Sunday, 16 January 2011

Testing, testing...

Hello, and welcome to my blog!

My name is Desirée Skylark, or Rainbow Harmony if you prefer.  I kept a blog on Myspace for almost four years, but I hate the changes they've made to the site and haven't updated for several months for that reason.  In fact, I was seriously concerned that I might lose my blog all together so, on the recommendation of a friend, I've decided to set up an account here and move all my old entries over before starting work on catching up with more recent happenings in my life.

So, you might like to know a little about me before you start following my random ramblings.

I'm a 19-year-old daydreamer, currently residing in London, UK but hoping to immigrate to Canada (specfically Vancouver) in the future.   I'm also an amateur voice actress - I would love to go professional some day but I doubt I'll ever make that dream a reality.  I collect My Little Ponies.  Don't laugh, it's not such a rare hobby as some might think.  I enjoy writing and travelling, although I can't afford to do the latter half as much as I'd like to.  I love making new friends, so feel free to follow/leave comments even if we have not previously met, and I will do the same for you.  However, I am NOT interested in dating and relationships at ALL.  That was another reason I gave up on Myspace.  I was getting 20-30 messages from creepy men in the local area every time I signed in, and they were making me feel thoroughly sick.

If you read through my older entries, you will discover that the last few years have been a disaster.  Please don't be discouraged from reading future entries though - I feel positive about 2011 will be the start of great things in my life.  Soon my story will become famous... and you wouldn't want to miss being a part of the blog sensation that is shortly going to take the world by storm, would you?! :p

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx