking us while we sleep on the living room floor?

David was still working crazy hours, meaning he didn't take Mum to her family history meeting or take us to Woodberry to sort anything out again.  Then that night, he turned on me and asked me
"Well, when are you going to try the mattress so that we can order another one?" as though it was my fault that nothing was happening when I am stranded miles from anywhere!

He did help me pack up a couple of the e-Bay items I had needed help with as they required big boxes being cut down (a job I am totally useless at!)  One of these items was a lot of eight rather large Snoopy McDonalds toys.  David asked me how much I would make on them, so I told them I had sold them for about £8.00, which I didn't think was too bad considering most Happy Meal toys are not selling at all these days, and at least we'd got our money back on them. 
"£8 each?!" he said, excitedly.  Um... no.  You try selling them for that much, David!

Someone announced on the Arena about having heard news of the strangest looking new "pony" that Hasbro have ever produced.

What the heck?  Look at those evil eyes!  I've always hoped they'd release a unipeg, but I hoped they'd still look like ponies...  Oh, well.  I thought perhaps this was the villain, but since then it has become apparent that she is not and is instead probably going to be one of the main 'good' characters in the new TV show.

Oh, and on that subject, this is what the ponies in the new animation will look like...

Oh, and apparently that flying deer thing is supposed to be RAINBOW DASH!  Um, what on Earth are they thinking of these days?  First they change her voice from Venus Terzo's 'darling' vocal talent to Anna Cummer's 'dashing' performance.  Now not only will her voice, no doubt, be changed again, but the little Earth Pony has sprouted wings!

Well, I was intending on writing a four day catch up blog, but I think I'll have to stop there.  Mum is listening to loud music on the radio now and I am being distracted!  And I thought it was teenagers who were supposed to cause noise disturbance with their music! 

I also have to go to the orthodontist tomorrow to discuss which eight teeth they are going to remove, so I'm shaking in my shoes and probably getting more and more incoherent as I go along.  Please think of me at 11am tomorrow, and pray for my safe return!  I really don't trust that Dr Crowe... o_0

Best wishes,

DesirĂ©e  xxx

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