Monday, 27 June 2011

Yes, I found the keys!

David lost the keys to the back door/patio doors but I finally managed to find them today so the heat has been a bit more bearable.  I'm getting sick of the noise of the trains rattling by at the bottom of the garden every few minutes, but that's a small price to pay for some fresh air!  Perhaps today my brain will be able to function better for blogging than it did last night.

July 17th 2010

Mum allowed me to oversleep again.  Not only did this make my breathing problems worse, but David had already gone to Woodberry so I couldn't hitch a lift to a place with a better temperature and less allergens!

However, he returned at noon (leaving the decorators unsupervised anyway) to post three of my parcels.  He also bought the Daily Mirror while he was at the post office, as they were currently giving away free Lego sets.  We had to go to WHSmith in Greenford to collect the Lego set though.  It was a Toy Story set but it was much, much smaller than we had expected it to be.  Still, it would make a nice stocking filler or a "just because" gift for Allan the next time we saw him.

They had G3.5 ponies for sale in WHSmith (the first time I'd ever seen MLPs in there!) but they were very expensive at £6.49, even for UK standards!  They were on a 'buy one get one half price' offer though so I would have bought a couple.  The only trouble was I couldn't remember which ones I already had.  Not to worry, I knew I had a little list of current MLPs I need in my handbag!  "You have to use a list now?" Mum asked.  "That's the time to stop!"  Well, it was pretty hard to remember which versions of Core Seven Ponies I did and didn't have, I must admit.  As it turned out, I already had everything there so no new ponies came home with me.

Having dropped us back in Grottsville, David went out to buy Dove Grey paint on his way back to Woodberry to continue "supervising the decorators" (and playing with his computer, of course!)  Then he went straight to work - he wanted to go early so that I could go to TRU that night.  I have no idea why I wanted to go to TRU, possibly I was just annoyed that David had kept going there in his lunch break to pick up the Daily Mirror Lego toys during the week.

However, Mum got in a really bad mood due to a comibnation of not getting her saturday chips thanks to David being at work, not having been taken to Woodberry to see what little progress the decorators had made and David allowing them to come back on her birthday, meaning she would waste it in Grottsville once again, so we ended up not going out anyway.  Hence, David got to spend even longer working for no overtime pay before coming back around 10pm via Tesco.

It was the day of the MLP Fair in Kentucky.  I was so sad not to be able to attend myself, and kept refreshing the page looking for details about the Hasbro Q&A session.  But nothing came through before I had to go to bed...

July 18th 2010

Mum was still in a bad mood and didn't feel like going to Woodberry.  Just as well really, as she wasn't offered a chance to go anyway!

The day consisted of arguments, arguments and yet more arguments.  David started on at me that he "doesn't know what I'm going to do or when I'm going to leave".  Well, maybe I WOULD leave if only I had been living in a nice area, had an education and could get a decent job.  As it is, I honestly don't know when I'm going to leave either.  Don't tell me, you also live in a fairytale where Prince Charming was coming to collect me and get me out of your way?!

I pointed out to him that I still had years of orthodontic treatment ahead of me before I could emigrate.  I got upset, realising that treatment would not be completed until I was 22 even if my health was such that I could start tomorrow.  Apparently this was no reason for me to stick around in David's way either though as I "could emigrate halfway through the treatment as there must be somebody who would do it for free in Canada".  Um... Money aside, I don't think ANY orthodontist in ANY country is going to take me on halfway through the treatment.  Once you start treatment at one clinic, you are expected to stay there until work is complete.

Meanwhile, Mum is apparently "useless" as she never provided him with what he wanted (a son) anyway so she should now give him her money as he's "had to pay to feed her for all these years for nothing".  Then people wonder why I would rather have a career and a LIFE than get married and risk ending up with a man like that!

Following the arguments, he took off to WHSmith on his own to get the next Lego toy.  However, he'd argued for so long that they had sold out anyway, so he offered me a wonderful chance to go to Brent Cross TRU.  Normally I'd have declined with him in that mood, but I knew it was my only chance to leave the house so I agreed to go.

I noticed that Sweetie Belle's Gumball House was £5 less than I paid in The Entertainer when I thought I had got a good deal.  It's so annoying when that happens!  There wasn't much in the way of new pony stuff though.

I then endured a terrible journey back to Grottsville with David rushing and yelling at all the other drivers to get out of his way.  After all, it was almost 5pm on a Sunday afternoon and he needed to get to the office to work for no money!  It was definitely a valid reason to kill us both!

I won a lot of MLP comics on e-Bay with the intention of filling a couple of gaps in my own collection and making my money back by selling off the duplicates.  Then some better lots were listed with the very same gap fillers included along with other issues I needed!

Oh, and someone posted the relevant Hasbro Q&A info on the MLP Arena.  The Core Seven were to be totally replaced by a series of approximately forty characters that looked nothing like MLPs (or any sort of pony, for that matter!) whatsoever.  In fact, as far as I could see, they could have marketed them as My Little Mice/Deer/Elves and nobody would have known the difference!

Some of the new ponies were to come with animal friends which they would "interact with in the TV show" - at the time it all seemed spookily similar to my old MLP fanfiction.  Each of the main ponies having a pet who was their special friend and would do absolutely anything to help their pony pals and, at that time, when everybody was speculating that Princess Celestia was going to be the "enemy" who lived in that "big purple castle" in the background of some of the original pictures we saw of Equestria scenery, it seemed as though she almost represented The Black Pony of Darkness from Nightmare Castle in my stories.  I was half convinced that Lauren Faust or one of the team had seen some of my fanfiction online and had loosely based the series on it, even if it was only subconsciously!  Of course, I now know that my fanfiction was far more true to the old MLP style than Friendship is Magic, but that was how it seemed at the time.

Hasbro also said that there were no plans to officially release the Breast Cancer Pony.  Weird... and sad, as I had wanted to add her to my herd, but not if the money went to some suspicious little Chinese seller rather than the charity that the profits were supposed to go to.

July 19th 2010

Mum's 53rd birthday.  I gave her a troll as well as making her a card and sketching an Irish Wolfhound for her.  I attempted to send her an e-card too, but accidentally sent a 'thank you' card instead of a birthday one!

She was miserable - David hadn't taken the day off work so that he could let the decorator in at Woodberry and lock up after they left... then the bloke called in sick so David may as well have had the day off.  Instead of that, he stayed at work until 11pm so neither of us so much as set foot outside the front door.

David didn't give Mum anything, and didn't even offer her a cake or ice cream - what a rotten husband.  Emma did write 'happy birthday' to her, but honestly, she could have sent a card.  Poor Mum.  She didn't get a single card through the post from anyone.

The day really was boring.  I had a bath.  I suffered with allergies and being too hot.  I won Scootaloo on the Go! on e-Bay.  The bad tempered men who fixed the front wall badly returned again and started banging on the lounge window this time.  Then Hussein's husband came to the front door and repeatedly rang the doorbell angrily.  No way was I going to see either of them.  Grottsville is full of utter lunatics.

July 20th 2010

I was awoken by the sound of Mum crying out in the kitchen.  It transpired that she had almost trodden on a Woodlouse Spider.  For those who've never heard of them, they're not poisonous, but they do have a very nasty bite.  I still remember when Grandma accidentally put her hand on one in the garden.  She couldn't move her thumb for a month!  And now it seemed that they were moving into the house.  Nice to know with us still sleeping on the floor, probably with the spiteful little things crawling all over us during the night!

David rang up and said that he was leaving work at 5.10pm so that we could go to Woodberry and see what the decorators had done.  But, when we said that we'd just put the dinner in the oven, he decided that he wouldn't come until later (9pm, in fact!)

He went to Woodberry himself, of course, to lock the door after the decorator and so on.  He stressed Mum to death by telling her that the wallpaper in the extension looked "heavy" .  Why did he have to say anything at all which could influence her before she even saw it?!

I went for an exciting trip to Tesco late that night where I insisted we got Mum a belated birthday cake and then I made him stop at a petrol station to get her a Magnum ice cream!  He wasn't very happy but I didn't see why she should miss out.

And finally, I managed to sell another set of Dolly Mix Ponies!  Now I just had one lone Lickety Split looking for a home!  Quite an achievement considering the amount I'd had just a couple of weeks previously.

Well, so much for this blog being well-written compared to last night's entry.  It just got really late and I had to rush to finish it so that I can go to bed!  I'm determined to write a four-day entry every single day so as to catch up as soon as possible - not sure how long I'll be able to keep it up though!  We'll see...

Best wishes, and many thanks for reading,
Desirée  xxx

Sunday, 26 June 2011

From torrential rain to unbearable heat...

Why can't the weather in England be pleasant just for once?  Earlier this week I was being pelted with hailstones, today I got sunburnt and now I'm sweltering by an open window despite the fact it's almost 10pm.  Madness!

July 13th 2010

We returned to Woodberry so that I could straighten out the hair on Suzy.66's ponies (remember how I was rushed away when we took them over there?  I liked to make sure that all my ponies' hair was smoothed out and lying the right way.  I didn't want any more pony "bad hair days" from storage!), and also to clear up in preparation for the carpet layers/decorators.  Then the decorators changed their minds again and said they weren't coming until Thursday!  Very professional, eh?

Having been looking for a missing replica fireplace tile for weeks, David finally managed to get through to Freddie who said that he had only ever sent one pink replica tile.  I still don't fully believe this as I clearly remember a second one.  David forgot to ask Freddie what was going on with Sickton and if he was still paying for the restoration process though. >.<

I was still trying to sell the surplus Dolly Mix Ponies.  I found a new home for two of them, but another sale (for nine of them) fell through.  Highly disappointing for someone who was quite literally slipping over in a sea of the things!

I went through some more of my old jigsaw puzzles.  There really wasn't much in the way of saleable puzzles though.   I discovered that one of my favourites (a picture of two bassett hounds lying in front of a fireplace) was missing half of its pieces, although I have no idea how that happened.  I was always so careful with my toys as a child!  And two of the pieces of a wooden puzzle, which was still complete, got locked together when I completed the puzzle for photographing, meaning that one got cracked when I tried to take it apart.  Typical.

I do wonder if I was heavy handed with that puzzle, as I really wasn't in any fit state to be sorting things out by this time.  I felt really ill with my allergies all the time and kept forgetting things/messing up everything I did attempt to do.  But still David saw no urgency to move house...

July 14th 2010

We had an exciting trip to IKEA - NOW I remember why we kept going back there!  (Or rather, I finally made a useful note in my blog notes!)  Mum was looking at a cabinet there.  She didn't really like it, but she couldn't find anything better so kept going back to look at it again, wondering whether she should get it or not.  But, by this visit, the decision had been made for her.  The cabinet was gone from the display and, it turned out, had been discontinued.

David had bought himself an alarm clock on our previous visit which turned out not to work. (well, you know our luck!)  One of the reasons we went back to IKEA was so that we could return it... but he forgot to bring it.  In actual fact, he never got around to returning the alarm clock so he never got his money back.  Okay, so it only cost about £1.99 in the first place, but it's the little things like that where he "can't be bothered" that have made us lose so much money over the years.

When we left the shop, we couldn't find the car anywhere, and David became convinced that it had been stolen.  Luckily, I remembered where he had parked and was able to find it in the end, but his bad temper while we were searching was not something I would wish upon anyone!

Our next fascinating stop was Tesco where all of the Ponyville Ponies were on sale at £2 off of their original price.  Still too expensive for me though!  Mum picked up a £1 coin in the car park - I don't know what your opinion is on that kind of thing, dear reader, but my family tend to live by the "finders keepers" rule.  Well, unless I found a suitcase with £1,000,000 inside, of course.  I don't think even Mum would take that home with her!

Mum managed to earn me another £3.19 by searching with  I'm still recommending the site to everyone - we've earned $80 through it in the last year.  Of course, if you sign up through that link, I will also earn Swagbucks for the first 1000 bucks that you win.  So please do so! ;)

I sold two more Dolly Mix Ponies - at least they were slowly finding new homes, but that didn't make me feel much better about the hundreds of the things still stacked up all over the floor!

Mum finally got her kidney scan appointment.  About time too, I should think.  Meanwhile, the orthodontic clinic at Northwick Park wanted to bring my latest appointment forward to the following day (!), but David (amazingly) was able to get it set back until August 2nd.  I knew I was going to lose my chance to get free orthodontic treatment if I didn't go back soon, but there was no way I could go through surgery while I had these horrific breathing problems.

The carpets were laid in the three rooms up in the loft at Woodberry (black in David's room, pink in Mum's room and blue in the shower room), but strangely enough I can find no photos of them in my files.  Oh well, I know I do have photos somewhere so I will try to add them later on.

July 15th 2010

I didn't leave the house.  The decorators finally started work at Woodberry.  They put lining paper up in the hall, all the way up the stairs and on the two landings.  But that seems to be all they did with their day.

David went to Homebase and found out that the dark green that he and Mum had spent ages picking out for the woodwork in the hobby room was not available as gloss paint.  You'd think he'd have checked that beforehand, wouldn't you?!

Mum and I were left at Grottsville where the men who fixed our front wall after it was knocked down (and made a real mess of it - you may remember the photos I posted of their work before) showed up uninvited.  All three of them were in a fowl mood and obviously resented being told that their work hadn't been good enough before.  The old bloke kept banging on the door and shouting abuse at us - there was no way that Mum and I were going out there to see him after the way he'd yelled at her the previous time though!

"I don't know why they're complaining anyway - look at the state of the place!" one of the two younger guys said, sitting on the messy wall and eating a chocolate bar.  Well, okay, so David has allowed the house to fall into ruin, that doesn't mean you're allowed to do shoddy work though!

They left about half an hour later having not done anything.  I don't think they ever intended to re-do the job actually since they didn't bring any tools but David still told us off for not going out there to see the rough commoners who use such bad language towards their clients!

I was well and truly out of the pony loop, it seems, as I decided to take a little look in the "What's new and coming soon" thread on the Arena and found all kinds of stuff that I didn't even know existed.  German surprise bags, anyone?  Gosh, I love those little Ponyville characters, but I never managed to get my hands on them and they are no longer available now.  I never got a Ponyville Mermaid of any kind for my collection actually.

