Monday, 22 November 2010

Bring Back Kelly Sheridan as the Voice of Barbie!

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Wow, I've not updated this blog since August 2nd?!  And even then I was only just writing about June 19th?  Crazy...  Where does the time go?  I swear I will start updating this blog again TOMORROW!  Seriously.  It was going to be tonight, but I'm just too tired from carrying furniture up and down the stairs and cleaning.  I think if I catch another whiff of Pledge Wood Polish, I'll be sick!

I'm really just popping in tonight to ask everyone to sign my petition to 'Bring Back Kelly Sheridan as the Voice of Barbie".  Yes, I have a cheek to ask favours of you all when I haven't even kept this blog updated for months, but Kelly is such a sweet person and it annoys me to hear her replaced by an impersonator who can't even do a good voice match!  My niece was really upset when she heard the latest Barbie movie - she calls the new voice actress 'Fake Barbie'!

Anyways, Mattel have already said they may re-consider their decision due to the number of complaints they have received.  So I'm hoping this petition will give them a final push in the right direction.  I am hoping to get a little Youtube video put together to help promote it, but if anybody wants to sign (and forward to any friends who may be interested), I would be ever so grateful!

Thanks, guys!  And I'll hopefully see you back here again tomorrow with a more interesting blog!  Perhaps I'll even spare the time to update my Myspace profile/get rid of some photos so that I can make my blog public again.  Then again, if I couldn't set aside any time to do so during the last three months...
Desirée  xxx

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