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More June stories... from last year!

Ever onwards with the June 2010 tale!

June 22nd 2010

David went for a blood test (still convinced that he had a collapsed lung), then took the computer to his computer-expert "friend", Richard, in Watford.  I say "friend" loosely - the bloke usually charges the Earth, and doesn't do a very good job anyway.  But David considers him to be his "friend" due to the fact that Richard was friends with David's ex-employers (the ones who ran off when the company folded and never paid him the full amount that he was owed, that is!)

Mum and I went along for the ride and walked around the shops for a couple of hours, spending far too much money as I tend to do when unleashed at a shopping centre!

Besides the anti-perspirant I bought in Boots (which I'm sure none of you are the remotest bit interested in!), I treated myself to Smitten hand cream and Charity Pot hand and body lotion in Lush.

Smitten is my absolute favourite Lush hand cream, and I was just about to recommend it to you all, but I see it was discontinued earlier this year.  So very sad... I never got back to Lush to get another pot!  You can buy it from their Retro line for £6.70 plus P&P, but I doubt I'll have the money to do so anytime soon.

Mum has always insisted that Lush was "overpriced cr*p" anyway and had been trying to convince me to try the Body Shop for sometime, if only because we had a Body Shop within walking distance of Woodberry whenever we finally moved.  I wasn't keen, as I wasn't sure if they tested on animals or not, but after a lot of internet research, I decided to give them a go.

The woman in the shop managed to sell me a "Love Your Body" card.  It's a good deal, as although you have to pay £5 for the card, you get a £5 voucher to spend during your birthday month so technically you get the card for free.  You then get 10% off of any purchase over £10 made in the Body Shop during the following year and on top of that, you get a "stamp" on your card each time you make a purchase.  After four stamps you get a £5 gift, and after eight stamps a £10 one!  So basically you're getting 10% off plus an additional £15 to spend in the store.

Everything is still pretty expensive in there, but they do have a lot of offers.  I came out with a mango scrub and lotion, and two bottles of raspberry lotion reduced from £8 to £3 each.  The woman in the shop gave me a free sample of a hand cream they made at the time too, but I don't remember what it was called now or if they still make it.

Finally to The Entertainer where I decided to empty my purse entirely!

The Ponyville playsets were drastically reduced, and I couldn't resist.

The Gumball House was £19.99 and the Supermarket Store was £10.00, which I didn't think was too bad, especially considering these were really the very last Ponyville sets I actually wanted to add to my collection.

The Mum spotted the most adorable little guinea pig plushie...

I can never resist a guinea pig of any kind, so of course, he came home with us as well!

We were just making our way back to the centre when I spotted this little gem outside Watford market.

It's been years since I've seen a MLP ride so, as both a pony collector and coin operated ride enthusiast, I was thrilled to find this one, even though she has been re-painted and lost the MLP logo from her box and her symbols.  Her eyes had lost their "white spot" too, which made her look a bit sad somehow.

I was so annoyed that I didn't have the right change in my pocket.  No, don't worry, I wouldn't have ridden on her for fear of breaking her, but I was upset that I couldn't make a film.  These rides aren't exactly easy to find these days.  And I would have loved to have heard that lovely Pony Tales-style tune (which I now know was the UK MLP advert jingle of the early 90s) playing one more time... that tune can take me straight back to my childhood.

I even considered going and buying something else just to see if I could get the right change, but just then David rang to say that the computer was ready and it was time to go back.  It cost £40 to repair it (once again, curse the people who write these viruses!), and apparently I had picked up the virus from the MLP Arena of all places!

I tested the computer by looking at e-Bay when we got back and spotted ten My Little Pony Tales animation cels which had been listed earlier that day with 99p starting prices.  I couldn't resist - I bid on all of them!  Yes, not content with emptying my purse, I decided to empty my Paypal account too.  But you'll never get a second chance to own any one animation cel, and the seller did say that they would combine postage.

June 23rd 2010

I didn't leave the house all day long.  As David was rushing to get ready for work, he managed to fall over the piles of unsavoury papers he keeps upstairs and, attempting to grab onto the door to steady himself, managed to twist his arm quite badly.  So he had to come back at lunch time to go to the doctor (he must have been becoming quite a familiar sight, considering this was the third day in a row that he'd had to go down there).  They gave him a gel to rub into his elbow - which he had banged quite badly - and told him to take painkillers.

He went to the launderette too, and was quite cross that I didn't walk down there with him.  I did feel bad but I had made it quite clear that I had no intention of walking around Grottsville with Scar Face staring at me anymore.  If only he'd hurry up and move to Woodberry, we could use our own washing machine!