I also saw a photo of the Friendship is Magic gift set - horrible.  This was my first time seeing it (other than the pictures of the prototypes at the toy fair) and the finished product actually looked worse if anything!

Mum entered a competition to win a holiday for two to Vancouver.  She was in a good mood with me for once and seemed genuinely desperate to win so that she could take me with her.  Oh, how I wished we COULD win - two weeks in my dream city would have done me so much good at that point.  Heck, two weeks ANYWHERE away from the beetles, dust and dirt of Grottsville would have done me good.  But alas, it wasn't to be.  Not that I really expected to win, of course, but a girl can dream, eh?

Following on from this, she got genuinely upset that I was going to "emigrate in my early 20s and never have spent any time in a nice place".  Um...  Not sure where she got the idea that I was going to be able to move out in my early 20s with not one scrap of proper education or any qualifications.  Apparently, I was going to get married to a Canadian guy and get over there that way.  Um... (yes, I know I'm repeating myself here, but I really was kind of sitting there with my mouth open by this point!)  In fact, she seemed to have a very specific scenario in mind involving a specific guy.  WTH?  It never fails to astound me when everyone around me acts as though we're living in a Disney movie.  Much as they'd love us all to be part of a modern Cinderella movie, I knew that Prince Charming wasn't winging his way to me on a white pegasus (well, the horse would have to have wings to cross the Atlantic, right?!) ready to sweep me off my feet and take me to Yaletown.  Not to mention that in reality I'd far rather emigrate based on my own qualifications than someone else sponsoring me.  It'd be far too easy for a guy to get fed up with you and leave you to be deported.

Oh well, whatever.  Maybe LA wouldn't be that bad...  But I really can't see any man waiting five years for a girl he's never even met at this point in time.

If I could only dream this world away, I'd awake in your arms...
I long to sleep forever dreaming of only you...
I'm lost... Lost in a fantasy that can't come true...

Huh?  Oh yeah, the blog!  Sorry, I guess I got a bit carried away there...

July 16th 2010

Mum was up until 5am with a bad stomach.  By this point, I was so tired and worn down that I would just sleep until she woke me so we both overslept, of course.  Then I couldn't breathe all day because I'd been lying on the floor with the dust for so long.

The decorators returned at Woodberry - they messed up the blue paintwork in the hall and re-painted the hobby room in green.  Would Mum like this anymore than the original blue and grey?

They decided to come back the following day and on Mum's birthday.  David allowed this as "Mum and I were in a rush to move" and "we never do anything on her birthday anyway".  I did feel sorry for her.  He never even offers her the chance to go anywhere nice or do anything special.  I wish I could drive and could take her somewhere each year.

David also decided that he would go and supervise the builders all day the following day (saturday).  Why?  He was at work during the week and was quite happy to leave them then!  It was just another excuse to get out of taking us anywhere and to spend the weekend playing with his computer and so on.

We went to see "Friday Night is Music Night" recorded at the Mermaid Theatre in London.  I always find it fascinating to see a radio show recorded so it was a real thrill to me.

David was in a bad mood as usual, of course.  He said that he "didn't know if we were even going to get there in time the way we were going", glaring at me for applying hand cream before we left.  What the... How long does he think it takes to apply hand cream?  And I could have done it when we were in the car anyway.  However, HE still hadn't put his shoes on at this point!

Then he had another dig about me to Mum - "Why didn't she bring her coat?"  Uh, A) Because you said we were late so I wouldn't have had time to go upstairs to get it, but more importantly B) It was a hot summer's evening.  Why on Earth would I need my coat?!

All that aside though, it was definitely an enjoyable exerience.

As I hope your blog reading experience has been tonight, dear reader.  Well, if not enjoyable, bearable at least.  I know they're dull, boring and depressing but I didn't have much material to work with at the time!  I promise it will get better though!  Well, I hope it will anyway...

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Walk away and live a life that's full with no regret...

Oh God, when the lyrical titles return, you know the blogs are getting boring!  Please DON'T walk away right now though - maybe you'll find something of interest amongst the mess that is my online diary!

July 9th 2010

David wasted the morning in the bathroom and really didn't want to take us anywhere, but after a big argument Mum forced him to drive us to Wimbledon Lush to see the "Lush Compounders on Tour" who were supposed to be making bath ballistics in store.

We arrived just after the compounders left for their lunch break.  Having waited an hour in a very hot shopping centre (highly uncomfortable, especially surrounded by all the semi-dressed women and filthy-minded men openly leering at them), we returned to Lush.  The shop was totally empty by this point, so as well as giving us a demonstration and showing us how the Tisty Tosty bath ballistics are made (a real treat for me, as Tisty Tosty is one of my favourite Lush products!), they gave us the chance to make some ourselves.

Unfortunately, Mum had forgotten to bring the right glasses with her so she couldn't take up the opportunity (she didn't seem too bothered at the time, but it turned out that she was really upset about it later on), but David and I made a few.  Nobody thought to take any photos of me, but I made this little film of David.

We had to count out exactly seven rosebuds into each mould before adding the powder to make the actual ballistic.  You can see some of the ones we made in their moulds in the picture below.

They even let us take three of the ones I made back with us free of charge.  I don't know what they did with the rest of them - if they sold them in store, perhaps we should complain about our ten minutes of unpaid labour!  Just kidding, of course.  I'm guessing they couldn't sell them for hygiene reasons anyway.  Maybe the staff take them home with them?  Who knows?

We popped into British Heart Foundation, The Entertainer and Claire's Accessories on the way back to the car, but nothing particularly interesting happened in any of those shops!  I managed to get a case for my sunglasses in Claire's, but I couldn't really do much shopping while I was clasping three fragile, partially set bath ballistics in my hands!

We went back to Grottsville via Chiswick so that David could finally buy the parrot wallpaper that was needed for the extension at Woodberry.  The decorator had said he was coming back on Tuesday or Wednesday (yes, the workman in this area don't even give you a proper date!) so he could put it up on the walls then.

July 10th 2010

Mum's kidney stone pain came back to haunt her in the morning, but thankfully it went away again on its own.  It was still very stressful at the time though.

We went to Woodberry when David came in from work - I took the ponies from Suzy.66's parcel with me so as to get them away from the carpet beetles in Grottsville.  Then I realised that I hadn't photographed them, so I had to take them all the way back with me!  We stopped to buy some paint on the way back too.  There was no way that I was going to leave the ponies in the car for potential thieves to take so I ended up carrying them all around Homebase with me!

I spotted an unusual insect in the front garden at Woodberry which I later discovered was a Speckled Bush Cricket.  Okay, this doesn't mean anything to a lot of you, I'm sure, but I got to see so little wildlife from my prison cell in Grottsville that it was a real thrill to me!

(Look away now if you don't like insects)

Having dropped us back at Grottsville, David returned to Woodberry to paint a bit more of Mum's bedroom door (yes, it seriously does take him that long to paint one little door!)  Not surprising really though - he took sandwiches and his computer, so I'm guessing he doesn't spend quite so much time painting as he'd like us to think he does!

