Monday, 20 June 2011

The blog is alive!!!

However, it seems all hope is lost.  I am an entire year out of date!  I'll never catch up now...

Still, my notebooks full of "blog notes" are stacked up neatly on my desk so I'm going to give it my best shot.  I don't know how long it will take me or if I'll ever make it, not to mention the fact that a lot will have been left out and forgotten and I won't be able to be so witty about all the disasters in our life when they're not fresh in my memory, but there's just too much good blog material to throw it aside and forget about it entirely!

So here we go on the grand blogging journey... Wish me luck!

June 20th 2010

We went to Woodberry where Mum finally got to see the newly decorated walls.  Amazingly, she couldn't see anything wrong with them even when David and I pointed out all the flaws that we had spotted.  However, she did think that the family history room and kitchen were very dark...

Admittedly, the kitchen did look dark in comparison to the bright extension with it's cream lining papered walls.

However, after ten minutes, she decided that she DID like the house and that she wanted to move there asap again.  Well, you know my mum!

I tried my mattress for the first time while I was over there... it was lovely and soft and I could have just fallen asleep on it there and then.  It made me all the more aware of how uncomfortable it was to sleep on the hard carpet beetle-infested floor back at Grottsville.

In the same way, Mum had originally wanted to attend "Army Day" in Ealing Broadway, but when we drove past and saw there was no band playing on the stage, she decided against it.  Then later, as we drove past it again on the way back to Grottsville, and she saw them packing up, she got upset that we hadn't gone there.

Next we went back to Hounslow Asda to see if they had re-stocked their shelves with Dolly Mix Ponies.  They hadn't.  David had sent us in on our own so that he didn't have to pay to park the car again.  We needed a loaf of bread, but the Sunday crowds were horrendous, and we were standing in the queue for quite some time.  Suddenly, somebody snatched the bread out of Mum's hand.  "He's stolen my bread!", she gasped.  I had to giggle when I noticed that it was DAVID who had taken the bread from her.  Having found out that he could park for free on a Sunday, he had followed us inside, seen us with the bread and found a slightly shorter queue.  So he had grabbed the bread from Mum without saying a word and ran off before he lost his place!

Finally, we went to Feltham Asda in search of more Dolly Mix Ponies for the ever increasing list of people contacting me on the MLP forums hoping that I could help them to obtain the little UK exclusive ponies.  But there were only three ponies left on the shelf - Glory, Lickety Split and Minty.  They were re-homed by that very same evening.  Those things were selling like hot cakes at the time!

June 21st 2010

The longest day, but I didn't get to see any of the sunshine.  We were locked up in Grottsville all day long as usual.  On the other side of the glass in our 'prison cell window' (my only view of the outside world), a strange man with a mobile phone wandered around in our garden.  He stood right on our doorstep for sometime, but I never heard him knock on the door/ring the doorbell.  Later, I discovered that our doorbell wasn't working, so perhaps that was the reason!  I still have no idea who he was though.

To make my happiness complete, my computer went down with yet another virus.  Endless pop-ups about anti-virus software and porn sites etc.  Whoever writes these things should be shot for the amount of money they cost us innocent folk in computer repairs.  It's not even like I browse suspicious little-known websites either, so I have no clue how I pick up so many of the things.

Mum decided to snap at me that now I "finally had a real problem to moan about".  Oh, so lack of education, sleeping on the floor with the very beetles I am so very allergic to crawling all over me, having nothing but rags to wear and so on are not real problems?  I was feeling sicker and weaker with every day due to my allergies and stress levels.  And a new worry had been added to my list - I was getting extremely breathless after the slightest movement.  Even walking upstairs to the loo made me feel like I was at a very high altitude.

Meanwhile, Mum did have a real worry, of course.  She had a sore foot (she had just started wearing a new pair of shoes, I believe), but she didn't believe that the cause was something so simple.  So she kept staring at her foot, trying to decide what life-threatening illness she had and whether it was worth going to a doctor about it.  Then she decided that her toes were "too long and ugly" and she would "end up having an operation to get them shortened". o_0

David stressed us further by announcing that he was also breathless (he seemed to be suffering with some kind of allergies due to sleeping on the floor too), and rushed to the doctor to have a chest x-ray as he was "convinced he had a collapsed lung".  Is it any wonder I am always so stressed and disturbed?

In fact, my disturbed mind caused me to have yet another restless night filled with very peculiar dreams.  One stuck in my head particularly.  I had got to the UK Ponycon (which was being held at a very rough-looking shopping centre), and discovered that I had not changed out of my Grottsville rags so I obviously couldn't go in while I looked such a mess.  I ended up walking down a weird corridor which was connected to the rough shopping centre's car park somehow.  On both sides of me were large wardrobes although they were set out more like school lockers.  There was graffiti all over the doors of these wardrobes - the word "lemming" written again and again.  And all the time I could hear somebody calling for help, their voice echoing down this long dark corridor.

Yes, Grottsville had officially destroyed the last of my sanity!

Well, I was hoping to get a bit further than that, but I need to get to bed now.  It's quite depressing reading through these old blog notes, to be honest.  I forgot quite how dull and miserable my life was a year ago.  Not that much has changed now, but things are looking a little brighter anyway...  Ah, but I don't want to ruin the end of the story for you all, do I?  If I can only make blogging part of my daily routine, I should be able to catch up eventually and then you'll finally be able to know what's happening in my life these days.  I'm sure the anticipation is killing you!

If anyone is still out there after all this time, thank you for remaining my loyal readers!

Best wishes,
Your intrepid blogger,
Desirée  xxx

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