I received a couple of payments which made me feel a lot better, considering what I had spent the previous day.  I had started to regret buying that guinea pig, cute as he was.  But once I got him out of the box, he totally won my heart.  Yes, he was just a toy, but he had a realistic charm to him that reminded me of my old guinea pigs somehow.

I was still attempting to record all the episodes of Krypto the Superdog on Cartoonito but they just kept showing repeats of the same few.  And then, when they finally DID show one that I hadn't managed to record, the audio cut out!  Just my luck.

This did cause me to switch the channel round and find Battle Force 5 on Cartoon Network.  I'd not even heard of the show before, but as soon as I plugged in my headphones, I recognised some familiar voices.  It had been a while since I'd heard Mark Hildreth or Allessandro Juliani, so it was particularly nice to hear them in something new.

June 24th 2010

I didn't leave the house again - oh, what a fascinating blog entry this is turning out to be!  It was miserable being locked up in that Grottsville prison cell for another summer, especially with such awful allergies.  The combination of my allergies and the heat (when we couldn't open a single window) made it unbearable and almost impossible to breathe in there.

David managed to get ten more Dolly Mix Ponies which temporarily pleased a couple of the growing list of people overseas desperately begging me to go hunting for more of the little things on their behalf.

I was in the middle of a partial sale/trade with Suzy.66 at the time and had sent her about £20 a couple of weeks previously.  Then I had heard no more.  Obviously, I was cautious especially as she was a relatively new member.  She was ignoring my messages and I feared she'd run off with the money.  I even went as far as to ask a moderator about her.  Then she wrote and told me she had shipped my parcel and asked me to do the same for her!  How embarrassing!  I still decided to hang on a couple of days until her end of the trade arrived before shipping mine out though.

Mum had recently added a troll to her collection.  But when he turned up we discovered he was very badly discoloured which the seller hadn't mentioned.  By this time, however, Mum had fallen in love with "Sherlock" and refused to send him back.  We still don't know what caused the discolouration, although I suspect he may have been kept in extreme heat or sunlight.  I'd be very interested to hear other opinions though, as she's obviously worried about it happening to her other trolls in the future.

June 25th 2010

I overslept until 10am.  Mum just left me there, thinking it would "do me good to get a couple of hours extra sleep as I obviously needed them" but of course I really suffered with my allergies for the rest of the day because of it.

David came in at 3pm to take us to Woodberry but Mum got upset about the fireplace (which Freddie, the bloke who was supposed to be restoring it, had told us should be scrapped) so she refused to go.  Hence, David and I just popped over there to take some more ponies out of the overheated back room at Grottsville.  While I was settling the ponies into their new home - or rather, finding the best way to stack the boxes! - David turned the internet on and started looking up the great architecture of some hotel in Singapore.  Nice to know that he can be so relaxed when there was so much to do to get us out of Grottsville and all the stress and illness it was causing us.

Mum had written to The Little Factory (the company who made the Dolly Mix Ponies) and found out that they would soon be available at Morrisons and Tesco petrol stations.  A couple of other people had also written and got this response but I think the word "soon" made them believe the ponies were not available at these places yet.  Still, my inbox was literally overflowing with messages from people who wanted the things, so we decided to try both a Morrisons and a Tesco petrol station.  Morrisons was empty, but we found TWENTY at Tesco.  David managed to get another six later on too.  But it still wasn't enough as the requests kept pouring in.  It's almost funny to look back at it now, but it was pretty stressful at the time.  I hated letting people down, and yet there just weren't enough ponies to go around.

But it just got worse.

Paypal decided to block me due to a security issue (not another one!), and so I couldn't accept any payments anyway.  I started trying to tell people on the Arena what was going on, but after I copied and pasted a message and accidentally called somebody by the wrong name, I gave up and decided to lie low on the Arena until I could re-access my Paypal account.  Meanwhile, I was surrounded by little purple packets of ponies, each with an ID number on a slip of paper so that I'd remember which ones were reserved for which person.

Mum desperately wanted to talk through some of our problems with David, but it seemed he kept avoiding her all evening even sitting in the hall at one point!  In the end, Mum asked him directly why he was avoiding her, in response to which he told her, "I'm not avoiding talking to you, I'm just sitting on the stairs and getting ready to talk to you!"  Um... how long does it take to "get ready" to talk to someone?

And I think that just about rounds up those fascinating four days of my life.  I'll be back tomorrow to tell you about the end of June 2010 though.

See you then!
Desirée  xxx

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