As well as having a fast internet connection to look at - ahem! - less than decent photos and videos on the web, David had another reason to keep scurrying off to Woodberry.  It was unbearably hot at Grottsville with no opening windows whatsoever.  David "couldn't stand it there any longer", and "felt blocked up and breathless all the time he was there".  Well, how did he think we felt stuck in there all day every day.  However, we didn't have a means of escape in the form of a car like he did.

July 11th 2010

Mum and I didn't leave the house.  David went to Woodberry at lunch time and stayed there ALL afternoon and evening.  Meanwhile, we sweltered in the heat in Grottsville.

My orthodontic appointment had to be postponed once again, but David could only put it back until July 19th.  Total madness, as he knew that I would be no more fit for surgery eight days later.  And yet he shouted at ME when I pointed this out to him.

The stress was driving me crazy.  In fact, I spent the evening repeating the word 'vinegar' again and again.  Why, I do not know.  I don't even LIKE vinegar!  But that's the way my mad brain reacts when I'm pushed beyond my limit!  Mind you, it was a wonder that I was able to even say the word though, as my allergies had made my voice so croaky by this point that hardly anybody could understand what I was saying.  I went into a coughing fit every time I tried to speak, and my throat was actually stinging from all the coughing by the evening.

To calm myself down, I made audio recordings of a little cassette tape that I'd found in the cupboard under the stairs some years previously.  I'm still not clear on its origins, but it appears it was donated to Mum when she was collecting bric-a-brac for the jumble sales she used to run in aid of various animal charities back in the late 1980s.  It has always fascinated me - one side is entitled "Merry Christmas from the Norths" and features a few people singing various Christmas songs and carols.  The other side says, "Jingle Showreel Nicky and Friends" and includes recordings of old radio commercials from the 80s, mainly for TDK cassettes but also a few others.  Even with my voice chasing ear, I have never been able to figure out if the people on the commercials are the same as those singing the commercials or whether Nicky and his (her?) friends were the Norths!  I put the recordings up on Youtube in the hopes that someone might know more but, alas, although I've had some people involved in the actual production of the commercials come forward, nobody has a clue who Nicky or the Norths were!

Oh well, I highly doubt that anyone reading this blog knows, but I may as well post a few if just for entertainment value!  Some of the commercials are pretty clever actually - parodies of famous songs and so on.  I wish we still had commercials like these on the radio today!

You can see the rest of them on my Youtube channel, of course.

July 12th 2011

We went to Woodberry to drop Suzy.66's ponies out of harm's way.  Thankfully, I had taken their pictures by this time so they didn't have to come back with us again!  I didn't get much time to pack the ponies away though as Mum got in a bad temper.  She hated the house after dark for some reason and decided to pace up and down in the road outside!

Her kidney scan appointment still hadn't arrived so she rang up to find out what was going on, but they just told her to "ring again if it wasn't with her by Wednesday".  Nice to know the NHS act quickly when someone is in pain, isn't it?

David couldn't get through to the orthodontist to postpone my appointment, nor could he get through to Freddie about the fireplace restoration.  It seemed as though everyone was avoiding us.

Well, everyone may have been avoiding us, but they certainly weren't avoiding our property.  Our garden in Grottsville became a free car park again as somebody parked outside while they went to have their hair cut at the hairdressers opposite!  Nice to know our property is being well used, isn't it?

I still couldn't sell the surplus Dolly Mix, but I did manage to trade a set off to Oneleo1 for Baby Sea Breeze, a Sea Pony I didn't yet have in my collection.  I had never been more happy to pack up a parcel.  To be honest with you, I think I would have been perfectly happy if I'd never seen another purple MLP Dolly Mix bag again!

And that just about rounds up those four days really, you'll be pleased to know.  Hope I haven't bored you all to sleep!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

Friday, 24 June 2011

You are feeling verrrry sleepy...

Can I hypnotise any of you into reading yet another boring blog about the summer of last year?!

July 5th 2010

Yet another boring day spent locked up in my Grottsville prison cell.  David continued to work crazy hours for the employers that only a week previously he had decided to leave due to their poor treatment of him.  But now that he felt "needed" on the job again, the company once again took priority over the house move and getting Mum and I out of Perivale, despite the fact that my breathing problems were growing worse by the day.

He was even happy to leave us with no food in the house whatsoever.  He "couldn't understand why we constantly needed shopping"... but in actual fact he was going to the supermarket less and less often.  If only he'd hurry up and move us to Woodberry, I could walk to a shop and do the shopping myself!

There was another argument about Mum's New England holiday.  It was such a great price and looked like a brilliant holiday, but there was no guarantee that we would have moved house in time.  So we couldn't book and had to pass up the offer.  Mum was in a fowl mood for the rest of the day and said that "the house had better NOT be completed by October now, otherwise I will tear it down brick by brick!"  Great - a good excuse for David to do nothing for the next three months while I continued to get sicker.

As the evening wore on, and Mum continued to rant, I sunk into a deeper and deeper depression.  Nothing was going to happen while I was dependent on other people.  I needed to get an education, a proper income and to leave that dump myself.  But how could I go to college or university when I couldn't even leave the house in Grottsville without being stalked by the creepy "Scar Face"?  There was nothing around there anyway so I would be travelling home on public transport each night, and I didn't exactly feel like waiting for buses in that area, especially during the shorter days where a lot of my journey would take place after dark.

Even the summer courses I had been looking at (which, of course, it was too late to join by this point) were only suitable for "up to 19-year-olds" - certainly no use to me by summer 2011 when I would be 20.  The future looked very bleak indeed.

July 6th 2010

David and I had a fascinating trip to Tesco so that we could finally get some much-needed groceries.  Nothing of note happened there though, despite it being ages since my last exciting supermarket visit!

I spent the day getting stressed out about my allergies - I could hardly breathe at all, and had developed a persistent dry cough.  Still David did nothing and Mum kept on and on about how angry she'd be if we were moved before October now.  I had another orthodontic appointment set for the following Monday but I knew I couldn't go ahead with surgery while I was in that state of health.

Mum heard from an old family history contact who, by pure coincidence, had run into the then Mayor of Wisbeck and, having recognised that they had a very similar surname, had begun speaking to the mayor about genealogy.  It turned out that he was Mum's third cousin!  What a small world we live in.

I packed up a couple more parcels, but was still struggling to sell the surplus Dolly Mix Ponies.  I just couldn't shift them, despite the fact that someone else on the Arena (who was selling each of them for 50p more than me at the time!) was still doing a roaring trade in the things.  Crazy.

July 7th 2010

I slept until 9.30am, meaning that my allergies were worse than ever.

David walked down to the post office to get a couple of parcels weighed - the shipping prices were absurd though!  So many people were choosing to take things via surface mail, which is always stressful for me.  Even though I tell them time and again how long surface mail can take, they somehow expect their parcels to be on the doorstep by the following day.  Well, maybe not literally, but you know what I mean!

To add to my stress, Mum suddenly developed a bad pain in her side and back.  It was so bad that she was rolling around the floor screaming out in pain and David took her to see a doctor as an emergency (something she would NEVER do unless it was totally necessary).  Apparently, she had a kidney stone.  It was terrifying to see her like that though.

