Friday, 19 September 2008

Whatever is wrong with my Myspace?

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I am sick of Myspace, to the point I'm actually thinking of upping and going over to Facebook or Livejournal.  Anyone who knows how much I love Myspace will realise just how annoyed I am at this point!
So first of all, I set my account to private when I signed up in December 2006.  Sometime last year, it sets itself to public, and automatically invites a whole load of my friends and family from my Hotmail contacts list, who then think I'm snubbing them when (not knowing who they are) I delete their names which are suddenly appearing unexpectedly on my friends list!  Eventually, I figured out what was going on, went to look at my privacy settings and saw they were already set to only allow my friends to view my profile.  I wrote to Myspace customer services - no response.  So I gave up, and used the "public-ness" to my advantage, getting a few non-Myspace friends reading my blog, meaning I didn't have to write all my news out twenty times!
Now about a fortnight ago, with no warning whatsoever, my blog is set back to private.  I wouldn't even have known, but a couple of my non-Myspace readers asked me what was going on.  Again, I looked at my privacy settings - this time they're set to "public".  I even tried setting them back to "private", but the profile remains "private".  AGH!  So I've kind of lost heart in writing my blog.
Then comes the worst bit.  I go to log in last night, and find that I can't get past the home page.  If I clicked on "Manage blog", "Inbox", "View Profile", "View Blog" etc. I was asked to log in.  Um, but I WAS logged in!  So I couldn't even view my own profile!!!  This continued all day, which upset me somewhat, as I have messages from certain people that I really wanted to print off and save once we'd moved house and got a printer.  Not to mention Elisabeth had supposedly sent me a message which of course I couldn't read.  But now tonight everything appears to be back to normal.  But still no message from Elisabeth, even though she's sent it several times.  I'm sick of this.  From now on, I shall be x-posting my blogs on Myspace (when they'll allow me to!), Facebook and Livejournal.  I hate all the site for different reasons, but at least the vast majority of my friends should get my latest updates.
It's gone midnight, so I won't go into all the stress of the past few days, although I know a lot of you are waiting to hear what's been happening with the house.  We had another look at Woodberry today actually, and my parents went in the garden, while I stood in what will be my bedroom.  The acoustics in there at the moment (with missing floorboards etc., creating an echo) are simply gorgeous, so I had a go at singing my version of "Part Of Your World".  I thought you all might enjoy a good giggle, so here's the link - Part Of Your World.  Unfortunately, my parents came in before I finished, so that's why it cuts off.  For those who've not already heard my lyrics though, it's supposed to be sung to a certain e-friend from my bedroom via webcam after we move house.  It's totally stupid, since I'd NEVER want anything more than voice messenger.  We just wrote it for a bit of fun!  We do intend on making it into a video some day though.  This is how it goes....
*Pointing camera at pony shelves*
Look at this stuff,
Isn't it neat?
Shouldn't my collection make my life complete?
You probably think I'm the girl,
The girl who has...everything.
Well, look at these shelves,
Treasures untold.
How many ponies can one bedroom hold?
Looking around here you'd think,
"Sure, she's got everything."
Well, I've got Bow Ties and Poseys a-plenty,
I've got Peachys and Kiss Curls galore.
You want Shy Applejack?  I've got twenty!
But who cares?
No big deal.
I want more...

*E-friend looks at me as if to say I'm being greedy, believing I'm talking about more ponies.  I set the webcam down and start dancing around the room making ridiculously exaggerated hand gestures to the words*
I want to be where my people are,
I want to right with them, dancing!
This song is in name of the people I'm longing to meet.
Here in England you can't get too far.
Vancouver's the place to be if you want to be voice acting.
I know over there I could be a star!
And think of the joy that would bring...
There where you walk,
There where we'd run,
There where I'll stay all day in the sun.
Wandering free,
Wish I could be,
Part of your world...
What would I give if I could live away from this island?
What would I pay to spend but one day on Pacific sand?
There on your land,
You understand!
You don't reprimand your daughters.
This is where the recording I made cuts off.  If only I could have completed the song.  It's really bugging me now, as I bet I won't get another chance!
Hopeful young ladies,
Our actress maybes,
How tall could I stand?
I'm longing to go where the VA's go.
So many prayers and yet not one answer.
Instead, "What's this desire?
This thing for which you must still yearn?"
Oh...when will it be my turn?
I'm stuck forever it seems.
How can I fly to that land of my dreams?
I long to be free..
Wish I could be...
Part of your world...
And with that, I really must be gone, as I'm sure you all think I'm completely mad now!  I will hopefully get this updated tomorrow, so that you can all see what's been going on.
Maybe now I can also get into the blogs that Caroline and Bonnie have written.  It's been too long since I spoke to you two!
Bye for now,
Desirée  xxx

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