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Confusing Time Differences!

None of my blogs are being published for eight hours after I submit them!  Why?  Well, because I am setting the post date and time to whatever the current time is (in Greenwich Mean Time, where I exist) but apparently Blogger is set in Pacific Standard Time.  So I'm not sure what to do.  Should I allow the blogs to continue posting eight hours later than I write them, or start setting the time in PST?  I'd rather be living in that PST anyway, but it seems silly to say I wrote something eight hours earlier than I did!  All opinions are welcome, if anyone is even continuing to read these blogs, of course.

June 26th 2010

Another exciting day spent within the four walls of my Grottsville prison.  And this was saturday, supposedly one of the best two days of the week.  Happy Summer, one and all!

I had overslept again and by the time I was washed and dressed, Mum had decided it was too hot to go anywhere for the rest of the day.  Although if she'd had any intention of going out that day, I don't know why she wouldn't have woken me up.

It WAS horribly hot in the house with no windows and the arguments grew worse throughout the day.  Mum ended up throwing all the wall colour cards out into the garden (again) and shouting at David who had asked us where we wanted to go that he just "wanted to discharge his duty to his 20-year-old kid with all the unopened games still stacked up in the library so that he could go to work".  This particular comment stemmed from the fact that I had been trying to clear out our library/spare room/office/whatever you like to call it the previous day and hadn't been able to move for all the unopened board games which I had received throughout my childhood but never had anybody to play with me.

It's both wasteful and heartbreaking.  Now I have all the hard work of photographing them, packing them up and weighing them, and listing them on e-Bay with the hope of selling them for a small percentage of the money that was wasted on them.

On the subject of online sales, I discovered that I COULD accept payments, Paypal was just blocking me from accessing my own money.  So I re-homed another ten Dolly Mix Ponies, plus my old Puppy in my Pocket Display House and the first of my Puppy Dog Tails puppies.  I'm sad to see my childhood toys go, but at the same time it's good to know they're being appreciated.  The money is far more use to me than the clutter and I guess that's the way I have to look at it.

June 27th 2010

We enjoyed a wonderful trip to Argos where Mum and I sat in the car while David bought some shelves and a toilet roll holder, then travelled on to Lakeland for another exciting wait in the car (Mum was too hot to walk over to TKMaxx as I had hoped), so that David could pick up a catalogue to replace the one Mum had torn up during one of her fits of rage.  We finished the fantastic journey with a trip to IKEA, which was so fascinating that I failed to mention anything about it in my blog notes.

Actually, I lie.  We stopped off at another Tesco petrol station on our way back to Grottsville and bought another eighteen Dolly Mix Ponies (to add to the three David had got that morning).  That still wasn't enough though (!), so we decided we'd have to go back out Dolly Mix-hunting the following day.

The rest of the afternoon went on re-homing them (yes, Dolly Mix re-homer became my official job title for a while!) and soon they were all reserved.  Just as well really - I won all ten of those Pony Tales animation cels, so I needed the money.  Only one of them went up above it's 99p starting price actually.  I was stunned that so few people were interested in owning a piece of animation history.  Kind of sad...  Not that I was complaining about getting them so cheaply, of course!  Having said that, their condition was not very clear from the e-Bay pictures.  I actually wondered if they had been cropped at one point (as in, somebody had cut off a load of the excess paper around the drawings), so maybe that played a part.

Mum had been watching an Elvis Presley troll on e-Bay with the intention of bidding, but the auction ended early.  I guess MLP isn't the only collecting circle filled with dishonest e-Bayers...

June 28th 2010

The neighbours were really getting on my nerves.  Their noisy kids had spent the whole of the previous day taunting the dog who lives two doors away.  The poor little thing has always been really good with children.  In fact, Donna (hiw owner, the suspected drug dealer) is a childminder so she could hardly have a dangerous dog running about.  But Hussein's kids treated him so badly that whole summer that he ended up growling and snapping at them and had to wear a muzzle when he was taken for walks from then on.

The following morning, I overheard a conversation between our neighbours while I was getting dressed.  Donna got breakfast for Hussein and his family (I presume she wanted to impress them, though God knows why.  Perhaps she had some illegal goods she wanted to sell to them!)  Hussein's response to Donna's 'kindness'?  He told her that her breakfast was "dirt" and that he "would die if he had to eat it regularly".  WTH?  Even if you didn't like the food your neighbours had prepared for you, you wouldn't actually express your opinion out loud, would you?!

Donna didn't appear to take offense (it seemed she was REALLY eager to please!) and went on chatting for some time.  She told them how she "couldn't stand to not lead an honest life and nor could Fred, Luce and Wayne-boy".  (Yes, she really does call her son - who is in his late 20s - Wayne-ee-boy!)  Funny, because I have observed ALL of them taking part in dodgy dealings regularly over the years!

Mum had to walk all the way to the doctor in the heat to pick up her prescription.  She still had bad feet too, so I did feel sorry for her.  I wouldn't walk with her though because of Scar Face parading up and down the street all day long.

My entire day was spent dealing with the Dolly Mix Ponies.  Then we went to three more petrol stations that night and bought 67 more of the things!

We stopped at McDonalds on the way back, and had Yorkie McFlurries.  They were pretty nice - not as good as Oreo or Creme Egg, but I'd still recommend them.

June 29th 2010

David took the afternoon off work.  However, he wasn't able to get away until 2pm and even then the manager rang him up and ordered him back for a meeting.  David refused to go back and was threatening to resign the following day... but how could he afford two houses with no income at all?

He took seven of my Dolly Mix parcels to the post office, before we set off on another random boring errand run.  First to Wembley to invest some of Mum's money in a seperate account, and pop into Poundland and Poundstretcher in search of padded envelopes for the Dolly Mix.  Wembley has really gone downhill.  It never was a very nice area but walking around there now gives me the creeps.  You seriously feel as though someone's going to lunge forward and snatch your purse at any moment!  Then to Woodberry to look at more wall colours (But you've heard all that before, haven't you?!)  I walked up to the three charity shops around the corner while my parents argued but there were no ponies or related items to be found.  I did see a collection of all three MyScene DVDs for 50p each... typical.  I thought I'd done well getting them for £1 each!  Finally, Mum and I sat in the car outside Homebase while David got two more sample pots of green paint.

After dropping us back at Grottsville, he went to get some petrol... and came back with another 15 Dolly Mix Ponies!  I know he thought he was doing me a favour, but I almost screamed.  I'd had a whole list of people waiting for the things, but everyone I contacted had found them elsewhere.  The bubble had burst, people were losing interest, the hype was dying down, and I was suddenly left with TOO MANY Dolly Mix Ponies.  They were all over the lounge floor, any profit I'd made on the ones I'd sold had been lost buying the surplus.  It was a total nightmare.

On a happier note, I received two parcels - both my Pony Tales animation cells and Suzy.66's ponies.

The Pony Tales cells were not in such excellent condition as the ones that Mum had bought for me the previous Christmas, but they were their original size at least.  Two of the sketches were with the wrong cels (and there was a bit of a tear to one of the sketches where the painted cel had been removed) but I was able to switch them back without causing any extra damage.  We have six from "Sister of the Bride", two from "Shop Talk" and two from "Too Sick to Notice"...

And what did I receive in my trade with Suzy.66?

Well, what can you spot?

Two French videos!

Festive's Anniversary Playset!  (Sadly minus accessories and Festive - Suzy did have Festive, but I just missed out on her)

Light Up Families Princess Twinkle Star (Still works!) and Lady Dragonfly

Medicin, Glittery Heart and Glittery Skater

Holiday at the Countryside and Mummy Pony/Happy

And Suzy threw in the cutest fakie and Lady Elegant for free to make up for taking so long to ship her parcel out to me!

June 30th 2010

We went back to Lakeland to get some stain removal stuff called "White Wizard" with a £3 off voucher Mum had got through the post.  It's actually pretty good stuff.  Just rub a bit on your clothes/bedding/soft furnishings and the stain lifts right out!  It doesn't seem to work so well on plastic and other hard materials but I have yet to try it on any of the stains on my plush ponies and other stuffed toys.

In order to get the £3 saving, we had to spend over £10 (yep, we had to needlessly spend money so that mum could feel we were making a 'saving'!)  Mum was going to get a plate rack but decided she didn't like the look of it - it was too "modern" - and she couldn't think of anything else we needed for the house, so she asked David what he thought we should get.  Far from even thinking about what might actually be useful to us, he decided to get himself a bag of licorice!  How could we ever escape from Grottsville with someone like him in charge?!

The manager apologised for the previous day so, far from resigning, David started working ridiculously long hours for them again.  And so, his employers decided that they could walk all over him and give him even more work to do as usual.  Why does he always show himself to be so obedient and eager to please?  None of his employers are ever grateful for it - they just work him to death for no extra money and then give him the sack.  But he'll never learn.

I spent another day packing up Dolly Mix Ponies and desperately trying to re-home the never-ending supply that seemed to be breeding on our living room floor.  Even the sight of the little things was starting to make me feel physically sick by this point.

Mum received a parcel of stuff she'd ordered for the new house. She sent me to the door to a very impatient Indian man who spoke with such a broad Irish accent that I couldn't understand what he was saying to me at all.  Inside the parcel was a wall hanging plant holder and a bird bath... which Mum had decided would be perfect as a fruit bowl!  However, the pot in the plant holder was badly dented and the bird ba...I mean, fruit bowl, was far too small.  Nothing ever goes right, does it?

And so concludes the exciting tale of June 2010.  Join me tomorrow as we continue into the even more fascinating story of July 2010!

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

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