She said that she didn't want me to go to the doctor with them (she had continued snapping at me even while she was rolling round the floor!) so I was stuck in Grottsville as usual.  Unable to even sing or voice act myself with my allergies, I continued to make some cassette tape recordings of various accents on TV.

Speaking of my allergies, my breathing troubles were continuing to get worse.  I'd developed a bubble in my throat which seemed to be causing some form of heartburn, and I had big red itchy patches appearing on my arms, obviously another symptom of severe allergies.  But there was still no prospect of leaving that dump anywhere in the near future.

July 8th 2010

Mum had to go for a blood test.  She was severely delayed by the bloke in front of her who fainted and was flat out on the floor for about fifteen minutes apparently!  She came back in a terrible panic, convinced that I would be worried about her.  In actual fact, I didn't even realise that she'd been gone a long time as I had only just come out of the bathroom.  It was taking me longer and longer to clear my nose and throat in the mornings.  God only knows what long term damage it was doing to my voice and general airways.

We went to Ealing Broadway.  David had to go to the bank, so I dragged Mum around TK Maxx and The Body Shop.  There were summer sales everywhere and I desperately wanted to get into Primark and New Look, but David rang to tell us to go back to the central square (our meeting place).  Then he left us standing there for AGES anyway so I may as well have spent more time wandering around the shops.

We travelled onto Woodberry to look at the latest lot of fireplace tiles, which were still no good.  While my parents were comparing tile colours, I fell asleep on my bedroom floor!  Okay, so I sound like a typical lazy youngster now, don't I?  But I was extremely tired from so many sleepless nights down on the carpet beetle-infested floor in Grottsville, and it felt so good just to get 40 winks in a place where I could actually breathe for once.

Soon I was woken up as we had to go back to Grottsville so that David could have a sleep on the landing! (I had "tired him out by making him walk all round Ealing" apparently)  Uh... but he wasn't even with Mum and I while we went in the two shops we walked around.  In fact, HE was the one who kept US waiting for ages.  I have no clue where he was for all that time.  Maybe he was wandering around Ealing on his own?!

After his snooze, we went to Allied Carpets to order the carpets for the loft and back to Daniels to order my desk... which is actually a dressing table, for those who are interested.  I can't see that it really matters what it was marketed as though - there was no reason I couldn't use it as both!

After that, we had to return to Grottsville where David went to sleep once again.  He finally came downstairs at 7.15pm to walk to the chip shop to get our dinner.  Mum hates eating anything big that late in the evening and got a dreadful upset stomach.

Having dumped our dinner on us and upset Mum's stomach, David took off to Woodberry on his own to paint Mum's bedroom door and to close his own bedroom window in the loft which he had forgotten to close when we had been there earlier.  He also insisted on ringing up to tell us how "awfully hot" it was over there, stressing me further as all of my ponies were shut in my bedroom with nobody there to regulate their temperature.

And, I'm afraid, that just about all there is to say about July 5th-8th 2010.  Maybe the next four days of my life would be less depressing?  Well, there's only one way to find out!  Tune in tomorrow for the next installment of Diary of a Daydreamer!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

Thursday, 23 June 2011

The Start of July!

No, I haven't gone completely mad or found a way to travel a week into the future... we're still talking about 2010, remember?

July 1st 2010

Despite really not wanting to walk down our street ever again, I realised that I couldn't keep all of my buyers waiting until David was available the following weekend, so Mum and I had to go down to the post office ourselves.  We went early in the morning before Scar Face arrived for his "women watching" session, and I wore a thick coat just in case, but I was still really nervous about it and kept checking over my shoulder to make sure that the pervert was not coming up behind me.

As it happened, Scar Face didn't arrive but "Beer Can Man" was there and just kept leering at me through the post office window and watched me as I left the post office.  I was so angry about him getting a cheap thrill out of me that I RAN all the way back to make his viewing time as short as possible.  Mum, of course, was then angry with me for not staying with her and helping her to cross the roads.

The shipping prices seemed to be ridiculously high and I thought I'd be even more out of pocket over the Dolly Mix Ponies, but when I came back and checked my records, I discovered that only one parcel had cost more than I had expected.

By this time, however, Mum had phoned David and told him how I had underestimated all the shipping prices and "wasted all my profit".  Besides calling me "stupid", he said that we should have brought the parcels back with us so that HE could weigh them that evening (apparently he can use weighing scales better than I can!)  But if I was really sure that I'd weighed them accurately before, the high prices must be Mum's fault since she must have been "leaning on the post office scales"!

She asked David if he was going to ring Freddie about the fireplace but he said that he couldn't as he was "going for a walk in the park".  Nice for him, I'm sure, having left us in this rough area where we COULDN'T go for a walk unless we wanted to wander up and down a boring street filled with nothing but drunken perverts.

To try and pass the time, Mum and I sorted through a few more bags of my old stuffed toys (Beanie Babies, Disney Beanies, TY plush, Hush Puppies and so on) so that they could be taken to Woodberry that night.  There was nowhere to keep them there though, so I knew I'd have to sell them when we eventually did move house anyway.

On the way back from Woodberry, we stopped at McDonalds for more Yorkie McFlurries.  The stupid drive-thru woman didn't understand David's order though, so he didn't get one.  He was too embarrassed to go back and ask for a third though why he should have been when it was HER mistake, I don't know.

July 2nd 2010

I didn't leave the house all day again.  David came in too late to go anywhere useful like IKEA (I still don't mention in my blog notes WHY we wanted to go to IKEA, but I feel it may have been something to do with some tub chairs that my mum had fallen in love with) so he told us that we could go for a walk on Horsenden Hill or around the streets of Hammersmith.  Um... walk on Horsenden Hill with all the drug addicts after dark?  Or around a closed shopping centre?  Thanks, but no thanks.

When we refused, he seemed genuinely surprised and got annoyed as he "could have stayed at work".  It was almost 11pm!  How much later did he want to stay there?

The Dolly Mix craze had all but fizzled out, but after a lot of advertising I did manage to re-home five of the surplus ponies.  I wasted a lot of time playing silly Facebook games as well.  A fascinating summer day, I'm sure you'll all agree.

July 3rd 2010

David got up "early" at 9.20am, then went in the bathroom for hours before going to the launderette.  It couldn't wait until tomorrow as "he was out of clean shirts".  I had so few raggy t-shirts with "only" small holes in them by this point that I was wearing the same one for up to a week at a time before they were washed, but David couldn't possibly wait an extra day.

This made us late out to do our other weekend jobs, of course.  We went to Daniels to look at furniture and I found a really nice little desk which looked just perfect for my room.  It was reduced to half price too.  David asked us if we wanted to go to Woodberry to measure my room and see if it would fit (so that we could come straight back to Daniels and take advantage of the 50% off offer), but despite us both agreeing loudly, he turned the radio up loud and pretended not to hear us before driving straight back to Grottsville.  Then he turned around and went to work for the rest of the day.  He never has any time to do anything for us, so how would we ever get out of there?!

Mum got an e-mail to say she'd won another three tickets to the BBC's "Friday Night is Music Night".  It was a special Matt Monro tribute programme which I had been looking forward to hearing on the radio, so I was really excited that we'd get to see it being recorded.

