Thursday, 23 June 2011

The Start of July!

No, I haven't gone completely mad or found a way to travel a week into the future... we're still talking about 2010, remember?

July 1st 2010

Despite really not wanting to walk down our street ever again, I realised that I couldn't keep all of my buyers waiting until David was available the following weekend, so Mum and I had to go down to the post office ourselves.  We went early in the morning before Scar Face arrived for his "women watching" session, and I wore a thick coat just in case, but I was still really nervous about it and kept checking over my shoulder to make sure that the pervert was not coming up behind me.

As it happened, Scar Face didn't arrive but "Beer Can Man" was there and just kept leering at me through the post office window and watched me as I left the post office.  I was so angry about him getting a cheap thrill out of me that I RAN all the way back to make his viewing time as short as possible.  Mum, of course, was then angry with me for not staying with her and helping her to cross the roads.

The shipping prices seemed to be ridiculously high and I thought I'd be even more out of pocket over the Dolly Mix Ponies, but when I came back and checked my records, I discovered that only one parcel had cost more than I had expected.

By this time, however, Mum had phoned David and told him how I had underestimated all the shipping prices and "wasted all my profit".  Besides calling me "stupid", he said that we should have brought the parcels back with us so that HE could weigh them that evening (apparently he can use weighing scales better than I can!)  But if I was really sure that I'd weighed them accurately before, the high prices must be Mum's fault since she must have been "leaning on the post office scales"!

She asked David if he was going to ring Freddie about the fireplace but he said that he couldn't as he was "going for a walk in the park".  Nice for him, I'm sure, having left us in this rough area where we COULDN'T go for a walk unless we wanted to wander up and down a boring street filled with nothing but drunken perverts.

To try and pass the time, Mum and I sorted through a few more bags of my old stuffed toys (Beanie Babies, Disney Beanies, TY plush, Hush Puppies and so on) so that they could be taken to Woodberry that night.  There was nowhere to keep them there though, so I knew I'd have to sell them when we eventually did move house anyway.

On the way back from Woodberry, we stopped at McDonalds for more Yorkie McFlurries.  The stupid drive-thru woman didn't understand David's order though, so he didn't get one.  He was too embarrassed to go back and ask for a third though why he should have been when it was HER mistake, I don't know.

July 2nd 2010

I didn't leave the house all day again.  David came in too late to go anywhere useful like IKEA (I still don't mention in my blog notes WHY we wanted to go to IKEA, but I feel it may have been something to do with some tub chairs that my mum had fallen in love with) so he told us that we could go for a walk on Horsenden Hill or around the streets of Hammersmith.  Um... walk on Horsenden Hill with all the drug addicts after dark?  Or around a closed shopping centre?  Thanks, but no thanks.

When we refused, he seemed genuinely surprised and got annoyed as he "could have stayed at work".  It was almost 11pm!  How much later did he want to stay there?

The Dolly Mix craze had all but fizzled out, but after a lot of advertising I did manage to re-home five of the surplus ponies.  I wasted a lot of time playing silly Facebook games as well.  A fascinating summer day, I'm sure you'll all agree.

July 3rd 2010

David got up "early" at 9.20am, then went in the bathroom for hours before going to the launderette.  It couldn't wait until tomorrow as "he was out of clean shirts".  I had so few raggy t-shirts with "only" small holes in them by this point that I was wearing the same one for up to a week at a time before they were washed, but David couldn't possibly wait an extra day.

This made us late out to do our other weekend jobs, of course.  We went to Daniels to look at furniture and I found a really nice little desk which looked just perfect for my room.  It was reduced to half price too.  David asked us if we wanted to go to Woodberry to measure my room and see if it would fit (so that we could come straight back to Daniels and take advantage of the 50% off offer), but despite us both agreeing loudly, he turned the radio up loud and pretended not to hear us before driving straight back to Grottsville.  Then he turned around and went to work for the rest of the day.  He never has any time to do anything for us, so how would we ever get out of there?!

Mum got an e-mail to say she'd won another three tickets to the BBC's "Friday Night is Music Night".  It was a special Matt Monro tribute programme which I had been looking forward to hearing on the radio, so I was really excited that we'd get to see it being recorded.

She was also talking about going on holiday to Boston in the autumn (or should I say fall?) having seen a cheap offer in a travel brochure, so I was pretty excited at the prospect of finally getting to the US too.  But we knew we couldn't go on holiday unless we moved house before then, so we didn't want to risk booking it.  After all, we didn't want a repeat of my 18th birthday California holiday where we WEREN'T moved in time and ended up losing our deposit.

And finally, somebody found this Japanese Takara MLP commercial on Youtube!

I still struggle to believe that these were actually released under the My Little Pony name, so it was rather odd to hear the regular MLP theme tune being played throughout the advert.  How adorable though!  I especially love the stop motion sequences.  I know I'll never have the chance to own one of these ponies, but it was nice to see the commercial and learn more about them anyway.

July 4th 2010

We all overslept badly due to David not coming in from work until 1am and then going in the bathroom, preventing either of us from getting ready for floor-bed.

Then he went BACK to work at noon, before finally taking us to Woodberry at 4pm to look at the greens they'd picked out for the hobby room some days before.  He took us back to Grottsville as fast as he possibly could though so as to get back to work at 7pm where he stayed until 2am the following morning.

I was pretty depressed and bought another load of ponies from Daniz_69 on the Arena.  I'd originally asked her about a bigger lot of stuff but decided to leave a couple of the heavier items as the shipping was just too much.  I hate it when I have to do that - I always feel guilty about getting the seller to weigh things several times over and avoid it as much as I can.  And then, just as I was about to send payment, Mum started ranting on and on and on at me about David's work habits and how depressed SHE was which caused me to type in the wrong amount and send Daniz $2 less than the total!  So I'm sure she thought I was a total idiot and I ended up paying an extra dollar (by my own choice, I should add) to try to cover any additional Paypal fees!  I swear I was going totally mad by that point, and probably shouldn't have been dealing with money in any way, shape or form!

To try to cheer myself up, I attempted to make a recording of myself singing "Red Shoes Sunday" from Ranma 1/2 (I LOVE that song and had been wanting to make a recording ever since I first heard it!), but my allergies were just too bad and all I could do was croak.

During the short period of time that we actually got to see David that weekend, Mum asked him what he intended to do about getting us moved into Woodberry, especially considering that he'd lost the contact details of the only decent workman we'd found...  We didn't even know his name, only that he called himself "Peter" and that he came from Hungary (his real name was a Hungarian name which nobody in this country could pronounce so he used "Peter" as his trade name).

David quickly told us that he would search for "Peter" on the electoral list.  "How?" I asked.  "You don't even know his name!"  David's answer?  "Well, he's Hungarian - that's a start!"  Um...  Would you recognise a Hungarian name then, David?  Considering the large number of Europeans with unfamiliar names in this area, I think you'd have found it pretty hard!

And on that note, I shall leave you for another day.  Keep smiling, everyone!  Even I've forgotten what's written down in my blog notes, so perhaps there will be something more interesting to write about tomorrow.

Best wishes,
Desirée  xxx

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