She was also talking about going on holiday to Boston in the autumn (or should I say fall?) having seen a cheap offer in a travel brochure, so I was pretty excited at the prospect of finally getting to the US too.  But we knew we couldn't go on holiday unless we moved house before then, so we didn't want to risk booking it.  After all, we didn't want a repeat of my 18th birthday California holiday where we WEREN'T moved in time and ended up losing our deposit.

And finally, somebody found this Japanese Takara MLP commercial on Youtube!

I still struggle to believe that these were actually released under the My Little Pony name, so it was rather odd to hear the regular MLP theme tune being played throughout the advert.  How adorable though!  I especially love the stop motion sequences.  I know I'll never have the chance to own one of these ponies, but it was nice to see the commercial and learn more about them anyway.

July 4th 2010

We all overslept badly due to David not coming in from work until 1am and then going in the bathroom, preventing either of us from getting ready for floor-bed.

Then he went BACK to work at noon, before finally taking us to Woodberry at 4pm to look at the greens they'd picked out for the hobby room some days before.  He took us back to Grottsville as fast as he possibly could though so as to get back to work at 7pm where he stayed until 2am the following morning.

I was pretty depressed and bought another load of ponies from Daniz_69 on the Arena.  I'd originally asked her about a bigger lot of stuff but decided to leave a couple of the heavier items as the shipping was just too much.  I hate it when I have to do that - I always feel guilty about getting the seller to weigh things several times over and avoid it as much as I can.  And then, just as I was about to send payment, Mum started ranting on and on and on at me about David's work habits and how depressed SHE was which caused me to type in the wrong amount and send Daniz $2 less than the total!  So I'm sure she thought I was a total idiot and I ended up paying an extra dollar (by my own choice, I should add) to try to cover any additional Paypal fees!  I swear I was going totally mad by that point, and probably shouldn't have been dealing with money in any way, shape or form!

To try to cheer myself up, I attempted to make a recording of myself singing "Red Shoes Sunday" from Ranma 1/2 (I LOVE that song and had been wanting to make a recording ever since I first heard it!), but my allergies were just too bad and all I could do was croak.

During the short period of time that we actually got to see David that weekend, Mum asked him what he intended to do about getting us moved into Woodberry, especially considering that he'd lost the contact details of the only decent workman we'd found...  We didn't even know his name, only that he called himself "Peter" and that he came from Hungary (his real name was a Hungarian name which nobody in this country could pronounce so he used "Peter" as his trade name).

David quickly told us that he would search for "Peter" on the electoral list.  "How?" I asked.  "You don't even know his name!"  David's answer?  "Well, he's Hungarian - that's a start!"  Um...  Would you recognise a Hungarian name then, David?  Considering the large number of Europeans with unfamiliar names in this area, I think you'd have found it pretty hard!

And on that note, I shall leave you for another day.  Keep smiling, everyone!  Even I've forgotten what's written down in my blog notes, so perhaps there will be something more interesting to write about tomorrow.

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Confusing Time Differences!

None of my blogs are being published for eight hours after I submit them!  Why?  Well, because I am setting the post date and time to whatever the current time is (in Greenwich Mean Time, where I exist) but apparently Blogger is set in Pacific Standard Time.  So I'm not sure what to do.  Should I allow the blogs to continue posting eight hours later than I write them, or start setting the time in PST?  I'd rather be living in that PST anyway, but it seems silly to say I wrote something eight hours earlier than I did!  All opinions are welcome, if anyone is even continuing to read these blogs, of course.

June 26th 2010

Another exciting day spent within the four walls of my Grottsville prison.  And this was saturday, supposedly one of the best two days of the week.  Happy Summer, one and all!

I had overslept again and by the time I was washed and dressed, Mum had decided it was too hot to go anywhere for the rest of the day.  Although if she'd had any intention of going out that day, I don't know why she wouldn't have woken me up.

It WAS horribly hot in the house with no windows and the arguments grew worse throughout the day.  Mum ended up throwing all the wall colour cards out into the garden (again) and shouting at David who had asked us where we wanted to go that he just "wanted to discharge his duty to his 20-year-old kid with all the unopened games still stacked up in the library so that he could go to work".  This particular comment stemmed from the fact that I had been trying to clear out our library/spare room/office/whatever you like to call it the previous day and hadn't been able to move for all the unopened board games which I had received throughout my childhood but never had anybody to play with me.

It's both wasteful and heartbreaking.  Now I have all the hard work of photographing them, packing them up and weighing them, and listing them on e-Bay with the hope of selling them for a small percentage of the money that was wasted on them.

On the subject of online sales, I discovered that I COULD accept payments, Paypal was just blocking me from accessing my own money.  So I re-homed another ten Dolly Mix Ponies, plus my old Puppy in my Pocket Display House and the first of my Puppy Dog Tails puppies.  I'm sad to see my childhood toys go, but at the same time it's good to know they're being appreciated.  The money is far more use to me than the clutter and I guess that's the way I have to look at it.

June 27th 2010

We enjoyed a wonderful trip to Argos where Mum and I sat in the car while David bought some shelves and a toilet roll holder, then travelled on to Lakeland for another exciting wait in the car (Mum was too hot to walk over to TKMaxx as I had hoped), so that David could pick up a catalogue to replace the one Mum had torn up during one of her fits of rage.  We finished the fantastic journey with a trip to IKEA, which was so fascinating that I failed to mention anything about it in my blog notes.

Actually, I lie.  We stopped off at another Tesco petrol station on our way back to Grottsville and bought another eighteen Dolly Mix Ponies (to add to the three David had got that morning).  That still wasn't enough though (!), so we decided we'd have to go back out Dolly Mix-hunting the following day.

The rest of the afternoon went on re-homing them (yes, Dolly Mix re-homer became my official job title for a while!) and soon they were all reserved.  Just as well really - I won all ten of those Pony Tales animation cels, so I needed the money.  Only one of them went up above it's 99p starting price actually.  I was stunned that so few people were interested in owning a piece of animation history.  Kind of sad...  Not that I was complaining about getting them so cheaply, of course!  Having said that, their condition was not very clear from the e-Bay pictures.  I actually wondered if they had been cropped at one point (as in, somebody had cut off a load of the excess paper around the drawings), so maybe that played a part.

Mum had been watching an Elvis Presley troll on e-Bay with the intention of bidding, but the auction ended early.  I guess MLP isn't the only collecting circle filled with dishonest e-Bayers...

June 28th 2010

The neighbours were really getting on my nerves.  Their noisy kids had spent the whole of the previous day taunting the dog who lives two doors away.  The poor little thing has always been really good with children.  In fact, Donna (hiw owner, the suspected drug dealer) is a childminder so she could hardly have a dangerous dog running about.  But Hussein's kids treated him so badly that whole summer that he ended up growling and snapping at them and had to wear a muzzle when he was taken for walks from then on.

The following morning, I overheard a conversation between our neighbours while I was getting dressed.  Donna got breakfast for Hussein and his family (I presume she wanted to impress them, though God knows why.  Perhaps she had some illegal goods she wanted to sell to them!)  Hussein's response to Donna's 'kindness'?  He told her that her breakfast was "dirt" and that he "would die if he had to eat it regularly".  WTH?  Even if you didn't like the food your neighbours had prepared for you, you wouldn't actually express your opinion out loud, would you?!

Donna didn't appear to take offense (it seemed she was REALLY eager to please!) and went on chatting for some time.  She told them how she "couldn't stand to not lead an honest life and nor could Fred, Luce and Wayne-boy".  (Yes, she really does call her son - who is in his late 20s - Wayne-ee-boy!)  Funny, because I have observed ALL of them taking part in dodgy dealings regularly over the years!

Mum had to walk all the way to the doctor in the heat to pick up her prescription.  She still had bad feet too, so I did feel sorry for her.  I wouldn't walk with her though because of Scar Face parading up and down the street all day long.

My entire day was spent dealing with the Dolly Mix Ponies.  Then we went to three more petrol stations that night and bought 67 more of the things!

We stopped at McDonalds on the way back, and had Yorkie McFlurries.  They were pretty nice - not as good as Oreo or Creme Egg, but I'd still recommend them.

June 29th 2010

David took the afternoon off work.  However, he wasn't able to get away until 2pm and even then the manager rang him up and ordered him back for a meeting.  David refused to go back and was threatening to resign the following day... but how could he afford two houses with no income at all?

He took seven of my Dolly Mix parcels to the post office, before we set off on another random boring errand run.  First to Wembley to invest some of Mum's money in a seperate account, and pop into Poundland and Poundstretcher in search of padded envelopes for the Dolly Mix.  Wembley has really gone downhill.  It never was a very nice area but walking around there now gives me the creeps.  You seriously feel as though someone's going to lunge forward and snatch your purse at any moment!  Then to Woodberry to look at more wall colours (But you've heard all that before, haven't you?!)  I walked up to the three charity shops around the corner while my parents argued but there were no ponies or related items to be found.  I did see a collection of all three MyScene DVDs for 50p each... typical.  I thought I'd done well getting them for £1 each!  Finally, Mum and I sat in the car outside Homebase while David got two more sample pots of green paint.

After dropping us back at Grottsville, he went to get some petrol... and came back with another 15 Dolly Mix Ponies!  I know he thought he was doing me a favour, but I almost screamed.  I'd had a whole list of people waiting for the things, but everyone I contacted had found them elsewhere.  The bubble had burst, people were losing interest, the hype was dying down, and I was suddenly left with TOO MANY Dolly Mix Ponies.  They were all over the lounge floor, any profit I'd made on the ones I'd sold had been lost buying the surplus.  It was a total nightmare.

On a happier note, I received two parcels - both my Pony Tales animation cells and Suzy.66's ponies.

The Pony Tales cells were not in such excellent condition as the ones that Mum had bought for me the previous Christmas, but they were their original size at least.  Two of the sketches were with the wrong cels (and there was a bit of a tear to one of the sketches where the painted cel had been removed) but I was able to switch them back without causing any extra damage.  We have six from "Sister of the Bride", two from "Shop Talk" and two from "Too Sick to Notice"...

And what did I receive in my trade with Suzy.66?

Well, what can you spot?

Two French videos!

Festive's Anniversary Playset!  (Sadly minus accessories and Festive - Suzy did have Festive, but I just missed out on her)

Light Up Families Princess Twinkle Star (Still works!) and Lady Dragonfly

Medicin, Glittery Heart and Glittery Skater

Holiday at the Countryside and Mummy Pony/Happy

And Suzy threw in the cutest fakie and Lady Elegant for free to make up for taking so long to ship her parcel out to me!

June 30th 2010

We went back to Lakeland to get some stain removal stuff called "White Wizard" with a £3 off voucher Mum had got through the post.  It's actually pretty good stuff.  Just rub a bit on your clothes/bedding/soft furnishings and the stain lifts right out!  It doesn't seem to work so well on plastic and other hard materials but I have yet to try it on any of the stains on my plush ponies and other stuffed toys.

In order to get the £3 saving, we had to spend over £10 (yep, we had to needlessly spend money so that mum could feel we were making a 'saving'!)  Mum was going to get a plate rack but decided she didn't like the look of it - it was too "modern" - and she couldn't think of anything else we needed for the house, so she asked David what he thought we should get.  Far from even thinking about what might actually be useful to us, he decided to get himself a bag of licorice!  How could we ever escape from Grottsville with someone like him in charge?!

The manager apologised for the previous day so, far from resigning, David started working ridiculously long hours for them again.  And so, his employers decided that they could walk all over him and give him even more work to do as usual.  Why does he always show himself to be so obedient and eager to please?  None of his employers are ever grateful for it - they just work him to death for no extra money and then give him the sack.  But he'll never learn.

I spent another day packing up Dolly Mix Ponies and desperately trying to re-home the never-ending supply that seemed to be breeding on our living room floor.  Even the sight of the little things was starting to make me feel physically sick by this point.

Mum received a parcel of stuff she'd ordered for the new house. She sent me to the door to a very impatient Indian man who spoke with such a broad Irish accent that I couldn't understand what he was saying to me at all.  Inside the parcel was a wall hanging plant holder and a bird bath... which Mum had decided would be perfect as a fruit bowl!  However, the pot in the plant holder was badly dented and the bird ba...I mean, fruit bowl, was far too small.  Nothing ever goes right, does it?

And so concludes the exciting tale of June 2010.  Join me tomorrow as we continue into the even more fascinating story of July 2010!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

More June stories... from last year!

Ever onwards with the June 2010 tale!

June 22nd 2010

David went for a blood test (still convinced that he had a collapsed lung), then took the computer to his computer-expert "friend", Richard, in Watford.  I say "friend" loosely - the bloke usually charges the Earth, and doesn't do a very good job anyway.  But David considers him to be his "friend" due to the fact that Richard was friends with David's ex-employers (the ones who ran off when the company folded and never paid him the full amount that he was owed, that is!)

Mum and I went along for the ride and walked around the shops for a couple of hours, spending far too much money as I tend to do when unleashed at a shopping centre!

Besides the anti-perspirant I bought in Boots (which I'm sure none of you are the remotest bit interested in!), I treated myself to Smitten hand cream and Charity Pot hand and body lotion in Lush.

Smitten is my absolute favourite Lush hand cream, and I was just about to recommend it to you all, but I see it was discontinued earlier this year.  So very sad... I never got back to Lush to get another pot!  You can buy it from their Retro line for £6.70 plus P&P, but I doubt I'll have the money to do so anytime soon.

Mum has always insisted that Lush was "overpriced cr*p" anyway and had been trying to convince me to try the Body Shop for sometime, if only because we had a Body Shop within walking distance of Woodberry whenever we finally moved.  I wasn't keen, as I wasn't sure if they tested on animals or not, but after a lot of internet research, I decided to give them a go.

The woman in the shop managed to sell me a "Love Your Body" card.  It's a good deal, as although you have to pay £5 for the card, you get a £5 voucher to spend during your birthday month so technically you get the card for free.  You then get 10% off of any purchase over £10 made in the Body Shop during the following year and on top of that, you get a "stamp" on your card each time you make a purchase.  After four stamps you get a £5 gift, and after eight stamps a £10 one!  So basically you're getting 10% off plus an additional £15 to spend in the store.

Everything is still pretty expensive in there, but they do have a lot of offers.  I came out with a mango scrub and lotion, and two bottles of raspberry lotion reduced from £8 to £3 each.  The woman in the shop gave me a free sample of a hand cream they made at the time too, but I don't remember what it was called now or if they still make it.

Finally to The Entertainer where I decided to empty my purse entirely!

The Ponyville playsets were drastically reduced, and I couldn't resist.

The Gumball House was £19.99 and the Supermarket Store was £10.00, which I didn't think was too bad, especially considering these were really the very last Ponyville sets I actually wanted to add to my collection.

The Mum spotted the most adorable little guinea pig plushie...

I can never resist a guinea pig of any kind, so of course, he came home with us as well!

We were just making our way back to the centre when I spotted this little gem outside Watford market.

It's been years since I've seen a MLP ride so, as both a pony collector and coin operated ride enthusiast, I was thrilled to find this one, even though she has been re-painted and lost the MLP logo from her box and her symbols.  Her eyes had lost their "white spot" too, which made her look a bit sad somehow.

I was so annoyed that I didn't have the right change in my pocket.  No, don't worry, I wouldn't have ridden on her for fear of breaking her, but I was upset that I couldn't make a film.  These rides aren't exactly easy to find these days.  And I would have loved to have heard that lovely Pony Tales-style tune (which I now know was the UK MLP advert jingle of the early 90s) playing one more time... that tune can take me straight back to my childhood.

I even considered going and buying something else just to see if I could get the right change, but just then David rang to say that the computer was ready and it was time to go back.  It cost £40 to repair it (once again, curse the people who write these viruses!), and apparently I had picked up the virus from the MLP Arena of all places!

I tested the computer by looking at e-Bay when we got back and spotted ten My Little Pony Tales animation cels which had been listed earlier that day with 99p starting prices.  I couldn't resist - I bid on all of them!  Yes, not content with emptying my purse, I decided to empty my Paypal account too.  But you'll never get a second chance to own any one animation cel, and the seller did say that they would combine postage.

June 23rd 2010

I didn't leave the house all day long.  As David was rushing to get ready for work, he managed to fall over the piles of unsavoury papers he keeps upstairs and, attempting to grab onto the door to steady himself, managed to twist his arm quite badly.  So he had to come back at lunch time to go to the doctor (he must have been becoming quite a familiar sight, considering this was the third day in a row that he'd had to go down there).  They gave him a gel to rub into his elbow - which he had banged quite badly - and told him to take painkillers.

He went to the launderette too, and was quite cross that I didn't walk down there with him.  I did feel bad but I had made it quite clear that I had no intention of walking around Grottsville with Scar Face staring at me anymore.  If only he'd hurry up and move to Woodberry, we could use our own washing machine!

I received a couple of payments which made me feel a lot better, considering what I had spent the previous day.  I had started to regret buying that guinea pig, cute as he was.  But once I got him out of the box, he totally won my heart.  Yes, he was just a toy, but he had a realistic charm to him that reminded me of my old guinea pigs somehow.

I was still attempting to record all the episodes of Krypto the Superdog on Cartoonito but they just kept showing repeats of the same few.  And then, when they finally DID show one that I hadn't managed to record, the audio cut out!  Just my luck.

This did cause me to switch the channel round and find Battle Force 5 on Cartoon Network.  I'd not even heard of the show before, but as soon as I plugged in my headphones, I recognised some familiar voices.  It had been a while since I'd heard Mark Hildreth or Allessandro Juliani, so it was particularly nice to hear them in something new.

June 24th 2010

I didn't leave the house again - oh, what a fascinating blog entry this is turning out to be!  It was miserable being locked up in that Grottsville prison cell for another summer, especially with such awful allergies.  The combination of my allergies and the heat (when we couldn't open a single window) made it unbearable and almost impossible to breathe in there.

David managed to get ten more Dolly Mix Ponies which temporarily pleased a couple of the growing list of people overseas desperately begging me to go hunting for more of the little things on their behalf.

I was in the middle of a partial sale/trade with Suzy.66 at the time and had sent her about £20 a couple of weeks previously.  Then I had heard no more.  Obviously, I was cautious especially as she was a relatively new member.  She was ignoring my messages and I feared she'd run off with the money.  I even went as far as to ask a moderator about her.  Then she wrote and told me she had shipped my parcel and asked me to do the same for her!  How embarrassing!  I still decided to hang on a couple of days until her end of the trade arrived before shipping mine out though.

Mum had recently added a troll to her collection.  But when he turned up we discovered he was very badly discoloured which the seller hadn't mentioned.  By this time, however, Mum had fallen in love with "Sherlock" and refused to send him back.  We still don't know what caused the discolouration, although I suspect he may have been kept in extreme heat or sunlight.  I'd be very interested to hear other opinions though, as she's obviously worried about it happening to her other trolls in the future.

June 25th 2010

I overslept until 10am.  Mum just left me there, thinking it would "do me good to get a couple of hours extra sleep as I obviously needed them" but of course I really suffered with my allergies for the rest of the day because of it.

David came in at 3pm to take us to Woodberry but Mum got upset about the fireplace (which Freddie, the bloke who was supposed to be restoring it, had told us should be scrapped) so she refused to go.  Hence, David and I just popped over there to take some more ponies out of the overheated back room at Grottsville.  While I was settling the ponies into their new home - or rather, finding the best way to stack the boxes! - David turned the internet on and started looking up the great architecture of some hotel in Singapore.  Nice to know that he can be so relaxed when there was so much to do to get us out of Grottsville and all the stress and illness it was causing us.

Mum had written to The Little Factory (the company who made the Dolly Mix Ponies) and found out that they would soon be available at Morrisons and Tesco petrol stations.  A couple of other people had also written and got this response but I think the word "soon" made them believe the ponies were not available at these places yet.  Still, my inbox was literally overflowing with messages from people who wanted the things, so we decided to try both a Morrisons and a Tesco petrol station.  Morrisons was empty, but we found TWENTY at Tesco.  David managed to get another six later on too.  But it still wasn't enough as the requests kept pouring in.  It's almost funny to look back at it now, but it was pretty stressful at the time.  I hated letting people down, and yet there just weren't enough ponies to go around.

But it just got worse.

Paypal decided to block me due to a security issue (not another one!), and so I couldn't accept any payments anyway.  I started trying to tell people on the Arena what was going on, but after I copied and pasted a message and accidentally called somebody by the wrong name, I gave up and decided to lie low on the Arena until I could re-access my Paypal account.  Meanwhile, I was surrounded by little purple packets of ponies, each with an ID number on a slip of paper so that I'd remember which ones were reserved for which person.

Mum desperately wanted to talk through some of our problems with David, but it seemed he kept avoiding her all evening even sitting in the hall at one point!  In the end, Mum asked him directly why he was avoiding her, in response to which he told her, "I'm not avoiding talking to you, I'm just sitting on the stairs and getting ready to talk to you!"  Um... how long does it take to "get ready" to talk to someone?

And I think that just about rounds up those fascinating four days of my life.  I'll be back tomorrow to tell you about the end of June 2010 though.

See you then!
Desirée  xxx